Vanessa Simmons is what most would call a classic beauty. Her warm personality and even temper makes her stand out in contrast to her gregarious sister Angela. The two sisters star on the popular urban reality show Run's House with their father Joseph "Reverend Run" Simmons, step mom Justine, brothers Jo Jo, Diggy and Russy and adopted sister Miley.

The Simmons sisters wildly successful Pastry shoe line is the brain child of 24-year-old Vanessa. In addition to modeling gigs, Vanessa also acts. She played Lola on the television daytime drama Guiding Light last year.

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Only a classic beauty like Vanessa Simmons could inspire manly men to wear ladies shoes

  • Bird

    Fabulous! I really love this girl. She carries herself like royalty. As for your characterization of Run's House as an "urban" reality show, how can it be called urban when they live in the suburbs and no one in the family is remotely urban? Black and urban are not the same thing.

  • brenden

    Great choice....Thanx.

  • aprilshowers

    She's very beautiful... wow.


  • Nikki

    She is very pretty. If I didn't know any better I would swear that Justine was her biological mom.

  • brwnsugga4you

    great pics with all of her clothes on!!...note to all that want to pose naked all the can have your clothes on and still be sexy!!!

  • prynsexxx

    Nice pics.

    Sandra you think you slick trying to "enhance" some of those pics.

  • candycane

    Ok, I was getting ready to be mad if I saw her half azz naked. Very nice pictures, she's very pretty. A few of those pics dont look like her. She looks like Angela, which is my favorite of the two, on that first pic with the wedding dress, and the third picture just looks like someone else.

    Nice pics though.

  • ReadTheBlog

    SHE AIN'T NO DIRTY D, I mean Delta, is she? LOL...

  • Kymystry

    Very tasteful .. beautiful young lady ... Kudo's to her Parents.


    can i get bob sanders from the indy colts?

  • brwnsugga4you

    #7 that one pic in the white does look like angela..nose and know sandra be moving fast

  • DivaMama

    @ Nikki,

    I was thinking the same thing... they do favor each other.

  • Sharonda

    The preacher's daughter = Forbidden fruit!

    She's cute.

  • katgirl33

    She is a pretty girl....Rev. Run raised her well!

  • Yanaja

    She's pretty. She exudes confidence but she doesn't seem stuck up or conceited.

    I really don't care for her sister much. Angela seems to be REALLY feeling herself nowadays. Your own millions in the bank and a sexy BF will do that to you huh???

  • HunE916

    Love the Simmons! You definitely stepped your Morning Glory game up!


    Sandra says:
    "Only a classic beauty like Vanessa Simmons could inspire manly men to wear ladies shoes."

    Oh, for real? Those men look as manly as that transvestite on "Who Wants to Work for Diddy"

  • bloggergirlz


  • Detroit48205

    she's very pretty, and she seems more mature than Angela... How many years are they apart? Has anyone seen her acting skills?

  • dj_dceezy

    THANK YOU! Now, if you have any phone numbers on her... J/K... Good looking out!

  • teecee

    ummmm excuse me, but no skin ? morning glory mothers edition.... lol
    i see more skin at the mall.
    i cant find 10 girls or women who own a pair of those shoes. how can you sell 150 million dollars worth of shoes and nobody is wearing them ? some body is messing with the number !!!

  • dj_dceezy

    she's a delta? or is she flashin that damn Roc-A-Fella sign?

  • pinky2083

    that 4th pic does not look like her.. she's a pretty girl.

  • dj_dceezy

    "i cant find 10 girls or women who own a pair of those shoes. how can you sell 150 million dollars worth of shoes and nobody is wearing them" Bruh where do you live? Nebraska? Pastrie's are Jordan's for girl's nowadays...

  • ELove

    Does NOTHING for me and she's Fake-as-a-$3-bill...
    I guess most of y'all RADAR for Fakeness-n-Conceitedness is Way-OFF ;-)

    And trust me this trick would do way more than nude pictures just to be a c-list actress (Real Talk Here). SHE exudes Desperation in that regard ;-)

    @bird... She's always seem to be very ditsy to me and THAT comments says alot about her intellect or lack-there-of and IMO she's pretty but for from beautiful. I don't judge women that are All-Glammed up as beautiful because if you have to put that much effort to look-that-good then you can't possibly be All-that-Beautiful ;-)

    Again that's My Opinion ;-)

  • Smokie

    She is one beautiful chick! Lovely just lovely.

  • Kymystry

    Wow ... the MEN have spoken ...

  • brwnsugga4you


  • HunE916

    @ ELove

    I’ve never seen so much meanness proceeded by so many smiley faces! lol

  • mj

    she is cute with dark glasses on.

  • HunE916

    teecee Says:

    i cant find 10 girls or women who own a pair of those shoes. how can you sell 150 million dollars worth of shoes and nobody is wearing them ? some body is messing with the number !!!

    There goes 2 girls wearing them in the 19th picture above!

  • iscream

    @ teecee you are not alone. I live in NYC and I don't know/see anyone rocking these sneakers. I saw a huge poster of them in the window of a shoe store. I asked my friend (who is younger than I) if she wore them or knew anyone and she said no.

    Jordans for girls?.. Don't girls wear Jordans anymore. & those sneakers are no where near Jordans.... Can't wait for the day to see people lined up outside a store for days to buy their sneakers WITHOUT them doing a meet and greet.

  • teecee

    wow you must work for run athletics or better yet foot locker.

    well i got nieces, lil chick cousin and on tax free weekend, which was last weekend, i bought them kicks. we wen to 3 different places to buy kicks. none requested pastry. i dont think i saw any of those shoes on display. they wanted those Reebok or whatever they are with the crystals all over them, baby phat or sketchers. from what i saw those sneaks with the crystals on them were being selling like hot cakes.

    lol @ hune916.... thats just sad when the only pics of people wearing your shoes made for ladies are men something aint right.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Vanessa is a natural beauty and she seems really down-to-earth!!!

  • eastpointvet

    all i need is one of russells nieces lol preferably this one i love the pics but i dont care how sexy u are u cant get me to rock no shoes called pastry and im a male lol

  • starr

    @ iscream

    I don't know where you in NYC you are, but alot of girls are wearing those sneakers....including i luv the line, I think the sizes are cut a lil big, but thats w/e.

    There are many girls wearing them, i see them all the time. I live in brooklyn, but i am in the city often enuff to see girls wearing them. Pastels colors whats hot with the girls right now, and the line has that. And keep in mind the shoe comes in many sytles, cut, and color (flavor, so you might see them, and not even know it.

    I think the shoe is cute, and girly, and i like it. Go Angela and Vanessa.

    And i think girls are wearing less sneakers now a days. Some of are grwoing up fast, and are wearing pumps to middle school. They want the older look.

  • ggouch

    I so love this family. GO Vanessa Go!!

  • ELove

    @hun... No HATE here it's just my standard of black beauty is much higher than most (I did say she was pretty) ;-)

    I watched the first season out of PURE RESPECT for Run who is a Hip-Hop ICON and along with P.E. was my favorite Rap groups!!!

    But the more they focused on their teen-aged kids who are the Epitome of spoiled-n-catered-n-pampered with absolutely no sense of self... Well it was quite easy for me so SEE the obvious flaws of each ome's TRUE character ;-)

    I've previously stated on this site before about Vanessa FAKE-NESS and her choice of going into acting was IDEAL for her to do because of that Inate-Trait she has ;-)

  • Naima

    I see more girls wearing Patries than House of Dereon. A pair a friend of mine wanted was actually sold out, that was when they first came out.

  • bklynchick

    My daughter is 8 and loves her some pastry's. She has two pair and is working (yes she has to do chores to earn it) to get her another pair for school. We reside in GA but the town is so little they don't have an open mind to other styles of sneakers besides a pair of forces and jordans. So I don't see people wearing them a lot. But I love the uniqueness of them. They look so cute on her feet. Vanessa and Angela are both beautiful young ladies. Keep doing your thang!!

  • HunE916

    @ ELove

    I didn't say you were hating. I was teasing!

    But, really, I think you are one of the few people who feel that way. I see so much more in those kids. I think they're all very well mannered and not at all conceited.

    But, as we all have a$$holes, we all have opinions (some are just sh!ttier than others). lol

    Touché my friend! And ease up on those God damn smiley faces! ;)

  • HunE916

    Oh, BTW...I have a pair of Pastries too! If nothing, I believe in supporting Black entrepreneurs who are doing something constructive.

  • ELove

    @hun... Much respect and my conceited-remarks was reserved STRICTLY for Vanessa and yes they have way-more common-sense and manners than the vast majority of kids (any color) with their economic background...

    And being in the Majority isn't always a good-or-right thing... it's routinely associated with the status-quo or society's imprint of warped-logic & thinking

    I come here in Peace and I leave with No-Smiley faces LOL

  • tintin

    i honestly didn't know justine wasn't her mom, she looks just like her.

    very pretty girl

  • Lucy

    No Elove I'm on your side. I just didn't have the nerve to say it here.

    Personally I think Uncle Russ is the main person behind those ugly shoes and he got them to be the front person. Just my opinion.

  • missmiami

    She seems to have such a wonderful spirit.

  • aprilshowers

    @ ggouch Says:

    I so love this family. GO Vanessa Go!!
    ME too! :-) I think it's awesome what they are doing!


    She is really pretty, she looks MAJAH in the black sweater dress.

  • TIGHT29

    Nikki Says:

    She is very pretty. If I didn’t know any better I would swear that Justine was her biological mom
    I think she's pretty too. But have you seen her biological mother? They look like they could be twins. She looks exactly like her. Come to think of it, their biological mother and Justine look like they could be related.

  • Mika79

    She's giving too much nose in the wedding shot!


    she's gorgeous in and out. great personality in person and on tv.