The 4th Annual Dirty Awards ended abruptly tonight when violence erupted at the Georgia International Congress Center near downtown Atlanta.

The 2008 Dirty Awards presented by Radio One's HOT 107.9, started off without a hitch tonight as rap stars T.I., Ludacris, Rick Ross, Trina, Rocko and singer Monica, Diamond & Li'l Scrappy, Common, and others walked the red carpet.

My spies tell me T.I. and Shawty Lo showed a unified front backstage before the event. The two rappers even took pictures together.

But problems began during Shawty Lo's performance when he asserted his ownership of the South. Next thing you know, a chair flew onstage and police rushed forward to restore order.

T.I. promoted non-violence and Peace during his performance. He ended his speech with, "AND YOU KNOW BANKHEAD RUNS THIS!" Just then, Shawty Lo's crew rushed the stage and fists flew. Attendees jumped on top of tables to avoid small fights that broke out near the stage.

According to sources, the police pepper sprayed bloodied Grand Hustle rapper Alfa Mega in order to subdue him. The thick clouds of mace sent guests running to the exits.

This is a developing story...

  • Avanti

    Can't have sh*t!!!!

    And people wonder why other races think we're ignorant! Nice!

    Loving Tip for promoting the non-violence!

  • teeteek

    U can take them out the hood, but u can't take the hood out of the them.

  • dblaq

    teeteek - they weren't taken out of the hood. The entire Dirty Awards is HOOD. I worked with the Dirty Awards when Marsha was in charge. She created it. What really pissed me off as with all the other Ghetto ass Hip Hop awards shows is the lack of respect. I remember where we all artists, nominees, etc. had to sign agreements that there won't be any weapons, weed, cussing, etc. Marsha asked everybody to be on good behavior because they were giving the tickets away to the general public and there were kids in the audience and they suppose to tape the show for DVD and TV show.

    However, the first asshole Big Boi went on stage and said "I am going to Strokers to look at some Pu$$y as he got his award and he said it more than twice. Then everybody just started cussing, Gorilla Zoe ramble some ish as the new BNDH member "F**K with me or F**k you". In the front all the artists started smoking weed. I went to the bathroom people were getting arrested in the them bathroom.

    I say this, I am by no way squeaky clean but I have respect for people especially when they are trying to do something positive for us, Marsha spent a lot of energy in creating these awards every year for the same assholes that disrespected the show and her by not following the stipulations. She put them in place not to be a square but to respect the children and parents, they have sponsors that endorse the awards so that they can happen. We brought Hip Hop so far, where it created a billion dollar empire and it was used everywhere, NOW they managed to discredit and destroy 20 years of work by primitive and ignorant behavior. If you are claiming your hood, you a killer, sell drugs, stay your ass in the hood and kill ya self. Don't f*ck it up for those that eat from this business because we live, breathe and sleep this business and trying to excel and build a reputable name so that it can be passed down.

    I own a web development company as well and I CAN'T even show our portfolio of a lot of HIp HOp projects because they will reject us as a candidate because of our involvement. Now we can't get the same sponsors, advertisers and supporter that we have gotten in the past because of our Hip Hop involvement. We have to create 2 totally separate brand and images for corporate and for entertainment which we never had to do. So yeah this whole thing is bullshyt.

  • Avanti

    @ dblaq

    Its such a shame that some people mess it up for others who are trying to do right and be positive.

    I can definitely respect your position on this mess. Its costs you extra money to develop a new brand, promote it while not associating it your already successful company, and paying overhead costs and sunk costs on both.

  • trina@atl

    n*ggas always got to show out. i live here in atlanta and have never wanted to go to this show b/c i knew it would be filled with ignorance. it is a shame that whenever we have an event and it involves anything surrounding hip hop a fight breaks out or someone gets shot. this is why other races just shake their head at us and show us no respect, b/c we don't even respect ourselves.

  • pointhimout

    so damn dumb. TI would want to sit his runt ass down. if that nigga aint got napolean syndrome. he always tryna step his size four foot off in somebody's ass. stop it i say.

    i'm getting like the news media now; when NESS like this happens, it's not even worth reporting because it's so common, yet predictable. who'd even go to these award shows of relevance anyways????

  • Avanti

    @ pinthimout

    Sandra didn't say Tip was fighting, she said he was promoting "non-violence and peace".

    I would think thats the person we should rally behind and support in this situation rather than try to belittle.

  • dblaq

    It was their camps, but it seems that Tip and Shawty Lo fueled the situation by taking jabs at each other and changing lyrics out in their performances which caused the fighting. However, it is always the same people and it is not a good look for Tip regardless of he says. You need to get your crew under control period. If you say your are a business man act like one, who give a fluck who runs Bankhead!They can have that shithole. I have been in this too long to know how it goes down and yes I use to be one of those that started ish all the time but when get older and learn things. Now I know how dumb it is

  • WeezysBaby

    Glad I did not waste my $50.00 to go to this wrestling match..

  • Doc Jam

    Rap is The new WWF...

  • ChokLitFactory


  • Charles


    When is monicas cd coming out?

  • Alana

    Can't we all just get along?

  • KaraZ

    They like doing hood rat stuff with/for their friends huh?

    Avanti you know TI had a chance to walk away especially since he's about to go to jail, but he had to go running his mouth, what an example for his brood of children.

  • uptopgrl

    Why is Shawty Lo releveant????? And the Dirty Awards are hoodness(is this a word) at its finest!!!!!!

    @KaraZ I totally agree with you TI should have walked away he has much more to loss than Shawty Lo.

  • iyonah

    This is a shame. I need TI and Shawty Lo tojust stay away fromeahc other,its like this ISH won't end until one of them ends up hurt or DEAD. People can't let ISH go these days.

    And the only reason Shawty Lo istalked about is when TI is mentioned,so TIP needs to just shut himout and shut his career down. Just do't getinto incidents and no one willeven pay this GUY any attention.

  • ms.kimba412

    @uptopgrl(#15): If "hoodness" isn't a word - it SHOULD be! I likes it.

  • Kymystry

    I never understood the revelance of this "award" so anyway.

    Good Morn Family .

  • Liberty

    He promotes peace and non-violence by egging on rival crews?

    TIP is just begging for a longer sentence.

  • 2bme

    c'mon TIP is smart he still has beef and he's still hood..however you know he can't be caught up with mess..hence the "why can't we all get along speech" he also knew saying Bankhead would incite an already hostile issue between both long as he's not "directly" involved he's in the clear..all he has to say is he can't control what anyone else does KNOWING his camp rides for but not smart enough

  • Avanti

    I just feel like saying "Bankhead" shouldn't matter.

    I live in Atlanta, trust me...Bankhead is nothing to brag on. I understand the concept of remembering where you came from but its not that serious.

    Plus, the two people whose names are in this crap aren't the ones being physical. Regardless of what anyone says, they are all adults and they should know how to maintain their composure and control their actions. I hold those who got physical responsible. Its not even their beef. If they didn't know it, Tip & Shawty Lo squashed that over a month ago. They were even cordial @ the B.E.T Awards. Attribute the blame the grown ass men who lack the fundamental sense that allows people to "agree to disagree".




  • Liberty

    Saying "Bankhead" does matter since that is how this whole "beef" started.

  • prynsexxx

    I am so sick of dumbass, hoodass, "stating claim on something that AIN'T yours-ass" niggas. How can you say "Bankhead run this", but you about to go to jail. Bankhead run what? That is sooooooo childish. This man just left the court of law after testifying that his "best friend" got shot, over absolutely NOTHING, might I add....and you STILL out here messin' up. I don't think he should do time in jail. He should be in a mental institution. He has about as much sense as The Almighty gave to a wandering eye.

    Same goes for Shawty "one hit wonder" Lo.

    Tell him to get some lotion to rub around his hair line and grab that chair that flew up on stage and have a phuckin seat!

    Where is the "sitchoazzdown" sign-up sheet?

  • ReadTheBlog

    Taht photo is not from last night. It's from the chain snatching incident that happened this summer between TI's crew and Musty-Lo's crew, and you got it off necolebitchie. Sandra, you blog jacking and making up stories now? You know them n*ggas ain't nowhere near friends.

  • Amulet

    They are territorial for nothing, cause neither one of them own a city!

    Lost in their imagination and egos for real.

  • Smokie

    All I really see are two short dudes trying to look cool. If you stacked them on top of each other would they even make a full man? Who cares about short guys squabbing....

  • shanie

    Now they know they need to cut that out. We got a Black President and he is trying to make changes for the good so I feel like everyone should put their best foot forward and do so too. These are the same people that was promoting the vote or die campaign in a positive aspect. So if they can come together for that why cant they come together for an awards show. I am very suprised at TIP overall because ignorance is what got him in the GUN situation and to go fight over who runs what HOOD is retarded its almost like gang banging. Didn't he just testify in court for something similar?

  • terika83

    Wow...shawty lo needs to let it go...T.I. has the south right now...shawty lo will NEVER get it...imo. Please....he's just trying to get more publicity beefing with Tip.