While Sen. Barack Obama has pipe dreams about redistributing other people's wealth, his own aunt and uncle are destitute and living hand to mouth in Boston.

These are the same family members that Obama wrote about so fondly in his book Dreams From My Father. So it isn't like he's not aware of their situation.

Barack Obama has lived one version of the American Dream that has taken him to the steps of the White House. But a few miles from where the Democratic presidential candidate studied at Harvard, his Kenyan aunt and uncle, immigrants living in modest circumstances in Boston, have a contrasting American story.
Zeituni Onyango, the aunt so affectionately described in Mr Obama’s best-selling memoir Dreams from My Father, lives in a disabled-access flat on a rundown public housing estate in South Boston.

A second relative believed to be the long-lost “Uncle Omar” described in the book was beaten by armed robbers with a “sawed-off rifle” while working in a corner shop in the Dorchester area of the city. He was later evicted from his one-bedroom flat for failing to pay $2,324.20 (£1,488) arrears, according to the Boston Housing Court.
The US press has repeatedly rehearsed Mr Obama’s extraordinary odyssey, but the other side of the family’s American experience has only been revealed in parts. Just across town from where Mr Obama made history as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, some of his closest blood relatives have confronted the harshness of immigrant life in America. (Source)

  • http://myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    hmmmm..there are two sides to every story

  • http://www.myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    I bet money Obama, Darlene, Rhianna, and Beyonce have their own shrine of "lightskin" in the panic room of the Sandrarose estate.

    Complete with a carpet facing the east so you can pray in the shrine 6 times a day...I bet chu be lightin' candles getting in the mood and shiet!

    You wake up out of your sleep like ...OBAMA!!!!!! Tell the truth.

  • Anna

    Some family members will never let others know exately what they are going through while others are nothing but leaches.


    i cant wait till he gets in office!!!

    obama 08

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  • ladilovely

    Hell I got family members who live in the projects and who are struggling. Everytime I help them, they go and do the SAME DAM THING that got them in the situation. I refuse to help anyone who refuse to help themselves. Hell Obama was a struggling student when he was made the president of Harvard Law Review. Sandra pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, check your facts before you open your mouth because you are sounding like Eddie Murphy in Shrek. (I may be banned)

  • sali

    According to the American government, charity doesn't start at home....trillions of dollars are being spent on a war that should have never happened yet how many American families are homeless and go to sleep hungry every night??? Americans are going to other countries to adopt children yet American orphanges are over crowded... Why should our next President be any different. :))

  • sali

    I co-sign on #5. I got family in my country who were dirt poor and we helped them get on their feet and what did they do?? NOTHING! Oh wait, they did do something, they continued to call my house and beg for more. My family nipped that BS in the bud. We help those who learn to help themselves.

  • ontaya brooks

    Sandra not to be smart or anything, but why every time that you have something to say about Obama, it is geared toward a negative light. Has he personally done something to you because you seem to have a vendetta against him. What about shady as Mccain, I am sure he is not sleeping on a bed of roses in all of his 7 homes.

  • ontaya brooks

    Sorry about misprint, I meant shady ass Mccain and Palin.



  • prynsexxx

    The phrase:

    "long-lost “Uncle Omar”"

    Says it all. You probably got "long-lost" cousins, aunties, baby mama's, baby daddy's, babies, boyfriends, girlfriends and even "FRIENDS" coming out of the woodwork.

  • prynsexxx

    When he doesn't tax them, that will be help enough.

  • http://myspace.com/shae_camille model_chick78

    I was wondering the same thing to Ontaya. Did he do something to you Auntie ? I don't understand why you only have negative things to say about him. I mean if you wouldn't vote for him if you were a U.S. citizen then okay, cool. That is definitely your perogative, but you act like he ran over your dog or something ! What gives ? I am doing pretty well for myself and have family members who are not but I can't support other able body grown ups and not saying I know his aunt and uncles situation but just because he is successful that does not mean that he has to support others outside his immediate family. I am sure McCain has some hillbilly azz relatives somewhere who he does not even acknowledge. And what about the half sister his wife has that she doesn't acknowledge ?! Remember THAT ?? She claimed to be an only child but Kathleen Portalski angrily came out saying she is her half sister and that Cindy lied !

  • KaraZ

    Southie is nowhere near rundown, it might not be a new building but most housing in Boston, section 8 or not, is old.
    Obama doesn't owe anyone Sugar Honey Iced Tea, except Michelle and his two girls. He cannot be primarily responsible for another grown man, his uncle needs to make his own way in this life. That saying, give a man fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime, applies here.
    The city of Boston has several programs in place for immigrants (mayor's office for new bostonians) to help integrate them into life in a new country; these very same programs have suffered budget cuts under the Bush administration and would continue to suffer if McCain wins. Obama has/is/will continue assisting more than just his uncle and aunt, he's assisting many people's uncles and aunts.

  • Bookworm71274

    The devil is a liar and so is...... ....!

  • Sharonda

    It's like if you not registered to vote you can't complain about the issue.So...there you have it.

  • Steel_Blk_Magnolia

    You can not help everybody. I do not thnk that he and Michelle were/have been in any type of position to help every member of his very large family. Family comes first... and that starts with his wife and kids. One man can only do so much.

  • katgirl33

    Umm, ain't these the same relatives of the Dad he didn't meet til he was 10?

  • cutiechica

    You have got to be kidding me? I wonder if Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Paul Allen whose net worth is over 20 billion dollars according to Forbes help every single family member they have? I do dont think so. That's why they are wealthy. Obama does not come close to their money, and if I'm not mistaken I read that the Obama's did not have nearly as money they have now. They were regular hard working citizens like the rest of us. So what if they chose to not help every family member out? Who really does that? We can only help others who help themselves. How do we even know if these folks are not estranged relatives? Most likely they are since they are trying to bring him down:-( before his big day. Give me a break.

  • babysoft15

    If only you weren't on the outside looking in, attempting to judge a situation you have no real knowledge of, but I guess it wouldn't be that interesting if more media outlets reported accurate information! It's funny that this information is being reported from public record and not from the family members directly!

    What I really want to know is how many of the good people who criticize Obama's plan would turn down some of the "redistributed wealth" coming from these huge companies....huh? I mean me personally I have a problem with the fact that my tax dollars went to bail out AIG, especially when 10% of the bailout went to executive bonuses! I would love to see some of that wealth redistributed to people who really need it, maybe some of the hard working people who lost their entire life savings on Enron. But I'm just one person with one opinion....lol I mean it's not like my name is Joe or anything!!

    OBAMA 08

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=33008939&ref=profile daninicole

    Get a life
    And a man
    Or a woman
    Obama 08!!!!!

  • ANGIE1975

    If that article is looked at in its entirety, it clearly states that Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango donated $250 to his campaign. So things can't be to bad for her, can they.
    Obama should be applauded for taking the time to get to know his black family,these are people he had to seek out.

  • ANGIE1975

    Also remember, Michelle and Barack just finished paying off their student loans last year.

  • terika83

    I really don't want to hear anything else about either candidate until nov. 4th. I'm at the point now where it is overkill...I didn't watch his thing last night either. I'm just ready to vote and have this be over.

  • teecee

    shidiggty no....just because i got coins doesnt mean im going to give it away to distant relatives that i dont know, and neither are you.....

  • cjacque

    # 25 i feel you. i want this to hurry up and be Nov 4. Everything on tv or radio , on the phone( they wont stop calling) is about this election. I want to hurry up and vote and get it over with


    he knows.. he's already started at home, he's nearing the end...

  • http://myspace.com/docjam1 Doc Jam

    Sandra..my love...i really must ask...Are you REALLY going to vote for McCain? Like really?