After being stricken with a deadly heart infection, Toni Braxton’s will to live was too strong. She has regained her health and come back in a big way! Toni previously canceled her Las Vegas show at the Flamingo due to the grueling nightly schedule.

But entertainment is in her blood. caught up with Toni as she left ‘Dancing With The Stars’ practice yesterday. She looks great!

  • LovelyLady

    I’m glad to see she doing better

  • brwnsugga4you

    sandra, your videos just show a white screen.


    she is going to be the bomb. i cant wait to watch it.

  • mimi08

    She is so gorgeous.

    She was never in dire health, i don’t know why people think that. People may have gotten that because Toni is very much a person to take on alot, and may do too much, and cause a flare up of her condition. She has periocarditis, not the other one that starts with a “m” carditis…that one is the deadly form to which their is no cure. Her illness just means she has to really watch her lifestyle, and make good lifestyle choices. Stress, a bad diet, and being sedentary is a deadly compo for her illness. However, Toni has always been a go getter and active (she just can’t over do it to the point where she’s physically stressed out), and this illness has just made her more on top of her game. I expect her to be in full form while competing…she’s not disabled.

    She’s my choice to win this thing. Get it gurl! And don’t she got a cd coming out this year?

  • Crys

    she is so little and cute!

  • Kymystry

    Anyone but The Hoe-Dashian


    GO TONI!!!!!

  • Mzsuave

    Un-break-my-hearrrtttttttttttttttt…say you love me againnnnnnnnn!!!!

    I love me some Toni. You go girl! (in Martin voice)

  • purepisces

    I think she’s gonna kick ass…she already knows how to dance. I hope Kim K falls right on her face. Go Toni!!

  • Charles


    Real talk though, i love Toni I hope she is happy and does well =]