Sen. Barack Obama is taking heat for his offensive "lipstick on a pig" comment. I bristled when I heard his awkward comment yesterday.

While I am happy that Obama is finally fighting back against the personal attacks coming out of the McCain-Palin camp, he can't compare a female to a pig and then take offense when the media jumps all over him and takes him to task for it.

When a candidate refers to his opponent and says, "if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig," - someone is going to take offense. That's only natural. Now if the same were said about Michelle, Obama would be outraged - and rightfully so.

So maybe he should dispense with the "cute" metaphors and just get down to the business of running a smart campaign.

By the way, where is Michelle?

  • goat76

    F U C K The Republicans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Mississippi16

    McCain (or someone at the Replublican convention) made that exact comment about him two weeks ago. So why can't he use it back on them? Don't dish it if you can't take it.

  • kay

    His comment was comparing the Bush administration to Mccain's. He didn't call Palin and pig but if the snout fits!

  • kamini

    If you watched the news you also would have saw the clips where McCain used the same exact words. But of course anything thing to dig at Obama and the media attack.

    Here is the link...

  • SlimA

    I couldn't agree with you more #3. If the shoe fits then where it well baby.

  • Mississippi16

    Correction... McCain's camp made the "lipstick on pig" comment about Hillary.

  • karaz

    Sandra, he was referring to McCain's so called economic reform with that comment, not that floozy Palin. I've heard that lipstick on a pig thing several times, that heifer doesn't have copyrights to the word lipstick for fecks sake.
    Besides there's tape of McCain, saying that exact same phrase, so he and his camp can go suck a fat one.

  • Anna

    @ Mississippi16 Says:

    Correction… McCain’s camp made the “lipstick on pig” comment about Hillary.

    Not directly at Hillary but her Health Care Plan.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    McCain said it 3 times and D*ck Cheney said it once. Where was the hoopla then?

  • h0tsauce

    He's saying the same thing about the Republican party that McCain said about Hillary Clinton's Health Care Plan Just last year!!

    WHO CARES!!!

  • Crys

    At a rally in Virginia, Obama said of the McCain-Palin ticket: "You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It's still going to stink."

    A McCain spokesman calls the pig-in-lipstick reference "offensive and disgraceful," claiming that it was a sexist comment obviously directed toward Sarah Palin.


    They think the pig line was the one aimed at Palin?

  • Music999

    Sandra what exactly is offensive about the lipstick on a pig comment? Did you even listen to his speech when he made the comment? Because it was obvious what he was talking about and it was not Sarah Palin.

  • Bird

    He didn't compare any woman to a pig. The media is so full of do do most of the time. As for Palin and her trailer trash kids, later for her. The only thing good about John McCain winning the white house is that she can finally be home more to raise her out of control kids.


    I saw the speech and was amazed at how the media took a comment and flipped it to mean something else. The media even bloggers are jumping on this comment to help Palin win over more women. Its going to get worst and worst over the next 50+ days to the election. Alot of people will not do their research and will think Obama was talking about Palin, which is what the republicans are hoping for.

  • Kymystry

    Soooo .. she can call herself a Pit Bull (the what's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull... one wears lipstick jokey joke).. basically since she's a female .. one can say she called her self a B!TCH ... Sen Obama used the SAME phrase McAIN'T used in a speech he gave in May. and they wanna get thier granny pannies in a bunch.

    In my New Jersey vernacular .. GedDaFuckOuttaHeah !

  • DMNB

    They couldn't wait. Don't know if it's true or not but I just read an article where a waitress said she heard Palin call Obama sambo, I wonder if they are going to make a big deal out of that.

  • LovelyLady



  • LovelyLady

    DMNB Says:

    They couldn’t wait. Don’t know if it’s true or not but I just read an article where a waitress said she heard Palin call Obama sambo, I wonder if they are going to make a big deal out of that

    Probablyl not, they going to say "It didn't come out the right way" and for her she will be in the clear.

  • Krysi J

    Look, don't go jumping to conclusions and defending Palin Sandra....that would make you, of all people, a victim of MEDIA HOOPLA. Obama hasn't nearly offended those people as much as they have out right offended him without remorse. The cover of new york times, Michelle and Barack TERRORIST FIST JAB, Michelle refers to Barack as her BABYs DADDY...come on?...??? Barack wasn't even talking about Palin just as others have stated already and besides that McCain has said the same thing more than once, which is no doubt why Barack used the same term and fired back. Don't nobody give a d*mn about that DRIED up fig newton for a woman Mccain wrinkled ass decided to run with! WHO THE HELL IS SHE....NOBODY for Obama to insult. She is the govenor of ALASKA???!!!! McCains decision to make her a vice president was LIPSTICK on A PIG (I'll say it for him!!), Her decision to EXCEPT the opportunity was LIPSTICK ON A PIG, her trying to cover up her alcoholic teenaged daughter pregnancies was AN OLD FISH IN PAPER, THAT STINKS....but her and McCain in OFFICE at the whitehouse is a DEAD POSSUM ON THE HIGHWAY!!!

  • starr

    I know your not american sandra, but lipstic on a pig is saying. just like putting band aid on broken foot is a sayin. He NEVER compared her to a pig. Not one time, so i don't even know wat ur even talking. Your almost as bad this really......just stating shyt thats not an pint of truth.

  • starr

    O'reilly says, he wasn't comparing the pitbull to a pig, huckabee said the same. Heck, Megan McCain said her father uses it all the time, and i know u ain't got no cable rite now sandra, but they plaid a million clips of McCain' using that same phrase.

    Make no mistake about it, they are using dirty politics to distract us from teh real issues. I actually expected better from McCain, esp since this was how he lost the primary 8 years ago, but how silly of me. This is how they plan to get into the white house, cuz they don't have answers. That ad about Obama wantin to teach kindergardners said is, did me in. And that whole add was a complete lie.

  • carmelita79

    Mississippi16 Says:

    McCain (or someone at the Replublican convention) made that exact comment about him two weeks ago. So why can’t he use it back on them? Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.

    as my dad pointed out to me last night. McSame is a white man and he can say whatever he wants. then he finished it up with plain and simple. its up to us as a nation to ignore all this crap and focus on the issues at hand. He was using a metaphor plain and simple. just like they do all the time but because there is so much focus of what comes out of his mouth, he doest have the freedom to say anything out of pocket like the white man running does.

    where is michelle you ask sandra? probably at home raising her kids. not too long ago you made it clear that you feel she doesnt need to be on the campaign trail like that when she has two young daughters.

    peopla just make sure everyone VOTES. WE CAN NOT HAVE ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF THIS CRAZINESS. just like bill said. they said he was too young for office, kenndy too young for office. look at the economic job bill did in 8 years. it can be done. have faith and paitience and he will show you.

  • kalvonel

    I'm relieved to se the SR fam isn't full of the blind idiots that beleived this crap from the media. you get a pass on this Sandra due to not having cable, but as previously mentioned - Obama wasn't referring to Palin. I think this really exposes how republicans are some of the biggest hypocrites around. Now if only Obama held the media outlets accountable for the obvious slanderous crap they're promoting.

  • Bird

    starr Says:

    I actually expected better from McCain......

    I didn't. During the Democratic primary race much of the media stated that Barack shouldn't complain about Hillary's attacks because she had nothing on what McCain was going to do to him. That was a good heads up because they ain't never lied. McCain is hardcore. I mean you gotta admit him comparing Barack to Britney and Paris was sheer genious.

  • HunE916

    What's the difference between a Pit bull and Hockey Mom?

    I don't trust either one of those B!tches!

    [That's been patented- All Rights Reserved by HunE916]

  • essence

    The "Lipstick on a pig" comment has been used for years in politics and just because Vice President Nominee Palin is a woman we as women shouldn't be so sensative to comments like that when it's just a phrase. If women in politics want to be treated as equals amongest their men counterparts they can't start crying over petty nonsense like that comment. In Palin's speech at the Rep. Convention she compared herself to a pitbull. Everyone just laughed and no one said "how dare her put herself down like that". Barack did nothing wrong in my eyes he was just speaking on an issue and made a valid point. Society likes to play tit for tat with every little comment Deomocrat's say because they've gotten good at dodging real issues and Republicans get nominated off of making the other party look bad instead of what they can do for America. Why is it that no one slammed McCain when he used the same "Lipstick on a Pig" to refer to Hillary's health care plan?

  • starr

    Bird Says:

    starr Says:

    I actually expected better from McCain……

    I didn’t. During the Democratic primary race much of the media stated that Barack shouldn’t complain about Hillary’s attacks because she had nothing on what McCain was going to do to him. That was a good heads up because they ain’t never lied. McCain is hardcore. I mean you gotta admit him comparing Barack to Britney and Paris was sheer genious.


    You know wat, your right. I don't even know what i was thinking. The Dems knew this was coming, and its probably why they wanted preferred Hilary as their nominee over Bam.
    Bam is suppose to be having lunch with Bill Clinton today. Atleast thats what i'm reading. Hopefully he'll pick up something. Cuz they are pushing, and he needs to push back.....harder.

  • Mississippi16

    This was sent to me via email,

    "I spoke to a member of the local Obama campaign to find out about the Voter's Registration Drive and how to best support Sen. Obama in this campaign. She told me the most important thing is for us to go out and early vote, and take as many people as we can to early vote. As you can imagine, this is going to be a large turnout election and there has been some indication that the strategy of other side is to cause long delays and deny entry. There is also concern that they plan to empty out the old folks homes etc. to congest things and sway the vote. Basically, they are counting on us to only come out on election day and not be able to get our vote in. A way to counteract this strategy is to have record turnout for the early voting, so that any questions or scams attempted about registration or identification can still be resolved prior to Election Day. Please pass this on and try to get as many out to early vote as possible."

  • katgirl33

    I seen a report on Nightline last night, that showed at LEAST 5 DIFFERENT POLITICANS, including MCCAIN, using the exact same phrase.....

    Michelle was speaking in some state yesterday.....

    The repubs can lick where the sun don't shine as far as I'm is time for a change! I'm sick of hearing the same old bullshyt about some bullshyt!

    America got real issues!


  • Anna

    Story Highlights
    NEW: Judge told Palin not to interfere with former brother-in-law's job

    Lawmakers are investigating why Alaska commissioner was fired

    Gov. Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee, denies wrongdoing

  • starr

    ^^thats why they are distractin us with this foolishness....they don't want us to see how shady theey are.....I've read that tax payers are paying for her crib....and it goes on.........

  • Krysi J

    Mississippi16 says:

    "A way to counteract this strategy is to have record turnout for the early voting, so that any questions or scams attempted about registration or identification can still be resolved prior to Election Day."


    I would really appreciate this blog so much more if you would post Mississippi's email publicly for everyone to read....Im from Florida and I know what it feels like to have your opportunity to vote taken away from you (Bush vs. Gore) Please don't allow these people to do this to us again...Please help spread this word, even if it isn't completely the case it wouldn't hurt Im sure it will only put some voters at ease. 8 million blacks are still not registered to vote, we definately need all the votes to count.


    I am copying and pasting this information into an email, thanks so much for the heads up, maybe we can stop those bastards from locking us out of the vote!

  • MzTee

    Sandra please stop spreading lies. He in no way referred to Palin as a pig. And, lord knows why the republicans assume the comment was directed at Palin who insinuated herselft that she was a pitbull with lipstick.

    Hell, McCain used the same reference to refer to Hillary Clinton's healthcare plan earlier in the year, BUT there was no backlash then. Just the usual Republican tactics to divert people's attention away from the real issues.

    Unfortunately, folks like you are drinking the Republican haterade and taking Obama's colorful reference completely out of context.

  • bobblekins

    Wow, Sandra.

    How can you know so much about celebrities, and be so innocent regarding the blatant lies of racist politicians?

    The celebrity stuff, and your medical moments? Great. But this post was just 100% uninformed. Our American lives will be severely effected by the outcome of this election. Care a little bit more, maybe.

  • andriceb

    Sandra you are an enigma. They man was speaking of the same old bush policies......Dressed up BS is still BS.

    McCain has used the same analogy. Just because Palin made that low class analogy in comparing herself to a dog now everyone wants to get particular.

  • candycane

    Obama knows they're full of ish, and as long as he keeps calling the media out on their ish, he'll be ok. He knows it BS, catnip for the media to make a big deal out of nothing.


  • Mississippi16

    @ Krysi J

    I beleive with all of my heart that they are going to try to pull some foolery.

  • Sharonda

    Lol, I swear people getting dumber by the minute.

    The Republicans, and this is true, switched up the meaning of the word and published it somewhere onto a heading and said that Obama "Pig With Lipstick," which was NOT what Obama said.They (the Republicans) mixed up and thought Obama was calling Palin a pig with lipstick.But what he actually said is what someone said up above.It wasn't even sexist and it wasn't even made to Palin.And that meaning is nothing new.And THAT is how somewhat Obama's favoritism on the polls went down.I can't believe some people, but hey it's the world we live in!

    I can't believe people can't decipher English though!Are we speaking the same language?Or I guess we was born yesterday.

  • missnee

    Sandra...why don't you correctly report what the pig in lipstick comment was actually refering to? You are doing the same damn thing as FOX news when you state that he compared Palin to a pig. UMMMMMM HELLO??????? he wasn't even talking about Palin, but McCain and his policies. I think you need to watch the full original clip