This Breaking News item comes to me from a credible music source who got this from the publicist of actress LisaRaye who was seen partying at Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Summerfest this past weekend without her wedding ring on.

If you recall, LisaRaye's husband, the randy prime minister (or whatever his title is) of the Turks & Caicos islands, is under investigation for suspicion of rape.


News item, that at this weekend’s Turks and Caicos Music Festival, popular BET VJ Rosci from 106 & Park was spotted canoodling with T&C Premier Michael Misick -- currently under investigation for allegations of corruption and investigation for rape that took place at the Misick’s house which Rosci’s name was mentioned as well -- while his wife, actress LisaRaye McCoy-Misick (All of Us, Beauty Shop) was away in NYC sources have even reported that Rocsi stayed at the Misick home and hosted guests as if she was the lady of the house. Hmmm…ISN’T ROSCI SUPPOSEDTO BE A TEENAGE ROLE MODEL???


Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates

It seems that Lisa Raye has taken up with another well-known celebrity in the interim whilst she awaits her divorce from Misick.

But what is this I hear about her pawning her wedding band? Supposedly, she pawned the bauble as a symbolic gesture and not because she's broke or anything like that.

I would hate to think that LisaRaye mismanaged her money and now must depend on the generosity of another wealthy baller to tide her over until the alimony checks start rolling in. Remember, jump-offs are not born, they're made!

  • brwnsugga4you

    wow. didn't get the news that they were actually divorcing...and if this is true why is rosci always on somebody else's man..first kelly rowland now lisa raye...goodness!


    shes not a jump off she just ran into an old rope-a-dope style trick!!

  • brenden

    Well if he is with ditsy she's a downgrade from Lraye...Altho both lack on talents, Lraye is pretty, sexy, and ageless...

  • candycane

    Speaking of Turks & Caicos, what about the Top Model reject Bianca (the one who had to cut off all her hair due to severe damage) but she WHUPPED ole girl from Hairspray's azz. I hear the entire family got into it. The hairspray chick was in a neck brace, and Bianca's mother caught a beatdown from the Hairspray chicks dad.

    DRAMA. It was over seats being held

  • Cee

    I can't STAND Rocsi....dang she irks me for some reason!!How the hell did she get "famous" anyway? She got a block head, can't take a joke, and is always up on somebody's man grinning with all 87 of her gator teeth! Lisa Raye ought to be glad to have gotten rid of Mr. Misick's behind, I hear he is quite the controversial politician on his island...(but which ones aren't?)

  • brwnsugga4you

    candycane huh??? when was this???

  • bloggergirlz

    lisa raye got into the business by being a hoe, so the marriage was a step-up for far as pawning her ring, it sounds like she did it to piss him off, while saying "i ain't returning $hit"...her and her "bust-down" crew have been getting down since day used to be a crew of them hanging out, milking drug dealers and they were all high yellow like her...

    @candycane, i read the story as sounds like bianca's mom was severely hurt...

  • bloggergirlz

    damn i forgot about wacksi...she had her run while in chicago as well...her and some of her friends got down w/ quite a few of the "same" guys...she is such a lame!

  • MsShayinGA

    I just read this statement from LisaRaye's publicist a few moments ago on another blog, but anywho..BET has to be embarrassed with Rosci. First 50 Cent, now this mess. Obviously they didnt supply her nor Terrance with celebrity etiquette 101 when they signed the dotted line because her and Terrance are wack! They are just so no. Im sure their contracts wont be renewed.

  • pointhimout

    alimony? she aint gettin no damn alimony. they both been messing around, come on now. lisaraye aint just start givin up them goodies to the baller. i do wish she'd sit down though, maybe occupy her time with some actin lessons.

  • candycane

    brwnsugga4you Says:
    candycane huh??? when was this???


    Sometime last week. I saw it on E! news, Daily 10 one of them gossip shows.

  • candycane

    ^^ It was said Bianca's mother was in ICU and Hairspray's dad was in jail.

  • bloggergirlz

    @ brwnsugga4you's also on (and mediafakeout)...

  • karaz

    So the general gist is that a hoe begat another hoe's hoe?

    *insert rolling eye smiling here* just plain ol fcukery!

  • AugustTee

    I can say this about Lisa, she has never hurted for money because her daddy had bank, nice bank. She might be a pretty face but do not be fulled, Lisa is NOT afraid to scrap with ANYBODY. She can and will go ALL THE WAY THERE. One thing she is not is a punk. Watch what you write because she will get down, dirty and will take it to the street if needed. I'm not taking talking about scratching and kicking, I'm talking about fighting and capping. Don't play her short, she is more than willing to get ugly.

  • kay kay

    i don't care about these two losers

  • msmullens

    Since when has Rocsi been looked at as a teenage role model??

    Anyway, I was wondering if and when Sandra would post that story on that fight between Bianca and that Hairspray girl. Bianca had such a skank attitude on the show. She probably underestimated the little Italian girl cause she short and a little on the pudgy side. You just know a law suite is coming out of this.

  • mj

    As for that top model beat down I've seen it on a couple different news shows and they have not once shown Biancas picture. Its been all about the hairspray chick and how sweet she is so it could not have been her fault. That pissed me off when I saw that on the O'Reilly Factor.

    Now back to Rocsi...Why are folks hatin on her? She seems nice but sounds like I've missed a few things maybe..

  • Kymystry

    To paraphrase Forrest Gump ... Hoes do as hoes does...

  • 2bme

    LisaRaye can and will keep it real..ho or not( never been in her bedroom so i don't know)like a post above she DOES get of chi town's finest so i can only bet where she told him to go behind Rosci's no top lip havin ass

  • prynsexxx

    Sandra said:

    This Breaking News item comes to me from a credible music source who got this from the publicist of actress LisaRaye who was seen partying at Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Summerfest
    .........who got it from his auntie's sister's cousin's baby daddy, who was said it to RiRi AND Nay Nay who said that crackhead Willie down the street got it from CoCo at the shop who went to KiKi and Junebug at the sto' who said they heard it from Ms. Lorene at the daycare who said you ain't heard it from me.


  • stefany

    Please, Rocsi is a jump off and like a true no talent she knows her time is limited and she's trying to secure her future on somebody's di*k..I just can't respect a woman, I mean a ho who takes pride in sharing a man or being second sleeping behind a nother woman..Don't these dumb bytches know what go around comes back around.

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  • ggouch

    I need more details Candycane. Seriously????????????????
    WOW the posts are full of surprise "I didn't know" today uh?