Guess which celebrity turned the camera on the paparazzi in NYC yesterday? HINT: she recently gained a lot of weight and she sings better than Beyonce.

See who it is after the break!


If you guessed the amateur paparazzi was Academy Award winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson: that was a great guess! :)

Photos: Splash News Online

  • iyonah

    We know J Hud when we see her

  • mizzdallas

    J-hud and her album come today, and I will pick up Mizz Divas album on my lunch!

  • mizzdallas

    **comes out today***

  • Made4Success's Punk's future wife - JHudson

  • Kymystry

    J-Hud .. and she has NEVER been skinny..

    work it Miss Hudson ! This size 14 woman ain't mad ATCHA !!

  • LovelyLady

    J Hud

  • Kymystry

    Morn LovelyLady :-)

  • toosexy

    That was an easy one

    J-hud , and her album is dropping today too, I think.

  • ckarinwhite

    Jennifer Hudson...She needs to invest in a pair of Spanxx!

  • jemalangel

    Yawn....she might can sing but if she gains one more pound, she will be history....Great voice and all and she's getting married....she needs a trainer fast.....

  • DivineBrown

    Looks like a Weather Sister to me...Jennifer Holiday...

  • sweets1530

    oh yea, we all know that is J-Hud, no she needs to "tuck in she belly"


    I'll have to go with J Hud. You can spot her out anywhere.

  • prynsexxx

    Judging from the lack of a girdle, it has to be none other than JHud.

    She is one sunflower kernel away.......just one.

  • Kymystry

    makin note to self ... spanxx .. end note ... lol

  • Mimi Renee

    gained weight? ummm when was Jennifer ever small?

  • Peachizz

    Girl even Spandxx can help that "GUT" :-)

  • 2bme

    Jhud who else?

  • DivineBrown

    Spanxx are the illest! You can get them on the low low on EBAY. I got some Fishnet spanxx for a party and they are so dope! No grid butt!

  • Naturally_Sexy


  • kwallace577

    i am happy at a 10/12 after being picked on my whole life being called olive oyl and shyt at skool back in the day.

    but i SWEAR my girdle is tired after looking at that picture. and she has not ONE child. why the hell this young chick got a gut like "whoa"? i got two and my gut is not THAT big.

    i am for sure going to go workout after i leave today. dayum!

  • kwallace577

    her mom/aunt/grandmother need to have that woman to woman "girdle talk" with her.

    every lady up here KNOW the talk the older women put on you. my momma and my auntie had it with me after baby number two....

    "baby you not a size 6 no more. if you need a girdle i can take you to get a REALLY nice one...."


  • Kymystry

    kwallace ... after my almost 11lb son and the c-section .. my g-mom told me to sleep in my girdle .. it would help my belly not feel like hambuger meat (her exact words) .... lol

  • shunda

    Heck J-hud may need a girdle but I am not hating because after 2 kids and going from a size 2 to a size 6 I need one too lol

  • teeteek

    J-Hud...Has anyone heard her album...Or another song besides spotlight...which I luv...

  • kwallace577

    LOL @ kym. alright somebody other than me has had the "girdle talk" from an older lady. and@ shunda herein lies the problem. she has NO KIDS. what is her excuse? LOL.

    i just cannot believe her womenfolks are letting her gut run around like that!!

    hell if i had on something that made my gut look like that, one of my close homies would tell me. they would hate to do it but outta love they would. or even my hubby. punk need to man up and tell her.

  • shunda

    Somebody may have told her and she refuses to listen like my sister... But darn my sister has 4 kids so I am not sure what her excuse is lol. Dammit I can't know everything :)


    I remember the "girdle" talk from my grandmother. She hated to see someone's behind shake like jello. She said it's like lady like. Especially going to church on sunday's!! She always made sure my azz and my gut was secured in a girdle!!

  • DivaMama

    She prolly don't care. Hell, I'm sure those girdles are not comfy! She was prolly traveling too.


    when did J-Hud loose weight?

  • licia

    i agree with diva.

  • blkdiamonn

    I hope she's pregnant because I saw her on the View yesterday and Jay Leno and on Extreme Homemakeover Sunday the other night and that pooch just ain't cute. She should at least wear something not so fitted. All I could look at yesterday on the view was that pooch, even thouugh she sounded amazing!!

    I really want her to hire a better stylist!!

  • Bird

    That's Jennifer Hudson's ring and her belly. Did you ever give us the answer to yesterday's Guess Who?

  • Charles

    Im sure when her first week record sales come in shell probably lose some weight HAHAHAHAAH or become depressed and gian a lot more, spend that advance J HUD

    But in all seriousness i wish someone would go in on her with that fake ass album cover.

  • terika83

    Jennifer Hudson...

  • Doc Jam

    J-Hud is gorgeous! Fuk all you haters!

  • DivineBrown


    Again, there's an attention seeking narcissist...

  • ReadTheBlog

    Big Girls, yall need to invest in a few things in life, #1 - some real friends who will tell you the truth! #2 Some Spanx, when your real friends can't tell you the truth, #3 A full length mirror. I don't care how much confidence one has, if some shit don't look good on you, IT DON'T LOOK GOOD ON YOU! Jennifer needs to mask that belly - ain't nothing DIVA about it. I better not hear her getting offended when soneone asks her when the baby is due. As much of a fag hag she is, you whould think someone would have pulled her coat tail some time ago - tacky!

  • kwallace577

    @36 i am not hating on jhud.

    just her gut.

    i plan to cop the album today. might go out and get it at lunch time. i am very much a fan of her talent.

    and @38 preach!

  • Kymystry

    i have the kymaro shapers ... they are wonderful ... smooches

  • candycane

    Jennifer Hudson, and it looks like she has on make up too

  • ReadTheBlog

    why her elbows so ashy?

  • cutieleo

    reading from the comments im shocked how many PERFECT women are out there, you know that old saying, ye who has not sin cast the first stone; oh but let it have been YOU KNOW WHO, niggas would been cryin and whining; so sad ladies