So what's up with Ciara reinventing her style every week? Aren't you supposed to create a new style and stick with it? I'm not feeling the black Goth look, but maybe CiCi thinks she looks like a Super model?

It really doesn't matter what you look like -- the music is the thing. If Ciara doesn't bring it when she drops her new album --- her career is over.

Kids have too many options available to them these days to be wasting their money on garbage.

Anyway, I spotted this video this morning of Ciara steady lying about posing nude for VIBE magazine. Are we still talking about that?

CLICK HERE if you can't see the video.



  • starr

    Her career is already donzo. Anytime u gotta take ya clothes off to get press....its a rap. If i'm remember correctly.....the nude shoot was her idea.....she knows whats up.

    She keeps changing her style cuz she's confused. Its not about the music anymore for her....its just about ppl remember her name. I was a Ci fan, but something ain't right and i peeped it long before sandra's ciara is crazy story or wateva it was called....

  • starr

    If she's putting out a single around the time bey puts out her new single, she may as well called mtv and ask for a relaity

  • katgirl33

    She already got a single out, w/T Pain....

    I like she might bring the noise.....

  • Bubbles

    No we're not still talking about it Auntie.
    YOU brought it up again.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    She was shooting a video when she made this video - not trying to go for some crazy goth style.

    That's Rihanna's gig.

  • free

    since ciara continues to call into question vibe's integrity, danyel needs to put out the original photos.

  • dblaq

    Y'all trippin. She still got the sex tape option to respark the career. Plus what about the pics on 50 album his cuffing her butt cheeks?

    50 must be her pimp now. I remember CiCi when she was like 16 or 17 trying to get put on. And she was just bubbly and sweet. I guess fame is evil

  • candycane

    Sandra will you post the video of Kesean of G's to Gents knocking the F*CK!!!!!!!!! outta E6 hater azz.


  • Bird

    Oh Cici. Is she regretting resorting to 50-like tactics to get publicity? Now that she is on camera denying it it's going to be pretty embarrassing if Vibe releases the original photos on their site as they are threatening. Crazy.

  • milly

    I think Danyel's going to end up releasing them photos just to shut her up...and she'll be really embaressed,
    its so sad because I have both of Cici's CD and this just puts her in a new light for me.

  • cocoa49

    i personallly believe that ciara did do the nude pixs, but probably ask to put the ones with her in panties up. in the video above she seems not to upset for having pixs. posted in the nude without her permission. i think she is feeling the neg. feedback. plus what can she do now? we all seen her muscular body. i can not say sexy body because the poses did not show sexiness. her PR people probably told her to speak on it. she got that bobby brown thing going on with her mouth. lol vibe please post the originals!!!

  • iscream

    Sandra will you post the video of Kesean of G’s to Gents knocking the F*CK!!!!!!!!! outta E6 hater azz

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! that was soooo funny. Now I have to think if that was funnier than when sister patterson set it off on Pumpkin.. Which VH1 never aired, dummies.

    I heard a song from Ciara today. Is she talking about a certain someone. I'm not saying I'm just saying.

    that lipstick and hair are? WTF

  • DivineBrown

    AND SO WHAT IF SHE DID POSE NUDE? She's a grown woman! That's extra wack for her to lie about it, if she is. This is just got people posing nude while they're pregnant...and folks showing off nipples for french vogue. WTF...

  • Bird

    iscream Says:

    Sandra will you post the video of Kesean of G’s to Gents knocking the F*CK!!!!!!!!! outta E6 hater azz

    Wasn't that crazy as hell!!! I was so shocked that I had to rush a post a blog on MySpace as soon as it happened. He deserved it though. Kesan is my boy and they were messing with him something terrible.

  • Sharonda

    Photoshop must be one hell of a tool.I don't think a magazine (now and days) would publish something against the artist will.Maybe they will, but come on Ciara, if it was YOUR idea and acted on your idea, there is no way of recanting girl!

    Lol I saw the Gs To Gents Reunion yesterday (honestly, I haven't watched an episode), but it looks as if they were messing with him hella hard.Lol, that ish was kind of funny, but ooooooooooh weeeeeeeeeee.

  • Charles

    Fuck this MAN hes a hot mess Heara that look his fugly just like that dick you refuse to get cut off, stop lying you mad because it back fired on your dick tucking ass and now you mad. I am so tired of HEara the single GO GIrl(LOL LOL LOL LOL) is medicore at best


    I think she posed nude, and the tables got turned on her. She may have thought at the time that it was tasteful, but the public’s reaction is not what she expected, so now she trying to lie. She doesn’t seem upset about it. If it was me, I would feel highly disrespected if I didn't do it.

  • Charles

    ALSO did you know the song was supposed to be called HOOD GIRL, but ciara changed it to go girl at the last minute i wonder why that is

  • NaturallyMe

    I can't believe this girl is lying like this. I have lost respect for her after this. I hope Danyel releases the untouched photos.

  • Doc James

    Ciara is gorgeous...and The Doc Jam doesn't care whether she had on underwear or not. I still would impregnate her!!

  • flyqtnva

    I just feel sorry for her thats all. What people do for money.

  • pointhimout

    i also thought her career was over. her sophomore cd wasn't hot at all; it was just ok. she tried to do too much too fast. hit first album, then she wanted to run off and do movies and some endorsements, which i dont knock. then she dated bow wow and that ddn't work, then there was the floppin second cd...are you an artist/entertainer, or just a personality (with nothing to back that up)?

    i thought she was on her way when she did the 'lose control' with missy. right now i think she's all over the place.

  • terika83

    Yeah, she can't admit to doing it in one video then turn around in another video and deny it...sounds like someone else *cough, cough....McCain*

    P.S. the outfit was because she was on a video set...

  • E-dub