Celebs Out & About: 8/29

Celebs were out & about in full force last night in Atlanta. Fantasia (who’s no longer Dro’s boo) and pals Tiny and Kandi Burrus partied at The Velvet Room. While Keyshia Cole showed off her new look at Club ESSO.

But while her friends partied the night away, where was songstress Monica? I spoke with someone very close to Mo yesterday and I’m told that Mo’s fiance Rocko surprised Mo with the gift of a lifetime – but I can’t tell you what it is.

I also heard a snippet of one of the 4 songs Monica recorded with Super-producer Ne-Yo last week at his Compound studio. The song sent chills up and down my spine! It’s a slow ballad along the lines of “Still Standing” – but better!

I was also told that unlike other producers, Ne-Yo is not a diva in the studio. Other producers – who shall not be named – are very diva-like. They slow down and disrupt the recording process by demanding perks like imported lobster and fresh-cut flower arrangements (I wish I could tell you who did that, lol).

They also demand first-class plane tickets and thousand dollar per night hotel suites for them AND their entourages! No wonder the music industry sucks right now.

Mo will be out & about all weekend performing at various venues. Make sure you listen to V-103 and Hot 107.9 for more details on where she’ll be.


Video: Michael Jackson interviewed on his 50th birthday


Video: Obama Democratic Party video

If you missed Barack Obama’s Democratic Party acceptance speech last night, click here.

This video is a semi-biography that serves as a campaign vehicle for Obama. Note that there are very few images of black people in this video. Has Obama ever been to the hood? Because I don’t see that reflected in this video.

This video makes it painfully clear that Obama is not campaigning as a black presidential hopeful – he is campaigning as a president for all people – which we know is an oxymoron in itself since “all people” don’t see themselves in Obama…

I don’t see myself in Obama either. If I was an American citizen I wouldn’t vote for Obama until he shows me who he is – campaign rhetoric aside. It seems funny that when Bill Clinton was running for president he was more “black” than Obama will ever be.


Video: Toni Braxton Leaving ‘Dancing With The Stars’ rehearsals

After being stricken with a deadly heart infection, Toni Braxton’s will to live was too strong. She has regained her health and come back in a big way! Toni previously canceled her Las Vegas show at the Flamingo due to the grueling nightly schedule.

But entertainment is in her blood. TMZ.com caught up with Toni as she left ‘Dancing With The Stars’ practice yesterday. She looks great!


Video: Michelle Obama interview after THE SPEECH

Don’t get it twisted: if Obama wins the election MICHELLE will be your new president. We definitely know who wears the pants in that household. :)


Hot 107.9 Morning Show let go?

I have just received word from a confidential source at Hot 107.9 that the A-Team Morning show was abruptly let go today.

Word is comedian Rickey Smiley has been installed as the new Morning show host at Hot 107.9. That is sad news, but the new Arbitron Portable People Meter (PPM) has every radio programmer in Atlanta shook.

Hopefully the morning show jocks will land new gigs at other stations in the area.


FanMAIL: Um, I think my sons looks more like Obama than that little boy does.lol

Loyal SR reader Elizabeth was referring to this post. She went on to say, “(I know this is total silliness.for real)..But I’m just saying.haha.”

I think they could pass for Obama as a child if they make a movie based on his life. :


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