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First and foremost, congrats again to Bow Wow! (Call me, Teresa!) :)

Oh, just to save you some time, Karrine Steffans just keeps the drama going in this video because that's what insignificant people do when they have nothing else going for them.

Anyway, did you hear 50 Cent interviewing Bow Wow on his Shade 45 show on XM radio last night? Fiddy was hilarious! He kept clowning Shad, talking over him and wouldn't let him say his piece. You recall that Bow Wow used to shag Fiddy's current girl Ciara. You ladies don't know that men gossip worse than females. Some guys are inquisitive and like to ask the chick who was better in bed and whatnot. Fiddy sounded like he was hurt last night. He really sounded like a woman scorned. :)

But Bow Wow held his own despite all the hate from the G Unit crew. Bow Wow said he opened a shoe store in downtown Atlanta called Prestigious (I think). Anyway, Bow Wow is diversifying his portfolio which is very smart thing to do when you're a man in his situation!

Props to Zedi over at for the video link!

  • model_chick78

    Ok, so I can't see it at work but I am dying to know you guys WHAT DID SHE SAY ???



  • Charles

    That bitch can have kids she been ran through so many damn times, and why was bowwow fucking her, neither one of them are relevant.

  • DivineBrown

    Fiddy knows she's not a virgin...

    He needs to act grown. Damn...that's been over!

    I cannot see Ciara and Fiddy getting down. Something just doesn't match up. I'm glad they don't go out together...they just seem like a lame couple to me.

    I liked him better with Vivica...but she ruined that.

  • Charles

    And whats the sex of the baby? this is a hot mess situation but i guess gold digging is going well for her, i wonder if she will air bow wow out as being on the DL!

    Good luck to that dirty nasty whore

    speaking of Heara did yall hear her song EXPLODE, that is FIRE!!!!!!!!! she should have released that instead of go girl, which GO'd right of the chartsss

  • Charles

    And fiddy has a radio show? Are people really checking for him like that?

  • HouStar

    I find it hard to believe any man would run up inside someone called "superhead" raw... that thought just disgusts me.

  • DivineBrown

    She is dead wrong...this chick is so classless.

    She prolly has more DNA in her stomach that the FBI database.

    She has a rolodex of DNA.

  • DivineBrown

    "than" the...oopsie!

  • KAT

    um, what da hell is she rambling on about? did i miss the 1st part to this or something? all i've heard about her recently is that she is supposedly pregnant by bow i guess bow wow must have been talking to the media or something? *shrugs shoulders* i'm a little lost i guess....

  • HouStar

    LOL LOL LOL @ Divinebrown...

  • shunda

    Can I have that 7min and 26 sec of my life back please. That chick is nasty and dumb. Wasn't she just talking about her and Lil' Wayne in a relationship. What man wants to get with her. She is just gross.

  • kitty4shigady

    Oh bitch please she always does stuff like this when she has a new book coming out. Next

    50 get a life and grow up you fuckin behind bow wow you have his left overs.

  • Hermosa

    TRUST. . .Men do not talk more than females. TRUST!

  • nolachic

    Contrary to popular belief.. men do..Oh YES they do..I have 3 brothers..

    This chic is delusional (superhead)...she be talkn about these jumpoff of relationships like they have some sort of legitamcy to themm... a mess!!

  • Liberty

    Hermosa how do you know? Are you a man?

  • Bubbles

    Congrats to Bow Wow on his new business and new baby. Clearly 50 and Ciara are not dating. That has been obvious to everyone except the thirsty stans (Sandra included) for at least two years.

    What happened to Bow Wow and Angela Simmonds or was that just another of your factual inaccuracies Auntie? :)

  • KaraZ

    Still processing to see if I give a flying rat's turd about this here tidbit...

  • DivineBrown

    Men flap their gums about who and how many...

    Women discuss more details than men.

    When my friends tell me about some dude, I'm asking questions. Size, technicial ability, stamina, special talents, etc.

  • srv

    Men gossip like biches. It's a fact. Bow Wow is a child and therefore, I expect him to behave as such. For him to put anything on wax when he could possibly be the father of her child proves my point. Karrine is a walking publicity glutton. She claims to not have an interest in spilling her "personal" beans, but historically that is what she has done. For her to bandage it with all that starting from the bottom b-ish is clever but I don't buy it. She's made a life of humiliating (or trying to) men that she has been involved with. She shouldn't be mad that now that she is dealing with someone that we may actually care about, we want to know more about it. I really need to know why Bow would knock her up? I mean, is he serious?

  • starr

    Men talk more than females!!!! it probably doesnt seem like it cuz they open their mouths to anyone who don't need to know.

  • Hermosa

    @ Liberty

    Do I look like a man in the avatar?

    I don't think men talk more than females. . .Like Divine Brown said, women are more techinical. We want to know how fat the vein on the dyck is! Men aren't as technical. Do they talk about who they f*ucked and how good it was. . .no doubt, buy not like women. We could make a conversation of a sexual experience last all night if we could and it would be longer if the man didn't live up to expectations!

  • kwallace577

    You ladies don’t know that men gossip worse than females.
    no i DID know. every time my husband and his 5 brothers get together. it is like one big azz gossip fest. it would be a little on the gay side if they all weren't sibilings finishing each other's sentences.

    if i yell out to a brother in law "whatchall talking 'bout over there?" somebody will yell back "brother talk"....which is the SAME answer the lone sister says SHE always got when they were growing up. if they notice somebody is listening they instantly all together be quiet. a mess.

  • kwallace577

    oh and mama teresa gonna bust somebody azz. either shad's for being a dumb azz if he is a father to the dna challenged spawn of supahead... or karrine herself.

    it is well known teresa caldwell do NOT play about that ole high yellow boy right there. karrine mighta escaped wives and other jumpoffs but let's see what happen when teresa put that columbus smackdown on her azz.

  • KaraZ

    Bubbles, if they weren't dating, they thisclose, special friends if you will, because he is spotted periodically at her Buckhead condo (last time I saw him was BET awards weekend). And their friendship must be great since he purchased that newest car for her.

  • Charles


  • Charles

    kwallace577 Says:

    You ladies don’t know that men gossip worse than females.
    no i DID know. every time my husband and his 5 brothers get together. it is like one big azz gossip fest. it would be a little on the gay side if they all weren’t sibilings finishing each other’s sentences.

    if i yell out to a brother in law “whatchall talking ’bout over there?” somebody will yell back “brother talk”….which is the SAME answer the lone sister says SHE always got when they were growing up. if they notice somebody is listening they instantly all together be quiet. a mess.



  • The Black Katie Couric

    Someone breakdown what supahead says in the video.

    I would play it but I don't think my virus protection can even stop all her cooties from invading my computer!!!

    And what did 50 and Bow Wow say to each other??

    I know I'm being extra lazy today sorry LOL!!!

  • Liberty

    Since you're not a man then I will not TRUST you on that one.

    But I will trust what I've seen from my observations growing up as an only girl. Yes men gossip, just as women do, and they hate on each other, just like women do.

    The only way we differ is in what we pay attention to. There are things that guys will dog each other out about, and women won't even notice it. There are things women will dog each other out about, that men would never notice.

    That's the only difference.

  • DivineBrown

    Just because she's not a man doesn't mean she's oblivious to the way they conduct themselves.

    I think dealing with them all these years makes women a pretty good source of info!

  • bloggergirlz

    i gossip worse than females...most of the time it's obvious w/ women...u usually know who talkes to damn much or who is capable of doing it...most of the time men catch you off guard...

    most men "pillow talk" way too much...

  • kalvonel

    well Liberty said it best. We men do talk (just being honest) as much as women. We just don't talk about the same stuff. Was it good? - Heck yeah man!....That's about as far as it goes MOST times with dudes. Unless it was REALLY that fyah then you may get some details. lol

  • Mspeng

    That was the most boring, repetitious, nonsensical video ever. It was pointless and she just rambled on for the 7 or so minutes without really saying anything. What a waste of time to watch but this still does not prove that Bow Wow is her baby's father.

  • lisa

    Soooooooo Karrine is pregnant? Who is the father; Bow Wow?

  • Hermosa

    Since you’re not a man then I will not TRUST you on that one.

    I didn't say you had to trust me on this. Men talk. . .but women are far more into gossip than men. Just look at this site for example. What is the ratio of female members vs. male members. MEN = BASIC WOMEN=INTRICATE

    Thanks DB

  • mj

    she should really just back off and shut the hell up. i cant even finish the vido because im in like 3 min and she hasnt said anything worth hearing... i missed the point of the video i guess but i cnt take it anymore

  • ReadTheBlog

    wtf is that b*tch talking about?

  • ckarinwhite

    ....all of her brain cells are fried...probably from too much protein....

  • Bird

    Poor Karrine. She's continues to fall in love with the dudes who use her for bj's. I bet a million dollars she doesn't even charge them for her ho duties because she thinks she's their official girl. God bless her.

  • shhhh

    lol, this chick is so funny to me. She really thinks that

    Nobody gives a crap about you Superhead. People care about gossip in general. In your situation we care about the fact that Bow would go up in you raw knowing you're the biggest sl*t in our generation and that your mouth is as big as your that ocean between your legs. That's the interest.

    This chick is certifiable textbook insane. She runs through men like I do sanitary napkins during my menstrual. You would think that 30th birthday party of hers was a reality check enough for her. You would think when Perez put her on blast like he did, that would've been enough. I would like to think those book sale numbers will nail her coffin in 09.

    Anyway, I said a month or so ago right here in Sandra's comments, that Bow's attitude was going to get him in a lot of trouble. I stated that he was going to be in a position where a chick would give him something he can't get rid of. Looks like I was right as with mostly everything else in my life.

  • Doc Jam

    she seems like a nice woman...

  • desco10

    stfu karrine. and bow wow is a foolish yound boy for getting a well known slut preggo. how you go from ciara to this?
    karrine, your 15 mins of fame is UP babe

  • desco10

    and she said shes 30 shits changed. wtf ever... again stf karrine. im mad that i watched that.

  • 2bme

    I truly cannot STAND a needy bytch..Karrine..please do us all a favor and disappear..your looks are fading with each year you get older and you STILL will be alone with all your delusional's pitiful...grow UP

  • Amulet

    I still love ya 50! lol

    And BTW, men do talk more than women. I have 13 uncles, and trust they talk about things that matter more than silly details that women choose to talk about. It's just different levels and capacities of talking.

  • lisa

    I do think men gossip if not more; just as much as women. The difference is that men do it with men (their boyz) and only when men (their boyz) are around; whereas women will gossip anywhere, anytime with anyone around (the person being talked about isn’t around though).

    Essentially, guys are more covert with their gossip more so than women because women are expected to gossip; you know gossiping is a “female thang” so men aren’t going to admit they gossip. Comparatively, women are known to be more emotional than men. Men don't get as emotional as women which is why men tend not to hold grudges like women do. On the flip side of that; men have a harder time articulating their feelings where we women can articulate our feelings ALL DAMN DAY!

  • Amulet

    Okay, I just heard 50's whole show on Shade 45. It kind of turned me off a bit. I feel a bit disappointed in him.

    And disgusted. Do I still love him, maybe tommorrow? ;o(