• bloggergirlz

    happy bday MJ!

  • goat76

    My B-Day is tomorrow 08/30.Kush party.....


    I saw this on GMA this morning. Very nice.

  • mizzdallas

    GM! SR family!!
    @goat76 Says:

    My B-Day is tomorrow 08/30.Kush party…..
    Happy B-day Goat! my moms b-day is tomorrow also. Virgo's!
    Im planning my mom a surprise party!! I want the old MJ back!!

  • LovelyLady

    I'm scared to watch

  • Mzsuave

    Happy early bday goat!

    Mownin' Mizz Dallas!!!

    SANDRA...dammmit...can you stop with the videos??? I'm tired of looking at these white boxes...man I hate my job!

  • kwallace577

    @lovelylady..me too. my little sister used to be scared of thriller back in the day but hell i am scared of the weird white woman he morphed into THESE days.

    i'll pass.

  • kwallace577

    happy b'day goat. party some for me too.

  • goat76

    Thanks MizzDallas(Cowboys) and MzSuave(What happened to the other picture you had in you AVI yesterday)

    MizzDallas tell your mom I said have a Happy B-Day too.

    MzSuave those white boxes is getting on my nerves too....

    It's Friday and I ain't doing sh1t at work today....

  • goat76

    @kwallace577.........what up cuz, thanks 4 the shout out....

  • LovelyLady

    lol @ kwallace577

  • mizzdallas

    Good Morning, Miss Suave, Lovellady, goar, kwallace and everybody else...

  • Mzsuave

    @ goat

    lol I was bored at work and was getting tired of looking at Solo's pics, so I decided to change my avi. I'm a change it again. BRB lol

  • Destiny

    Happy Birthday, MJ!

    MJ looks scarier and scarier everytime I see him.

  • iscream

    Happy Birthday MJ!!!!

    Thank you for the clip. I thought that was a great piece on MJ. It's rare that the USA shows him love and that brought a tear to my eye. That was beautiful. I will always love MJ just for the fact of the milestones he has set.


  • kwallace577

    @destiny see what i mean? that is what me and lovelylady were talking about.

    hey mizzdallas.

    i see you @goat76. my 'bama peeps. have fun this weekend but know it is a holiday weekend and the cops gonna be out there too...LAWD i done turned into my momma....

  • Kymystry

    goat76 Says:

    My B-Day is tomorrow 08/30.Kush party…..

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday ... goat !!

    today is my big brother's b-day .. whooo hoooo

    (whats a kush party)? ? ...lol

  • kwallace577


    about that kush....


    yall have a good weekend. i am cutting out early. see ya tuesday.

  • mimi08

    I don't care what anyone says, in terms of an entertainer, Michael is, and will always be the best male entertainer...by the way, his sister Janet is the best female entertainer.

    Can't wait for his next project, it's gone be bananas!