Pop legend Madonna lost out to Beyonce for the title of richest female star in America. Only the rock band The Police earned more than Bey, according to Forbes magazine via Entertainment Wise: "The Police grabbed the top spot after pocketing a hefty $115 million over the past 12 months.

Beyonce is next up with her impressive dollar stack of $80 million, compared with Madonna's $40 million earnings."

Forbes probably combined Jay Z's earnings with Beys now that they are man and wife.

Meanwhile, the loons over on the Beyonce board are tearing their hair out at the news that Bey's 2 singles, "If I Were A Boy" and "Single Ladies" will be pushed back until October 14th.

Word is Beyonce wanted to "accommodate" former band mate Michelle Williams whose CD is dropping on October 7 - the day Bey's singles were set to go to radio.

They're saying Beyonce had a "change of heart." But we know better.

We know that Bey just wanted to avoid a repeat of the same severe criticism she received in 2006 when Matthew Knowles rushed her project out on the same day as ex-band member LeToya Luckett.

Thanks to loyal reader -- and former community member -- MunchosGirl, for the tip! :)



  • toosexy


    I am too, but I am glad she decided to push her's back, And people swear up and down that we don't matter, but we do and she knows what would happen if she did that, i agree with sandra on that. anyway i still wish her luck! I just don't care personally.

  • Charles

    No one cared about HEyonce HE is a hot mess, With her tacky ass lacefront wigs bitch, eww this bitch is only succesful becasue she basicaly looks white with her skin bleaching

  • LovelyLady

    and former community member — MunchosGirl,

    So What is she not amemeber no more, was she banned??? Why is she a former member


    DO IT - BEY!!!!

  • Anna

    @ Charles Says:

    No one cared about HEyonce HE is a hot mess, With her tacky ass lacefront wigs ****, eww this **** is only succesful becasue she basicaly looks white with her skin bleaching

  • iscream

    Go Bey the Oprah of the music world. So very happy for the black woman making strides...

    I always said Jay got bigger when he hooked up with her as opposed to the other way. Ppl always say she is with him for the money. No! He is with her to stay relevant @ this point

  • http://www.ultimate-assistants.com ursmyle4me

    I can't wait until I get rich.

  • whyohwhy

    Dont be mad cause riri cant make the list, be happy for Beyonce she worked hard for her money and the status she has whether people like her or not...

    It's all her doing, not a combo of her and Jay's. She was doing something right they said 50mil in concert sales after taxes and other handouts plus endorsements now that's how you are suppose to work endorsements and a tour.

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown


    WHEN IS HER NEXT CD coming out? So I can finally quit listening to Get Me Bodied! Song goes so hard at the gym....

  • katgirl33

    I'm sorry Family,

    But she look like a rat wearing a hat and shoes in that pic....

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    Charles Says:

    No one cared about HEyonce HE is a hot mess, With her tacky ass lacefront wigs ****, eww this **** is only succesful becasue she basicaly looks white with her skin bleaching


    IGNORANCE: MADE FROM CONCENTRATE. Pure and unfiltered ingorance!

    Successful because she looks white....hmmmm. So white people are the only ones successful? So WEEEE have to bleach our skin to look like them?

    I thought they were the ones laying out, going to the tanning bed and getting spray tanned.

    Forget that she is one of the ONLY Female artists in the game, THAT CAN SING AND DANCE AT THE SAME TIME! And she's good at both! Beyonce IS THE STANDARD, No one even comes close...

  • http://myspace.com/sfh50millionpounds mj

    Dang, I didn't know Beyonce was balling like that. I am shocked actually.

  • Charles

    UH ok Beyonce is not that special or remarkable, compare her to real singers like Queen Mary J, Brandy, Monica, Keyshia Cole ETC. Beyonce Cannot hold a candle to them, and everyone knows in america yuo have to appeal to the Maintream(White) Market to be succesful thats why Mariah and Ehitney did so well and even Diana Ross did so well they were smart and knew they had the black commuunity but it was time to venture out.......

    Beyonce is unremarkable, compare her to diana ross and you will see she is only famous because of her body(Butt padds, lace fronts and plstic surgery) She is not a good singer, sorry to bnust it to you.

    I think Monica BRandy Mary they dersve promotion they deserve record sales but they are to loyal to the urban commuinity to ever do miracoulsly well so there you have it.

  • Charles

    And Rihanna can LIP SING and DANCE just liek beyonce they are both over publicized and famous for their mediocre talent but hot(fake) bodies

  • katgirl33


    I gotta agree with Charles, in saying that B's voice can't hold a match to Mary's.....

  • flyqtnva

    Those of you freaking out REMEMBER it says THIS YEAR. Beyonce is worth 1.00 compared to Madonna. Her tour grossed 18 mil, Madonna along with Prince both grossed over 80 mil. So Beyonce is huge however not as huge as you all would like to think. Britney anit do nothing when her album came out and she made what Beyonce grossed on tour.

  • candycane

    Sandra I thought of you when I heard this on the radio this morning I knew you would appreciate it.

    What number was Rhianna on the list?

  • http://www.myspace.com/hune916 HunE916

    When was that picture taken? She looks extra frail and skinny. Not a good look.

  • Charles

    Id spell check more but i am at work and i have to hide what im doing in a small window so i cant see what im typing, Dont hate =[

  • http://myspace.com/tamarlese Peachizz

    I like Beyonce, She got that "it"..

  • kwallace577

    she need to locate her lost weight ASAP. she looks a mess. thinner is NOT always better.

    i am feeling her shoes a little bit.

    and yes i do believe she is paid. she been working nonstop for the past 10 years. all the hit records, a number one movie, tours, yeah she got it.

    but madonna has been doing all of that for 25 years. apples to oranges baby.

  • whyohwhy

    Charles you are crazy with riri lip singing and dancing like Beyonce. Rihanna needs to lip sing everything she does cause she dont have nothing on Beyonce.
    Y'all can dislike all you want but you have to give her her props, the girl can sing and dance mind you at the same time and she gives you your monies worth.

    Oh! someone asked where was riri on that list? Somewhere over the Rainbow....

    Bey can hold a candle to Mary cause they both can actually sing and their live performances are great. Why they add Keshia Cole? Fanny is better than Keshia. A good stage performance is what nails me if you can work an audience and I mean really work one then you good. Thats what these ladies do, now! Rihanna she to cute to work anything and that includes her voice...

    B Grossed 50mil on her tour.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Whether Beyonce can sing like Mary or whoever else is not really a valid point. There are different singers out for a reason - who the hell wants all of them to sound the same?

    I like Beyonce's music, so maybe I'm a little biased on this, but some of ya'll are just haters, for real. The girl did her thing and she is huge - no doubt on that. I mean, she is a hard worker and I can't hate on that.

    And there was no combining her monies with Jay Z - she made all that loot on her own.

  • bklynchick

    On some real shyt...

    Bey is that girl. She has work hard tp get to where she is at now. I love how she gives you her all at her concerts. I love Mary, Keyco and Monica but Beyonce just has IT. Don't know what it is but when she performs she makes me wanna OH OH OH OH OH (booty shaking now at work) :) stop hating on her. Support our young BLACK SUCCESSFUL WOMEN!!

  • Krysi J

    I can't wait to see Beyonce and Jazmine Sullivan go head to head....Jazmine has just as much talent, only not the same light skin and shape. Im happy for Bey, but she isn't the only singer on earth with talent, she's just the only black female ALL cultures respond to. She has been overexposed, thats why you see black people complaining about her abilities, but this is the answer to the question someone left above. The industry and the community is blind if we can't admit that the we have been white washed. Jennifer Hudson, Mary J, Fantasia, Jill Scott, Kelly, etc... they have just as much talent, but every culture does not respond to their efforts. Who wouldn't get tired of Bey getting all the glory for NOT BEING more talented, NOT being a better entertainer, but for......what else? Tell me why else does she get all this support and props? Come on, don't be no fool...thats why Rhianna getting overexposed as we speak, its a chain that needs to be broken. Im not a hater, but I am honest.

  • chat bout

    charles, please stop it. it's too early ur making my sides hurt.........................lmao.

  • toosexy

    @krysi J

    I totally agree with you, TOTALLY !

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/ERIKAMAGALY hermosa

    @ Charles

    Mary and Beyonce can't even be compared, they are 2 different type of artist. Mary is a singer and B is a entertainer just like Madonna. I like Beyonce, she makes good pop music.

    Speacking of B, Get Me Bodied just came on the radio. . .Drop down low and split the floor with it!

  • whyohwhy

    @Krysi J, I disagree on that, Beyonce has worked hard for what she has. She did not just come on the scene. I believe what she accomplished before the DC era has made her who she is, a hard worker. Matthew Knowles worked, shaped, and trained them girls into something but she was just the stand out of the bunch and she worked even harder to gain respect as a solo artist and it has paid off. Just like Mary J, the ones with the real talent have worked and gone through some hardship to still be here and Beyonce is one of them. Dang! got me sounding like a Crazy Stan, but it's true.

  • CaramelDrop

    @ cHARLES

    Its unbelievable how we (black folks) are consumed with hating on our own damn people for doing something with themselves! I am biased also because I am a die hard Beyonce fan. Beyonce is humble - never hear her downing anyone;she is real - she still has her southern accent and ways and aint changing them for NOBODY Not even Kobe Bryant Hoe Ass; she doesnt try to hide who she is - her ghetto ass songs she's written; she is gorgous (when she has some weight on her) most importantly she evolves with the time - she and her music stays revelant to the time.
    BUT dont get me wrong Monica and Mary are the business too. Brandy not so much. Keisha aaaiiight but she CAN NOT SING OR PERFORM OR DANCE LIVE.PERIOD.
    I know damn well all the haters were anticipating her Me, Myself and I; Baby Boy; Get Me Bodied Performances on the MTV/BET awards shows THE HEIFER CAN SING AND DANCE AT THE SAME TIME.


  • Charles

    "Beyonce is humble " DO you think she would even give you the time of day if you managed to see her on the street?????? SHe is far from humble, she may be country but not umble at all, she doesnt care about her fans all she wants is your $$$$$$$

    "she doesnt try to hide who she is " Really than why does she wear lacefront wigs toappear to have straight(white hair) and its never a natural color for a African American woman and why does she even wear these wigs and make up to the beach????? She doesnt want you to see how she really is, she used to be black bu tthen she found how profitable it was too look white so she stopped.

    "she is gorgous " She had a nose job, boob job, wears but pads her lips done, and her skin lightened. NOne of her beauty is real

    "Brandy not so much" Brandy could s**t on Beyonce even with a damn flu, she cant dance but singing it is no competiton


    Capabale of wearing wigs make up and lip singing, Hmm Rhianna, Ciara, Keri HIlson, Ashit ty, Monica, Keyshia Cole, Need i go on................

    If Diana ross was still around or relevant she would s**T on all these hos. Lets compare

    Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Roberta Flack, Dionne Warwick Whhat could all these SINGERS do that BEyonce, Rhianna, Ciara and Ashanti cannot do>

  • intensemocha



  • toosexy

    @charles you kinda pissed my off talking that syht about keyshia cole, but I agree with you on this.

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    gone now Bey! that's major cuz Madonna has been our much longer than Bey. wow.

  • Charles



  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    Damn....Auntie Sandra I'll give you $5 dollars if you block Eugene's access to the site.

    Please....I just want the environment to go back relaxed and free of negativity!

    Please Mama Sandra!

  • toosexy


    who is eugene?

    and what blog enviroment is free from negativity whether it be jokes or people just talking smack, I have never ran into a gossip site with no negativity NEVER.

  • mimi08

    Point blank, i do not believe beyonce earned that much last year..are these the numbers for this year or 2007?

    I just read somewhere that Madonna grossed over 80 million when her last cd dropped...so how can this be true?

    Different sources report different numbers, and these ones, i simply don't believe, just like i don't believe the last list that came out saying how much each rapper made for 2007.

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    toosexy Says:

    The realllllllllll "eugene" is on The Steve Harvey Morning Show...But he has a clone lurking amonst us.

  • Krysi J

    Fantasia can not only sing and dance she can SHOUT and dance while singing at the same time while she is CATCHING THE HOLY GHOST....come on yall....you know its true, Mary can dance and sing, but she likes to connect with her audience more and she sings and CATCHES The HOLY GHOST at the same time too!!! Beyonce is not alone on the talent scale ok, bottom line black women with more of a heritage look do not get over exposed, they get under exposed and they have to work extra HARD to be heard...or there deals will get dropped! Beyonce however does work hard but no harder than anybody else...like I said she is just the only black female that gets a response from ALL cultures, besides Rhianna!!! Now I wonder what it is those 2 have in common.....certainly not talent...yall say Rhi Rhi can't SING or DAnce...so?

  • mimi08

    Beyonce hasn't worked any harder than rhianna, janet, brandy, mary j, or any of the other artist in the industry. Just cause her daddy paid for more marketing time, just cause her daddy pay the radio stations to blast her music every 2 seconds, don't mean she work any harder than any of the other artist; i get sick of hearing that bunch of bs! Truth be told, beyonce got where she is due to many factors:

    1) She's fake as heLL
    2) Appearance wise she tries to tow the line between the races for mass appeal, even wearing 12 pounds of weave on her head
    3) She is cut throat and greedy and the love of money and fame was driving her
    4) Her daddy is relentless and a sore loser; so is beyonce
    5) They will sell out granny for a $1.00
    6) She hooked up with a rapper to garner more fame as a power couple
    7) She used the group, Destiny's Child as a foot stool to her career; all the while saying there was no leader and the whole time, she and her daddy considered her the leader. Magically while the original 2 members booted said her father was treating her like she was the leader, her lying azz pop-eyed daddy went in court lying swearing there was no leader and that all the girls were treated equally - SO THIS MAKES HER AND HER DADDY LIARS AND BACKSTABBERS
    8) Walking around with a makeup crew and stylist 24/7 to appear perfect; though in the last year or so, she has obviously given this up now that she feels she's arrived.
    9) Staging candid shots for more popularity
    10) And last but not least, let's not leave out black folks self hate, and automatically giving lighter complexioned black people more credit for beauty and talent...if not for this self loathing, other artists just as talented would have risen as quickly up the ranks as she did.

    I could go on and on, but i think this was her recipe for success; and now rhianna has taken some of the ingredients from this recipe and is quickly rising up the ranks just as she did. Rhianna applies to numbers 8, 9, 10

  • topsecret02

    She looks like Tyra Banks in this pic, next!!!!!!!

  • flyqtnva

    mimi08 you better go girl.
    I never understand how people can say Beyonce is so sweet and humble. You dont get where she is by being sweet and humble.
    As far as showing some support for a "black woman" as you people like to call her child please. I support those who support me. Beyonce is a nobody to me. She is in the position to change lives and what does she choose to do DUMB IT DOWN. She is nothing compared to the woman that paved the way for her to be where she is. How many important black issues has Beyonce championed 0.

  • Krysi J

    oh yea and mimi08 don't forget Alicia Keys..........tooo!! and YES I SAID IT, cuz we already know Alicia is not the best singer in the world, im not saying she's not talented because she is Im just being honest...and yet she gets all these record sales and props for what? Not because she workds harder, not because she's more talented, or a better entertainer,but.....for what reason?

    Oh yea and Mimi08 I agree. When Destiny's child came out I hated beyonce's voice, I always thought Kelly was a better singer, until those vocal lessons started paying off of course then I felt like beyonce sounded great, but not better than Kelly!! Just as good...yes. She lied, well both of them lied and said those girls couldn't sing...and look at Latoya...singing and dancing live just like them, of course her stage performance has not been perfected but had she not been kicked out of the group for rightfully taking managment to court for not properly cutting her CHECKs!!! She may have booked a few shows herself a long time ago...........Yall need to stop feeding into the persona these celebrities reveal to you on radio shows and TV and just be a fan. You do not know what Beyonce is capable of and you shouldn't underestimate her....and BLACK PEOPLE you shouldn't based TALENT on the color of one's SKIN or the SHAPE of their BODY!! We should support all our BLACK WOMEN, not just the once who are industry approved!!

  • flyqtnva

    Krysi j
    I agree with you on B, but come on Alicia Keys, have you heard her word play. That alone sets her apart from the rest. Not only that she can write music, not like Beyonce I mean write like the chords and lines of music. Her music is inspiring "SuperWoman" best song this year and next.
    Even when I'm a mess I still put on a vest with an "S" on my chest Oh yes.....

    the girl is gifted

  • Krysi J

    Now, wait...I clearly stated Alicia is talented. But do you think that she is more talented than Mary J. Blidge who has co written and composed (vocals)on her songs (not all but a on more recent album releases)?? Alicia is very talented yes...but I can say I would rather her be a producer and writer, I can't say that I love to hear her sing unless she has a hit like "You don't know my name" "Diary"...etc. Sometimes I think that Alicia is working with enough vocals to get by, mean while people like Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, Kelly Price, and Angie Stone get passed off as another fat black woman with a voice, and get cast in all black movie rolls as they aren't good for anything else. Alicia keys - Nanny Diaries...have you ever seen her in an all black movie...Rhianna....Beyonce - fighting temptations...but thats when she was wearing braids and afros and uplifting the beauty of being black, now she's what??

  • Krysi J


    playing the roles of women who are doing just what she is doing today....stealing the spotlight from all of her talented peers because of her mass APPEAL.

  • mimi08


    I totally agree.

    And one other thing about Alicia Keys, that i don't think no one noticed; in fact, it just went right under the radar.

    When Alicia first came out, she was way more natural, rockin the braids and much more butch in terms of clothing. She almost put you in the mind of a lauryn hill or eryakah badu in terms of her being an individual with her style and music genre.

    HOWEVER, with this last cd, did anyone notice how she went in a totally different direction, rocking big hair, hair pieces, tight azz pants and dresses, short skirts, extra makeup, and etc. Hmmmmmm, if i didn't know anybody, i would have thought she was doing a "beyonce" trying to gain approval of the other races...I don't think she's the best singer, but i liked her earlier music; i hated this last album, and i didn't like how she changed her image on a dime like that....but i don't think alot of people even noticed.

  • kdillon

    Good for Beyonce, I hope she can save our economy now.
    I think people should watch for Britney's new album on 12/2! I think Beyonce will have a little competition when it comes to sales/concerts/endorsements. Even though Britney has been away, I think this time she will play her cards right and snatch the spotlight.

  • Krysi J

    Yea mimi08, you're right, it does make sense. Beyonce was doing the same thing when she needed our (BLACK) support. wearing her hair natural, braids, remember she used to where those micro braids/scalp braids so much...I used to hate looking at it....sometimes B would go without a perm and those edges would be rough after Tina teased her bleached ends over a TINA TURNER WIG. ANd you are so right Alicia started out the same way....until her success on the album with "U don't know my name, Diary, If I ain got you, My boo ft Usher" she blew up and changed her image completely...!! THey are both talented beautiful black women, but they are by NO MEANS more talented than Jennifer Hudson, Kelly, Mary J, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Kelly Price, CoCo (SWV), Fantasia, Lauryn Hill, Jazmine Sullivan...the list goes on....If they were all on stage together we would be telling Alicia Keys to shut the hell up with all that damn Hollering....and Beyonce would have held hers, but it ain no way she would have stole anybody's shine...it would have been obvious what the truth of the matter was. Black people have been white washed, and they can't even see it...they call us haters for being informed of the truth, why?? What should we call them for being ignorant of reality?