I LOVE a big gurl with confidence. You can't tell them nathin! Why are they always happy, you ask? Because they know the secret to keeping a man -- unlike these skinny chicks who can't find a man unless he belongs to another woman. A confident woman doesn't feel the need to share a man.

And if you don't know, now you know. :)

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Damon Dash and his wife, fashion designer Rachel Roy, are in danger of losing their two Manhattan apartments to foreclosure.

According to bank filings, Dash and Roy owe $7.3 million on the two properties and foreclosure proceedings have begun. Dash and Roy failed to meet monthly mortgage payments of $78,500 on the two pricey properties.

Lately, Roy has been struggling to keep her company afloat in a fluctuating economy. And no one knows what Dash does for a living after he sold his stock in Rocafella Records and Rocawear to former business partner Jay Z.

Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur once said, "bury me a G." But this deceased OG had other plans for his burial. I guess it can be said that this OG never took anything lying down. He was a stand up kinda guy.

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Black Barbie Laurie Ann Gibson is having a really bad hair and teeth day. And that outfit... those shoes... my eyes are burning...

No, no, NO! What is wrong with these children today? they don't know how to dress appropriately for any circumstance. This outfit is cool for a teenage boy but on singer Teyana Taylor it looks ridiculous.

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As a grown woman I simply have NO interest in Madden X Boxes or whatever you call those things. So I ignored all the emails containing links to Bow Wow's $100,000 video challenge to fellow rapper The Game.

Now The Game has responded to Bow Wow's "Challenge" by telling him to call Ciara and persuade her to suck off do a LisaRaye on everybody in his camp. Please note that I do not condone disrespect towards women in any form. But since The Game is clearly on his grown man swag in this video response -- and we know he didn't really mean what he said about CiCi -- I decided to post it anyway.

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We may hate on actress Vivica A. Fox aggressively, but she cleans up better than most Hollywood divas her age. At 44, Vivica may be past her prime, but she sho' don't look it.

Her breast and butt implants are tastefully done, and even though her face has that freshly pulled, post-op look going on -- it isn't over exaggerated.

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Legendary singer Janet Jackson is now a business woman with the launch of her new lingerie line "Pleasure Principal". This new venture couldn't have come at a better time for Janet now that her recording career is officially over. I so see Janet as a fashionista diva designing fabulous clothes and dressing other celebrities.

Janet's new line of sexy lingerie will be in stores by early 2009. The line was co-designed with Australian lingerie designer Bruno Schiavi, and will come in a range of sizes: 32A to 44G. The line is designed to be comfortable especially for plus sized women.

"I hate when you’ve had on a bra all day long and you just can’t wait to take it off — every woman has experienced that," she said. "A lot of lingerie tends to leave those marks and be uncomfortable. This line is about detail, fit and comfort as well as beauty and making women feel sexy." (Source)

First of all, I see your style and I love it, Bow Wow! That Louis Vuitton belt is butta! But, why is he in a homoerotic prison pose with Souljah Boy, whose jeans are down around his ankles? I'm SMDH. Teresa, talk to your son!

BET 106 & Park's co-hosts Terrence J and the homewrecker, Rocsi, pose with T.I. during the celebration for the show's 2000th episode yesterday. Hey Tiny, I don't like how ole girl is looking at your man!

They say former BET 106 & Park co-host Julissa and Jay Z's ex-boyfriend, Larry Johnson, are no longer an item. I know: nobody cares. Here she poses with the clueless rapper and one-hit-wonder, Yung Berg, at the celebration for BET's "106 & Park" 2000th Episode in NYC yesterday.

Nelly and Jermaine Dupri posed backstage at the Tabernacle last night where Nelly performed. I was invited to this concert by radio personality Porsche Foxx, who people seem to think I have beef with. That's my girl. She told me she had two tickets, but I declined since I have no friends and I didn't want to go alone.

"The Wire" star Tristan Wilds is a regular cast member on the revamped Beverly Hills 90210. I never watched the original series because it lacked flavor if you know what I mean. But I will watch at least the 1st episode to see my baby Tristan do his thing.

One of my favorite rappers, David Banner, hooked up with the youngster, model Gerren Taylor, at the "America The Beautiful" Premiere yesterday in Hollywood. Gerren should be taking the fashion world by storm, but she isn't - for obvious reasons.

Tyrese flexed his muscles at the wedding announcement for Jacquie Lee (whoever that is) in NYC last night. But the only people who seem to be impressed are the mens.

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