According to online reports, rapper Lil' Wayne has missed a court date in Arizona. Wayne, real name, Dwayne Carter Jr., was arrested back in January (08) after police officers stopped his tour bus with thick smoke pouring out of the windows. Police allegedly discovered a stash of illegal drugs on his tour bus.

Yesterday, a no-nonsense Miami judge denied the bond of another troubled rapper, DMX, on the recommendation of a different Arizona judge who revoked his bond there. Maybe Wayne was shook after witnessing his cohort breaking down in court yesterday.

Wayne reportedly missed his court date due to an "unnamed medical treatment." But my source is telling me that the unspecified medical treatment was a dental procedure. It seems strange to me that Wayne can make the time to be everywhere else - on video sets, performing in clubs - but he can't find the time to be in court due to a toothache??

Why couldn't he sip some syrup to ease his pain and take his ass to court? Doesn't syrup have Codeine in it? Wayne's next court date is October 18 - and I hope the judge throws the book at him.

  • kay

    Have you seen his grill?? No wonder he's in pain. Hell, it pains me just to look at it!

  • Anna

    Why couldn’t he sip some syrup to ease his pain and take his ass to court? Doesn’t syrup have Codeine in it?
    Some judges are making them drop on the spot. Maybe he got scared and it was easier to not show up.

    But if you have ever really had a serious toothache, it hurts worse than child birth.

  • Mzsuave

    I was rotfl when I read the title of this post. All them damn teeth...hahaha



  • DivineBrown

    HE NEEDS to get it together! As if DMX isn't motivation enough to not play with the judicial system.

  • teecee

    i wonder if this lil troll had no money would people even care ? he's only going to get a fine and community service man up.

  • Sharonda


  • candycane

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit have you ever had a toothache?? Last year my face was swole, right eye dayum near closed and it hurted sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. I had to suffer for 3 days before I could get an appointment. That was no joke. I couldnt even cry good because it hurt to cry. I just had to breathe deep and slowly let the tears drop.

    Also, I heard he was trying to give up the syrup, so please dont tempt him (if it's true)

  • ReadTheBlog

    Please tell me this 'MILLI' nigga aint' got no raggedy ass cavities with shine on em!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I wonder when was the last time he got his teeth cleaned??? Ewwwww...just the mere thought disgusts me!!! All that tarter build-up under that grill...that ish is disgusting. Mouth blingin but your real teeth are rotting away...

  • Bird

    Maybe the codeine has been coving up his tooth ache all along and when he tried to sober up for court he noticed it. Just a thought.

  • Bird

    Anna Says:

    But if you have ever really had a serious toothache, it hurts worse than child birth.

    For anyone that has never had a toothache and thinks it's jokes, it aint. Truer words were never spoken. That's really the best way to describe a toothache. Make you seriously consider taking a hammer and knocking the tooth out.

  • cbann88

    HE needs to brush his nasty as teeth have you seen how bad is tteth are, see this is that hood rich bulls**T because he can afford a mansion all that jewlery all those houses but he cant afford to go to a dentist, ARE YOU SERIOUS!? It maeks no sense to have all that money and not have FLAWLESS teeth. But no hed rather spend it on chains and looking a hot mess. He probably smells really bad too, eww

  • WeezysBaby

    Wow some of u must have not had kids?? I have had both kids and tooth aches and wudnt dare compare it to child birth.. my kids were 10 lbs and 9lbs @ birth no medication both vaginal so i wud rather have a tooth ache any day than stay in labor for hours among hours among more hours pushing another human being out that weighs the size of someone head or larger... any who Wayne really needs to get that checked out because he has had that tootache for quite some while. And i dont think its cause he cant afford it but like most males I know they are afraid to go to the docs and afraid of needles even though they have tattoo on top of tatoos.

  • cbann88

    TEETH* my spelling is atrocious

  • katgirl33

    Sandra said: Why couldn’t he sip some syrup to ease his pain and take his ass to court?

    b/c just like most black men w/a court date, he was scared this azz wasn't gonna be able to walk out of there that same day.......LOL

    I think he's trying to buy more time to get a deal worked out....some fellas w/cases don't have it that good, to be able to miss court due to a "medical condition"....

  • katgirl33

    I meant to say "his azz"...
    My bad for the typo :)

  • purepisces

    He's such an idiot, best show up for court next time! And it's true, his teeth might be jacked up from all that cough syrup he stays sippin. You KNOW he doesn't brush his teeth often enough, and they put hella sugar in those cough syrups to make it taste okay...imagine drinkin straight codeine with nothin to cover the true taste!!! LOL!!

  • cbann88



  • justice

    Lil Wayne I pray everything goes right for you much love your the best !!