New Music: Rock City – Gotta Go Right Now (Green Light Remix)

What do you think of this remix of John Legend’s song “Green Light” by Atlanta group Rock City?

Timothy and Theron Thomas AKA “Da Spokesman” and “Don’t Talk Much” are signed to Insterscope Records/Konvict Music. “Gotta Go Right Now” is the group’s first single.
Click below to listen to their smash record “Ridin For Obama”.


131 Responses to “New Music: Rock City – Gotta Go Right Now (Green Light Remix)”

  1. 1
    purepisces says:

    I dig Rock City, but I prefer the regular John Legend Andre 3 Stacks version. I’m pretty sure “Losing It” is Rock City’s first single. V.I. stand up!! =) When does their album come out, already??

  2. 2
    tintin says:

    is he allowed to just take his song and do his own version?
    i like john’s better though although this one is good.

  3. 3
    Anna says:

    I am not a song video watcher. I did like the song. I did read the comments in the room and this song has been done before. I will be fair and need a side by side of this recording. The video (words) are “Gotta Go Right Now” Why was the dog leaving?(did someone forget to walk him)? It is a sexy vid and I gotta go. My hubby is only a “gotta do away”. (in our home) smooches”.

  4. 4
    Abhor_ says:

    YEA..THIS IS NOT THEIR FIRST SINGLE IT WAS DEFINITELY “LOSING IT”..I live in Atlanta and im on a mission to find them..have been for a while!

  5. 5
    Jazmyne says:

    bullet bullet bullet!! lol this was good i still like john legends version also.

  6. 6
    Destiny says:

    I love Rock City. The first song I heard from them is called “Losing it” and I love that song! This song is dope tho.. loving the lil reggae flavor to it. Big up all Jamaicans!.. a we set di trend. lol

  7. 7
    BK2ATLMAN says:

    Its cool, I wonder if this is their Official single and if it is, why use Legend song? They have some hot songs from the ones that I’ve heard already.

  8. 8
    purepisces says:

    They have done a bunch of remixes of other peoples’ songs on mixtapes and they’re actually from the Virgin Islands. They’re dope though, not only do they rap and sing, they write for some big time artists. Oh, and you need to see them perform, they kill it!! =)

    @ abhor

    You can pretty much find them anywhere DJ Trauma is. Check out the Velvet Room on Sunday nights.

    They’re definitely not cute in my opinion, but talent and ambition is sexy!! =) Plus, they love their Momma!! I will definitely buy their album when it comes out.

  9. 9
    Abhor_ says:

    ^ See, i dont get out much and with the gas shortages..its a wrap for me going ANYWHERE…Yea, i try to put my friends on to them.. Black Beatles mixtape IS THE ****!

  10. 10
    Kymystry says:


    didn’t know HunE had a Clique … wow .. comical

  11. 11
    karaz says:

    Merning Kym. How goes it? Merning fam, trolls and everyone else.

    So Ricky Smiley really did replace the A team… when is Frank Ski going?

  12. 12
    shay1 says:

    Good Morning Kym, Karaz………

    Yes Ricky really coming and ok on Frank Ski – ugh!

  13. 13
    Kymystry says:

    mornin karaz :-) … shay :-) … Im old school .. I listen to TJMS .. his show is SO informative politcally …

  14. 14
    DivaMama says:

    Good Morning Fam!

    Kym, I luvs me some TJMS….

    The song is cool, but I prefer the original version.

  15. 15
    Kymystry says:

    Morn Diva… :-)


  16. 16
    kwallace577 says:

    hey yall. my sandra fam.

    yes kymy and you KNOW she talking about “us” when she say hunE had a crew. i ain’t take it personal. i think we provide sandra with something…just as she provides us something. she has the perfect mix of folks up here and she knows she is lucky to have us. i for one don’t know how the HAIL i got by after i got banned’d for 2.5 months….

  17. 17
    Kymystry says:

    @ kweezy (morn) .. you and I BOTH were banned … and yes .. we bring it daily … we love it here and are glad to have a place to ack da fool …

  18. 18
    Kymystry says:

    ohhhh … i’m listening to TJMS .. and he’s playin snippets of J-Huds CD .. I’m goin to get it at lunch time !!!

  19. 19
    DivineBrown says:

    Good morning everyone!!!

    kwallace577 Says:

    yes kymy and you KNOW she talking about “us” when she say hunE had a crew. i ain’t take it personal


    Ahhhh….ya’ll are heathens and I’m an angel!!!!!

  20. 20
    kwallace577 says:

    you too dbrown. you too. when she said clique i think she meant all the regulars.

    so stop trying to disassociate yasef.LOL

  21. 21
    kwallace577 says:

    i went to get it yesterday on my way home… the new jhud… and i have only had a chance to listen on my way in today. but what i heard i like. so far.

  22. 22
    Kymystry says:

    Morn Divine .. chile you KNOW you all up an thru the HunE posse … lol .. lol

    I just find that Soooo hysterical … lol

  23. 23
    DivaMama says:

    I don’t think that I’ve been her elong enough to be in the posse… I’M the angel, Divine! :D

  24. 24
    Kymystry says:

    @ Diva .. ummm huh … chile .. please … lol

  25. 25
    iyonah says:

    Morning all!

    @ kym – I didn’t know that either. Sandra is funny.

  26. 26
    Kymystry says:

    Thats right Iyonah .. u are considered a “reg” …

    and Mornin .. send me some white castles for my birthday … lol

  27. 27
    DivineBrown says:

    Are we having this discussion b/c comments were closed on the TINY post?

    YOU KNOW WHAT? We never stopped to think why Auntie likes her so much. Tiny must show her mad love or something!!
    She could be a really sweet girl!


  28. 28
    mizzdallas says:

    Good morning sr fam!

    *** I love Rickey Smiley he is sooo funny!! I listen to him every morning now!

  29. 29
    Kymystry says:

    Morn MissD !!

  30. 30
    Kymystry says:

    @ Divine .. we just jib-jabbin till Auntie wakes up and posts something new :-)

  31. 31
    iyonah says:

    The morning shows in NJ suck. Miss Jones is not on Hot 97 anymore and Big Boi show is to corny, Ed Lovhers show on Power 105.1 is so boring and the Steve Harvey show puts me to sleep … I listen to my music on the way to work or to the train station. They need better morning HOST up here.

  32. 32
    iyonah says:

    I know Rickey Smiley’s show has to be entertaining

  33. 33
    iyonah says:

    My supervisor who sits directly behind me has gone away to our other location in Canada for the next week and a half ….

    :) :) :) I can let my hair DOWN!!!!

    Happy Wednesday all!

  34. 34
    DivineBrown says:

    Only radio show we get around here is Steve Harvey…they are funny. Especially Eugene, the “sweet” dude.

    We used to get Russ Parr and I would be hollerin on the way to work everyday. I love that show.

  35. 35
    DivaMama says:

    I’m too happy for you!!! My boss has been gone for a week and I went ahead and took long lunches, came late, left early, even brought my 2 year old in a few days to chill with me…. loved it!

  36. 36
    DivaMama says:

    I used to love me some Russ Parr when I was living up in Boston!

  37. 37
    ckarinwhite says:

    Good Morning!…

    Where’s Sandra?!?

  38. 38
    Kymystry says:

    @ Divine .. you know Eugene is really one of Tommy’s characters … I would listen to Steve but Tom Joyner has my ear until this election is over …

  39. 39
    iyonah says:

    LOL @ Diva …. I just know these next few days are going to be GREAT!!!!

    J J
    I was late today … but really I plan to be on time. I just know I won’t have so much pressure on me literally on my back ….

    I would love to bring my little lady in she just turned 1 on the 26th, but I know she wouldn’t be still. Her pictures at my desk get me through my day DAILY! With the stock market in a frenzy this environment at the job has been tense and chaotic – to say the least, all financial firms are feeling the effects of it.

    Sidebar: Listening to J Huds’ CD now … its good – its content based which I love.

  40. 40
    Kymystry says:

    Morn ckarin .. she’s lookin for some Obama news she can spin into propaganda

  41. 41
    DivineBrown says:

    I Always wondered that!

    HOW IN THE HECK DOES TOMMY DO EUGENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Eugene.

  42. 42
    DivineBrown says:

    I’m still suspicious of this lil J-Hud CD…

    Spotlight just didn’t do it for me. I’m going to listen to it on ITUNES…I don’t know about her.

  43. 43
    DivaMama says:

    Awww, Iyonah! Happy belated b-day to the sweet baby! I want a girl sooo bad, but my husband says that he can’t make them. He’s 2 for 2 on the boy department, so I’m not sure if I want to take the chance and have more testosterone in my home!

  44. 44
    Jazmyne says:

    Is this a message board?

  45. 45
    Kymystry says:

    Has Auntie post a new topic ?

  46. 46
    ckarinwhite says:

    Kymystry Says:

    Morn ckarin .. she’s lookin for some Obama news she can spin into propaganda

    Well, the latest polls have him up by 8%! (isn’t it funny how we like the polls when Obama’s up, but feel they are swayed when he’s down!)

  47. 47
    DivineBrown says:

    Jazmyne Says:

    Is this a message board?

    No…We’re Family here and we “converse” with each other on a daily basis.

    ‘Cause a lil Rukus in the morning.

  48. 48
    DivaMama says:

    Kym, no ma’am. If she doesn’t show, we will have another 300+ posts!

    @ ckarin, LOL, I agree! It’s always a conspiracy when they are down!

  49. 49
    Kymystry says:

    @ CKarin … I usually don’t listen to what the Polls are saying .. they haven’t polled me … lol …

    I just hope that sen Saxby Chambliss is beaten in Nov here in Ga .. i’m tired of living in a “red” state…

  50. 50
    kwallace577 says:

    @divinebrown. now why you startin’? you KNOW we conversate.

    this could be why sandra thinks we are a clique.

    and yes @ divamama and kym i was thinking the same thing. let sandra not show up. we will have a post that started at like 15 this morning all the way up to 400+ in NO TIME!


  51. 51
    Kymystry says:

    @ Diva .. remember the Obama post had over 400 with Auntie was moving … :-)

  52. 52
    DivaMama says:

    Damn, I meant 400+.. thanks Kym!

    Maybe THIS time she really has some youngin’ holed up in the new place and that’s why she’s not on. ;)

  53. 53
    iyonah says:


    Maybe she is sleeping in, how is the weather in the A?

  54. 54
    prynsexxx says:

    “I’m ready to go right noooooooowwww”

    Didn’t listen to the vid, but the tune is stuck in my head. I love the vid, with Dre and John. Specially when Dre rode off on that bike. I thought… sexy is that?!

  55. 55
    iyonah says:

    @ kym I am w/ you …. no one has polled me, I think they are inaccurate anyway.

  56. 56
    prynsexxx says:

    damn a moderation

    I SAID:

    “I’m ready to go right nooooooW Wwwwwwwwww”

    Didn’t listen to the vid, but the tune is stuck in my head. I love the vid, with Dre and John. Specially when Dre rode off on that bike. I thought… sexy is that?!

  57. 57
    DivaMama says:

    Iyonah, pretty sunny on the west side… nice and mild. It’s supposed to get cooler tomorrow I think.

  58. 58
    iyonah says:

    Oh ok … so rain is not an excuse ….

    SANDRA —- where art thou??

  59. 59
    ckarinwhite says:

    Kymystry Says:

    I just hope that sen Saxby Chambliss is beaten in Nov here in Ga .. i’m tired of living in a “red” state…


    I agree…I will be voting for Jim Martin..However, I was NOT thrilled with any of the Democratic nominees for Senate. Regardless if was Jim Martin, Vernon Jones or Dale Cardwell they would all have a big fight to try and unseat Chambliss!…

  60. 60
    ckarinwhite says:

    Iyonah-It’s kind of chilly on the north side…It suppose to get cold tonight!..

  61. 61
    mizzdallas says:

    Hey! Kym Iyonah, kwallace,divinebrown,divamama,ckarin,purepices,huneE,karaz, damn everybody..

    Where the heck is Sandra, the day is damn near gone and she hasnt posted anything new, I hope a young carpet muncher isnt holding her up, I need her to make my day come alive, with her obsession with hating barack obama, bey _____ (insert name) etc.

  62. 62
    DivineBrown says:

    We are not a clique…we just like “conversatin” in the moe-nin

    we are a bunch comediennes that ended up posting on the same site…


    for a long time…

  63. 63
    ckarinwhite says:

    Hi mizzdallas!…

  64. 64
    Kymystry says:

    @ CKarin .. one of my friends works for Vernon Jones on his Public relations team … and she asked me if I voted for him in the primary .. I emphatically told her NO .. I made SURE I got out and voted EACH time for Jim Martin … Vernon makes my teeth itch .. it’s just “something” about him

  65. 65
    DivineBrown says:

    GOOOD MOE-NIN Mizz Dallas…

    Please don’t get yourself excused to timeout this morning using the following: carpet muncher

    Express pass to timeout…do not pass go.

  66. 66
    DivaMama says:

    hey mizzdallas!

  67. 67
    Mzsuave says:

    *Yawninnnnnn* G’Mownin’ Fam!

  68. 68
    Kymystry says:

    MorTinK MsSuave !!!

  69. 69
    shay1 says:

    Kym – Tommy really Eugene??? My sis told me that but dont they talk at the same time???

    Morning everyone else tha I didnt speak to…..hey ya’ll…..

  70. 70
    ckarinwhite says:

    Morning Suave and Shay!…

  71. 71
    karaz says:

    Divamama! Stop the segregration, you know you belong in the corner with the rest of these bad azz kids! I grew up in Boston, but I left after high school and never looked back, we didn’t have russ parr back then.

    I don’t know why sandra won’t let us make comments on the tiny page like she’s a sacred lamb or something. I wasn’t going to say anything bad about her either. :)

  72. 72
    DivaMama says:

    Morning Mzsuave and shay1!

  73. 73
    Kymystry says:

    Yeah @ shay .. you know when the show comes to Atl .. a friend of mine saw it and said it was Tommy .. and Tommy was interviewed in sister sister mag … and he said he was Eugene .. and even cracked a joke about how hard it was to argue with himself everyday … lol

    also .. when they are in the studio .. they can pre-tape Eugene and Tommy is able to talk at the same time while the tape is playing.

  74. 74
    Mzsuave says:

    lol @ Shay…they are the same person. It took me a while too, to figure it out. But, they never talk at the same time, and sometimes, the way Eugene pronounces things the same way Tommy do. He is hysterical.

  75. 75
    Mzsuave says:

    Hey ladies!!! What was yall talking about “HunE’s crew”…where that come from?

  76. 76
    DivaMama says:

    :D :D :D I know, I know, karaz, I just wanted to hear it!

    Sure you weren’t….and Tiny doesn’t have a snout…

  77. 77
    shay1 says:

    Hey – DivaMama, Mzsuave, Ckarin……lol – my mouth wide open. I had no idea…well shut my mouth! Ok…….

    Slow day out here in the good Kennesaw……

  78. 78
    DivaMama says:

    Mzsuave, Sandra opened up the Monica and her babies post for comments after everyone started asking why she did that. She kindly stated that the reason why is because HunE’s crew would have been talking much smack.

  79. 79
    Kymystry says:

    Sandra Rose said :DivineBrown Says:



    Umm, no. I trust you, but it’s HunE and her clique that I’m worried about.



  80. 80
    kay kay says:

    no comparison to the original

    I love Andre 3000 Sandra please don’t ban me lol

  81. 81
    Mzsuave says:

    ohh…lol@Sandra…we do drive-by comments, that’s why…we gangstaz, killas!!!!!

  82. 82
    Mzsuave says:

    Random Question: I’m trying to get my daughter to fly free and pass her for 2 yrs old. Do they ask for birth certificates at the airport?

  83. 83
    shay1 says:

    Mzsuave – how old is she? And do she look small???

  84. 84
    DivaMama says:

    Mzsuave, they are supposed to, but sometimes they don’t. I travel with both my toddlers and they never ask me for them. Is she small enough?

  85. 85
    DivineBrown says:

    OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH KYM…you ain’t right! (lmao)


    I think Auntie Rose was trying to make a joke!!!!

  86. 86
    Mzsuave says:

    Shay…she just turned 3, but kind of tall.

  87. 87
    karaz says:

    She doesn’t have a snout, it’s a pug nose and you know how cute pugs are! *straight face*

  88. 88
    DivaMama says:

    I told them that my 4 year old (then 3) was 2 an they let him through, and he’s tall! So I had both flying for free that flight!

  89. 89
    DivaMama says:

    @ karaz… uh huh…yeah. LOL!

  90. 90
    shay1 says:

    Oh yes I agree with DivaMama – you should be good. Just go with the flow…..they dont be paying attention.

  91. 91
    Mzsuave says:

    @ Diva…really? Well, shoot, I hope it works. She’s going with my parents to KY to visit….which means, I’m baby-free for a cool lil 5 days! Doing everything I can to make sure her lil butt goes with them! lol

  92. 92
    DivaMama says:

    @ Mzsuave, make sure that they carry her through security and such until she has to walk through the detectors – that kind of emphasizes the point that she is a “baby” ;)

  93. 93
    Kymystry says:

    PUGS are the cabbage patch kids of the dog world … they are so ugly they cute … :-D

  94. 94
    shay1 says:

    Yes Mzsuave have them carry her or put her in one of those stroller and push her around….

  95. 95
    karaz says:

    See kym, why are you turning my innocent observation to a mean statement? Smh, just bad for no reason.

  96. 96
    Kymystry says:

    @ karaz … I wouldn’t dream of doing that … I personally have a pug and a chihuahua …

  97. 97
    Mzsuave says:

    *dead* at the pug comparison. Pug, pig, warthog…hell,she favors them all.

  98. 98
    Kymystry says:

    lawd … warthog ? ? ? WARTHOG ? ? ? thats brutal … lol ..

    I’ll stick with Miss Piggy … at least Miss Piggy had the required Bling Bling and feathered Boa … lol

  99. 99
    kwallace577 says:

    @suave i am still passing my 13 year old as a 11 yo so she can still get the kids discount. seems as if the cut off for everything (food, some amusement parks, a whole bunch of stuff) is 12 and under.

    she is heated sometimes. i don’t care. she shut the heck up when her meal at o’charley’s is free on tuesday night’s though.

  100. 100

    uhmmm okay back to the music!

    i love ROCK CITY! madness! they are gonna be HUGE. and in person they are real humble dudes. i like the song cuz i like the the reggae in it. i like how they mix it. bottom line is the industry needs them. there are no other artits out there like them right now. they do pop, rap, raggae, write, you name it.

    john’s version is cool. it had to grow on me, the song in general. i like andre 3000 so of course i love that version. yo he starts free stylin’ in it…it’s SICK! that version has more energy to it.

  101. 101
    kwallace577 says:

    my sister said she is gonna be married with her own kids and still with me trying to pass her off as 12 and under.

  102. 102
    Kymystry says:

    I can’t listen to it at work …. *shrugs* … wish I could

  103. 103
    Mzsuave says:

    lol @ Kym…she do be decked out though

    she shut the heck up when her meal at o’charley’s is free on tuesday night’s though

    lol @ Kw….you are a fool. I’m sure they will let her pass as a 2yo. Heck, I see some 2yo’s that look like they about 5.

  104. 104
    Mzsuave says:

    Where is Sandra this morning??????????????????????

  105. 105
    goat76 says:

    Good morning ya’ll…………

    Ms Sandra dun got caught up wit them glazed doughnuts again……..

  106. 106
    ckarinwhite says:

    ^^^^maybe she got into it with the people at Apple and AT&T?!?

  107. 107
    Mzsuave says:

    Morning Goat!!! lol…don’t start…

    The song is iiiiightttttt. Nothing to hollar about. However, I do enjoy J.Legend’s version.

  108. 108
    goat76 says:

    I’m puttin my money on the glazed doughnuts……

  109. 109
    prynsexxx says:

    #94 said:

    put her in one of those stroller and push her around….

    She’ll really pass then, YT folks do it all the time. They have their 10 year old in a stroller, feet dragging the ground and a “binky” in his mouth.

  110. 110
    Kymystry says:

    good merning goattttttt …

    don’t start with the donuts .. you KNOW ya girl (me) is feening and my donut maker is in friggin TX. (good ole kuntree boi from south ga wink wink)

  111. 111
    Mzsuave says:

    Lmao @ Pryn…ain’t that the truth.

  112. 112
    karaz says:

    Mzsuave OMG, you need to go to the corner, not a warthog! Y’all know Tiny has her redeeming qualities sometimes.

    As far as the group/song, I’m good. I think the industry needs Sade to release a new album or Me’shell Ndege maybe, not this.

  113. 113
    kwallace577 says:

    @suave we go EVERY SINGLE tuesday. it is so bad that even the baby who is 3 is like “we don’t WANT NO o’charley’s again momma”

    then we get there and she eat her FREE chicken fingers like it is her last meal!

    @goat i was gonna say auntie went on a doughnut run….but i did not want to get that started. funny part about THAT is somebody really DID bring some krispy kremes in here this morning. LOL.

  114. 114
    goat76 says:

    Morning MzSuave…..what u mean don’t start…..I’m innocent.

    @prynsexxx…..they sure do…..I be like ” ain’t he old enough to drive”…..

  115. 115
    prynsexxx says:


    Whats so bad about that, they STILL be cramming they asses in the TOP part of the shopping cart. You know the seat where you can only fit a cell phone and a carton of eggs.

  116. 116
    iyonah says:


    I have seen that alot at Walmart.

    @ misssuave you might be able to pass her off and say you don’t have the bc w/ you if they ask and they give you a pass for the 1 time.

  117. 117
    iyonah says:

    @ karaz “Y’all know Tiny has her redeeming qualities sometimes.”

    She probably does, I mean I don’t know her. It doesn’t change the fact that those hair colors are inexcusable and she needs to dress better if she going to be out and about bottom line. Nothing against Tiny, I don’t know her. I do know that she can MUST put an outfit better together then what she does at this time….

    Please don’t ban me Sandra .. I am just being honest. WE know how you uphold Tiny.

  118. 118
    Mzsuave says:

    lol yall are crazy.

    @ Karaz…I miss the old Sade….like “Smooth Operator” or “No Ordinary Love”. He later joints, I just couldn’t seem to get into them.

  119. 119
    DivaMama says:

    LOL! They do cram’em in! That has to hurt! Poor YT chirren…

    Tiny seems like she is a sweet person. Hell, you HAVE to be to help raise chirren that aren’t yours, esp. with a trife baby mama! That don’t help her appearance any as stated by Iyonah.

    And for those who asked how we know that she doesn’t work, TI confirmed it on the radio, so she is officially a lazy a$$!

  120. 120
    DivaMama says:

    No more refreshin’ of this post, fam! Sandra is back!

  121. 121
    HunE916 says:

    If you guys don’t hear from me in the next few days, it’s because I’m in jail.

    I’m about to kill this b!tch at work.

    Kym, start the bail money collection.

  122. 122
    ckarinwhite says:

    HunE- I got $5 on it!…

  123. 123
    kwallace577 says:

    look away from the light hunE. but if you just HAVE to beat-a-bytch down i will contribute to the fund. coz i understand.

  124. 124
    iscream says:

    Trying to figure out why this post hit 100

    Anyway I know I’m late but

    @ iyonah I live in Ny and I so agree with you about the radio line up in the morning IT SUCKS! I miss Jones & was shocked as hell when I found out a month after hot 97 let her go so did power 99. Feel bad for her no job and a baby on the way. None of these morning shows have shock value to them. We’ve had it for so long dating back to when Star and Buckwiid was on Hot 97. Now its that boring, kiss azz, coon big boi show. Ebro really needs to reconsider bringing Jones back. Kiss FM is what I listen to now.

  125. 125
    Kymystry says:

    *** gettin bail money together ***

    Ckarin got 5
    Kym 10

  126. 126
    DivaMama says:

    I’ll put in $10, Kym

  127. 127
    shay1 says:

    I got 5 on Kym…..

  128. 128
    Mzsuave says:

    dayum…I got a dolla….

  129. 129
    prynsexxx says:

    *sittin next to HUN in the jail cell, thinking*

    Damn that “running jump kick to the thoak” wasn’t enough, I shoulda took that damn printer across her head as well.

  130. 130
    prynsexxx says:

    @ Ioynah and Iscream

    Whatever happened to Doug Banks and DeeDee?

  131. 131
    iscream says:

    Darn Doug Banks is an old skool name. If I’m not mistaken he got replaced with Steve Harvey on WBLS & they cut an hour (the best hour) of Wendy show. The radio world is very fickle right now to me. Damn she said Doug and Dee Dee

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