There's another Obama email hoax making the rounds on the Internet. As you recall, last week I told you about an email instructing Obama supporters to wear blue on September 30 -- "Obama Blue Day".

Interestingly enough, Sen. Barack Obama's camp was totally unaware of "Obama Blue Day" when I contacted them.

Today, I received an email instructing the recipient to avoid wearing any campaign paraphernalia such as Obama t-shirts to the polls on Nov. 4 or they will be turned away. Here's an excerpt from the email:

Please, please, please advise everyone you know that they absolutely can NOT go to the polls wearing any Obama (or whoever you are voting for) shirts, pins, hats, etc. It is AGAINST THE LAW and will be grounds to have the polling officials to turn you away. This is considered campaigning and no one can campaign within X amount of feet of the polls. They are banking on us being overly excited and not being aware of this long standing law that you can bet will be ENFORCED THIS YEAR!!!!!

This is totally false and may even be a trick by McCain supporters.

There is no law that restricts voters from wearing a t-shirt bearing the likeness of their candidate at or near a polling office.

Individual states have different statutes governing polling place activities. But the restriction of campaign paraphernalia such as buttons, stickers and hats, etc. usually applies to poll workers and poll watchers -- not voters.

Photos: Splash News Online and Wireimage (Solange)

Knuckle rings are everywhere! Rihanna was out & about in London today sporting a blinged out knuckle ring that spelled out 'BAD' in diamonds. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to what is the deal with the knuckle rings that we've seen Solange Knowles and now Rihanna wearing. Who started the trend?

In a hilarious guest appearance on Dave Letterman last night, comedian Chris Rock clowned Bill Clinton - who he followed on the show - for being more enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton than he was for Obama.

My favorite Chris Rock one liner about Sarah Palin, "You let a white lady shoot a moose, [but] black man kill a dog -- that's a crime!"

CLICK HERE if you can't see the video. Thanks to Zedi at for the link!

(Toni and Alec)

(Kim K and Mark)

Toni Braxton and Kim Kardashian made their dance debuts on the season 7 premiere of Dancing With the Stars last night. Kim looked like a fish out of water. But I can't hate on her because at least she got out there and did her thing.

I was especially impressed with Toni Braxton who came back from the brink of death after being diagnosed with a killer heart valve infection. She still experiences angina - a painful heart condition brought on by overexertion and lack of oxygen rich blood to the heart muscle.

Here's the full episode of the Tyra Banks exposé on skin bleaching in the black community. Just a note to let you know that most chemicals used in skin bleaching creams were outlawed years ago by the FDA.

So if you're currently using skin bleaching creams, you're not getting the full on effect unless the product was smuggled in from a foreign country (like Africa) which still allows the use of said chemicals.

I have more info on Keyshia Cole's new boy toy with whom she was spotted leaving the very exclusive Villa club in Los Angeles. According to insiders, he may be one of Keyshia's producers working on her new album which is set to drop in December.

Keyshia is said to be "turning over a new leaf" in her life and establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

It's apparent that she's changed her style up and has taken on a new, more mature look.

One well-traveled insider that I spoke with last night expressed surprise that Keyco was able to get into the very exclusive Villa club. He said the club normally doesn't cater to "us" - even if one of us is an urban Superstar.

We both speculated on whether Keyco used her boy toy to get her in the door of the club which only allows bonafide A-listers inside.

Club Villa is housed in a former mansion. There is no sign outside and the club does not advertise.

Here's what Metromix had to say about the club last year:

Villa doesn’t have a velvet rope. Instead it has a big, heavy door, and you most likely won't get in—even if you name-drop. In fact, the valet won’t even park your car until the discerning doorman has given the thumbs-up.

It looks like our girl Keyshia is on her way to A-list status!

While Republican presidential candidate John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin enjoy a bump in the polls, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden show evidence of a camp divided.

In an interview on the "Today" show this morning, Obama appeared to chastise his running mate for disagreeing with him on the feds' AIG bailout plan.

Obama told NBC's Matt Lauer that he doesn’t expect the mortgage plan to cost the full $700 billion right away, and all the money won’t be lost.

"Does that mean that I can do everything that I've called for in this campaign right away?" Obama said. "Probably not. I think we're going to have to phase it in. And a lot of it's going to depend on what our tax revenues look like."

Obama then launched into an attack on McCain for initially opposing the government's bailout plan, saying, "I think what has been clear during this entire past 10 days is John McCain has not had clarity and a grasp on the situation."

But Lauer pointed out that Biden also opposed the bailout plan. To which Obama replied, "I think that in that situation, I think Joe should have waited, as well."

On Monday, Biden launched a critical blow of his own directed at Obama.

In an interview with "CBS Evening News," Biden said he objected to a television ad -- approved by Obama -- which depicted McCain as an out-of-touch, computer-illiterate old man.

Biden said he disapproved of the ad and appeared to criticize his running mate for the negative tone of the campaign.

"I thought that was terrible, by the way," Biden said. "I didn't know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we'd have never done it."

Do we really need to hear the words, "I didn't know we did it," -- so close to the election? Don't they communicate with each other? Because if not, we don't need these guys in the White house. This country has enough problems.

Source: 1 and 2

Over the past couple of days I have received a lot of criticism from "concerned parents" who are upset that I posted the video of the two little girls cursing up a storm while their own mother urged them on.

They claim the little girls "didn't consent" to the videotaping. As if they weren't aware that they were being videotaped by their own mother for distribution on YouTube and other video outlets.

They demanded that I take the video down and sweep all evidence of the obvious child abuse under the rug,

This is how clueless and blind our own community is to the ongoing sexual exploitation of our own children by their own family members!

One loyal reader understood that what's happening on myspace is a growing problem that no one seems to be addressing.

The reader emailed me a link to the mom's Myspace account. Her name is Tasha, she's only 23-years-old and she lives in Virginia.

Tasha has created at least 30 Myspace profiles to exploit her young daughters who use excessive profanity in videos posted on their Myspace pages. Tasha encourages her daughters to curse like sailors, dress provocatively and pose seductively in photos plastered all over their Myspace pages.

I'm posting Tasha's photo in the hopes that someone in Virginia knows who she is and reports her to social services there.

On Friday (9/19) someone at Myspace deleted one of the little girl's pages. But are they blind? They left intact at least 10 pages in her friend's list that appeared to exploit young children.

How difficult is it to scroll down and take a look at the other profiles on her friend's list? It's appalling to see profile after profile of prepubescent girls posing in a sexually suggestive manner.

The profile of the little girl pictured above has her age listed as 21!

Earlier this year, MySpace announced new safety measures to protect children from online predators.

But I see no evidence of that on the 2nd most popular social networking site in the world. None of the profiles of the children in the little girl's friend's list were deleted.

One little girl, who poses suggestively with a hand on her hip, urges viewers to "please comment" on her pictures. Her Myspace page boasts "more photos added" in a a new album in her gallery. She couldn't be more than 5-years-old.


Rihanna is seen leaving a television studio following a press conference in London, England today. RiRi stopped over in London after spending a few days in Paris, France.

Despite the rumors that she's broke (lol), Rihanna spent lavishly on herself while in Europe.

We love her crocheted sweater paired with the soft leather vest with the detachable faux shearling collar. The skinny leg jeans and open toe sandals hints at a more casual feel and sets the entire look off loverly! :)

Well, as promised, I reached out to Keyshia Cole's camp earlier today to inquire about the young man seen getting into Keyshia's Rolls Royce Phantom droptop outside an LA nightclub this morning.

And... well, it's not looking good for the brothas who thought they had a chance with the soulful vocalist.

A very credible source within Keyshia's camp -- who is normally quick to dismiss rumors -- asked me if there are any photos of the couple online. Yes, there are," I responded. "Clear pictures?," the source asked. "They couldn't get much clearer," I said.

The source promised to get back to me later with a confirmation. But a non-denial is just as good as a confirmation in this business. So Keyshia has herself a new boy toy? It seems Keyco may have given up on brothas after getting her heart broken by rapper Young Jeezy. Remember where you read it first.

Apparently there's a fake story going around alleging that Tiny put a hating female on blast on her Myspace page. The message -- allegedly composed by Tiny herself -- contains excessive profanity as well as crude references to the female anatomy.

The message is laughable and couldn't be more fake.

Some of my regulars already know this, but, Tiny does not update her own Myspace page.

A friend of hers updates it and sends her bulletins and messages to read. Tiny has children to raise and she's on the road constantly with her man, T.I. She doesn't have the time to respond to every hater on Myspace.

But since my readers sent me the fake story, I reached out to a Grand Hustle rep for confirmation. The answer: the story is completely bogus. Please don't believe it. Tiny is much too classy for that.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

In an video blog posted at, producer Rodney Jerkins confirmed rumors that Janet Jackson has left Island/Def Jam Records.

Jackson, who is currently in the midst of a sold out concert tour, did not release a statement. But Jerkins, who produced tracks on Jackson's disappointing album, Discipline, did plenty of talking for her.

We didn’t get the support from the record company. Janet felt like it wasn’t pushed. I felt like it wasn’t pushed correctly. She just didn’t get her just due as an artist of that magnitude.

I could make an album with her, possibly me, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis. Keep it real simple. They focus on what they’re great at, I focus on what I’m great at. We come together and make a classic Janet record. (Source)

...a reality show nobody like Tiffany Pollard would crawl back under whatever rock she came out from just as soon as her reality show run ended.
Photo: Splash News Online

...real singers like Armani spokesmodel Solange would be Superstars instead of non-talents like her sister Beyonce.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

...wanna-be black chicks like Kim Kardashian would invest in a more realistic looking pair of butt pads.

...former America's Top Model contestant Nik Pace would never leave her house with a combover that barely covers her thinning hairline.
Photo: Splash News Online

...Omar Epps and his lovely baby mama Keisha would not have the caption, "Actor Omar Epps and Guest," under their pictures on Wire Image.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Talk show Diva Oprah Winfrey would come out of the closet already and drag her friend Tyler Perry out with her. That one unselfish act would greatly increase social tolerance for gay people in America.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Singer Natalie Cole, who was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, was recently hospitalized due to complications related to chemotherapy treatments according to People magazine.

Cole was in NYC promoting her just-released new album, Still Unforgettable, when she experienced a "set back," and had to be hospitalized, according to a family member.

Last week, Cole visited the set of "Entertainment Tonight" where she talked about her disease, saying, "This is a virus that was dormant in my body for 25 years. I had no symptoms, was feeling great, working out like a crazy person --- and this just keeled me over, like a feather... What I have is treated with chemo... every week."

However, chemotherapy is a treatment for cancer, not Hepatitis C. So why would Cole be receiving chemotherapy treatments, you ask?

The answer is the antiviral medication she's taking can be referred to as chemotherapy, although technically, they aren't classified as chemotherapy drugs.

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Kerry Rhodes is a safety for the NY Jets who can do it all on the field. But off the field, the 26-year-old confirmed bachelor is something of a mystery.

He's been romantically linked with Jennifer Hudson, who prefers her men with kool aid in their blood --- and Dawn Richards from Danity Kane, who also goes for men with a little sugar in their tanks.

That's not to say that Kerry Rhodes is How U Doin'. It just means he attracts fag hags for some reason.

Speaking of Dawn, I have a male friend in the industry who went on a date with her earlier this year. In fact, he called me the night the night of their first date. I was happy for him because he's been around the block quite a few times and I hoped he would hit it off with Dawn and settle down.

Plus, he's a real man which I felt Dawn needed. But afterward, he told me he was totally unimpressed with her and the two never went out again.

Did I mention my friend is ALL man?

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Halle Berry and her daughter Nahla enjoyed a fun day together yesterday at the same LA park where Usher and his seed was snapped. As usual, daddy Gabriel Aubry is too busy to spend quality time with his baby mama and seed. But isn't Nahla adorable with her trendy bowl hair cut? I love it how mommy and baby are both barefoot in the park. How cute. :)  Photos: Faded Youth


Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith attended Trey Smith's football game over the weekend. Trey is Will's son by his first marriage. Apparently he's a tight end or wide receiver -- on and off the field. I'm kidding about that last part, of course.

Rap legend LL Cool J is reportedly 'baffled' and 'stunned' by the low sales of his latest musical offering titled Exit 13.

He is also said to be 'shocked' that Jessica Simpson's album charted higher than his did. LL's '13' came in at number 9 on the Billboard charts while Simpson's debut country LP, Do You Know, entered the charts at #4.

"He is stunned. He simply can't believe what's happened," a source tells British newspaper the News of the World.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Turks and Caicos First Lady LisaRaye will dedicate her upcoming birthday celebration to raise funds for Turks and Caicos residents who are victims of Hurricane Ike.

On Sunday, Sept. 7, Hurricane Ike roared through Grand Turk island with category 4 winds causing extensive damage to about 80% of the homes. Hundreds of residents took refuge in shelters and many were left homeless.

"They got hit really, really bad," Premier Michael Misick said Sunday morning. "A lot of people have lost their house, and we will have to see what we can do to accommodate them."

Misick's wife LisaRaye who is separated from her husband and living in California, is doing her part to help the residents. According to LisaRaye's publicist Lynn Jeter, LisaRaye will celebrate her birthday at The Area Nightclub, 643 N. La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood, on Tuesday, September 23.

In lieu of gifts, LisaRaye plans to ask guests to donate to the cause.

Confirmed celebrity guests include Wendy Raquel Robinson, John Sally, Sanaa Lathan, Elise Neal, Stacy Dash, Brandy, Malik Yoba, Kenya Moore, Alex Thomas, Tamela Jones, Kim Whitley, Judge Mathis and more.

All media are welcome to attend the party.

For more info or if you would like to donate to the residents of Turks and Caicos, contact Lynn Jeter at or call (323) 933-8007.

Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, 32, and DJ AM, 35, were critically injured in a private plane crash in Columbia, SC Friday night.

The two had just performed a free concert at a T-Mobile-sponsored show in Columbia's Five Points area. The crash occurred just after midnight when the private plane, a Lear jet, attempted to take off from the Columbia Metro Airport.

According to air traffic controllers, the plane, which never left the ground, was seen shooting sparks. It skidded off the end of the runway, crashed through a fence, and crossed a roadway before ending up in a ditch where it burst into flames.

Witnesses say two men - Barker and AM - both on fire, were seen escaping the plane. Once outside, the two men patted each other down to extinguish the flames. Three men and a woman were confirmed dead inside the plane.

Lexington County Deputy Coroner Brian Setree, speaking to MTV news, confirmed the dead as Barker's assistant, Chris "Little Chris" Baker, 29, Barker's security guard, Charles Still, 25, the plane's pilot, Sarah Lemmon, 31, and her co-pilot, James Bland, 52. They were all California residents.

Barker and AM, real name Adam Goldstein, were transferred -- AM by helicopter and Barker by ambulance -- to the Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia where both men are listed in critical condition with "extensive burns."

Burn injuries are classified in degrees with the most severe being third degree burns. Depending upon the percentage (size) of the burn area, extensive third degree burns can result in death from fluid loss and shock.

A burn victim's chance of survival is greatly increased if he is transferred immediately to a hospital that specializes in burns such as a burn center.

Thanks to loyal reader Lauren for alerting me to the fact that the two little girls cussing up a storm in my earlier post have over 30 Myspace pages!!

They need that many because - as one of the little girls complains - "hataz stay getting me deleted." Well, I'm a hater because I emailed Myspace about this kid's page which contains photos of the child - as well as her little friends - posing provocatively for the camera.

While you're laughing, remember that your precious little daughters attends school with these kids. And you should see how they behave when you're not around.

Children are very easily influenced by their peers as young as 7-years-old.

I'm not posting the link to the Myspace page where I got these pics, but hopefully, Tom will get around to deleting this page as well.

[EDITED, 5:54 PM:
Unfortunately, Candi Apple lives out of state and won't be able to attend the events in Atlanta. So the alternate winner is Ckarinwhite!

Congratulations to Ckarinwhite for your sincere comment in the thread about the happy couple who planned their wedding in their own unique way.

Here is Ckarinwhite's winning comment:

ckarinwhite Says: Says:

I am so excited that you guys have finally decided to build a perfect union together. I know the journey was often rocky, but you guys hung in there. This is the type of love that I imagine one day for myself.

Thank you for sharing your wedding pictures with the Sandra Rose family. In the first two pictures, I love how your wedding coordinator blended the flowers with your husband's ensemble. Your daughter looks as lovely as you do, and I know soon, she will find a husband as great as her dad. Also, it appears that you had a large wedding party. I cannot wait to see the honeymoon pictures, please share with us, when you get them developed.

Remember that marriage is the blending of two lives together in love.

God Bless

Ckarinwhite, you and a guest will be treated to dinner at an upscale restaurant on Saturday, September 27th, courtesy of Grand Hustle!

Later that evening, you and your guest will attend Tip Harris' star-studded private birthday party at an undisclosed location!

You will be contacted by email shortly with the location and specifics.

Congrats again, and don't forget to pick up T.I.'s new album Paper Trail in stores on September 30th! :)

Special thanks to T.I. and the Grand Hustle Family!

In an earlier post today, I asked who the makers of Solange Knowles' fabulous wedge boots were. Loyal readers Ashley and Aisha T emailed me to say Solange is wearing the Chloé patent leather Wedge Ski Booties (above).

While we're on the subject of hawt shoes! features some of the hottest Spring 2008 shoes and sandals by name brand designers. Check out my favorites below:

Ralph Lauren Phylisse boot with patent detail

Manolo Blahnik Lace-up sandal

Givenchy Metallic leather ankle-strap sandal

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This video is a very sad sign of the times that we are living in. The children's young mother, who is holding the camera, was probably raised on Hip Hop videos which taught her to have very little respect for herself or others.

She has passed those negative values down to her precious children. When I was a kid, the Rev. Jesse Jackson helmed a program called Save the Children, which taught black children to have pride in ourselves and our heritage.

Today, rappers have replaced our leaders and our teachers. And this is the message that they bring.

To those of you emailing me about that R. Kelly interview and wondering why I didn't post it - you should know by now that I have no love for that pedophile.

Were it not for 12 cowards in Chicago, his ass would be in jail right now! Big ups to DJ Funk Master Flex for having the stones to speak out against this pervert! Hopefully this means Flex and other DJs won't be spinning any of R. Kelly's music on Hot 97.


Singer Usher was spotted by paps (or someone with a cell phone camera) in a park in L.A. with his son Usher Raymond V and an unidentified chick.

The photo agency captioned this photo as Usher with Tameka - but that's not Tameka. Hopefully, for the chick's sake, she's the baby's nanny or things could get rough! Y'all know Tameka don't play!

How adorable is little Cinco? He's the spitting image of daddy, but they both need hair cuts badly.

I know I'm late with this. Thanks to loyal reader Tanya for this tip! NBA star Josh Howard's words stirred controversy when he was caught on a cell phone video disrespecting Senator Barack Obama and the National Anthem.

The comments were made during Allen Iverson's Celebrity Flag football game in Baltimore in July. Howard said, "The Star Spangled banner going on right now. I don't even celebrate that shit. But I'm black got dammit. Obama, all that shit."

So far there's been no apology issued from Howard's camp which probably means he meant what he said. Not every black person is an Obama bandwagon rider.