I just had a long conversation with a friend who stated quite frankly that she plans to "try" Barack Obama when he slides through the ATL. Oh, she doesn't mean now - she means "after he becomes president".

You see, my friend knows what all the successful jump-offs know: that a powerful man is a pu$$y magnet - and no man is that disciplined to turn all those free gifts down.

My friend says Obama is on guard right now because he has a goal and a mission to accomplish. But once that mission is accomplished -- oh, it's on! Obama will let his guard down and there will be another Monica Lewinsky situation. Maybe not in the White house - but it's going down somewhere! And what Michelle doesn't know won't hurt her! :)

  • dj_dceezy

    Halle is rack-a-licious now thanx 2 her lil' one! Yesssssss... CAN WE GET VANESSA SIMMONS ON THAT MORNIN GLORY puh-leeeez

  • pointhimout

    lolol. i guess Sandra. she gone try this man, knowing he's married? i know, i know. you're all heathens and going to hell in a handbasket. i get it.

  • Mzsuave

    lol @ dj.

    Yayyyy, new post! I want to disagree...maybe Barack is different from the rest of the men that jump to the cooch with the quickness. I have so many high expectations for him, I pray that he does his term bringing a change to our nation and marking history with "adda boy" job well done. But this is 2008...

  • Anna

    Sandra now you know Michelle will cut a B over her man. She is not going to play that mess with Obama He told so much of what he did in his past he is lucky he made it this far in the race for The White House. Michelle is not going to stand by her man without whupping is ass first if he tries what Billyboy did.

  • karaz

    Sandra your friend sounds like a slut bucket who doesn't respect herself so it's understandable why her trick ass would be talking about screwing a married man.

    I hope Michelle is a praying woman to maintain her sanity while these hoes "try" her man. It's no wonder many of the first ladies all around the world are xanax popping self medicated junkies, these tricks won't leave their husbands alone.

  • ggouch

    Really?,...no seriously?...really?

  • MixedPearl

    Now Sandra.. do you have to spew negativity and doubt? Do we always have to put a brotha down or second guess his morals just because we have insecurities of our own?? Can hope ever have a chance??!!?? Hopefully this "friend" aka dream basher aka home wrecker finds a firm door slam in her face. "Yes We Can"

  • marshefen

    Sandra your friend is a ho and that's all there is to it. Stop trying to talk about Barack for something he hasn't even done.

  • trulyposh

    so...this post has nothing to do with halle or barack...it's just about your professional jump-off friend? she sounds incredibly messy....smh.

  • prynsexxx

    I betchu your friend is the same broad that all of your "let's do lunch dates" consist of an afternoon at the abortion clinic or the Atlanta CDC.

    Nasty homewreckin' HIV/AIDS infested trick.

  • jane

    Your friend is an idiot. It's not like she can get close to Barack by being at the same club he's at when he's in town or slipping him her number when she walks by.That ain't happening. He's not a rapper. Most presidential affairs have occurred with someone that is close to them and clearly your friend isn't smart enough to get a job in politics or at the white house to be around Barack everyday. So that sucks for her... not b/c she won't get to "try" Barack, but b/c sh doesn't seem to bright.

  • marshefen

    ^^^^ LOL!

  • prynsexxx

    Professional Jump-off = Low-Rent Cum Dumpster

  • marshefen

    That was LOL at pryn.

  • brwnsugga4you

    sandra stop it! your friend sounds like a d*mn jump off.

  • bloggergirlz

    my gosh u friend is definitely a bust down! birds of a feather flock 2...oops, my bad...we don't have 2 worry about u trying barack LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • stefany

    It's bad enough that white people are trying to bing our first potential president down but it's really sad when your own people plot against you and jepordize your position, not for political gain but just for personal satisfaction of feeding their loathing self esteem....Your friend sounds like a typical HO, SICK BYTCH wanting to fu*k a man just to proove that she can have him with no regard to his wife or family..But truth be know this hood rat probably won't get within 2 feet of Barack if he becomes president..It's sad that some women have such low goals in life like being a jump off...Let's pray Barack continues to keep his guard up.

  • Sharonda

    Not sure about your friend because if Obama having date nights with his wife he don't have time for professionals :)




  • Sharonda

    Why do women feel so comfortable to be "the other woman." Settling for less??

  • estyle4039


    Why are you repeating foolishness!? Do birds of a feather really flock together?

  • Oracle

    It’s truly sad when in this day in age where we might get our first black president and proving to so many people that absolutely anything is POSSIBLE, that a black woman will sit and plot how she can ruin him, his family and his reputation.

    It’s most certainly sad when a woman or so called friend will cheer her on thinking its such a great IDEA. Just because you have low esteem and filled with self hatred doesn’t mean you have continue to hate everyone or hate everyone that’s doing something positive.

    Sandra I can tell you have been teased in school because of the way you look or maybe because you were just different. And you’re still bitter about it till this day. A lot of people experience rejection or some kind of pain caused by someone else, but what do you do?? You get over it or just get help!!!! Barack Obama, Halle Berry, Beyonce, Jay-Z, or Alicia Keys are certainly not your old classmates or enemies who caused you pain, so why continue to rip them or there character apart. Maybe it makes you feel better. SAD!!

    And for you friend, Miss JumpOff, tell her she doesn’t have to do things such as plot to give the President oral sex so he can ejaculate on her. She can actually get her GED, go to college, and have a successful career. Can you believe Miss JumpOff, that we might have our first black president??!! And all you want to do is suck his dick???? WOW!!!!

  • Sharonda

    estyle4039 Says:


    Why are you repeating foolishness!? Do birds of a feather really flock together?

    ^Yes ma'am!

  • starr



  • blkdiamonn

    I heard it's already goin down..lol!! Word in Washington is that he been had a jump-off or whatever u wanna call her!! But, u aint head that from me!

  • stefany



  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    No offense but your friend sounds like...whats that song monica sings? oh yes SIDELINE H*O*E

  • http://myspace.com/sfh50millionpounds mj

    A suggestion for your "friend"... Leave the married man alone. ALL OF THEM.. DANG! The thought of someone purposely planning to step in a realtionship and shack it up is just kinda hoeish.. And with the aids epidemic in our community as high as it is.. She really should consider retiring from her corner..

  • free

    #25, i was thinking the same thing. this chick probably ain't the first and probably won't be the last. all the dudes know ATL is jumpoff/baby mama central. if they come through here without a condom and/or their wife, they're asking for trouble.

  • missnee

    Say it with me people:

    you's a ho, you's a ho, you's a ho...i said that you's a ho!!!

    What your nut bucket friend does with her sex life is her business, but the moment she decides to go after a married man she cleary shows that she ain't shit.

  • hellava10

    Sandra, tell Trina...I mean your friend--enough is enough.

    Heather might put up with her mess, but Michelle might get with her.

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Sandra I thought you already knew. I'm Barack's Monica. Tell your friend to step the hell off. Seriously though, it won't be easy for groupies to get to Barack. If you think celeb security is serious just imagine what the secret service is like. You would have to work around him to even have a chance to make a sexual advance. Monica worked in the white house. Anyway, I'll holla at you later, I got a job application to complete.


    I mean and what kind of clout does this girlfriend have? do people of stature do anybody? will the president just roll through the ATL, catch a glympse of your girlfriend and say I just have to have it.. Who the heck will get that close to the president with out having any stature to be able to make moves anyway!!! that seems so far fetched and downright discusting that she's already plotting on Michelle's Man. maybe your girlfriend just likes to daydream a little..

  • iyonah

    Sandra ... why would you even share this situation? Its sad adn ridiulous on the females part. Any woman who has an issue with seeing a family happy and intentionally plans to interject ehrself into the situation is a sad existence of life. Your friend needs to get her mind right and you do too. Why on earth would you even post this? I hope your playing.