Photos of celebrities and their kids from the 2nd Annual Runway Red Fashion Show held in Atlanta last week. Proceeds from the show benefit the Show Me the Way Foundation. Celebs and their kids include Chilli and her son Tron, Jermaine Dupri and his daughter Shaniah (mom, Pam Sweat premiered her fashion line at the show).

And pictured below: V-103's Ryan Cameron and his wife Keysha, and children, Megan, Kai, and Cayden. Q of the group 112, his wife Sharlinda and their son Lil' Q. And Big Boi and his son. Thanks to Nicole Garner (Garner Circle PR) for the flicks!

  • black beauty

    JD's daughter is a cutie

  • HunE916

    Q's son looks JUST like him! Too cute!

    JD's daughter looks like a little sweetie pie!

  • prynsexxx

    Sharlinda looks like Eve, and my has their lil boy gotten big. I remember when you had a photo gallery of their house AND his baptism in their pool.

    Sandra why don't you do those galleries anymore. Did you make a name for yourself?

    Chili's lil boy has grown up also. My how time flies.

  • Sharonda


    What did Ryan do that child's head?Lord.


    Everyone looks very nice.

  • miamore73

    JD's daughter looks like him but much much cuter. Chili's son needs a new hairdo. Like Cut!



  • pointhimout

    can someone find the hill harper signing pics at charles mathis' house? i think SR posted them. Didn't chilli have that same shirt on then too????

  • NYC

    I'm not feeling Tron's hair. Big Boi needs to get rid of that mohawk on his son's MASSIVE head. Lil' Q looks exactly like his father, too adorable!

  • Mzsuave

    *In Martin's voice*- "I love da kids"

  • candycane

    Everyone looks nice, but that hairstyle on Tron doesnt really fit well with his head.

  • Jazz

    Tron looks just like his mother!! Big Boi's son looks like he's bad as hell...I am also loving Big Boi's shirt anyone know where I can get from??

  • estyle4039

    JD's daughter looks just like him, teeth, nose and all. She's a cute lil muffin.

  • missmunch

    Well, Q's little boy is so cute but what is that dead animal on his wife's head? If that's supposed to be a wig, she should make sure she kills it before she slaps it on her head.

  • bklynchick


    Everyone looks good!!

  • goat76

    JD daughter look's just like him...damn shame she almost taller then him..

  • estyle4039

    missmunch Says:

    Well, Q’s little boy is so cute but what is that dead animal on his wife’s head? If that’s supposed to be a wig, she should make sure she kills it before she slaps it on her head.

    Chile, you got me cracking up. That hat is so horrible, I couldn't even comment . . isn't she suppose to be a hairstylist?

  • bmc0718

    Actually - that's not Big Boi's son. That boy's name is Joshwa, and I'm good friends with his daddy (aka CuttyShark). He sent me pictures from that event (posted on his blog An I like the mohawk, what can I say, Joshy's just cool like that!

  • bmc0718

    Sorry -