Why is Janet Jackson wearing padded suits on her Rock With U Tour? Is there any particular reason for the extra padding or is she seriously trying to front like she's gaining weight again?

We know she can't sing, but doesn't Janet have any faith in her talent or dancing skills? Why resort to these silly stunts for attention?

  • LovelyLady

    Auntie tsk tsk tsk --------------->>>>>>

  • leat

    why the Janet HATE! i thought it was just a throwback look when I first saw it! Cant sing? WOW!

  • LovelyLady

    But bump dat I find the other headline wayyyyyyyyy nore interesting......

    "Sarah Palins daughter caught on video doing drugs"

    Goodness dat family should have a "Trailer Park" reality show when they get dat azz spanke dby Obama in Nov.


    black always does a body like that.

  • CaramelDrop


  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Seeing as the media is calling her fat all over the place I don't think Janet is padding anything. It is well known that she is bootylicious and needs to maintain her weight at a buck-O-five to have a booty that looks even remotely normal sized. She's in the same league as Serena Williams. Quite frankly, I'm jealous.

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    LovelyLady Says:

    But bump dat I find the other headline wayyyyyyyyy nore interesting……

    “Sarah Palins daughter caught on video doing drugs”

    Thank you!!! After a MySpace friend requested it, I finally had to break down and post a blog on those hicks. I definately didn't want to.

  • Candi Apple

    Janet looks good... People are so critical now adays.

  • bloggergirlz

    the angle of the pic got her butt is looking a lil angel lola luv-ish on the cover of the enquirer...

  • karaz

    Umm Sandra, she already dates a snaggle toothed midget, just leave Janet ALONE! *channeling Chris Crocker* She's a human being, leave Janet alone!

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird


    Please forgive me. It seems that the one day I missed your blog (on the road to Jersey that day) you ran my Jon B. story. I hate that I missed it as I wanted to use it as leverage and at least participate in the discussion. But a promise is a promise so......

    Yes Janet does appear to be wearing a padded suit. ;)

  • http://myspace.com/mizz_eccentrik Abhor_

    Sarah Palin's daughter doing drugs is NOT a surprise but not because of her mother but because MOST teenagers do drugs or have experimented with them around that age. I'm getting tired of all of the SARAH PALIN nonsense, all of this exposing her family is just a distraction..Can we get back to the purpose and the REAL issues at hand..

  • spongebobfan

    janet gotta a donk, white folks call that fat??!! plzzzzz

  • PAHairston

    As far as Janet's boyfriend being a snaggled tooth midget, I'll bet that little midget treats her like a queen and probably has some wood that reaches his knees, not to mention all the mullah he has! We black women, most of us, always likes, always wants a challenge, a fine young unworthy, untrusting thang that er other woman wants. But hell, by the time you reach my age (54)a good looking man is no longer yo highest priority considering looks are fading fast, when many of us at this age are satisfied with wood about once or twice a month. I guess I'm pretty much the oldest here posting? Don't worry, if you live long enough, you gonna catch up and hopefully pass me 'cause you have basically two choices, you grow old or you die. Peace.

  • tstiles

    OK...tell it like is is sistah! @ PAHairston. I'm only 25 I agree...I love me som Damita-Jo...Ive been w/ her Good Times!...even did I persuasive piece on her in undergrad
    She looks almost as good as my mum did @ 40 (smile)...mum is 50.
    anwho...Janet is and will ALWAYS be the baddet chick in the game!
    I still love u Sandra though

  • Sharonda

    Janet has always been a chubby girl, but imo, weight in the right areas for her work well.

  • MissGauzzz

    @ PAHairston

    Go 'head Miss Lady tell it...I'm an ole head myself at 45 years young and I will be forever young at heart but I love this blog because the different opinions (especially of the younger set) crack me up! I can always count on a good laugh when I come here...and yeah, ya'll keep livin'...You'll get there because trust...looks do fade!!!

  • karaz

    @PAHairston are you suggesting that short fugly men are more faithful like their non vertically challenged, visually pleasing counterparts? Or are you suggesting that fine men won't treat you like a queen and will always be unfaithful (not that they're mutually exclusive, because women being held on pedestals are also cheated on, but I digress)?

    Because I'm sure you know that's not true, with your experience and all. It almost sounds like your advocating for ugly brothers, as if they're less trifling.

  • NaturalFromHead2Toe

    Well I have read several and I do mean several times that JD's you know what is about only 2 inches.

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    NaturalFromHead2Toe Says:

    Well I have read several and I do mean several times that JD’s you know what is about only 2 inches.


    Well, I heard different. I heard that JD is "gifted." And this comes from a very credible source. :)

  • omina-homina

    she did gain weight from the beginning of this year. I think she uses the padding to contour her figure, and I think it works for her. She'll loose the rest of the weight by the time the tour is over. She's a dancing machine.

    If you followed her during her 'control' era, she did the same thing. She started out a little chubby then slimmed down by the time her tour was over.

    She looks good, nonetheless.

    And as far as the stunt goes, she started doing this 'skit' during her Velvet Rope Tour, and I heard she did it on her tour 4 years ago. It's nothing new. Like all her hits songs she's performing this go around, it's just a repeat of stuff her fans like.

  • omina-homina

    and she may not have the strongest singing voice, but she's an immaculate and exciting performer. A perfectionist, and people like the detail in her shows. Other performers have copied her 'detail'. Her shows are exciting.

  • karaz

    umm ditto@ Sandra's comment. I've also heard the opposite like natural says, but Janet is a freak, I doubt she's dealing with a less than stellar package.

  • omina-homina

    one more thing, and I'm done for the day. The National Enquire is on some old 'repeat/recycled' tip their damn selves. Over the years, how many times have they had Janet Jackson on their cover criticizing her fluctuation in weight? That's old news in itself.

  • Kymystry

    Good Morning Family...

    who cares .. I mean really ... I'd rather her use removable padding .. then undergo some risky albeit stupid hormome injection given by some unqualified drag queen (lola)

  • mizzdallas

    Good Morning!!

    Sandra, back off JANET, you can HATE on BEE & JAY all day every-day, but you will NOT go there on my girl JANET, she is one of the best ENTERTAINERS of today!

    @bloggergirl*** I just finish reading Faith Evans book last night it really and truly is a good read, I cried when reading the last chapter.

  • Kymystry

    @ MissGuazz ... I'll be 45 on Oct 3rd ... Whoooo hooooo !!

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    Kym - so we celebrating on the 13th??

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    oh...ya'll over here!


    KYM!!!!!!!!! YOU AIN'T NO 45!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!

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    hey shay ... cause thats when the Monday Night football game is ...

    I'll be celebrating my B-Day on Oct 3rd .. I'm trying to get a venue together ... when i do .. I'll let yall know .. whoooo hooo

    Hey Divine !! .. Yep .. I will be FORTY FIVE and proud ...
    YAY !!

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    so if yall wanna see my face .. i'm on myspace ...
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  • kwallace577

    morning fam. i am continuing my own protest today against YT here in the workplace. thought about it ALL NITE. i gotta hurry up b4 mz. roz the older black lady get here at 11 a.m. (she's part-time) and send me back to my desk.

    on my way back to business to wreak a little havoc. be right back...

    happy friday.

    and kym stop playing you are 4-5. you betta do it gurl.

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    Yes Kym - that's the night we suppose to watch the game at Sabor with BlackBarbie.

    Girl, I cant get mine either(avatar)...so I just gave up. I set up the account and everything. Then what???? (I'm slow)

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    KYM...YOU BETTA GET IT! 40 is the new 30! I didn't know I added you as a friend! Which one???

    My myspace name is ~Lo Down DivineBrown~ for all my SR family!! Add me!

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    Are ya'll in Atlanta? I just came from there a few weekends ago.

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    @ Divine ... I don't even GO to my myspace page ... let me go there on my phone now ... lol so i can see which Rosebud has me ... I know barbie and Pyt and cutienjersey does.

  • shay1

    Divine - yes we are in Atlanta.
    Did you enjoy your visit?

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    ok ... I logged on .. and my screen name is Kym ... whodathunk ... lol my age on myspace says 39 ...lol .. yall hush .. i'm still 30 suminthin at heart ... lol

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    Shay...UMMMMMM, you know, I could have. But...the clubs we went to were just ok. We went to the drastically over-rated Geisha House on Thursday with the 11 dollar shots. WACK!!!! Friday we went to all of those clubs at the Underground...had fun, I WAS SOOOO GONE! Saturday...we went to some club on Peachtree down the street from our hotel. It had like 3 floors but the crowd was nice but they weren't really dancing! I really wanted to go to Esso's!

    Overall, I've had more fun on previous trips! I come there often to see my sister!

  • MissGauzzz

    Go girl!!! I bet you're gorgeous!!!

  • shay1

    Divine - oh ok.....I agree Geisha House is over rated! Hit Esso's up on your next visit.

  • Sharonda

    JDs well endowed, eh????I knew short dudes be packing!It's surprising how most tall dudes don't be...I need a short man!

  • dakotab

    The outfits are awful, padded or not.

  • Mimiluv2