Not that it matters, but Donald Trump just officially endorsed Sen. John McCain during the Larry King Live show on CNN. Trump criticized Sen. Barack Obama for not selecting Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Meanwhile, Sen. Hillary Clinton, who has no interest in helping Obama win the election, canceled an attendance at a rally in New York next week. Clinton's aides claim she was "blindsided" when rally organizers also invited Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin to the same rally.

So what? Is Clinton seriously intimidated by a soccer mom from Alaska? Lol, these politicians are so predictable. :)

  • Charles


  • Charles

    Jesus take the wheel, sorry for the cussing but something came over me, Donald Trump over hypes himself and he is not important at all, he is rich yes but no one cares about him or his biased opinions.

  • Sharonda

    Ok Donald, he didn't pick Hilary, cry a river and I can't remember how long ago that the democrats picked the VP.He probably was going to endorse McCain anyways, not that I don't think nobody cares though *crikets* Ok I thought so!

  • iyonah

    This is so not news Sandra ... file under who cares, he is a wealthy, pompous man w/ to much time on his hands.

    I wonder why Hillary backed down? No really!? Wouldn't her presence be more of a statement ....

  • karaz

    It would make sense that Donald Trump would endorse McCain, he likes sitting on empty property and being heavily leveraged and lacking liquidity.

  • dblaq

    of course he is rich, old and white. One of the main ingredient of being a republican

  • bloggergirlz

    maybe they can compare hairstyles...

    i read a rumor that biden is going to drop out due to his health and hilary will be selected as his crazy would that be if it really happened!


    is the picture suggesting his hair is real, by someone pulling at it??

  • Anna

    Palin is a "Hockey" mom. Hillary not attending because Palin will be there is ok. It is they who forgot to tell them her they invited both and it's not like this was supposed to be a debate between the two that she is ditching.

  • Lala11_7

    Hillary backed out of that appearance because SHE DOES NOT WANT TO BE ON THE SAME STAGE WITH PALIN!!!

    Imagine how the Neocons would spin THAT!!! It would give credence to Palin, and we don't need or want that...

    And of course Trump is going to back McCain, he's white, he's need to go further...

  • DMNB

    Who cares, Donald is not important

  • Coop


    I watched that interview and at the end Trump contradicted McCain, republicans economist and to some degree himself. He stated that he said a few years back that we are going into a recession, well McCain and those economist are just beginning to admit that we are in a recession and this is the man he endorses. Trump even said we maybe going towards a DEPRESSION but McCain said that the fundamentals of our economy are strong.

    Obama/Biden 08

  • Peachizz

    Oprah brought most/some of her viewers,maybe he can bring some of his previous shows views or the "Bad Hair Club" for Men" :-)


    everyone with money will vote for mccain,

  • carmelita79

    it is up to us to get out there and vote! plain and simple. its the easiest thing to do and it takes 5 mintues of your 24 hour day to GET OUT THERE AND VOTE.

    when you pass a certain tax bracket( like donald trump) you start to think about your business. big business. because the fact that milk went from 1.99 a gallon to abotu 3 bucks a gallon means absolutley nothing to him. so i expect rich men to endorse McSame. there are more of us. we need to make our voice heard. the big business is shipping jobs out the country they want the person that is goin to protect their tax break and whatever else

  • sanaas

    Not suprise about Donald Trump with his racist azz..

    I don't blame Hillary for not attending, i wouldn't want to give people that supported her the idea that she is approving of Sarah.

  • Bird

    What kind of rally would have Hillary AND Sarah Palin? What candidate was the rally in support of? I'm gonna need a source on that story. Of course Donald is going to support McCain. Barack is talking about increasing his taxes. He wants his money for his great great great great chldren, he doesn't want to be forced to use it to help the country that made him rich.

  • Bird

    Although I do think his children are great and totally unspoiled I meant to say great great great great grandchildren.

  • Coop


    Not all rich people are with McCain. In fact some rich people realize that if the middle class has more they will spend more and in the long run everyone will make more. Also it should be noted many very rich people are supporting Obama including Warren Buffet who is one of the THREE riches people in the world and also one of the top Obama economic advisors

  • Coop


    I thinks it's some kind of UN event.

  • Mississippi16

    This isn't totally on subject but i just learned that the Republicans are trying to use foreclosure lists to prevent people from voting in Michigan. The concept is that they don't actually live in that area to vote there.

    Another way to kick em while they're down.

  • babysoft15


    Not you Sandra...we all know you will be voting for John and Sarah!