Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin can’t get any hotter than she is right now.

According to, Sarah Palin is officially a legend —

Hustler is shooting a pron video with a look-alike, titled “Nailin’ Paylin.” The spelling is sic and so is Hustler.

The faux Sarah is Lisa Ann, who “will be nailing the Russians who come knocking on her back-door.” In another scene — a flashback — “young Paylin’s creationist college professor will explain a ‘big bang’ theory even she can’t deny!”

There’s also a threeway with Hillary and Condoleezza look-alikes.

The video is in pre-production, but is being fast tracked for release before the election.

What do you think? Can a vice president run the country and still be a pron star?




  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Hustler’s known for this. They already did the Brady Bunch, The Gov Elliot thing and now this.

    But Lisa Ann? With her fake ass & tits? She is bad though lol.

  • cjlessie


  • Bird

    The main thing is a VP can’t run the country if they are dumb as a box of rocks. Crack rocks.

    I’m really peeved she didn’t give me the comedy I wanted with her panned answers. That debate was boring as heck.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    I’m sorry – she’s hot because she’s being caricatured in a porn???

    Umm….ok…Sandra, I think you have a thing for Palin. That is my official call.


    does sarah wear a lacefront?

  • Bird

    And did she purposely mispronounce “nuclear” like a thousand times or does she really think it’s pronounced “nucular.”


    she needs to take care of that baby and sit down

  • MZN

    lol! oh no! I wonder what the condi rice look alike, will look like…

  • iyonah

    Umm….ok…Sandra, I think you have a thing for Palin. That is my official call.


    I agree

  • DivaMama

    LOL @ PAGES! She does look like she wears one!

  • toosexy

    Really I don’t know what to say about this.

  • Sharonda

    I guess she has experience???Naw, not really.I need a person with common sense and judgement.

    She was such a stut stut stuttering mess.Dancing around questions, didn’t even really answer anything.It sound like a bunch of fluff.

  • Fenix6376

    I am sorry but this crosses the line. SNL’s parody’s are funny but they don’t cross the line of decency. I this is highly disrespectful. If she had some type of sexual scandal that she was dealing with (like Elliott Spitzer) than fine it is fair game. But she does not and is an elected official. I know we are blessed with many freedoms in America, that other countries envy us for, but we should crap on those freedoms by belittling those elected to represent some portion of us.

    Pointing out when she is wrong or when she misspeaks is not disrespectful,but making a porn about her or any other elected official, who has not already sullied their character, is over the line. But of course, this is only my opinion and I am not well versed in the world of porn so I don’t know what may already be existing out there when it comes to other elected officials; and it is really not something I am intersted in researching.

  • Mississippi16

    This is wrong. Whether you agree with (like) the women or not doesn’t give mean she should be reduced to a d%ck sukking ho.

    If someone did this to Michelle O, we would be typing in ALL CAPS screaming through the computer.

  • Anna

    @ Fenix6376 & Mississippi16,
    I totally agree with both of you. I love the SNL skits and even Palins parents enjoy them. This is in such poor taste. This has nothing to do with anything but disrespecting her. Shame on Hustler.

  • Bird

    Mississippi16 Says:

    If someone did this to Michelle O, we would be typing in ALL CAPS screaming through the computer.

    You’re right. I didn’t even take the video seriously enough to comment on it. I don’t know if I would have cared more about it if Michelle was the subject, but I know a lot of people would. Pornos are fantasies were anything goes so I’m not really shocked that someone would take the election on in the way they thought would be most profitable. Come to think of it, Condoleezza’s portrayed in it as well, so I don’t know if it’s a race thing. Through it all one thing remains: