We are proud that Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s seed, Zoe, has achieved the status of style icon of her generation. We can excuse Zoe’s eclectic Bohemian Wild Child style and the fact that Zoe pushes the envelope of fashion to its extreme limits – because that’s what style icons do.

A style icon sets herself apart from the crowd by influencing fashion and Cultural trends (just in case you were wondering). They give us pause and cause us to reevaluate what we think of as the standard of style. They remind us that there is no Style Standard Manual and that style is based on acquired personal and individual taste.

But we do wish Zoe would stop slouching so much. When you’re a style icon who is already vertically challenged, slouching your shoulders shows a lack of confidence. A character flaw that we know Zoe does not possess!

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    Is she retarded? The only way I’ll excuse this bull-ish is if she doesnt have the mental stability to know better


    That Chick is a f**king mess! She reminds of Amy Wino for some strange reason….

  • ggouch


    Is she retarded? The only way I’ll excuse this bull-ish is if she doesnt have the mental stability to know bette
    DAYUM MOCHA!!!! I had a comment…but you just YANKED it straight out of my mouth!!!!…don’t call da baby retarded though…that not nice mommy. Not get your new pillows, curtains and DVD’s and go on back to your corner now…I’ll call you when lunch is ready…Tomato soup and grill cheese…yummmmmmmmmm…your favorite……..


    I am glad I am not in the corner today cause me no likey tomato soup.. Enjoy Mocha ;)

  • ckarinwhite

    Are those stirrups?!!…I agree with Mochamommy she is looking Mental Retarded…Like my granny always say “God Bless Old Folks and Fools!”…


    I packed my own lunch!! PBnJ and Rocko on the ipod!! What the hell is she doin with suede thigh high boots? U cant tell me that she and Marta girl arent roommates

  • ggouch

    LMBAO!!!! Marta girl is like YAAAAAAAH TRICK!!! YAAAAH

  • brwnsugga4you

    mocha..mocha..mocha…join dorian on the pavement for hopscotch would you…lol~~~**only pink chalk allowed..:)~~~

  • ggouch

    ok…this is gotta BE my last post on this POST!! BUT hold up wait a minute, let me put some 80’s in it!!!! ARE THOSE STIR-UPS? Checker board…Stir-Ups? as in LaToya Jackson “My Heart Don’t Liee” Stir Ups?…..Ok….Stir Ups…Really?….

  • ggouch

    @ ckarinwhite Says:

    Are those stirrups?!!…
    Stirrups!!! Honey!!!

  • brwnsugga4you

    ^^^^mm..mm..mm..those are stir-ups. she must be in her mom’s closet from a different world..~~~

  • ggouch

    Sugga, that didn’t come from the closet…That come from that black garbage bag of clothes in the basement under the stairs, that your momma been told you to take to the Church pantry and you never did.

  • ckarinwhite

    …and a red velvet (is that velvet) head scarf?!?

  • mizzdallas

    @ ggouch Says:

    LMBAO!!!! Marta girl is like YAAAAAAAH TRICK!!! YAAAAH




  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    she is NOT a style icon. would u please stop saying that?

    she looks like a lost can can girl who got her clothes from good will. she can do better. but hell if that’s how she wants to dress, let her be. i’m just sayin’ tho zoe is not an icon.

  • ladyrazor

    This is a damn shame aint no way i can sit up there and be a celeb and dress like a bum its like she took first class notes from the bum downtown in a corner lighten fires to stay warm. I can understand she want to be different but you aint suppose to have people questioning if you is on crack like Amy. See what having white friends will do to you. I know we all suppose to have some white friends like Katt Williams said, but damn pick wisely now. I’m just sayin.

  • ThatCarmen

    Style icon for some…. clearly not us.
    cant lie cause i do see this style running all over San Francisco and the burbs out here…. but, its not a hiphop style at all. I see the young valley kids looking like this all day long. She is not alone in her bubble. I wonder when she will bring out the tie-die.

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    Yea Style ICon for the blind or those who dress in the dark

  • shunda

    Zoe is a mess but look at who her momma is, Ya’ll gone get me fired. I was laughing loud and our director was right behind me. Everybody to the corner!!!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Style icon for the a homeless bum on dress-up day! LMAO @ her and MARTA girl being roomates! CHLOE (yeah, I know it’s Zoe) is pressured about the outfit.

  • http://FreshFromTheStreetz.blogspot.com Zuley

    My hairstylist and good friend Que did her hair. She still looks amess but her hair looks much better than it was looking.

  • bklynchick

    What is this look called?

    “Roll out and wear what’s on the floor look???”

  • http://myspace.com/sfh50millionpounds mj

    She reminds me so much of her mother. A different kind of dresser, her own style. I like it.

  • Yazzmin

    IS SHE ON MEDICATION???? Always look zoned out to me.