On today's Tyra Banks show, Tyra throws the covers off one of our community's most shameful secrets: black women who bleach their skin - and their baby's skin to be lighter!

Ironically, I tackled that very subject yesterday on this blog when I wrote about a certain actress' baby whose beautiful mocha complexion appears to have lightened considerably in the past two months.

But I was chastised by some of my loyal readers who refuse to open their minds to the possibility that some black women are ashamed of their baby's skin color.

Watch the episode trailer after the break. *CAUTION* Autoplay audio after the break...

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    Speaking as a very light skinned woman who was ridiculed of her color..I just don't get this. If it's that serious why have children by a black man? This self hatred has to STOP! and I still don't believe Nahla is bleached.

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    How would it be possible for Halle to make a mocha baby with a white man when she is not mocha herself? I know there are some black people with color issues, but they are generally dark skinned and have been made to feel ashamed of their color somewhere down the line. Halle is light skinned already and Gabe is the first white man we know her to be with. If she was that concerned with color she wouldn't have dated Wesley Snipe's midnight behind.

  • LovelyLady


  • LovelyLady

    And another thing this has to be harmful to the skin,,,,dem b*tches should have CPS called on they azz asap....then kids goin go thru hell when they get older having idenity issude and sh*t. urrrrrrrrrggg

  • iyonah

    This really is sad ... I am kind of taken back that the show was actually able to get people to tell the truth about the feelings. As a people we need to do better. I am personally going to say a prayer for these females. I mean how terrible is it to not love yourself enough .. but to choose to BLEACH your kids, that's just ridiculous!



  • http://www.stylishmoms.net Nina

    Bleaching kids? I have really heard it all...

  • bloggergirlz

    this is def news to me, although i've heard of older women/men doing this...i still don't believe halle did anything like this to her child...

    it sounds like this would be pretty harmful to babies...i don't have any kids, but isn't their skin sensitive?!

  • kwallace577

    this is terrible. i blame all of this madness on michael jackson. nobody was thinking about bleaching shyt until HE ended up looking like a middle aged white woman.

    once folks saw it was possible then THEY started getting ideas.

  • CaramelDrop

    Good Morning All!
    I know Gabe is white and Halle is mixed and theoretically the baby should be fair skinned but it doesn’t mean that Halle isn’t trying to ensure the baby stays that way. Just because she dates black men means nothing. My bf has a very light mother and a blackass daddy; her mama did NOT want any dark babies. Her oldest sister and younger brother are yellow like her mom but my bf was a little darker. My bf WAS NOT ALLOWED TO GO OUTSIDE DURING THE SUMMER because her mom did not want her to get any darker. I'm just saying..

  • LovelyLady

    ^^^ DAmn dats messed up

  • bloggergirlz

    @ kwallace, u can't blame mj lol...yes, he took it to the extreme, but people have been bleaching for quite some time...u can't even call what he did bleaching, we need a new word for what he did :)

  • carmelita79

    People this must stop damn! first why is halle's baby on blast? sandra why didnt you put thandie newtons kids on the front line? her mother is black her father white look how light she is and her husband is white her children are light. is it because she is from the UK? halle is mixed, gabe is white SO WHAT!!!! THIS IS WHY WE HAVE THIS ISSUE BECAUSE IT IS STILL PUT ON FRONT STREET. thats what happens when you mix genes. my great aunt is light like halles baby with red hair( before it went grey) her father was white from the netherlands, mother black. the kids range from dark skinned to light like her. AGAIN WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? WHEN YOU MIX YOU GET WHAT YOU GET.

    and why is tyra doing a show about this when she constantly has long flowing lace front wig up in her hair that gets blonder and blonder?

    let it go!!!!!!!!!!


    ***SMH @ THE WHOLE ISSUE. I'm not surprised at anything these days.

  • heavn_sent

    How silly AND sad is this?

  • toosexy

    This is really sad, and it shows how ignorant some people really are , and boy what low self esteem, cuz if you got it you got it , it don't matter what color your skin is, I'm so glad i know that, I'm one fine BLACK WOMAN.

  • prynsexxx

    To make it even worse, they are decent looking women.......


    I used to bleach my skin. But NOT to be WHITE. I had bad acne, that left scars because I would "pick" my face. I wanted to get rid of the spots that were left because of my OWN inability to take care of my skin the right way. I started out with this cream called "Black and White" (it's in a purple tube). It NEVER got rid of the scars, but my skin was "ewww". So I went to a dermatologist. They gave me something that started with a "T" (that's all I remember because I came to my senses by then) and that made my skin peel and flake and my make-up wouldn't "lay" right. I always used a dark face powder and I kept wondering, why is my make-up on "crooked" (as me and my sister say - when it doesn't look right). Then I got to realizing. "DUMBASS, it's that damn cream you using, which isn't really making the scars go away, but yo' sh!t is flakin' like hell - Girl bye". And I have NEVER used that crap again. Dealing with adult acne in my early to mid 20's was like being a teenager in high school who came on her period in the middle of gym class. It was horrible. But I HAVE NEVER BLEACHED TO BE WHITE! EVER!!!!!!!! I TAN! lol - real talk

  • Detroit48205

    I'm dark skinned and proud of... I'm 23 and have never had any issues with my skin color... the only issue I've ever had were the men who would say "oh your cute to be dark skinned" (WHATEVER THAT MEANS.... I don't worry about it... WHY IS THIS A CONSTANT ISSUE IN BLACK AMERICA? Get over it, the women on Tyra's show need to learn how to love themselves for who they are... People need to remember the first people on this planet were not LSWLH....

  • nathandetroit20

    Sandra...make your point without making ridiculous accusations.....my mind is open.....But...I refuse to listen to FOOLISHNESS....present your message in POSITIVITY..and you'll get better responses.....!! It's shameful for any parent to to bleach their childs skin...and teach them self hate....but your accusation regarding Halles's daughter was evil....and ignorant...and to continue to use that Child's photo to promote this topic is an act of stupidity that does not present you in a positive light...!! Check yourself before you Wreck yourself...LET LOVE RULE !!!

  • ELove

    PURE Madness amongst OUR People!!!

    My natural skin-color is LIKE @bird in her avatar but during the summer months I'm a nice Sheen of golden-bronze AND I've stated on here several times HOW MUCH I Love-n-Adore my Dark-Skinned & Sexxy-Chocolate Beauty(s)... So I'm truly perplexed by this foolishness!!!

    NOTHING good ever comes from Altering-n-Changing your Natural Beauty... Look at Michael Jackson skin color and ALL the F-ed-Up plastic surgeries and the lasting after effects of people getting cut-on unnecessarily ;-)

  • candi21

    TYRA NEED TO QUIT !! HER ASS USED TO AND PROBABLY STILL DO WEAR LIGHTER MAKEUP THAN HER SKIN TONE ! To counter this bs show i hope she have yt women who darken their skin and use curly extensions and pump up silicone in their ass to look more ethnic..SMH

  • terika83

    Sandra you need to STOP...foreal. What is it with you and thinking that Halle has a color complex? Is it SO bad that after dating a black man (who beat her butt), dating/marrying (not sure which one) a mixed guy (who beat her butt), and marrying a black man (who cheated on her)she is NOW dating a white man??? Let that woman be...please.

  • karaz

    All races, all people have a color complex, this skin bleaching, staying out of the sun is nothin new. Its still sad as hell. It makes me mad when I go home (Nigeria) and people ask me how I got lighter, what cream or treatment I use. I just don't get as much sun as I did when I was a chocolate child playing outside all waking hours.
    Halle didn't do anything to her baby, you better stop before Myra Panache goes hard on your homies Tiny or Monica. Last time you started this she promptly posted her blind item of Monica and her d boy Rocko.

  • PAHairston

    Like I said yesterday, in the picture of Halle holding her "dark baby", Halle's dark to, about the same shade of her baby. So it MUST be the lighting. I won't believe, I refuse to believe that Halle would bleach her beautiful first baby. And as for the folks on Tyra, I pity the fools! After all, we's all black to them, albeit high yellow, paper-sack brown or blue-black like midnight. As for me, paper-sack brown, I likes my black men, whatever shade they be, as long as they treat me right. (And prey tell, what color is rich, delicious pure chocolate?) Peace.

  • tintin

    come on Sandra. Halle is half white, the baby's father is half white, I'm actually surprised cause i think her baby came out looking more on the black side than white side.

    why would you suggest such a thing. the baby's skin looks perfectly fine. anyone bleaching their skin, it can actually be seen in the pigmentation. Come on now Sandra. I introduced a friend to your site and she said she doens't understand why you post such hateful and untrue things. She came to the site twice and said you clearly have problems cause you're just negative. Don't know what's going on with you but I'm actually getting more and more disappointed in the ridiculous comments and point of view you have on certain subjects.

  • tintin

    sorry the baby's father is full white.

  • terika83

    @nathandetroit20....speak on it!!!

  • browni007

    Inseccuritiy on so many levels.
    dem a bleach dem a bleach out their skin dem a bleach to look like a browning - girl me honor you cuz you a browning

    society makes us in security - good families build self esteem

  • browni007

    i might have mixed up the end of the song... but I think you got the point... ah and that song was out in the early 90s - so this was probably going on long before that.

  • JustSaying

    All I want to know is how long the bleaching last and does the shit really work.

    Anyways, that is a damn shame but I DO NOT BELEIVE HALLIE DID NOT SUCH THING. I see why she didn't sell her damn baby pictures. She knew everyone was going to be talking sh$t.


    this is sad and very outrageous.#19 is absolutely right.

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  • missnee

    Sandra...f'real boo, you have some issues you need to work out before you can go on and attack Halle for something that you can't even prove to be true.

    Lawd I do love SR, but sometimes you drive me up the wall crazy with your nonsense.

  • spongebobfan

    i seen preview of show and that is said, but i do not think at all halle is doing that to her kid, the first 'dark' pic of the baby was in the shadows, the others were in bright sunshine, halle who we all know is half white and her baby daddy is all white is bound to have a light child its common sence

  • MzTee

    I've read of sistas bleaching their skin in some caribbean and african countries, so I know folks do it. I just don't think Halle is doing it to Nahla. Hell, the little girl is only 6 months. She's changing all the time, including her color. It hasn't even been set yet and won't be until she's about 2 years old.

    Your proof that Halle is bleaching her child is because other black women bleach their children. Does that make any sense to you? No, it doesn't. And, it doesn't make any sense to us, so unless you have verifiable proof that Halle is bleaching her child, you are just spreading a vicious rumor which you can't substantiate.

  • purepisces

    They SOOOO need to get DFCS on that nutjob for bleaching her kids!! Although I do understand it goes on all over the world, I never heard of such a thing until I came to the United States. Friends of mine that grew up here have told me stories of how they were teased and talked about depending on their skin shade, in their own community...which is terrible!

    I'd never really had any personal shade experiences, up until recently when a really dark guy at my workplace got angry when I described this other guy as being darker than him. He flipped out and told me I was dark too, which really tripped me out since I'm a brown-skinned sista, and nowhere near being dark. It never even occurred to me that he would have issues with his color, I just never thought about it. It's such a shame that some of us are so screwed up.

  • kwallace577

    my husband is the product of a dark daddy (my father in law calls himself blurple) and a very light very fair momma. she could, as the old folks would say, "pass" if she wanted to.

    half of his sibs are dark the other half are light (6 total). no in between. just dark like pops or light like momma. their family picture is really neat to look at. because ironically two of the ones that are dark actually got the straight hair and light eyes. the light ones got the kinks and regular ole brown eyes.

    my point IS: we all come out all kinds of shades. that is the beauty of black folk. and it is a pure SHAME to try to change it. my mother-in-law could have been scrubbing trying to bleach her darker seeds. but in fact she always wishes she was darker. she says she got teased b/c of her LIGHT skin.

    you are what you are and that is how god wants it.

  • Sharonda

    Sad excuse

    Save those kids, that fucking child abuse!

    I'm not even gonna speak on it because these women are sad and wack.It's always Tyra doing these types of shows.It irks me terribly because them people probably think black women don't love themselves when I love myself (not that I care what people think of me, but this issue..it does because it's about self-love).If this is what Tyra wants she needs to explain to my why she can't leave the house without her lace.

    But save these kids..this is outrageously wrong on sooooooo many levels.I hope these women know they still black and no matter how hard they try to bleach their skin, people still gone see them black.Point blank.Pass or no pass.Your black.Deal with it.Black community has soo many issues...

  • carmelita79

    oh and what a bout that acress garcelle beauvais? she is FULL BLACK and her husband is white. have you seen the kids? they look like white boys. but i guess she must bleach their skin too right sandra???

  • karaz

    Did that foolsay that she uses household bleach to lighten her skin? Jesus be some common sense!