My readers broke the scoop right here on that one of Beyonce’s two dancers in her “Single Ladies” video is a man.

Then other blogs stole our scoop and ran with it, but it’s all good because at least we know they’re on this blog 24/7.

One of my loyal readers, Linda, informs me that Bey told Power 105.1 DJs Ed Lover and Free that the male dancer in question is actually a female.

She also said she’s not mad at Kanye West for saying that Rihanna was the best thing to happen to her by motivating her to step her game up.

“It’s all from a good place,” said Bey referring to Kanye’s comments. Beyonce then went on to patronize Rihanna with superficial praise, saying, “she’s fantastic and she’s done an incredible job. I love all her records.”

Here’s what Bey said about the dancer controversy:

“That is so silly man, that is silly. Both of the girls are dancers, they’re ballet dancers, and their bodies are unbelievable, just pure muscle. So I mean I guess people were feeling like, her body is just so strong. But that is crazy!”

If the rumors are so crazy, why doesn’t the chick show her face and put the rumors to rest once and for all?

[UPDATED: Nov. 18, 2008 7:56 PM]

Thanks to loyal reader Joy Williams for sending these pics of the dancer in question. Judging from the pics, it’s kinda hard to say. I’ll let you be the judge.

[EDITED: Nov. 18, 2008 6:08 PM]
[UPDATED: Nov. 18, 2008 5:36 PM]

Now that the rumors of Brandy dating Tyrese have been confirmed, we wonder if Brandy will dish about her new man in the upcoming issue of JET magazine?

    R&B Singer has learned from her mistakes and is ready for a comeback.

    After a four-year hiatus, Grammy-winning singer Brandy has turned her tragic experience with the Los Angeles freeway car accident into the inspiration for her new CD, Human, which is slated to be released Dec. 9. Jet magazine caught up with the talented star to get the inside scoop on how she dealt with the ordeal and what’s on the horizon with her new project.

    “I just felt like it was the best title to describe who I am at the end of the day, who we all are at the end of the day. It’s a message that I’m not beyond mistakes, circumstances, any of that,” she said. (p. 44)

JET magazine with Brandy on the cover is on stands now.

Source: Chelsea | EBONY magazine

There’s a freak show going on at Atlanta Hartsfield and the star is YOU! 🙂

A new x-ray machine installed at Hartsfield gives security screeners a lot more than just a glance at what you’re carrying — and I don’t mean weapons or bags.

In fact, I hear the female screeners at Hartsfield jockey for position at the monitor screen whenever ball players go through the machine.

And celebrity photographer FreddyO says he has a friend who works at Hartsfield who plans on snapping a pic of the screen with her cell phone the next time singer Usher walks through the security machine.


Click here if you can’t view the video

The Real Housewives of Atlanta finale is tonight on Bravo network and the full court press for final ratings is on.

Watch NeNe and Kim go off on each other in this totally scripted clip from the Reunion show.

Even without tonight’s ratings, ATL Housewives will likely be the highest rated series of the Housewives franchise.

I guess being tacky, over-the-top, fake, golddigging hoochies really paid off for them in the long run. Who would’ve thunk it? I hear they made 8 grand per episode and stand to make even more cheese on the second season.

Sarah Palin lost the election for VP, but a book deal could net her a minimum $7 million and as much as $11 million.

According to the NY Times, book publishers are courting Palin hoping to sign her to a book deal.

“Every publisher and a lot of literary agents have been going after her,” said Jeff Klein of Folio Literary management.

“She’s poised to make a ton of money,” public relations expert Howard Rubenstein said.

If Palin signs a deal worth $7 Mil, that will be $6,875,000 more than what Barack Obama made on his book deal.

And even if she doesn’t sell a single book, she will still earn $4 million more than Obama grossed from sales of his book Dreams From My Father.



A Saudi billionaire wants his day in court, but Michael Jackson is too sick to give him one.

This, according to one of Jackson’s attorneys who says Jacko is too sick to travel to London to answer a suit claiming he owes an Arab sheikh $7 million.

Excuses, excuses. Jacko has pulled the sick card so many times we’ve lost count!

Al Khalifa’s lawyer, Bankim Thanki, said the medical evidence presented by Jackson’s legal team was “very unsatisfactory” and Jackson’s illness could be treated with a bandage “if the diagnosis is positive.”

“It’s not the first time a sick note has been presented by Mr. Jackson,” Thanki said, also without elaborating.

Al Khalifa’s attorney says his client bankrolled a record label to the tune of $7M and wrote songs for Jacko’s failed comeback album.

The joint venture between Jackson and the Sheik was said to include a new Michael Jackson album, an autobiography, and a stage play.

The autobiography alone was expected to rack up $24 million, and Al Khalifa expected to reap the profits on his $7 million loan to Jacko.

But Jacko’s lawyers say the deal was between Al Khalifa and 2 Seas Records, a venture which never got off the ground.


Thanks to loyal reader K Dub for the tip!

Photo: Reuters Pictures

Guess which popular female blogger was pursued so relentlessly by Atlanta music industry males that she changed all her numbers and won’t give her new numbers to anyone?

The blogger is also contemplating leaving Atlanta.

This is what happens when industry hounds smell fresh blood. They can be unrelenting in their dogged pursuit — especially the married ones. They are the worst of the pack! Lol. 🙂