The saddest part of this month's VIBE magazine cover story featuring Ciara isn't the stark photos of Ciara posing in the nude. It's the reason behind the photos: Ciara wanted to prove she wasn't a man.

Ciara's sudden rise to the top of the R&B charts coupled with her lean, athletic build, fueled rampant Internet rumors that she was a male transvestite.

A source close to Ciara told me the vicious rumors made Ciara cry.

"They said I was a man! It doesn't get any worse than that," said Ciara in the October issue of VIBE where she bares it all for the second time in her career - the first time was on the cover of 50 Cent's CD which she claimed was not her.

  • aprilshowers

    She doesn't need to be @ss hole nekkid just to prove she's not a man!! Geesh ...

    However, I dont think it's that serious that she needed to do this magazine like this... sorry. She doesn't even have a body like that... too bony as hell.

    She's alright in my opinion. ;-)

  • aprilshowers

    ...and singing is "okay" too. lol

  • Tasha

    I remember that rumor but I never believed it. And so what, the same people say that Usher is gay... Regardless, Cici has to live for her. The people saying these things are somewhere hiding behind a computer and are nowhere near as well off as she is. I'm sure it hurt her at the time but that was like 2-3 years ago. Let it go Cici. Keep gettin ya money girl. Let it be your motivation but don't let it take over you. 50 obviously knows she isn't a man! He wouldn't be picking her up if that was the case.

  • missmiami

    She just wants publicity. I'd kill for her body.

  • starr

    Chick must need the attention.....would bey do this spread?......I'm just sayin. She's becomin irrevelant.

    She didn't need to go there.

  • starr

    I've seen the rest of the pics.....and really......its sad. She may as well had call heff.....

  • karaz

    Nude for VIBE of all publications? Boo @ Ciara, thus begins the decline of her career.

  • kwallace577

    i feel bad for ciara.

    she needs my prayer--not my opinion.

  • SlimA

    She has a nice body, but you doesn't have to show your goodies to the world my child. Lawd have mercy! :)

  • DivaMama

    Good Morning SR Fam!

    I agree with you, kwallace, I feel bad for her too. Self images can be demolished in the industry and she caved under the pressure. Poor girl. I don't think that I would want that life when every aspect of me was held under a microscope at all times.

    But at the same time, did she need to try so hard to dispell all those rumors? I don't think it was necessary to prove that she was not a man. Did Rihanna and Bey take a topless photo to prove that they didn't get enhancements when those rumors were going around? I think that she could have went a different route if she was that worried about her image.

  • DivaMama

    Also, does this really prove anything? Photo shop is everywhere!!

  • Charles

    Dont take this the wrong way but this does not prove that that she is or isnt a man, its not too hard to tuck and her taking these pictures will probably only add fuel to the fire................

    Now her new album is probably going to do worse than the evoloutin which wasnt too bad but not as good as goodies................

    this reminds me of brandys vibe cover rememebr the one before afrodisiac flopped er i mean dropped............

    Oh well Ciara is talented i wish her luck

  • kwallace577

    @divamama i just know with my own 13yo daughter (who i actually bought ciara's last album for...) is a fan. as much as folks try to say these celebs don't need to be our children's role model they need to get REAL and know that your child is in the demographic that she is going to listen to rihanna, and ciara, and _____ (insert celeb). i cannot be all place at all times so there ARE gonna be times when my kid watches BET or MTV and i am not around.

    body image, confidence, it all plays a big role with adolescent girls.

    this is not a good look at all for ciara. or anyone else who feels the need to take their clothes off to feel better about their self.

  • ELove

    Ciara BABY GURL...
    You're going about THIS the wrong way!!!

    When I was in college for my 1st degree Jealous Niggas, the Majority being Upperclassmen, were going around spreading rumors that I was Gay (True Story)
    So I would go and F-U-C-K Their ,the ONES spreading these vicious LIES, Girl-friends... And I would F-U-C-K them WELL ;-)

    They eventually got-the-point and Shut-Their-Traps and started giving a Brutha HIS props & Left the Loose-Lips mentality to the Females!!! ;-)

  • Sharonda

    GM SR Fam!

    On other sites I keep reading "it was done tasteful and classy" LOL, ok yeah right, when did bending and ass popping out become classy and tasteful.I pray for my generation.Image is just TOO imporatant than character to them.You should have image, but damn your character is everything.And this was did on poor judgement.I'm just waiting for someone to be like "you wish you had a body like that," and No I don't lol

  • Kymystry

    well dang E-Love ...

  • iyonah

    I understand some people believe all publicity is good publicity but CiCi needs someone in her corner to tell her the truth and give her good advice. I am no hard core fan but she does have a few songs I like. I didn’t expect this cover at all. Its not a good look for her at all. It proves nothing other than her SCREAMING at the TOP OF HER LUNGS for attention.

    CiCi if you are reading take a moment to review your goals, DECIDE ON who your target fan base is and decide on what you want to do … not what someone else perceives of you … stay true to yourself and F the HATERS!

  • licia

    i am in no position to judge her choice . even though i am not a huge fan of the pictures ( especially the bent over one), it's really not a big deal( i have seen worst ) and i would still support her as long as the music is good. she shouldn't have had to done this to prove anything to anybody. people make up rumors everyday and as long as she's in the industry people will continue to make them up.

  • jamil2008

    She still looks like a dude who's just hiding his peter. She's been tryin way too hard lately. You should have seen her MTV red carpet interview. This chick was brand new--ascent and all. Sandra, I know you've hated on Bey in that past, but you have to admit, at least she still keeps it 100. She sounds a looks like she's straight from Houston and is proud about it. She can kick it with the best of them a talk with her southern drawl and entertain with her thick thighs and is still highly respected in the industry. Ciara, on the other hand is like Tina when she ventured off to her new life in the UK and forgot about Anna Mae Bullock. Night and Day. Plus Ciara can't sing so she can't afford to front like Tina. I'm trippin. I take back what I said about Tina. Tina's an icon, Ciara's a peon.

  • tami

    Not a very good move! Where is her pr person? Not a good look at all! Who cares if people think she is a man!



  • terika83

    If this was her reasoning for doing this spread naked then I would say she's really late about it. Although doing this when she first came out wouldn't have helped her career either, but it would have made more sense. At this point I say let it go....I haven't heard anyone say that about her in a long time anyway....

  • Peachiz

    Morn' Fam
    WOW.... Is that the reason? I'm almost happy, I thought your boyfriend told you too. WOW so if somebody tells her "you can't jump into an empty pool head first and get up, Is she gonna do that? She should have went to Playboy(it's my understanding they're allowing Lil Kim a spread, if they let her do it why wouldn't they let ciara)
    This girl is clearly screaming for attention!!!!!!

  • Amulet

    I don't believe she did this to prove that she is not a man because those rumors are soooooooooo old.

    I believe she did this because she is whorish. She is letting her Scorpio out, that's her dark-side. The "Not My Goodies" phase was just a front. Her whole image and voice has changed. She recently called herself "a Playboy Bunny." We are not respecting that mess!

    Where is her manager? They need to send this ho home.

  • terika83

    @jamil2008...I saw that too and was thinking "WHY is she talking like that????" Like we don't know how she talks by now....wth?

  • licia

    Amulet Says: I believe she did this because she is whorish. She is letting her Scorpio out, that’s her dark-side

    ^^^ hey all scorpios are not whorish. lmao

  • Mimi Renee

    Well to me the pics are not cute...I have seen much better from Ciara and this aint it. If she was going for the sexy look she should look somewhere else because she has no shape at all so her body actually comes off looking like a young teenage boy dressed as a woman. I'm sorry but I must be honest.

    Keyshia Cole did a spread for Vibe and she was topless on the cover but that cover looked more tasteful than Ciara's did. Toni Braxton even did a cover nude for Vibe back in the 90's (for those that can remember that far) but it's all in how you do it. Being sexy is more than posing naked...anyone can do that but not everyone can exude sexiness without even trying. And I know some of ya'll get tired of Bey but that girl can exude sexiness in a photo without even trying hard (hence her Vibe cover where she had on clothes and still looked better than Ciara)

  • Peachiz

    I never thought of it I have some Scorpio friends and boy them some ho'z lol.. I saw her on the VMA didn't she look like an Aluminum Puddle?

  • ursmyle4me

    Whatever happened to dispelling a rumor by simply just saying, "it's not true", and keep it moving. I like Ciara, but to pose nude for Vibe is unclassy. If you are going to go there, at least do it for playboy or XXL, magazines that specialize and have tasteful experience in nudity. I guess money doesn't mean everything if you dont have the brain power to make better choices. If I believed she was a man, these pictures still would not have given me a different perspective. Unless you stand there azz naked with no photshop, people are still going to be judgemental.

  • brenden

    Cry me a river...I'm not buying it. I remember the rumor. Everyone has rumors. Serena and Venus had those same rumors. Hell Martina Hingis was running around doing interviews alluding to the fact that she believed 1 or 2 of the players on the wta tour were really men. She was mad cause she was losing. Ciara should have kept it real or kept it hollywood and said the spread was to uplift the self esteem of young girls or some crap like that. She looks amazing! The body is banging! If you want to flaunt it, then do it. To claim it was to shut down the she's a man rumor is BS. You want publicity. You want to stir up controversy. You want to move units of your new cd. Thats why you did it! And she looks good doing so. So why lie...

  • Amulet

    @Peachiz, you are funny.

    Nelly is a scorpio too and he can't keep his clothes on. See the connection? They always TRY to be sexy and etc., can't trust it too much. 50 don't either.

  • cocoa49

    first of all by posing nude does not prove that she was a man. i personally don't believe that rumor. secondly, she could have proven it better if she posed for playboy {would have made more money also} because she would have shown more then what she is showing now. she needs to do what bey does, not read anything on the internet if it will affect you self esteen. i also believe that 50 has a lot to do with her new image. i don't think he is trying to hurt her career but help her, but this is a little too much for the young fans that adore her. her body is amazing. why is it that attractive women go this route? stippers? prostitutes? they are beautiful and do things like this.

  • Krysi J

    WELL,...the bottom line is the photos are tasteless, and the decision Ciara made to take them was classless. There are other ways to be noticed lil girl, and I say lil girl for a reason. It only makes you look insecure and desperate in times of competition. Rhianna took photos, but they revealed so little it looked elegant, and Im not saying that as if Im a bigger fan of Rhianna cause thats not the case, but the fact that Rhi Rhi can take a flick in converses and a babydoll dress and still out shine you (Ciara) in a magazine article clipping kind of makes you (Ciara) look disappointing to all of us with this move. I would have respected you more for sticking to what you do best..."Ciara."

  • Amulet

    Well if 50 got something to do with her new image, then he is really leaving her hanging.

    A lot of us, didn't think she needed the change.

  • iyonah

    @ 29 I don't think this has anyithgn to do w/the rumors at all ...

  • LovelyLady


  • Mzsuave

    Hi Kym...too many posts, huh? lol. We been really working, no we behind and shyt with our daily commenting :( Where do we begin?

  • AlwaysSweet

    I would like to dispell a rumor as well: Not all scorpios are hoes. Now me, I got a little freaky side. But that is for my man and my man only. I ain't neva strutted around naked nor slept with anyone else's man. This is just my 2 cents.