According to police, former Pistons coach Isiah Thomas overdosed on sleeping pills.

Harrison police were called to the NBA legend's home around midnight last night to investigate a report of a possible overdose on sleeping pills. Police did not indicate how many pills Thomas took.

Thomas was fired as coach of the New York Knicks earlier this year. Two years ago, Thomas was sued by a former Knicks employee who accused him of sexual harassment.

Thomas and Madison Square Garden reached a settlement with the woman last year.

Published reports say the call came in just after midnight, describing a 46-year-old male at the Azalea Circle home. It was not indicated whether drugs or alcohol were involved. Thomas is 47.

New York Knicks officials would only say that Isiah Thomas is fine. (Source)

  • Bird

    Wow, I'm really sad to hear this news. Isaiah is really falling apart. I pray he gets it together before too much more damage is done.

  • sexieblacc

    I agree with Bird. I hope that everything gets better. That's how it is though when you live a life full of luxury for so long and don't have someone to pull you back when you get 'out there'. You do something stupid and BAM! Reality pulls you back with force and the impact isn't fun. He needs support from family and friends....if they are any.

  • prynsexxx

    He isn't dead is he?.......The headline left room for whatever. Isiah overdosed on sleeping pills........but.....

    *singing the hook to Kanye West*

    "when it all falls down"........

  • prynsexxx

    ^my bad.... I read a lil further. LOL

  • kwallace577

    dayum zeke. get better. "i don't give a f**k about those white people." i will never forget when he said that...he already had my vote from back when he was a player but i was like go head chile when he was quoted as saying that...

    dayum knicks organization done drove this man over the edge. with their loosing azzes.

  • KaraZ

    Its easy to overdose on sleeping pills, especially when you're popping the ambien and sleep still isn't coming to you; I think they're some of the worst things on the market. He needs to holla at Jesus so he can give him rest.

  • kwallace577

    ashley todd is a fraud. they just posted it on cnn. she made it up.

  • Krysi J

    "nite nite santa claus"

    Karma is a b*tch, u sexually harassed.

  • goat76

    Smoke a blunt, drink a beer and call it a night.........

  • Peachizz

    OMG I stay away for a couple of hours and this is what happens.. OMG I wish him a speedy recovery.. Please get him the help he needs.



  • keely107


    If only we could spread the news to the world.......there are natural sleep remedies.LOL. This is unfortunate though, people have to realize they make mistakes, learn from them, and keep on living Man.

  • purepisces


    TERRIBLE!!! LOL!! =)

    I think I'll wait for official word on what actually happened before I call Isiah hard evidence yet.



  • pointhimout

    what he need sleeping pills for? so ridiculous. remember when he and magic used to kiss on the lips????

  • ELove

    I can't see Zeke taking himself out... Must've been an accident IF it happened at all ;-)

    @goat and @keely
    HOLLA!!! I got some One-Hit-N-Quit-It that would've knocked Isiah AZZ-Out on contact... F-U-C-K some sleeping pills ;-)

  • Toi

    Isaiah use to be one of my favorite players (with them daisy dukes on) when he played with the "Bad Boys" - Detroit Pistons. That use to irk me when he and Magic use to kiss at the beginning of games. Ugh!

    @Elove - don't forget "Puff, Puff - PASS!"