Spike Lee brought the kids out for a fun time at the Nike Block Party opening in NYC yesterday. Mom is Tonya Lewis. His kids are Jackson, left, and Satchel (?). Who names their kid Satcheland a girl at that? Why not name her knapsack or duffel bag or gym bag if you want to ruin her life?

There should be a law to prevent saddling your kids with these ridiculous names. Or at least give the kid the option to change her name to something less embarrassing once she’s old enough to realize what it means.

We need attorneys who specialize in representing kids to prevent this sort of nonsense from occurring. Or have a judge right there in the hospital to approve the name before it goes on the birth certificate and becomes final.

Anyway, tennis superstar Serena Williams also joined in on the fun. She has an endorsement deal with Nike, as does Mars Blackman, I mean Lee.

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If I hear one more person say Rihanna is broke I will scream. I keep telling you good people that if it isn’t on CNN it ain’t true. Nobody knows where that story came from, yet you’re willing to spread the malicious gossip. I’m very disappointed in some of you because I thought I taught you better thaan this especially you Malcolm tsk tsk tsk.

Anyway, the paps were out in full force on Melrose Ave today and they snapped Rihanna (with her little brother) and Chris Brown doing a little shopping. I wonder whose money Rihanna was spending if she’s so broke?

But on a side note, Rihanna, I need to have a word with you baby. I know you’re the style queen and everything looks ultra fabulous on you. But those boots are not the bizness sweetie. They’re very distracting and just plain hideous. I wouldn’t be mad at you if you never wore those ugly ass boots again. Please.

But the real story here is Chris Brown. Is he paying a little more attention to his personal style of dress? Granted he looks like he just played a round of golf at the local Country Club, but I like it. Lord knows that boy can’t dress himself to save his life! Good job RiRi!

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According to online reports, rapper Da Brat, real name Shawntae Harris, was sentenced to three years in prison today. But as I wrote earlier, Brat will only serve 12 months of the three year sentence. I know Brat’s girlfriend is weak unless she can convince another baller Dom to pay her bills.

A DeKalb County judge sentenced rapper Da Brat to three years in prison Friday for striking a woman with a rum bottle at an Atlanta-area nightclub.

Superior Court Judge Gail Flake also sentenced the rapper, whose real name is Shawntae Harris, to seven years probation and 200 hours of community service.

About six members of Harris’s family wept when a sheriff’s deputy took her into custody.

“I love y’all,” Harris, 34, said as she was led out of the courtroom.

“We love you too” the relatives replied in unison.

Harris entered a guilty plea to aggravated assault.

The victim, a waitress at the club, had to be hospitalized after being struck by Harris, and Flake said the woman suffered permanent facial scarring. (Source)

Brat’s victim filed a lawsuit against the club, its promoters and Da Brat.

Solange performed a lively session at the J&R MusicFest at City Hall Park in NY yesterday. Her sister Beyonce attended the concert along with mama Tina Knowles who beamed proudly from the audience.

Solange’s first musical effort fell flat. But that’s only because she was following in the footsteps of her sister which was the wrong move career-wise. But it’s all good now! Solange has come into her own and she isn’t looking back!

I was just discussing Solange with an industry professional who took great pleasure in informing me that according to some industry scan service, Solange’s hit single “I Decided” has only received 9 spins around the world today. Now I can hardly believe that only 9 radio stations in the entire world has played that song today. Compare that to 270 spins by Jazmine Sullivan who has the #1 single in the world.

By the way, I think it can be said that Beyonce’s career is officially over now that real musicians have suddenly become popular again. Don’t you agree? 🙂

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In a way, I kinda feel sorry for Michelle Obama. In her drive and determination to see her man succeed in attaining the highest office in the land — she doesn’t even realize that she’s actually delivering him into the arms of some of these chicks who will stop at nothing to get her man.

I’m not saying that’s LisaRaye’s intention – although I’m sure she’s not happy about losing her “Frist Lady” status to a trollop named Rocsi (lol). I’m sure that LisaRaye is scouting new territory for another lofty title if the old one doesn’t work out as she plans.

Wouldn’t bagging a president be the ultimate goal for a jump off? I’m asking becuase I know nothing about such things.

Stealing another woman’s man is just not my cup of tea. I imagine that tracking a man, getting him in your sights and hitting the target (his wallet and bank accounts) is similar to hunting prey. And isn’t hunting the biggest sport in America?

All I have to say is: Michelle, baby girl, remember that’s a MAN you’ve got there. And unless I’m mistaken, men are VERY MUCH attracted to sexy women. That attraction doesn’t just go away because you put a ring on his finger. A man is only so strong. The spirit may be willing, but the flesh is weak. Watch yo’ man baby girl! Watch yo’ man.

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of speaking with the Grand Diva Lynn Allen Jeter of Lynn Allen Jeter and Associates. She’s the the publicist to Turks & Caicos First Lady LisaRaye McCoy-Misick, legendary singer Teena Marie, and Eva Pigford’s boyfriend Lance Gross, among her other clients.

You already know what went down in the Turks & Caicos Islands between LisaRaye and her husband, the Premier Michael Misick. We won’t go into all of that. Miss Jeter instead spoke of a woman who was determined to keep her marriage intact. A woman who stuck by her man despite the rape allegations and corruption charges leveled against him.

According to Miss Jeter, LisaRaye and her husband still “love each other” and after the incident went down, Misick called Miss Jeter’s phone and asked to speak with his “wife”.

She also said Misick did not hire a private investigator to track LisaRaye’s movements in the states, but his security did follow LisaRaye while she was on the island. Miss Jeter said she was not involved in the altercation that took place inside the Misick home last week.

“I was outside sitting in LisaRaye’s jeep the entire time,” she said. “I try to squash rumors so people can have actual facts.”

What follows are the facts according to Miss Jeter:

Sandra Rose: I know that LisaRaye attended Jermaine Dupri’s Weekend here in Atlanta…

Lynn Jeter: Let me just give you the back story: she was not at the music festival in the Turks & Caicos because her husband asked her not to come because of the political climate there [and] because of the allegations of corruption and he was under, you know, scrutiny and all that… So he didn’t wanted her subjected to any of that. It was a bad time for her not to come but he wanted it to appear that it was just their party.


That is what he told her. She was respecting his wishes. She went to Jermaine’s party in Atlanta and after there, she went to NY to [Lil] Kim’s party. She left and came back to L.A. And then from there… she went to Turks on that Tuesday (8/5). Kim’s party was on Sunday and [LisaRaye] went to Turks on that Tuesday and stayed in her home – with her husband – on that Tuesday.

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Atlanta, get ready: Karrine Steffans, noted author and master of oral ministrations – not to mention the type of woman your grandmother warned you to keep your man away from — is moving to Atlanta!

I don’t think y’all heard me… I said Karrine Steffans – is – MOVING – TO – Atlanta.

If you Atlanta chicks thought fighting over the few available scraps of single men was bad enough — it’s about to get much worse.

Men — single and taken — are already talking about Karrine and her party at Studio 72 this weekend.

I was at a record label yesterday and the men were talking in code around me. But the code was so easy to decipher, a baby could crack it. Of course I teased them unmercifully once I figured out who they were talking about. One label exec cracked that he wasn’t thinking about no Karrine Steffans — until I told him I had her cell number. Then he quickly dropped his macho act and asked, “do you really?”

Men are so EASY here! Separating them from their wallets will be a piece of cake for a seasoned jump off like Karrine. I almost feel sorry for them…. almost. 🙂

Much thanks to Zedi of Dimewars.com for the link!

Ne-Yo’s hit single “Miss Independent” premiered on BET yesterday. I hear I was the inspiration for this song. Of course I’m kidding — but you already knew that.

The cameos by Keri Hilson, Trey Songz, Jordin Sparks and Lauren London add a nice touch. But the real star of the video (IMO) is Gabrielle Union. For once in her career she doesn’t over act.

Btw, Ne-Yo dances solo with his real-life girlfriend towards the end.