I saw this list on another site. Personally, I don’t have any problems understanding T.I. when he speaks. I love his accent. Besides that, he’s very articulate when he wants to be. 🙂

Anyway, in honor of T.I.’s sixth studio album Paper Trail, which drops tomorrow, someone decided to translate a list of words from T.I.’s songs.

According to pre-sales estimates: first week sales of Paper Trail will come close to — or beat Lil’ Wayne’s sales this year:

At = out

Am at = ‘I’m out’

Kane = King

Owl = ‘all’ or ‘I’ll’

Giyyuh = ‘give you’

Sur-ruh = sorry

Wur-ruh = worry

Own = on

W’own = want

C’owl = call or called

Cuppa = Couple

Diz eye = desire

Steel = still

Rim muh = remember

Murrah crimuh = Merry Christmas

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Just a few days ago an industry friend asked whatever happened to Dondria, aka Phatffft, the gifted young singer JD found on YouTube.

I knew my industry friend was joking since we both know what happened to Dondria. Poor Dondria suffered the same fate as other new singers who don’t fill a particular niche.

Her first single didn’t make an impact on iTunes, and the industry buzz that’s so necessary for new artists just wasn’t there.

So JD shelved the young singer’s debut album and moved on. Hey, he has problems of his own what with his wifey Janet being let go from his own label — and rumors floating around that he’s next and all.

So Dondria has returned to doing what she does best: singing in her bedroom, with her talented friend Broadway, making YouTube videos and hoping that JD realizes she’s still waiting.

Poor Dondria sounds so despondent as she pours her heart out to JD begging him not to forsake her:

    I’m sitting in my room making YouTube videos
    and I am waiting on a deal
    yes I am
    from JD — Jermaine Dupi
    and I call him Chi Chi
    and I m waiting, waiting, waiting, WAITING
    to do something else with my life
    other than working in the day care

Thanks to loyal reader Jazmyne for the tip!

The First Lady of Turks and Caicos, LisaRaye held her birthday celebration at Club Area in LA last night. The evening was also a benefit to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Ike on Grand Turk island. But according to some, LisaRaye’s celebrity friends didn’t come through with the cash as hoped.

…almost none of the invited celebrity guests showed up except for MC Lyte and Spinderella, who shared dj-ing duties, and John Salley and Kim Porter. Sanaa Lathan, Vivica Fox, Elise Neal, Malik Yoba, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Tamala Jones and the rest of the advertised celeb guests bailed on her. And to add insult to injury, on top of the $20.00 entry fee, LisaRaye passed around a bucket to drum up more cash and only came up with $300.00 more dollars. (Source)

I love this picture of Paula J. White, who also attended the party last night. I especially LOVE that outfit, those sandals, the clutch, the way she’s holding her stomach protectively. Only thing missing is her man. Hopefully she has one.

This Judy Winslow chick on the right could pass for Amy Winehouse’s kin. We know what Amy’s problem is, but what’s up with Judy? She needs to make EATING her top priority — the parties can wait. What’s the use in paying $300 for a party dress that looks better on the mannequin than it does on you? Was that harsh? They used to call it tough love.

Kim Porter attended LisaRaye’s party looking stunning as usual. She’ll be in Atlanta this weekend to attend a friend’s baby shower. I’m thinking about crashing the baby shower just for old times sake.

In addition to being a superstar producer/rapper and head of urban music at Island Records, Jermaine Dupri is also a talented DJ. But JD seemed to be having a little problem with his Macbook Pro laptop while spinning at The Underground in Chicago last night. I also bought a MacBook Pro recently and I’m still trying to figure the damn thing out. Apple over charges for their laptops and you still have to pay them to teach you how to use it!

I swear Apple is nothing but a cult! The sales people at the Apple store walk around smiling like robots. They try their best to talk you into switching from Windows to Mac — just like a cult. Anyway, JD was in Chi town to continue his 36th birthday celebration tour (that’s the big thing now: multi-city birthday celebrations).

Photos: Wireimage and FilmMagic