In addition to T.I.'s Paper Trail, newly engaged singer and actress Jennifer Hudson's self-titled debut album drops tomorrow. Will you go out and get it? Hudson is in the midst of a tour to promote her new album. This explains why she was snapped around 3 AM this morning at JFK airport before she could put her face on. Note to celebrities: the paparazzi lives at JFK airport. Always have your face on and be "close up" ready!

I'm amazed. Britney Spears looks better than she has in years! Someone at the label must have told her that if she didn't clean up her act, she would be dropped faster than Janet Jackson. Britney's comeback single "Womanizer" was leaked four days before it was to go to radio.

Justin Timberlake must be thinking, 'Can't a man press his girl up against the wall without paparazzi's killing the moment?' Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel are vacationing in Rome.

Photos: Faded Youth

  • mizzdallas

    Yes! I will support my girl J-Hud, I love her new single and listen to some of her leak tracks, they sound really really nice! I give her a pass since it was 3a.m in the morning at that time Im looking at the clock thinking to myself damn I got to get up in a couple of hours to go to this JOB!

  • LovelyLady

    I love Britney, I'm so glad she's getting her self 2gether.

    J Hud, just one word- Mac

  • LovelyLady

    Thanks Ms. Dallas since it wasa 3 am.....I'll give her a pass to...this time.

  • LovelyLady

    Justin and Jessica look like they shooting a movie

  • mizzdallas

    I agree to lovelylady that Brittany is looking better then ever I do want her to come out strong again, **singing*** Oh baby, baby!!

  • Charles

    Britney S**TS on every other female in the industry, though i haev to admit womanizer SUCKS BAD

  • DivaMama

    Lovely, I thought that was for a movie too until I saw who that was. Stars, they are just like us, just trying to get some lovin'...

  • ELove

    Looking at THAT first J-Hud picture IS the EXACT reason I stopped Heavy-drinking WHILE Partying at an early age (mid-20's)...
    Waking up in the Morning to THAT can be a Very Traumatic Experience for a Playa ;-)

  • Kymystry

    I don't think I'll be buying J-Hud i'll sneek a listen first ... makeup does a face a world of difference :-)

  • Charles

    And J Hud why did she gain weight from when she posed for her album cover.................. OH wait.........

    *DEATH* @ J HUD trying to look skinny on the damn album cover, when she is gaining weight, tsk tsk.

    I have always been a JT Fan but this scrubby look with this unshaven beard is a hot mess, and he is so rude in person, if you make less than 500K he wont even look you in the eye.

    AND LOL @ SANDRA "dropped faster than Janet Jackson"

    I thought Janet left because they werent "supporting" her enough, LOL @ JANET and her lies

  • LovelyLady

    @ Dallas I know right....

    People been tearing this girl down. Hollywood got make you bipolar. Especially if you grew up in the spotlght with no guidance making millions thinking you can do whatever you want. That girl had no real parents to tell her right from wrong. No one really looked out for her everybody around her wanted something...whether it be fame or fortune. Dats why parents should be mindful of their kids b4 putting them in the spotlight.

    I know people are goin to say...she knew what she was doing......

    Britney was a helluva performer,,,might not have been able to sing but she performed her azz off.

  • Bird

    I actually think the bottom three pics of Jen are ok. Brit is looking and behaving a thousand times better, but I'm still hoping she will embrace her short hair and get rid that awful weave that never seems to look right. Now you know the Justin pap was hiding behind that trash.

  • Yanaja

    I don't think J-Hud looks bad at all. Plus it was 3 in the morning. Isnt she to be commended for not being the type of fake chick who falls asleep in and wakes up in full make-up. FYI people, her weight gain/loss/gain some more/lose a little less routine is for her movie roles. These white actors and actresses do it all the time but no one says anything because they are "suffering for their craft".

    I can't believe how hard you people are on a normal female like J-HUD but you are quick to forgive an overindulgent brat like Britney Spears for her blame most of Brit's troubles on being in the public eye 24/7 why can't J-HUD get a pat on the back for not letting it affect her and still staying true to who she is?

  • LovelyLady

    Yanaja Says


    who is tearing down J one...we just said she needed some mac on....but since it's 3 am she gets a pass...being in the spotlight u SHOULD try and look your best I would.......I love J Hud...just because you wear make up does not mean ur not true to urself. It's called being a lady.

  • lnp03

    I definitely will be buying Jennifer Hudson's album tomorrow! I had a chance to hear it online. It is great! She has a duet with Fantasia that I really like.


  • karaz

    Umm JHud come the hell on, fix your face girl; you want to act like a diva but don't want to look the part... Alrighty then good luck to you.
    What's with the pinktoe coverage as if I won't get that watching the evening news.


    jessica looks better without the make up!!! i like the song spotlight but i will have to hear another one before i go and buy the whole cd.

  • LovelyLady

    I got lime wire and a cd burner so I guess I'll have the cd

  • Yanaja

    LovelyLady Says:

    just because you wear make up does not mean ur not true to urself. It’s called being a lady.

    No one said wearing makeup makes you a sellout. I just think there is a time and a place for it. I'm not wearing makeup to the gym and I'm sure as hell not going to be wearing it at 3 AM unless I'm in a club or walking out of one...and honey, I am 100% lady. Makeup does not define womanhood. Being comfortable in your own skin no matter what is the defining factor of womanhood...

    The beauty industry has girls thinking that wearing makeup is a right of passage into adulthood smh

  • HunE916

    LovelyLady Says:

    I got lime wire and a cd burner so I guess I’ll have the cd

    I'M TELLIN'!

  • Kymystry

    i'll be 45 on fri and I don't wear make-up .. don't even kow how to put a full face on .. lip gloss and mascara is fine with me ...

    maybe one day i'll be a big girl and go to the Mac or nars counter and let them teach me ..

  • karaz

    Jennifer isn't gaining weight for movie roles, she's gaining because she's eating more calories than she expends

    Actually she probably doesn't get roles due to several factors including her weight.

    Wearing makeup isn't necessary to be a lady, however if you're trying to sell an image it's part of marketing. Aside from her face sans makeup, her attire isn't selling her image either. Clive needs to work over time on this one.

  • LovelyLady

    @ hunE

    All Man come on no don't snitch ....I gottcha what cd you want

  • ELove

    @Kym... I APPLAUD you for that !!! ;-)

    Natural BEAUTY is always the Best kind of Beauty

  • LovelyLady

    Yanaja Says:

    I neva said you weren't a lady...what i meant was wearing make up is part of being a lady......and no make up doesn't MAKE you a lady. So re read and try again. Plus I said she gets a pass because its 3 am...i to aint wearnig no Mac @ 3 am unless I'm coming from the club. I don't even wear make up at work except some lip gloss. But i do when I'm going out.

    SHEESH Calm down for I have to go Kym on dat azz. (Joking)

  • iscream

    Before I say what I gotta say let me say I am a huge supporter of Leave Britney Alone!

    Now with that said...

    I can't believe all the love this chick is getting on here. The same site that will tear a new azzhole in Beyonce who hasn't done 1/2 the shyt Britney does. & she is in the pap's camera shot as much as anybody. Makes me wonder if the negative comments are rooted from jealousy.

  • LovelyLady

    You want catch me in a lotta eye shadow, blush, foundation and stuff.

    Just give me some mac lip gloss (lastest foreva), mascara and eyeliner. ONLY when going on a date or club.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Didn't Jennifer wear that jacket in her video? Damnm, she like it that much? She looks rough!

  • HunE916

    Kymystry Says:

    maybe one day i’ll be a big girl and go to the Mac or nars counter and let them teach me ..

    You ain't got to go there! I just got hooked on this cheap make-up that works just as well (if not better) as MAC- NYX Cosmetics. It's the sh!t!

  • karaz

    @kym don't even bother going to the mac counter, they're just trying to make commission selling you what you can get from CVS for less than half the price. Watch one of ateya's videos on you tube!

  • Candi Apple

    Am I less of a lady if I dont wear pantyhose
    My Momma always said a lady ain’t what she wears but what she knows, Now don't be offended this all my opinion ain’t nothing that I am saying yall, this is a true confession of a life long lesson I was sent here to share with yall, so get in where ya fit in go on and shine free your mind put pride on the shelf go on and love yourself cause everything’s gonna be alright. (This is one of my favorite songs)

    I took this line from as song Martha Stewart constantly played after she got released from prison.

  • Yanaja

    LovelyLady Says:

    I neva said you weren’t a lady…what i meant was wearing make up is part of being a lady……and no make up doesn’t MAKE you a lady. So re read and try again. Plus I said she gets a pass because its 3 am…i to aint wearnig no Mac @ 3 am unless I’m coming from the club. I don’t even wear make up at work except some lip gloss. But i do when I’m going out.

    SHEESH Calm down for I have to go Kym on dat azz. (Joking)

    1. This is what you said.
    LovelyLady Says:

    just because you wear make up does not mean ur not true to urself. It’s called being a lady.

    Eventhough English is my only my second language I understand what that means perfectly.

    2. You wrote it and it is your OPINION which I've respected. I just countered with my own opinions which is the basis of a conversation...sharing opinions and ideas.

    3. I didn't say you were referring to me when you stated your opinion. I was using myself as an example as many people often do when trying to present a point.

    4. I've been calm. I reserve emotions for face-to-face interactions gracias.

    I appreciate this site which includes a pretty good group people (including you) who can share our ideas and also share a few jokes in a civilized manner without the e-beefing bullsh*t.

    Geez, I just wrote a novel lol

    Enjoy the rest of your day :)

  • MzDetermined

    I am so glad Brittney is back;)

  • DivineBrown


    Anyhoo...This is not directed at anyone person in particular I'm just speaking on it...FOLKS BEEN REAL SENSITIVE LATELY...

    JENNIFER HUDSON REMINDS ME OF HALLE BERRY IN Jungle Fever in that picture! Crack-ish like a mug...Moving on!

    Make-up when applied properly is supposed to enhance "natural beauty". I have heard plenty of women say they don't wear make-up and when I look up...they got the worst case of raccon eyes I've ever seen. Just because you "don't" wear make-up, doesn't mean you dont "need" to. You can acutally wear eyeshadow, mascara, liquid liner, bronzer, and lip gloss and still look natural! You have to have soft hand.

    I love make-up and I am actually good at applying it. I could probably freelance on the side but I'm too lazy. You would be amazed at what a difference make up can make. On any given day, you ain't gonna catch me without a light dusting of Studio fix and some clear lipglass. I'm all for glamour! I hate seeing someone dressed up and face looks efffed up.

  • DivineBrown




  • ELove

    @DVB (Divine Brown)... ME TOO ;-)

    That was a very interesting comment though and I WONDER just how many women are as knowledgeable about applying make-up THE WAY you So Eloquently described it!!! ;-)

  • DivineBrown

    E...what chu doin! Everybody else left! It's just me and you, son!

    Make-up gets a bad reputation from people that lack proper application skills. I love to do make overs for people. And I'm always giving make-up tips, ON the sneak!

    A little bit goes a long way!

    Lip gloss is a must!!! My lips are always glossy!

  • HunE916

    Quit hawkin' my man, Divine!

  • DivineBrown



    Some of that good ole MoKenStef...

  • milly

    damn j-hud damn! lmao
    You can clearly tell Britney is off the wrong drugs and on the right ones
    I dont care for Justin or his girl

  • ldorisca

    I think j-hud is beautiful makeup or not

  • candycane

    Kymystry Says:

    i’ll be 45 on fri and I don’t wear make-up .. don’t even kow how to put a full face on .. lip gloss and mascara is fine with me …

    maybe one day i’ll be a big girl and go to the Mac or nars counter and let them teach me ..

    It's not just you. I'm 37 and dont wear make up either. Carmex or B&BW menthol lip gloss for me, shooot I dont even do mascara. I like to look like the same person all the time. Some women NEEEEEED makeup, and you probably wouldnt wanna see them without it. With me, what u see is what u get

  • toosexy

    I love britney I am so happy she's getting her life together, I was really rooting for her. I think j-hud has some pretty skin she looks so cute just natural, I see you justin getting your little freak on, carry on. your a womanizer.

  • shunda

    I don't wear make-up either. I am 28 and the only time I wore make-up was Prom and for 2 weddings. Even then I went to the MAC counter at Nordstroms lol. I just like to sleep and cannot see myself losing any for make-up. However, if my skin was messed up I would be getting up early. The lady at the MAC counter said I didn't even need foundation. I took it as the truth because they are always trying to sell something. Just my $.02 Smooches!

  • trachel1980


  • toosexy

    I don't wear make-up everyday either, I do love my mascara, and gloss, and sometimes i might just might throw on some eyeshadow, but when going out, I make myself up. lately, I have been liking that bronzer, It's really pretty, for people who don't wear make up but like a little sun kissed skin. but I couldn't imagine getting up every morning putting on make-up, I drink plenty of water, and use a nice skin cleanser and moisturizer, and it really don't need anything else, I love my skin.


    I'm definitley going to pick up J-Hud's album.Justin and Jessica they love a good photo opp:)