Beyonce: ‘Both of my dancers are girls’

My readers broke the scoop right here on that one of Beyonce’s two dancers in her “Single Ladies” video is a man.

Then other blogs stole our scoop and ran with it, but it’s all good because at least we know they’re on this blog 24/7.

One of my loyal readers, Linda, informs me that Bey told Power 105.1 DJs Ed Lover and Free that the male dancer in question is actually a female.

She also said she’s not mad at Kanye West for saying that Rihanna was the best thing to happen to her by motivating her to step her game up.

“It’s all from a good place,” said Bey referring to Kanye’s comments. Beyonce then went on to patronize Rihanna with superficial praise, saying, “she’s fantastic and she’s done an incredible job. I love all her records.”

Here’s what Bey said about the dancer controversy:

“That is so silly man, that is silly. Both of the girls are dancers, they’re ballet dancers, and their bodies are unbelievable, just pure muscle. So I mean I guess people were feeling like, her body is just so strong. But that is crazy!”

If the rumors are so crazy, why doesn’t the chick show her face and put the rumors to rest once and for all?

[UPDATED: Nov. 18, 2008 7:56 PM]

Thanks to loyal reader Joy Williams for sending these pics of the dancer in question. Judging from the pics, it’s kinda hard to say. I’ll let you be the judge.


60 Responses to “Beyonce: ‘Both of my dancers are girls’”

  1. 1
    keely107 says:

    Because……….who REALLY cares? Men dress like women all day everyday round these parts.

  2. 2
    Anna says:

    I still believe it’s a dude.

  3. 3
    kwallace577 says:

    why doesn’t the chick show her face and put the rumors to rest once and for all?
    because we said she was a MAN. that’s why. and i for one SAID that is gonna be real real terrible if she turns out to be FEMALE. didn’t i say that? we prolly made that manly looking chick have a complex. at first i was commending her on her tuck…just terrible.

  4. 4
    Amulet says:

    Nothing is wrong if it was a man.

  5. 5
    Anna says:

    Amulet Says:

    Nothing is wrong if it was a man.
    exactely. It just would make more woman want to step it up a notch.

  6. 6
    Amulet says:

    Beyonce keeps a positive atttitude no matter what people throw at her.

    That’s good.

  7. 7
    prynsexxx says:

    I think “the dude” in question is also in Bey’s “Freakum Dress” video.

  8. 8
    intensemocha says:

    If the rumors are so crazy, why doesn’t the chick show her face and put the rumors to rest once and for all?

    Because she doesn’t owe anyone a damn thing-that’s why

    just because you want to know doesn’t make you privy to an explanation or justification-

    Let people be, so many people make the assumption that they have a right to know something just because they ask or they are curious

    When people ask me inappropriate/personal questions a blank stare or silence-usually shuts them up.

  9. 9
    kwallace577 says:

    how did the white girl come about? she was on trl with bey and snl too. her past two performances it has been a white chick….

  10. 10
    shanie says:

    actually I think there was some pictures of the man/girl on media fakeout. But WHO CARES?

  11. 11
    bloggergirlz says:

    i thought it was a man, but it’s a woman…

  12. 12
    bloggergirlz says:

    i saw some pics of her on another site and although she’s “facially challenged”, she’s def a woman…

  13. 13
    BLACKBARBIE404 says:



  14. 14
    Amulet says:

    Dang, y’all hard on that woman. That’s a damn shame!

  15. 15
    melinla says:

    Daily Beyonce post – check :)

  16. 16
    candi21 says:

    Its a (wo)man like the pregnant man.

  17. 17
    BLACKBARBIE404 says:


  18. 18
    iscream says:

    & did one of your readers break the scoop or tell a lie? Other blooger didn’t run with it they actually put the rumor to rest & said that wasn’t a man… but for argument sake I will say the story did start here.

  19. 19
    terika83 says:

    “She” actually performed with Bey on SNL….I didn’t get a good look at her though. I’m not going to call her a guy cause I really don’t know but….I guess….

  20. 20
    terika83 says:

    Lol it’s funny cause I THOUGHT that was why she did that SNL skit where she said “the song is called single ladies…shouldn’t there be three strong beautiful ladies in it?” kind of trying to confirm that the girl is a chick. lol.

  21. 21
    DivineBrown says:


    She’s not a dude, just a little muscular!


  22. 22
    kwallace577 says:

    Dang, y’all hard on that woman. That’s a damn shame!
    we don’t discriminate. we are hard on everyone today.

    mike jackson, tiny, brandy, the cranially challenged guy on the madonna post, mr. droooopy……nobody is free from the wrath of the srose fam today. nobody.

    oh i forgot that scary white woman with the shoe horn face on the atl househo’s show…

  23. 23
    terika83 says:

    I actually started to feel bad, cause guys…what if it IS a woman…can you imagine everyone calling you a man? awww…

  24. 24
    kwallace577 says:

    and for the RECORD dbrown said kim’s face looked like a shoe horn. the last time sandra posted about them…

  25. 25
    DivineBrown says:

    Weezy…shoehorn face, giant squid hair…Draggin Ball Z!

    Terlit water nuts…


  26. 26
    Hermosa says:

    That ain’t no dude. When B was performing on TRL, towards the end of the performance I peeped a massive camel toe on the chick in question. . .It’s a women. . .

  27. 27
    ReadTheBlog says:

    Beyonce is a liar….I don’t know ONE WOMAN, who is a Ballet Dancer and looks masculine in build. Hell even MALE BALLERINAS have a feminine physique!

    Beyonce needs a big glass of STFU…

  28. 28
    bloggergirlz says:

    lol @ hermosa…now i wanna check out the performance to see how you define “massive” camel toe ;)

  29. 29
    kwallace577 says:

    I peeped a massive camel toe on the chick in question. . .
    that is called a “tuck” hermosa…..i kid i kid… it is a girl..

  30. 30
    ReadTheBlog says:

    Massive camel toe? That sounds very Uuber white trash and uncomfortable!

  31. 31
    DivaMama says:

    She is a girl. She is from Boston and I know who she is… didn’t recognize her at first because it has been years, but I know her. She has always been muscular as she has danced all her life.

  32. 32
    teecee says:

    i dont think that chick should have to show her wennie to prove to yall if she is A WOMAN, AND WHAT IF SHES A WOMAN, YALL HAVE HURT HER FEELINGS AND HER CAREER JUST BECAUSE YALL NOSY.

  33. 33
    Hermosa says:

    @ teecee

    I ain’t gotta see her naked. That cameltoe showed me the shape of the pips and errrthang. . .I don’t need anymore proof. It’s all woman!!!

  34. 34
  35. 35
    iscream says:

    I guess CiCi can sympathize with this girl.

  36. 36
    teecee says:

    @ hermosa

    lolol i aint seen all that but i saw the video once. lol but u need to see my 5 yr old niece and 8 yr old lil cousin do the video they got it down pack.

  37. 37
    BLACKBARBIE404 says:


  38. 38
    DivaMama says:


    I’ve missed you guys!

  39. 39
    Hermosa says:

    Hey Diva? I was wondering where you were?

  40. 40
    valpal129 says:

    You can actually on on ****, (if you want) and archive Beyonce dancers Nov 3 article to see pics of the girl in question. still a little manly to me, but who cares!!!

  41. 41
    licia says:

    man or woman who really cares? he or she was doing the damn thang in that video. IMO she/he did better than the main performer as far as dancing.

  42. 42
    toosexy says:

    ok, this girl makes me sick, but I do love disappear, ok, **** said after researching ,that it was a girl they put up some more pics of her they said she was a ballet dancer. I don’t know but in those pics she didn’t look so manly in the face, but in the video it’s not only her body but she looks manly.

  43. 43
    toosexy says:

    ok is that not her same stupid face !

  44. 44
    Candi Apple says:

    The man in question appeared with Beyonce on the SNL show this past weekend. I don’t think it make a difference because shim can dance. And it is not Beyonce’s place to out that man/woman if he/she told the world that he/she is a woman. That could turn his/her life around. Its easier for people to speculate than to actually know the hard truth.

  45. 45
    Island Princess says:

    I am sorry but that is a tranny. I am 100% sure. No, she does not need to prove her sexual orientation and what is in between her legs to anyone. She rocked in the video and she danced better than B and the other female dancer.

    She looks good and some tranny girls look better than the average woman. Sorry, I am just keeping it real. I can pick out a tranny or gay wo(man) from miles away. I love going to the gay clubs.

    I am not gay yet I am bi-sexual. I love the gay clubs because you can dance freaky with a guy and he personally has no interest in you sexually. You do not have to worry about him following you around the club, hoping for an ample opportunity to link up. The gay club is more exciting
    to me anyway.

    B. knows damn well that her dancer is a tranny, what is the big idea? I loved the SNL skit with Justin T. (hint-hint)

  46. 46
    Hermosa says:

    @ Island Princess

    You’re wrong, it’s a women. Like I said before, if it is the same chick that performed with B on TRL, its a woman. Camel toes don’t lie!

  47. 47
    Candi Apple says:

    Its not Bey’s responsibility to out the Girl/Guy if he is a shim.

  48. 48
    Hermosa says:

    @ Candi Apple

    Maybe she felt the need to clear the air bc she is a women.

  49. 49
    DivineBrown says:

    I would be heated if people kept saying I was a man if I wasnt! That’s just a musclar, slightly masculine girl.

  50. 50
    Candi Apple says:

    @Hermosa– Could Be and Could Be Not… Media and Hollywood its all propaganda. Like this is why so many stars hide their gayness. They are all in it for a common goal Money they to pull the wool over common folks eyes. Images are manufactured. That Man/Woman can dance imagine what it would do to his/her career if everyone continued to speculate that she is a man. His/Her career would be down the toilet no matter how well she/he dances. Sometimes the answer is simple and others its not but we all have our right to speculate and throw out opinions. And I say She/He is a man.. Until proven otherwise…

    But, I really was saying it does not matter if she is a man or woman… The post is calling Bey a liar and I state that its not her place to lie or tell the truth about her dancers sexual orientation.

  51. 51
    dblaq says:

    I liked the light skin chick better anyway. I guess my man repellent senses came in.

  52. 52
    missnee says:

    @ Candi Apple

    Gender and sexual orientation are not the same thing.

  53. 53
    mj says:

    what difference does it make if the dancer is a man or woman? get over it!

  54. 54
    ELove says:

    I’m with @dblaq… The Manly-Senses ARE Booming !!! ;-)

  55. 55
    ChokLitFactory says:

    Well these pics don’t look that much like her…but she look good with the haircut. Yah her body is the bizness, I kinda think if she was a dude, B would admit to it tho. But homegirl is FIERCE in the video.

    Sandra, can you post the footage of B and Justin Timberlake on SNL? Thanks.

  56. 56
    Deep Thoughts says:

    The state of our communities is forcing us to speculate about many Black woman and question whether they are men or not. I look at this woman and can’t see how she might be a man. Is it because she’s flat chested? What?. She looks like an everyday dark skin Black person, and quite frankly I am shocked at you Sandra considering you are one yourself, that you would fall prey to the secret attack on Black women that is escalating considering many, Black men are dressing as woman and being exploited in the spotlight. It will get worst and I’m sure it’s touching the lives of many Black woman. I particularly see this with woman in the spotlight. And the spotlight is a more dramatic put accurate reflection of our communities. Why would this woman come forward to say anything she is embarrassed and sad about what she is having to endure. Imagine having family and friends or seeking love under the conditions we have placed her in. That’s why I did not take part in the speculating.

  57. 57
    Sandra Rose says:

    ChokLitFactory Says:

    Sandra, can you post the footage of B and Justin Timberlake on SNL? Thanks.


    I posted that video yesterday. :)

  58. 58
    2bme says:

    I’m going to need some baby pics for this one…

  59. 59
    Detroit48205 says:

    This post is wack…

  60. 60
    Candi Apple says:

    True they are two different things but I am sure its not Bey’s responsibility to tell the world. Thats my point…

    Plastic surgery changed the world. Damn I am in the wrong field.

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