Last week, a Bad Boy Records rep leaked word of Sean Combs' upcoming nuptials to singer Cassie. Star magazine got duped into publishing the "scoop" from an inside source. Of course the news was denied by Sean Combs, 39, who claimed the story was a complete fabrication and he had no intentions on marrying the 21-year-old Cassie.

And just to prove it, Sean arranged a family day outing in Central Park yesterday with his baby mama Kim Porter and 4 of his 5 biologicals - Christian, Justin, D'Lila and Jessie.

While Sean and the boys played touch football with friends, Kim and her girls frolicked in the grass -- in full view of the paparazzi of course. Judging from the photos, each twin had her own nanny which I found odd. It isn't like Kim was off playing touch football with the fellas and couldn't tend to her own brood. How sweet that Kim is still playing the part of the long-suffering girlfriend that stands by her man who just won't do right.

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  • Kymystry

    Kim has an amazing metabolic system .. she pops kids out like a bubble gum machine and still looks like she can hoola hoop a cheerio ... Go 'head gurl ...

  • mizzdallas

    *****DEAD**** @ Kymystry

    Its too early honey!!! Please I just ate breakfast!!!

  • mizzdallas

    Kim Porter should rename her show to: THE BIGGEST BUST-IT-BABY LOSER

  • browni007

    Good to see the family out and about. I pray it wasnt staged. Hey maybe she's just like hell no you aint taking my daugthers around anyone else...or maybe its the classic stand by your man stuff...who knows - everyone looks good.

  • Kymystry

    Good Mornin MizzDallas :-) .... lol

  • karaz

    Does Kim have no relatives or friends? A sister, a cousin? someone? anyone? There's no way any of my blood could ever be going through such public humiliation without me beating her ass. The man has said in a million ways that she's only good enough to keep his bed warm ever so often, so why is she still playing wifey with him. You can go to the park all you want, the only thing that dude will do for you is sperminate you. Kim is an azz with no friends.

  • brwnsugga4you

    yawn!...i'm starting to think that kim herself is a media whore. i'm glad sarah decided not to have her daughter involved in this nonsense. she should have doormat on her forehead...pls.

  • JustSaying

    Diddy and Kim has to get along. They have babies together and the twins are like 1 or so. They have a long time to raise their kids so I don't have a problem with her and Diddy taking them to the park. NOW, it would be stupid for Kim to be bedding Diddy.

    But all in all if I was Kim I would be a asshole because the kids don't need to see them acting out like 50 and his baby mama.


    She gave up her non existent modeling career for a very successful, promising career as a baby mama... Good Job, Kim!!! AKA Diddy's bust it baby (she's a great role model for all gold diggers & hoodrats lookin for a comeup)

  • maema

    kim looks good for having four children.

  • hellava10

    Since she was in the park and had nannies........she could have been reading "He's Just Not That Into You" ...pun intended, he's into everybody else to. Get tested, Kim!

  • 2bme

    *sigh* and again her reality show is about what??? I'd rather see Tameka,,now THAT'S tv!

  • Kymystry

    @2beme .. don't say that too loud ... Peachtree TV exec's might be reading ...LOL


    I dont think the park scene was staged. Cant a family get out?

  • shunda

    Good Morning SR Fam...I am with 2bme I would rather see Tameka also. She would show her behind on a reality show :) . I used to feel bad for Kim, not anymore she wants to be in the public eye. Some people like it when others talk about them like a dog.

  • 2bme

    Kym..sis something tells me "Little ms i think i'm more important than my husband" already has a deal on the table..if people care enough to interview her they'll care enough to watch her..I would..I want to see the Queen Bee in action...ohh wee!!!

  • precious1

    When is it a crime for two parents to remain civil with each other. They have children together and have to be in each other lives for the children. Why is it, Kim can't be around Diddy without everyone jumping on the relationship band wagon. They are not an item! They are parents of their children and will spend time with the children together.How often are they photographed alone, rarely! Give the girl a break! I think it's great they can still maintain an adult relationship for the sake of the children!

  • Kymystry

    Awwww MAN @ 2bme ... Say it ain't sooooo ...

    After I singed my cornea watching from G's to Gents ... now THAT "woman" might have a "reality" show ...

    sidenote ... Did anyone watch MTV Cribs yesterday ?? They showed St.Louis Rapper's Huey's "CRIB" … WHY did they roll up to his 2 bedroom APT … THIS negro was flossing his APT … all the time braggin about his 100 THOUSAND dollar CHAIN and showing off his THREE customized Dodge Charger's worth about 55k Each...
    talk about doing Hoodrat stuff" ....

  • 2bme

    Huey??? Like Nelly said..'the new st louis ain't that funny i'll stick with the old the new don't make enough money..or brains for that for Mrs. Raymond..c'mon why not? She already hogs all the camera ever seen anyone that damn ready to smile in a camera? The chick even does press releases! Interviews and covers of magazine??If that's not somebody dying for a tv show i don't know what it..i'd say let the opportunist get hers..we can watch i love NY..we can DEFINTELY watch Tameka's Sweatshop

  • Kymystry

    HAHAHAHA ... I never watched I heart NY ... I can't stand that ugly lound mouth broad and her transgender momma ... I see enough of her on The Best week Ever on VH1 or Talk Soup ... lol ...

    You are ON point about her hoggin publicity ... The will probably edit it so she'll look like another Omarosa ... lol

  • Bird

    Welcome to the new millineum. Our men still ain't down for that marraige thing, but at least some of them are stepping up to be fathers to their children. The pics are cute. When the whole Cassie marraige story came out Diddy said that he is single which means him and Kim are not together. They are just co-parenting. Even if they still do the nasty from time to time that doesn't make them a couple.

  • Bubbles

    I'm sure her kids appreaciate the "family" time even if it is staged.

    Kim looks good.

  • Mika79

    Maybe she just stays cordial for the kids, some exes are like that...but, you never know what she does behind closed doors.

  • Mika79

    Kymystry Says:

    Awwww MAN @ 2bme … Say it ain’t sooooo …

    After I singed my cornea watching from G’s to Gents … now THAT “woman” might have a “reality” show …

    sidenote … Did anyone watch MTV Cribs yesterday ?? They showed St.Louis Rapper’s Huey’s “CRIB” … WHY did they roll up to his 2 bedroom APT … THIS negro was flossing his APT … all the time braggin about his 100 THOUSAND dollar CHAIN and showing off his THREE customized Dodge Charger’s worth about 55k Each…
    talk about doing Hoodrat stuff” ….


    OMG, you just said EXACTLY what my sister called me fussing about...word for's de ja vu!

  • brwnsugga4you

    ^^^i agree. it is adult to stay cordial for the kids sake. however, if you are going to be that way...treat all HIS kids the same....he has another child! and i remember a comment kim made stating that she wasn't going to have anything to do with the kid and her kids can't interact with his other child and all to me. she's immature and childish. if she was really about her business she would welcome his first born daughter with open arms...that's how u do it.

  • Kymystry

    @ Mika .. I was Pissed to the higest leve of pisstivity ...

    Black folk has the nerve to be HOT as fish Grease about the "Black in America" special CNN did ... and then MTV goes and shoes some One hit wonder Rapper's Apt .. and they WONDER where this flucked up view of Black America comes from ...

    Thats some bullsh!it right there ... 250K in trivial material things and you living in a 2 bedroom APT .. cookin out in the friggin PARKING lot under some Gat Dang TREES ...

    Nicca's and Flies !!!

  • Kymystry

    higest=highest .. leve=level

    i was typing too fast I told you I was Pissed ... lol

  • candycane

    I completely agree with Precious1, glad I dont have to type it all, becasue I was thinking the same thing.

  • mrsdawn

    I would just like to say that Sean only has 3 children w/ Kim. (Christian & twins) Justin's (the oldest) mother is
    Misa Hylton-Brim. Kim gets what she deserves she cheated on
    Al B. Sure w/Sean and he cheated on Misa, with her, so she knew what type of dude he was. It's called KARMA. Misa was just a stronger woman and said the hell w/him.

  • hellava10

    I'll bet my 2 wooden nickels, Kim will have another baby. I don't have a clue what she does behind closed doors, but I have a theory he keeps shutting it in her face...more random thoughts

  • Mspeng

    I just don't understand why people keep saying she took fertility meds to UP Sarah because she was pregnant. The reason Kim got pregnant with twins is due to age because the older you are, the more likely you are to have twins. Far as I'm concerned, those babies look like identical twins...fertility meds don't make you have identical twins...they make you ovulate many eggs at once and you have fraternal twins, triplets etc. I have an ex co worker who was on them and got pregnant with triplets and that was nothing nice.

    I don't know, I think something is fishy with thise whole Chance thing...I just don't believe that the mother is just SO STAND UP that she is not exposing her to the public. There's more to it that will come out.

    Maybe what we should do is take bets to see how many kids Diddy is gonna end up having in the next 5 years...and who the mamas are gonna be. Now that's a bet.I say at least 4 more...Cassie's having one for sure...Kim's having another one for sure...she ups her stake and prolongs her wealth anytime she pops out a new kid for him.

  • bklynchick

    Has anyone seen the previews for Diddy's new show abot him finding an assistant. He is a trip I am all for reaching for your goal and being the best but there is a limit. Kim is typical female to me. She insist on being with Diddy. They need to get married and be a complete and true family.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Theys tage family outings so well. Kim still lookin scrawny and sickly as ever :-)

  • tkotuki

    Puffy has a gut. No one can tell me that it is his clothes. He is pushing the wagon handle with his handle.

  • free

    suspect timing. she moves across the country to "get away" but is back in NYC as soon as the rumor comes out. i don't know WHAT she would do if she didn't have those babies to pimp. he'll never wife kim until she respects ALL of his brood. and there WILL be more.

    ms. peng, just read your comment before i sent mine off. i also said there will be more but not by kim. definitely a lil cassie.

  • Bird

    mrsdawn Says:

    Kim gets what she deserves she cheated on Al B. Sure w/Sean and he cheated on Misa, with her, so she knew what type of dude he was. It’s called KARMA.

    Some people say that like they know these people personally. What evidence do we have that this is true? I have also heard people say Misa and Kim were friends. Misa was a teenager when she had Justin and Kim is several years older than her. Why would she be hanging with a 17 year old? Also Justin is several years older than Christian so it's not like Kim popped out a baby right away. Like Tameka, people seem to like hating on Kim just for the hell of it. Oh well. Such is life.

  • mrsdawn

    I read a book about the whole uptown record start and the start of bad boy. It also said the Diddy was actually married to Misa. I dont swear by it but the timing adds up.
    I never said Kim and Misa were friends, but She was w/ ABS
    and He was w/ Misa, that has been on HIPHOP celeb wives on E as well as VH Biggest Breakups. Personally I could care less, I just think its wrong for every1 to blame the man.
    Women need to take more responsibilty when show us what they are about, and he damn sure showed her when he ran around w/ JLO and she took him back, I didnt hear that anywhere it all over the media.

  • mrsdawn

    Not hating on Kim,just dont think she's a victim.

  • milly

    I cant even feel bad for her

  • donnia

    This heffa looks F_A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Her body is insane. After giving birth to 4 babies, she looks phenomenal. This woman's body rivals that of a teenage.

    Kim is Diddy's BEST accessory. She really compliments him. I don't know what - if anything - is going on behind the scene, but these to look GREAT together.

  • precious1

    It is not Kim's job to include Sean's other child. It is HIS job! Everytime Kim and Diddy are mentioned, Sarah child comes up! That is not Kim's child and she doesn't have to feel one way or another for this child. Now... you would hope she is mature enough to accept her but again, she doesn't have to. It's not Kim fault Diddy doesn't take the child with the other children. Sarah probably doesn't want her child within two feet of Kim. Seeing how she knew all about Kim and choose to give Diddy a child under the circumstances. That child is Diddy and Sarah's issue, not Kim's! That's what happens, when these women give children to attached men! He didn't cut ties when it was just you he and she. You really expect him to be any better when it's you, he she and baby? Please!!!