Some people think they're entitled just because they are celebrities. Dre 3K always has a pompous attitude, so I'm not surprised to read the following story about A3K gypping a hard working waiter out of a tip. I'm sure A3K knows that most waiters work for tips only - which is probably why he didn't leave one. Maybe A3K felt the service wasn't worthy of a tip. So why write "thanks!" at the top of the receipt?

Atlanta waiter Matt Moore claims that he went out of his way to hook Andre up with some vegan dishes after the rapper visited the restaurant he works in — even though it is non-vegan. Apparently, that effort wasn’t enough and Andre decided to complain anyways — getting his bill reduced in the process. At the end of the meal, the low-baller left a $0 tip and walked away. Classy.

What’s a guy to do? eBay! Moore was understandably pissed and threw his story up on the auction site, along with a description of the injustice and the offending receipt. “The chef had tried to please them with original dishes and took time out of the busy dinner to customize a meal for them,” he wrote. "Despite the spot-on service and super-catered food, they felt the need to leave me no money. I had nothing to do with the food, yet he stiffed me."

Looks like Matt made his tip back. The auction for the receipt ended yesterday with bidding topping out at $14.50.

Ha Ha! $14.50 for an authentic A3K autograph. That's $14.49 more than I would have paid for it! :)

  • Sharonda

    Good morning!
    So he didn't tip ol' boy with cash?Well, if he didn't like the food, well..But some waiters get a lil' emotional about tips like you got to leave $15 or something.If you do your job than hey you get a good tip.If you don't bring keep the tea refills coming (don't play!)I ain't paying that much lol.

  • prynsexxx

    What was Dre' thinking........he knows he's suppose to draw a line through the "gratuity" space and write out "forty-six dollars and zero cents" in the "total" section.


  • 2bme

    hmmm..i hope there's a second side to this story..Dre never struck me at the type to forget where he came from..

  • browni007

    For now I will say that aint right, but of course there's two sides to a story.

  • ladilovely

    He could have given him a tip in cash. This waiter just looking for more money.

  • MsPink

    I don't know how true this is being that when I pay with my credit card i usually leave a cash tip. But to each's own. We were not there and i don't believe an opportunistic waiter who would place something like a receipt on eBay. Isn't that against customer confidentiality anyways? And I'm sure if a "normal" person did the same the receipt wouldn't end up on eBay.

  • ladilovely

    MAtt could have had an attitude. I know if I am out and service is horrible, you will not get a tip. Dre proably complained to the manager and now the waiter is trying to get him back. Plus the waiter has just opened up the opportunity for Dre to sue the restaurant and MATT. MATT you need to call KING AND KING.

  • Mimi Renee

    MORNIN everyone!!! I'm back from my vaca

    So anyway, that is true, there are 2 sides to a story and we dont know what else could have gone down. And its funny that people go all out of their way to please celebs. I bet if I walked into that restaurant and I wanted something that was not on the menu or being served, I bet the staff wouldnt go out of their way for me. So stop catering to celebs like they are above us all cuz at the end of the day they aren't.

  • eastpointvet

    meeting dre on several occasions i can say he is cool as a fan i been to his mama crib for his bday one year he was accommodating making sure everybody was cool and it was his bday so i think its something else to the store and like they said he could have given the tip in cash i know i do it all the time pay with the card and do cash for a tip

  • Detroit48205

    What if that's a receipt for a carry out...I know I don't leave tips when I order carry out...the waiter doesnt do anything but bag your food, so why does that worthy of a tip?

  • pointhimout

    maybe the service was just that bad. i'm not obligated to tip a waiter shyt. you chose that job, deal with it; all $3.35 an hour. whatever.

    i like dre cuz he seem so cool and laid back. i aint throwin no stones cuz i dont always leave a tip either. if the service is basic, no tip. next

  • mina

    I'm not sure I believe this crap. Like everyone else said, how do we know he didn't tip with cash? Maybe he really didn't tip because Matt had a stank attitude? At his eBay page it said that waiters get paid $2 an hour, that's bull$hit because the minimum wage is $6.55 and nobody is forced to be a waiter.

  • karaz

    I'm sorry I tip for service only, if the service was bad then I pay for the meal only. Tips are not mandatory.
    It's possible that Andre didn't write the thanks on top of the receipt, it's something that many wait staff do when trying to solicit for more money.

  • rhiannon

    The thing that surprises me the most is that someone would actually say that he 'is cool as a fan'. I met him a couple of years ago and he was very arrogant. I can understand if he received bad service. Judging from the way he treated a friend of mine and I after only saying Hi to him I can believe this story. Sometimes you have bad days but as a celebrity you don't ignore fans who show you love.

  • tdl74767

    We don't know if he gave the server cash......I may be wrong but if I get bad service, your not getting a dime from me.

  • butternutSquash

    I cosign the following statements that have already been discussed: possible cash tip, bad service/stank attitude=no tip, no one forces anyone to be a waiter, the "thanks" was probably written by the waiter.

  • marshefen

    This waiter is such a loser. You don't deserve a tip, you earn it. And like everyone else said he may have paid with cash, or just didn't feel Matt was a jerk.

  • Red

    He should have stayed home and cooked! People don't do that enough... FIND REASONS TO EAT IN...NOT OUT

  • teecee

    hes a so called star did he actually think he was going to get away without giving a tip ?

    then they made special dishes for him lowered the price and he thought he could get up and leave no tip ? and write thanks on the receipt ? he asked for this mess !! what was worse was that he could have contacted the guy gave him a 1-- tip and not get the bad press. i tell you dumb must be a requirement for being famous.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Well he's generous in other areas, is all I can say :-)

  • Sharonda

    I can see why he didn't put it on the receipt because at a particular restaurant they actually try to put the tip money on the receipt themselves.It happen to my dad so their is a possibility he gave him cash or didn't give him any money at all.

  • marshefen

    I meant he felt Matt was a jerk.

  • HunE916

    No, Some people think they’re entitled to a TIP just because they are waiters!

    If I got tips at my office job for the good customer service I provided, I'd be a very rich woman!

    If you depend that much on tips- I got a tip for your ass- get a SALARIED job!

  • dj_dceezy

    WTF? Are ya'll stupid? APPARENTLY the service was lacking! If he complained to get bill reduced, and wrote 'Thanks', that was obviously in reference to the restaurant reducing his bill for whatever prior problem occurred... And for the waiter to take this scene to EBAY, he is a loser... AND how do we know A3K aint just leave a cash tip? SMH

  • dblaq

    gratuity in the dictionary means "something given without claim or demand". Many waiters and service staff don't get what it means. You get paid a base salary for doing your job. If you excel in your job you get a tip. I am a very good tipper but only if your service is good. I don't even look for someone that talks to you or entertains me. To me good service is: 1. I don't have to wait for a long time to order 2. My refills come before I suck the bottom 3. I don't have to look for you if I need something and 4. you are polite. Thats it. Most waiters don't get that.

    The craziest ish I have seen is when you go to the club and these cashier chicks have the nerve to put a tip jar up. Like what the hell did you do but take my money for your overpriced wack club.

  • mj

    Oh I'm sure he tipped with cash! I do it all the time.

  • candycane

    I wonder if he would really get anything from Ebay. Although I believe it was Dre, Andre Benjamin is a common name and that could be any Andre Benjamins receipt.

  • ggouch

    I wld bet my eyebrow arch money, that Andre didn't write "Thanks"..I have received receipts back where my server hand wrote in Thanks, typically at the top.

    I agree with another poster...There is another side to this story, I'm sure. Like how do we know he didn't leave his tip in cash and someone else grabbed it? How do we know he has not been to this spot before and had bad service so this time enough was enough? How do we know, to get all those accommodations what they put him through first?

    In addition, TIPS, GRATUITY (yes even GRATUITY) are options...people don't know in regards to Gratuity that you can challenge it and should if the service was not up to par. That waiter did something that warranted him not getting a tip.

  • toosexy

    well i was a waitress before long time ago, and i understood then so now i always tip unless service is bad and then i deduct, but waitresses make good money and more than some salaried jobs. so hopefully theirs another side to the story.

  • jane

    I don't know, I used to work with a girl who said that he came into the restaurant she worked at all the time and that he tipped very well and he came in with his son who had excellent manners (like repeatedly saying thank you and holding the doors open for the waitresses). I find it hard to believe that he just all of a sudden changed his tipping habits.

    I used to work in an Atlanta restaurant and some servers HATE getting tables of black people and purposefully give them bad service.

    Additionally, no one is going to buy that. It might get a few bids but they aren't going to pay for it. I think A3K is cool and all but he's not that important.

  • Bird

    Black people are notoriously bad tippers. Take it from someone who used to waitress as a second job. I shook with dread when the 2am crowd came in and my biggest table was occupied by a large group of black people. At least 60% of the time they left no tip and when they did it wasn't much. We really don't care if the next man eats. Now if I get bad service, I don't leave a tip, but I would never hold the server responsible for bad food. Then again I wouldn't fault the cook/chef if I asked him/her to make something especially for me that is not on the menu and it didn't turn out perfectly. If he wanted a vegan meal he should have gone to a vegitarian restaurants. They truly know how to hook up vegitarian and vegan dishes. A friend almost converted me after taking me to an excellent vegitarian restaurant.