“It is with great sadness that I have to announce that my husband and I have separated.

Last night, Wednesday August 13, 2008, an attempt was made by and on behalf of my husband to first prevent my entry into our home and then, later, to make me leave our home by force.

It was necessary for me to receive medical treatment for injuries suffered and in relation to those injuries I shall continue to assist the police force with its enquiries.

Whilst it is my sincere wish to avoid unnecessary conflict, I shall not be intimidated, nor shall those individuals whose job it is to protect and represent me.

I ask that my privacy be respected in these difficult times and I believe that the people of the TCI will understand and support my wish to receive the necessary independent representation from the legal counsel of my choosing. I hope that, in time, the TCI government will come to share that view.

Although I have always been a supportive wife even in light of the very serious allegations currently pending against the Premier, there are limits even for me.

I continue to have the utmost respect for the people of the TCI who have always shown me kindness and support. I vow to continue my work amongst the people of Turks and Caicos Islands.

Until recently I had hoped that I would be able to continue to assist my husband during what will undoubtedly be difficult times ahead for him. I do not wish to have to add to his difficulties.”

LisaRaye McCoy-Misick
First Lady of the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob, has inked a solo deal with Warner Bros. Records, according to a press release we received today.

The “Knuck If You Buck” rapper signed a multilayer solo deal with Warner Bros. Records Inc. Warner Bros. Records Inc. will be investing not only in the growth of Diamond as an artist, but also as a brand, building off of her recent campaign with FILA. Together, Diamond and Warner Bros. Records Inc. will also be tying in various endorsements, which include TV and film opportunities, setting her debut solo album up to be one of the biggest releases of 2009.

Diamond promises there will be a “few surprises in store” for her fans who breathlessly await her new album which is set to drop in early 2009.

In a personal statement to, Diamond said:

Right now it’s about the positive. That’s why I haven’t been lashing out any negative energy [at Princess or former manager, Damu] because the people are going to see who was lying, who telling the truth and who was trying to make who look bad. God is definitely good! And when you have Blessings, you don’t have to brag about them – they just show!

Diamond is an avid supporter of, and we congratulate her on her new endeavor!

Miatta David / Priya

Richie Abbott
Warner Bros. Records

Details on the fight from the Caribbean Net News

More details have emerged about the scuffle between actress LisaRaye and Michael Misick over in the Turks & Caicos islands that resulted in her arrest yesterday. According to V-103’s Ryan Cameron, LisaRaye, who was banned from the main house, drove her car through a barricade at the house, parked her car and barged into a closed door meeting between the Premiere and his cabinet ministers.

Word is LisaRaye said, “does LisaRaye have to bite a b*tch?,” before pouncing on Misick and commencing to sink her teeth into his flesh. Another man who attempted to separated the former lovers, was also bitten. Both Raye and Misick were treated for human bites at a local hospital and LisaRaye was placed under arrest. Lawd, lawd, when jumpoffs are scorned – look out!!

I’m scared of her now!

Rumors are swirling from the Turks & Caicos islands surrounding LisaRaye and her soon-to-be ex-husband T&C Premiere Michael E. Misisck. Word is LisaRaye was arrested earlier today on the island. I’m not sure what the charges are… maybe one of my T&C connects can forward the details.

For days now rumors had been flying that LisaRaye refused to give up her status as “First Lady” to the Turks & Caicos islands. apparently, it pained her something awful to lose face by allowing someone like Rocsi to take her man.

So I heard she flew back to the island to fight for what was rightfully hers. But LisaRaye neglected to check the official jumpoff handbook which states that you NEVER fight another jumpoff over no d*ck!

I’ll have more details as they develop.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Remember Ty Colliers, one of the bisexual sistas from Oxygen Channel’s “Bad Girls Club”? Well, last August, I wrote a post containing excerpts from Ty’s now private Myspace blog. In her blog she called out the ATL’s fake models and wanna-be ballers.

Well, one of my readers called her out as a high price call girl – and provided a link to Ty’s escort service as evidence. Ty didn’t like that. So she responded with a scathing blog post on her Myspace calling me trash, among other verbs and adverbs:


Fast forward one year later, and Ty Ty is still selling her body to pay her rent. She calls herself Sanai now and she can be found hustling her wares at the respectful purveyor of flesh, Hush Agency. Sanai’s goodies can be sampled for a modest $250-$275 (flash a black card at her and you can call all the shots).

Well, hey, at least she’s working to pay her own bills and not relying on wanna-be ballers like Michael Misick’s soon-to-be-ex wife, LisaRaye.

Don’t click the link if you’re insensitive to a sister’s hustle – or to a sista who is trying to stay one step ahead of the unemployment line… We here at support all sistas on their grind.

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Beyonce was spotted at LAX this week carrying what seems to be a very expensive crocodile tote. Imagine how many crocodiles were slaughtered to make a tote that size – and she still isn’t happy.

By comparison, a Birkin croc handbag of similar size fetches about $120,000. Knowing Bey, if the bag doesn’t cost at least $40,000, she’s not bothering with it.

And look how she’s carrying it like she don’t want it. This woman is the worst excuse for a superstar celebrity I’ve ever seen in my life. If it pains her so much to be cordial and friendly, why doesn’t she go sit her ass down somewhere and give us a break? And take Jay Z with her!

Remember back in the day when Hip Hop respected women and sistahs were referred to as Queens instead of video hos? In this Tribe Called Quest video, the female sex object is dressed completely from head to toe. All the other females in the video are dressed similarly.

There actually was a time in Hip Hop when females didn’t have to remove their clothes in videos to be considered sexy. Then Beyonce happened to the music industry – and the rest is history.

Jay Z, covers VIBE magazine’s 15th Anniversary Juice issue, on stands now. Inside, VIBE documents the rapper’s humble beginnings as a crack and weed dealer in the Marcy projects to his failed 40/40 club venture. The Jigga delves into his not-so-secret marriage to Beyonce and his final album for Def Jam Records titled Blueprint 3.

The Juice issue also features a a behind-the-scenes look at Hip Hop fashion trends from Ralph Lauren to Karl Kani. Karl Kani is still doing his designer thing, but not for the Hip Hop heads who change styles and trends like they change their underwear.

Besides, he knows that train left the station years ago. So Karl Kani is designing clothes primarily for the ladies now. His clothes can be found in boutiques and major department store chains all over the world from Japan to Rome.

Photo: Splash News Online

The new “Six Ring” Jordans by Jordan Brand have given sneaker heads a new reason to spend two days in line outside a footwear retailer. The new black/varsity red/white basketball shoes will retail for $150 when they hit store shelves on August 16.

But Chris Brown was spotted in Barbados last weekend wearing a coveted pair of 6 Rings. By virtue of the fact that these shoes are on Chris Brown’s feet, we knew they weren’t out yet. Celebrities don’t wear anything that mere mortals have worn already. Celebs always have to be the first with everything – probably as a result of them never having anything while growing up.

Besides the shoes, Chris Brown has absolutely no sense of style. Who ever heard of wearing a hot sweatshirt in sunny Barbados in the heat of Summer? Thank God he has Rihanna to dress him every day.

It was Christmas in June for this dude when he opened his 6 Rings box.

If you live in the Atlanta area, you’ve heard about the case of Darlene Dukes (left) who died when an emergency dispatcher sent an ambulance to the wrong address last week.

Yes, human error played a part in this tragedy (it appears the dispatcher was not a good listener). But this tragedy could have been avoided if Ms. Dukes had a land line in her home. Many consumers have switched to cell phones as their primary phone in order to save money. But cell phones can cost lives.

There is no technology in place to identify cell phone numbers coming into an emergency call center. Therefore, it is important to have a land line – preferably a corded phone that doesn’t require batteries. If your power goes out, your cordless phones won’t work and you can’t charge your cell phones either.

The official cause of Ms. Dukes’ death was a Pulmonary Embolism (PE). A PE occurs when a blood clot travels from its point of origin to the lungs where it lodges in a small vessel causing the blockage of blood and oxygen. That part of the lung dies from lack of blood and oxygen.

Typical symptoms include:

  • Shortness of breath (Dyspnea)
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest pain that gets worse with inhalation
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Rapid breathing
  • Cough or coughing up blood
  • More Medical Minute after the break…

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    Solange recently performed her hit single “I Decided” live at the Stone Soul Picnic 2008. She sounded great! The sign of a great performer is one who doesn’t allow distractions to throw them off rhythm. When an excited fan joined Solange on stage, Solange never missed a beat. She seamlessly involved him in her show by shooing away the overanxious security guards.

    God forbid if it had been Beyonce. That poor man would have been T-boned by six burly security guards – each fighting over a piece of him. Beyonce would have refused to continue until even his hat was removed from the stage. How dare he – a mere fan – trying to dance with her highness Beyonce? That $100 concert ticket doesn’t entitle fans to breathe the same air she breathes!

    This is what the industry needs right now: a young artist who boldly turns her back on the path her sister took to success. A young lady who blazes her own trail to show the younger girls that you don’t have to sell sex to make good music.

    Thanks to loyal reader Jaclyn Jones for the link!

    The first time I saw this photo of Olympian Michael Phelps, I had no clue who he was or what he was so excited about. I’m one of the few people in the world who hasn’t been tuning in to the Olympics, so I didn’t realize Phelps was only the biggest sports star in the Universe with 11 Olympic gold medals under his elastic waistband.

    So I figured since every other blogger in the world has written at least one post about the guy, I might as well contribute mine too. Thanks to Sneakers and Shoes blog for informing me that the 6’4″, 195 lb Phelps consumes 12,000 calories of mostly carbohydrates per day!

    Here’s a sample menu of Phelps’ dietary consumption:

      3 fried egg sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, and mayonnaise
      2 cups of coffee
      a 5 egg omelet
      a bowl of grits
      3 slices of French toast with powdered sugar
      3 chocolate chip pancakes

    And that’s just for breakfast! Click here to see how many animals are slaughtered for Phelps’ lunch and dinner. I would hate to be the one to cook for him every day. All that cholesterol and powdered sugar can’t be good for his health. I’m guessing his heart will start protesting by the time he’s 38.

    Photo: Getty Images

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    Loyal reader Ni took a swipe at me for exposing her man Kobe’s infidelities while in China.

    Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 17:02
    From: ni sk
    Subject: FW: Lebron James in Thoughts?!?!

    Don’t just mention Kobe without saying the rest aren’t looking too, be fair about the judgment. Is LeBron Checking this Chicks ASS out or what? He is Pondering really Hard?

    Photo: Splash News Online

    NBA star Kobe Bryant is pursued through the streets of China by reporters who aren’t used to seeing tall black millionaire ball players in their midst.

    By far, Kobe is the most popular U.S. star in China right now (Michael Phelps notwithstanding). But another U.S. athlete seems to have caught Kobe’s eye (which isn’t difficult to do). Her name is Kara Goucher, and she’s representing the U.S. in both the 5,000m and 10,000m in Beijing.

    Anyway, she made this entry in her journal:

    Then we had a two-hour wait until we actually marched in. At this point, athletes started mingling and I met [USA men’s basketball players] Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd. I got my picture with all of them. They were all very nice and asked me about running track. One of them actually ended up asking for my number, and chatting me up for a while, and got out his camera to take a picture with me, but that’s a story for another time. (Source)