If you missed Barack Obama's Democratic Party acceptance speech last night, click here.

This video is a semi-biography that serves as a campaign vehicle for Obama. Note that there are very few images of black people in this video. Has Obama ever been to the hood? Because I don't see that reflected in this video.

This video makes it painfully clear that Obama is not campaigning as a black presidential hopeful - he is campaigning as a president for all people - which we know is an oxymoron in itself since "all people" don't see themselves in Obama...

I don't see myself in Obama either. If I was an American citizen I wouldn't vote for Obama until he shows me who he is - campaign rhetoric aside. It seems funny that when Bill Clinton was running for president he was more "black" than Obama will ever be.

  • http://www.crys-thecrystalmethod.blogspot.com/ Crys

    forreal sandra? you can't be serious......

  • http://www.myspace.com/missjenee MissJenee

    This is the 1st time I've commented in Months! But SERIOUSLY SANDRA? I can not believe you would even utter those words? So you think Mccain would be better suited. The people that complain are always the ones that aren't changing anything.. You live here but are not changing ANYTHING by putting down the HOPE that is within AMERICA.. AT this point its not black, or white or brown! It is about the change that we need.

  • kwallace577

    auntie...??@!! find it hard to believe you said that.

    but i heard someone else say here at work (a sista) that obama does not automatically get her vote b.c he is black. she said she is planning on NOT voting. SMDH.

    but yeah he resides in chi town. you can't ride the "EL" without going at least THROUGH a hood or two! LOL.

    and shell is from the southside which is not necessarily ALL 'hood. but i assume after almost 20 years of being together he has been to her home at least once or twice...

  • bloggergirlz

    i swear i was waiting on u 2 get started...barack has been 2 plenty of hoods in chicago! he used to be in the damn projects! u can't get more "hood" than that missy...this video doesn't reflect anything...he is black, but he is for ALL people...i guess it's just a concept that people like you will never get...

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Is there a definition of what "black" is? Seriously???

    And as much as some black folks embraced all of the superficial and stereotypcial stuff (playing a sax, cheating on his wife, smoking weed) that supposedley made Bill Clinton "black" - sorry - he's WHITE.

    Also, the last time I looked, America was not comprised totally of black people. Obama is aiming for President of the United States - not the BLACK United States. He's doing what he is supposed to do and I don't need to see him running around Watts, Southside of Chicago or any other "hood" to justify his blackness or to know that he wants good for everyone in this country.

  • kwallace577

    and prez clinton is just country as all hell. not acting "black". in the rural areas when you are poor everybody is the SAME. president jimmy carter even said it in his book. when he was growing up his fam was the same as the black fam down the road. they all were poor. they all were sharecroppers, and the black momma wld whip him and his siblings just like his white momma wld whip the little black kids if you were caught doing wrong or being disrespectful.

    if you have never read carter's book "an hour before daylight" it is a really really good read about him growing up in rural georgia.


    Senator Obama has shown us who is he is and I beleive that some people, including you Sandra don't want to see who he is and that's fine. This is America and you vote for who you want as long as you vote. Albeit, you say you are not eligible to vote. YES WE CAN! As a woman with two boys, I am really excited about the thought that change is coming "to" Washington instead of "from" Washington as Obama so eloquently put it yesterday.


    I think he is for all people. Black or white, hispanic or whatever.

  • marshefen

    Sandra, I am glad you are not able to vote in the US. Because you obviously don't listen to the issues or know what is going on the US besides entertainment news. Obama is not just trying to be the president of Black America, he is trying to be the president of America. And I get so tired of people saying Bill Clinton was the first black president. What the hell makes him Black?

  • blackgyrl

    Girl Boo!!! silly just plain silly

  • MixedPearl

    Wow Sandra... I'm sorry that you feel that way. Sorry you fail to see that Obama will change the status quo and that history has been made and is still in the making. Sorry that politics have corrupted the way you see "a president for all people" as being a negative thing. Did you hear his speech and see the diverse crowed at the convention. Do you really think Obama is going to have the same delivery as McCain? Sandra I think your disapproval for Obama runs far deeper than just politics. Your posts on black men alone haven't been very positive.

  • mizzdallas

    I didn’t watch last night speech I'm so tired of this election I just want it to be over. BET was covering the election in Denver, they were all having this party, black people make it seem like Barrack is our SAVIOR, when I totally disagree with that notion that some of us have. Like The Divine Ms. K said and I have said this many of times before Barrack is running for the USA not the Black people of America. I know that he is for change, and granted if he gets elected in office he will probably no doubt make some of those changes, but guess what he will be a puppet on string so don’t look for major drastic changes.

  • mizzdallas

    Some people are putting the Clintons down when half of us (blacks) put them in office twice. It wasnt this much hate against them then, then it is now!

  • shintrell


    I think you should read his book Dreams From My Father. He explains his upbringing from growing up in Hawaii, being an organizer in Chicago, and traveling to Africa to meet his dad's family. I think it's hard for some people to understand that he is biracial and his experience is not just a black experience. Sometimes people focus too much on race. Your waiting for him to "show you who he is" but it won't hurt for you to do a little research yourself.

  • ladilovely

    As Soulja Boy famous words, "GET SILLY" Sandra, you are only stating this words to keep the comments going. I know you would vote for him IF you was a citizen. He is BI-RACIAL. It is a mixture of all colors so I would not expect for his life to full of black people. Coming from another country, I would think you would understand. AM I MISTAKEN?

  • starr

    oh really........

    Adn dats all i'm gonna say cuz i don't wanna be banned cuz i actually (for sum odd reason) like comein here

    And I personally have nuthin against the clintons. Hil is my senator, and hope she'll be my senator for many many years.

    All this negativity.....and we wonder why ish don't change...how things suppose to get better for us, wen all we do is tear each other to threads......

  • speakinmymind

    sandra jus tryin' to get my presha and my suga up this morning! i'ma chalk this up to *somebody* not taking their meds this morning.

    don't ban me auntie...jus' sayin!

  • Mzsuave

    This video makes it painfully clear that Obama is not campaigning as a black presidential hopeful - he is campaigning as a president for all people - which we know is an oxymoron in itself since “all people” don’t see themselves in Obama…


    That hurts....but I guess that's your opinion. If he was just campaigning for US, then he wouldn't be having a lot of support. It is his job to campaign as a presidency hopeful for ALL PEOPLE. I see white people driving around with OBAMA 08 bumper stickers, I just smile, because that mean he has put a message out there for everyone and installed in our minds that there will be a change, a change that can benefit everyone. It's either McCain's white azz or Obama. Like he said last night, we don't need another 8 years of that shyt.

  • topsecret02

    Are you serious Sandra. I find it very SAD that people still want to try and measure how black a person is. The difference is that Bill Clinton acted black and Obama is black so he doesn't have to do what Clinton did and try to be something that he already is. I would rather anyday have a president who honestly cares about people than to have one who cares only about rich people. Good decisions usually come from a good heart and Obama has shown us years and years that he has a good heart and a genuine concern about people's well being. I agree that he should not run as a black president or a president for blacks but as a president for all shape sizes and colors. He's been to the hood, Sandra, and that's obvious since he passed up on WallStreet jobs to go back to the south side of Chicago which the last time I checked was mostly low to middle class citizens and make a change which is more than we can say for many. Let's start building people and things up rather than standing on the sidelines and judging while doing nothing. I am a 100% Obama supporter, but even if I wasn't, just to know that McCain is simply trying to pick up where Bush left off would be enough for me to vote against him and choose Barack Obama. Wake up people, it's not just about wanting change, it's about us needing change and us only being able to truly survive with that change. In the words of Big Boi and Mary J. "somethings got to give". BARACK THE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kitty4shigady

    I think he is for all people. Black or white, hispanic or whatever.

    ^^^^^^^ I agree with you. I watched it last night all three hours of it I thought it was good and I loved al gore's speech.

  • bloggergirlz

    i just read that mc cain chose a women as his vp running mate...why am i not surprised?! this was clearly a strategic move, since clinton wasn't chosen...

  • starr

    ^^I saw that oo

  • starr

    I don't what he's tryna to do, but she is no hilary

  • marshefen

    Your co-worker is an idiot. Not because she is not voting for Obama, but because she tries to use that as an excuse to not vote at all. And then she'll probably complain either way with who gets elected.

  • Kymystry

    You don't see yourself in Obama ? ? You see yourself in Jurassic John McAIN'T ? ?

    Sen. Obama is a Visionary thats all I'm going to say.

    I too like coming here .. so I'll leave this thread saying ..


  • avidreader

    Not a American citizen? That explains a lot!LMAO

  • http://www.smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    Why waste time going at her. This is a clear idiot.

  • bloggergirlz

    @ starr: u KNOW exactly what's he's trying to do :)

    how about get some votes from some of clinton the supporters who are stil pissy about her not being picked as VP.

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    ATTENTION IN THE COMMUNITY, ATTENTION IN THE COMMUNITY: Barack Obama is of mixed heritage! I repeat: Barack Obama is of mixed heritage!!!! People are so caught up on how he "appears" to be all BLACK! BARACK REPRESENTS THE CHI HARD!!!!!!! REAL HARD!!! And does not keep that a secret. I'm surprised he hasn't had Kanye and Common on his campaign trail. j/k but still! He goes hard for the CHI...

    However, this is a historical moment and shows growth in the eyes of Americans. If IT WASNT A BROTHA...IT WAS GONNA BE A WOMAN! When I decided who I was gonna vote for...I imagined colorless candidates and judged based on merit, political and personal background,values, diplomacy and political stance on war. OBAMA IS THE CLEAR CUT WINNER OF THAT RACE!

    "Get down or lay down, Ceasa'!!! This is a milestone for our race as well as our nation. IF YOU AIN'T PART OF THE SOLUTION...YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM! (AND HE PREACHES THAT IN SO MANY WAYS)

    OBAMA NOT DRAMA IN '08!!!!!!!!

  • nyp

    i find it hysterical how black folk continue to refer to president clinton as a black president when he has done more than his part to perpetuate racism. let's see: hope 4, the program that has effectively privitized public housing by privitizing it. this was done under the clinton administration. this demonization of sister souljah. yup, that was bill. and the expansion of prisons which continues to incarcerate millions of black and brown men. yup, that was bill too.

  • kwallace577

    @marshefen yes she is an idiot my co-worker. she says she there is no one worthy in either party of her vote she will just skip this historical, important, election. i thought "gurl you are so damn clueless."

    what i heard last night was probably one of the most historical speeches i will ever hear in my lifetime. i was not here for i have a dream from MLK. i was not here for the ask not speech from JFK. but damnit i am alive and well in august 2008 for obama. and i heard it. loud and clear.

    the theme of the speech since some of you clearly don't "get it" is simple.

    change. in our thinking, in our society, and in this country. we need it.

  • kwallace577

    sorry i kept getting interrupted. but she is not the only one who says that b.obama is not getting her vote just b/c she is black. which is not what i am saying i just mean look at your OTHER choice.

    a half way demented former POW who voted against so many things when he was in the senate that pertain to us...black folk. he is clearly suffering the early ages of alzheimers talking about he don't know how many houses he has. and he was sincere when he said it.

    now that i look back i think ronald reagan was in early stages too when he was in office.

  • MissMia731

    Barack should NOT focus on running as a Black man. That is NOT the way to win this campaign. Barack has to run as a candidate who is here to help all of us..White, Black, Mexican, Asian…He needs to run as a candidate that is better qualified and someone that is going to come in and fix this mess that Bush has and still is leaving us with. Everyone needs to understand this. This country is not, in my opinion ever going to look unanimously at a Black man to be qualified for the position of President of The United States. No matter how many credentials he has. Trust and believe that. If Barack had years and years of experience than understand that the devil would focus on something else to try and bring him down. Barack’s campaign is about change. We as human beings need to understand that the only thing constant in our lives IS CHANGE! If any one of us hard working Black, Latin, hell even White middle class folks think for one second that John McCain cares about us. You are sadly mistaken. McCain wants to continue fighting a war that has cost us over a TRILLION dollars..We have got to wake up and pray for a better day. Barack is a hell of lot more qualified and in touch with the people than McCain…On a side note..McCain chose a VP that only has 2 yrs of experience! His whole criticism of Barack is Barack’s lack of experience. Now if that does not sound contradictory, I don’t know what does! Sorry for the long novel :)

  • Sharonda

    Well Sandra, you simply "don't get it" lol

    And how was Bill more "black" because he was getting head in the oval office????Obama is a man first, and then a black man second.

    I'm lost.In one the racist states I'm in most of my colleagues are for Obama I mean damn 3/4 of this country want to retire and not have so much damn student loan debt either.Obviously, we doing our future a favor by not caring about them.

  • kwallace577

    @sharonda i saw yesterday you are in alabama correct? i posted on something else to goat76 my entire fam including my husband are from west alabama. and i am so PROUD to hear that they and some other southern states are behind this man. here in nc it is still very republican and sadly it looks like he is not going to be able to win the state over. but hey, be happy for small victories.

    i wasn't talking about auntie who doesn't "get it." a whole lot of folks don't! bill clinton again like i said is just country. not a man of color.

  • Kymystry

    @ MissMia ... the "novel" was MUCH needed and appreciated.

  • ELove

    I'm JUST LAUGHING at these comments!!!
    As LONG as I've been coming here the ONLY thing @sandra has been serious about is giving Medical advice ESPECIALLY as it relates to the black community... Outside of that SANDRA routinely say things for knee-jerk reactions and the sole purpose of getting under people's skin!!!

    She enjoys and loves pushing people's buttons with very sarcastic-n-snide rhetoric for effect and sometimes controversy... The site was created as a meeting place sharing knowledge and ideas through the premise of GOSSIP and ENTERTAINMENT news along with some CELEBRITY BASHING which BTW is one of my favorite aspects of this site ;-)

    Do I want OBAMA to win? YES
    IS my life going to change once he's elected? HELL NO
    IS he the perfect candidate? NO ONE IS
    Will HE make a significant change? Doubt IT

    BTW I'm from Chicago (born-n-raised-SOUTHSIDE!!!)

    I close in saying that sandra's thoughts-n-opinions are HERS not OURS and they should be respected just like anybody else's w/o being considered a FOOL or an IDIOT... As an ADULT agreeing to disagree isn't a problem to me BUT I've always been a results-oriented & proactive-n-progressive thinking type of individual and just don't have the time-n-energy for the negativity-hostility angle that would be clearly wasted OVER the internet on a GOSSIP site ;-)

    But I STILL LUV my SR-Community peeps and I HOPE all of you ENJOY and have a SAFE Holiday weekend!!!!! ;-)