One of Rick Ross’ own sisters has confirmed the allegations that her brother worked as a corrections officer in the past. Ross’ sister, whose name I can’t reveal, attended Ross’ “Be Out Day” event in Miami this week. Speaking though a source, she verified Ross’ past employment with the State of Florida as a prison guard in the mid 90s.

When asked why Ross continues to flatly deny his past employment in the face of indisputable evidence, the source who is close to Ross’ camp replied, “I think he’s so caught up in the persona he built for himself, that he really might believe he wasn’t a corrections officer.”

The source also revealed Rick Ross isn’t as hard as he portrays himself to be. Said the source, “they’re all fake: Plies, Rick Ross, Flo-Rida. None of them are real gangsters.”

Nat-2, a company based in Germany, has come up with a great idea to reinvent shoes and sandals – by combining the two into one! Simply unzip your sneaker or shoe to reveal a cute sandal underneath.

According to the company’s website, the idea was to “create a whole new kind of shoe which is fashionable, smart for travelling and that fits into everybody’s limited urban space.”

Nat-2’s come in hundreds of assorted styles, colors and textures. There’s something for everyone, from the discriminating shopper to the college student on a shoestring budget.

Where to buy

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I saw this post over on Miss Info’s blog who spotted it on Hiphopdx. Apparently, Latina actress Rosie Perez goes off on Knaye West for mentioning her breastesses in one of his songs.

Since I’m not a Knaye fan, I couldn’t even tell you the title of the song she’s griping about. But here’s why Rosie’s mad:

“[Rosie] Perez is concerned over a certain line in which she believes that West“You got D’s motherf**ker, D’s, Rosie Perez.” is referring to her breasts,

“I’m a woman of a certain age and if you’re gonna mention me in a song, have a little respect,” Perez explained. “He mentions my breasts. When you walk down the street and you have 15-year-old boys.. and they’re like, ‘Yo, Rosie, D’s D’s, Rosie Perez,’ it’s no good.”

Maybe because I’m not a man, Rosie doesn’t even register on my radar when I think about women with oversized melons (which isn’t often).

In fact, I don’t even think of women in terms of their breast size. It’s their intellect that attracts me – never the physical. So Rosie has a point there. But I guess another point could be made that Rosie should be happy Knaye’s even talking about her old ass at all.

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One of entertainment’s most respected publicists, Patti Webster, founder of the prestigious W & W PR firm – reached out to me yesterday. Ms. Webster sought to correct my statement that her former client Usher fired her firm.

Hi Sandra – I pray this email finds you well. I wanted to respond to your reporting that Usher has indeed fired my company, W&W Public Relations. That is, fortunately, not the case. Our company voluntarily resigned Usher’s account. Nothing more. Nothing less. Would you please correct this statement in coverage? Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

We stand corrected.

Ms. Webster’s meteoric rise to the top is well documented by my friend Ray Tamara on his website The Crusade. It’s a very interesting read for those of you who are still pursuing your dreams.

A nightclub worker has confessed to the brutal murder of a 24-year-old woman during Lil’ Kim’s birthday party last weekend.

Rahman Syed, also 24, worked as a bartender’s assistant at Spotlight Live nightclub in Times Square. He confessed to killing Ingrid Rivera on Sunday night and stuffing her body in a utility shed on the roof of the nightclub.

Rivera’s body was found by a maintenance worker on Wednesday – 2 days after she had been reported missing by her mother.

The murdered woman was one of 500 guests at rapper Lil’ Kim’s birthday party held at Spotlight Live on Sunday night. Rivera was tossed out of the nightclub because she was drunk. She later crossed paths with Syed who told her he would take her to her friend inside the club.

Syed told police he lured Rivera to the rooftop shed where he beat Rivera in the head with a metal pipe after she refused his sexual advances.

No charges have been filed in the case. Rivera had worked as a ticket agent for Delta Airlines at Kennedy airport.


Posting this email does not mean I verify or confirm the details contained within. But I do know that just recently, Lyfe paid a grip for a star-studded birthday party for one of the kids mentioned in this email. I know this because I was not invited to said party where the children of other Atlanta-area celebrities were in attendance. By posting this email, I am not reacting out of petty vengeance for not being inviting to the child’s birthday party. End of disclaimer.

Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 13:29:03
From: [name removed by request]

.. July 21 Lyfe left his tour [and] flew back to Atlanta so he could go and have the electricity turned OFF at the house where his 2 young sons (one still in diapers) live …and Mister (hmmmmm that name suits him) went to the house so he could watch the electric company guy turn it off! He told the Georgia Power Company that the house (which is in his name) was empty and to remove the meter… wellll when the electric guy saw that it was indeed someone living there and the bill was paid and up to date he wouldn’t remove the meter …Mister …got really nasty the police was called and evrrythang …but waitttttttttttttt its more ….I know you saying “hell dat’s enough”.

He then calls a lock smith to change the locks and goes down to the courts to get an eviction notice served….and hell dat wasn’t even enough he took the car knowing the kids car seats wouldn’t fit in the 2 seater car he left “BUT” took the keys to it……… Then he tells [personal info removed] he did all this cause he LOVES his kids and want his family back!! …saying this while calling his bank to put a Stop payment on the child support check that she had gotten the day before… the 1st in 3 months…. I guess he forgot the part he played in breaking up his family… Mister ‘rap-it-up didn’t follow his own advice… 2 babies on the way with 1 of the mama’s being a one night stand!!

This is all so boring. Now L’Oreal put out a statement to Fox Racist News Network categorically denying they lightened up sister girl’s skin in their ad.

Why doesn’t L’Oreal release the original artwork so we can see if it was indeed altered by some mischievous third party. This is boring me anyway.

From Fox Racist News Network:

L’Oreal did not lighten Beyonce Knowles’ skin tone in a recent ad contrary to speculation, a rep for the company told on Thursday.

“It is categorically untrue that L’Oréal Paris altered Ms. Knowles’ features or skin-tone in the campaign for Feria hair color,” the rep said in a statement.

“Beyonce Knowles has been a spokesperson for the L’Oréal Paris brand since 2001. We highly value our relationship with Ms. Knowles.”

The ad for L’Oreal Paris’s Feria hair color, which is featured in this month’s issue of Elle magazine, shows the “Crazy in Love” singer with windswept dark blond hair and what appears to be a paler complexion. (Source)

Thanks to loyal reader Mechelle for the tip!

Ladies, if you’re not too busy, please take a moment to listen to these tracks from these new up and coming artists. Believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised! R&B is making a comeback riding on the shoulders of these young brothers!

First up is newcomer Kaye Jeye whose sultry ballads are steaming up the windows of my car. Kaye Jeye was passed up by a few major labels, but he knew his talent could not be denied. So he pressed his own discs and pass them out to free to industry insiders. One of whom, passed the disc on to me. I can’t stop listening to it.

Jeye also produces all his own music and one of his tracks might be recorded by Jennifer Hudson! Please remember where you heard Kaye Jeye first!

Contact the Star maker Jamahl King for more info on this hot new singer and producer!

This talented 18-year-old vocalist will remind you of a young Carl Thomas. Rozelle relocated to Atlanta from Columbus, Ohio at age 15. His dream was to become a famous recording artist. 3 years later Rozelle is at the cusp of super stardom. Rozelle’s music was heard by Jermaine Dupri who signed the young singer to his first recording contract. Rozelle, who’s been singing since age 4, has had the opportunity to work with other established producers such as Bryan-Michael Cox, Jazze Pha, Nitti, J-Lac and Tha Corna Boyz. Rozelle’s first single off his debut album is titled “Long Night” and it is hawt!

Visit Rozelle’s Myspace page

Fashion icon Zoe Kravitz knockin’ ’em dead at the NYC premiere of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” last night. Say what you want about her, but Zoe has no movie out, no new music, yet the paps are all over her. Ya better recognize.

Lisa Marie (whoever that is) and actor Marcus Paulk, otherwise known as Brandy’s little brother on “Moesha”, arrive at the Heineken Red Star Soul concert in Hollywood yesterday.

Actress Meagan Good was also at the concert. Poor thing has no sense of style.

Ashanti, on the other hand, at least knows how to throw together an interesting outfit to keep the girls tongues wagging.

rapper/director Ice Cube looking quite manly on the set of Fuse’s “Hip Hop Stuntin’ weekend”. This is what Hip Hop needs: more manly men instead of these fruity looking rappers getting put on by the down low execs in the industry.

GMA co-host Cancer survivor Robin Roberts runs to the set of Good Morning America today. Robin was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2007. She underwent a mastectomy and then completed a course of chemotherapy. She returned to the set on August 13, 2007. Earlier this year Robin shaved her head live on air. She remains an inspiration to cancer survivors everywhere.

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