Photo of the Day: Thanksgiving Hairstyle

This is for those of you who are heading home for the holidays who need that one perfect hairstyle to go with your special Thanksgiving Day outfit and makeup. :)

Thanks Linda!


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  1. 1
    iyonah says:

    Now Linda thsi was worth the tip … tickeled me pink to this – quite different and colorful, its for some hair show right?

  2. 2
    Hermosa says:

    Why is linda stealing from Dirty Mo at YOUKNOWYOUDEADAZZWRONG. . . Sandra, for all the work she be doing for you, she minus will get her own blog!

    Mornin :)

  3. 3
    Bird says:

    Please tell me that was taken at some ghetto hair show and that this girl didn’t actually pay to have that done to her head. My word.

  4. 4
    prynsexxx says:

    That cut is HAWT!!!!

    If only it were jet blk.

  5. 5
    kwallace577 says:

    whoever that is with a bag of skittles on their head need her azz WHOPPED.

    linda is starting to irk the purity mess outta me.

  6. 6
    Charles says:

    SANDRA post that post i found about beyonce stealing from j.lo LOL =p

    ANd that hair is PERFECT i cant wait to wear it!!!!!

  7. 7
    teecee says:

    this is just sad…….

  8. 8
    Hermosa says:

    Charles, how the hell is B stealing from Jenny. They my girls and I don’t see any similarities!

  9. 9
    teeteek says:

    A MESS!!! I wouldn’t get my hair done like that, if it was FREE…

  10. 10
    iyonah says:

    Now Linda this was worth the tip … tickled me pink to this – quite different and colorful, its for some hair show right? – EXCUSE TYPOS!

  11. 11
    melinla says:

    That is ghetto and she doesn’t even have an endorsement contract…
    Anyway – I wanted to say good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving to the Sandra Rose family. I’m thankful for the regulars (Kwallace, prynsexxx, Divine Brown, pagesinadiary, Bird, Hermosa, iyonah, etc.) you guys have gotten me through many a work day. My co-workers think I’m crazy ’cause sometimes I’m laughing and other times I’m cussing at the computer reading your comments.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe.

  12. 12
    missmiami says:

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! That’s country ghetto chic!!!!!!! I’m so embarassed, WE NEED CHANGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13
    keely107 says:

    Lawd!!! Im just happy she didnt label this “local flavor from Decatur”

  14. 14
    jazi65 says:

    Whoever gave this poo child that haircut needs their ass whooped!

  15. 15
    bloggergirlz says:

    wow…speechless…i wonder how much a style like that costs…i might be in the wrong profession…

    charles, i saw that pic…

  16. 16
    iyonah says:

    Morning Hermosa — I saw that on MTO – and Bey looked CUTE in it so did JLO … is it a crime for people to wear the same get up?? I mean if that’s the case then we all are wrong. I don’t know 1 person that wears something and hasn’t seen it in a store or on another person. I don’t care how exclusive a person wants to be- everything is duplicated nowadayas.

  17. 17
    kwallace577 says:

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! That’s country ghetto chic!!!!!!! I’m so embarassed, WE NEED CHANGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
    @missmiami for a minute there i thought that was nc’s VERY own……….

    fantasia barrino. idk WHY tasia came to mind when i scrolled on this pic. but she did. i know i ain’t right. i know i know.

  18. 18
    Candi Apple says:

    I am going to my local beauty shop to get my hair did just like that. That is hot to death. Yall know its true

  19. 19
    Hermosa says:


    That’s what I’m saying too. If it’s a crime for people to wear the same get up or get accussed of stealing, then we gotta take it back way before Beyonce and arrest Riri for jocking Posh’s hair. I don’t care what anybody tells me, Posh started that hair cut and IMO she’s the only one who can truely rock it.

    Or maybe we should arrest Ursher and Neyo and all them other R&B cats for jocking Miguel Jackson…


  20. 20
    shunda says:

    Whoo lord. Her hair is a hot mess and who the heck is Linda? She know she stay on some tips. I am hoping she did that for attention and did not think it was cute. My sister used to gel her ponytail straight in the air so people would look at her. It was so embarrasing

  21. 21
    kwallace577 says:

    but ‘chall know jenny lo lo is somewhere steamed as HELL right now behind that pic with bey in her dress.

    i left the club once back in like 98 or 99 b/c some OLD azz woman had on my outfit. it wasn’t the fact she had on my shiznit. it was the fact that she was a.) at the young folks club KNOWING she was knocking at least 55 (maybe more…) b.) she was doing “our” outfit a SERIOUS injustice and finally c.) nobody grandma should EVER wear iceberg. i remember being mad as HAIL cause i just knew i was working it. no sooner than i hit the dance floor i spotted HER azz with one of her bellies up to the bar.

  22. 22
    DivineBrown says:


    THAT SHIET LOOKS LIKE ASTROTURF! My heart stopped…where is it acceptable to wear this!


  23. 23
    kwallace577 says:

    miguel jackson? you meant michelle jackson? cause you know i am convinced he is a white woman hermosa. LMAO.

  24. 24
    Imalover says:

    LOL at “i spotted HER azz with one of her bellies up to the bar” Kwallace.

  25. 25
    DivineBrown says:

    melinla….Happy Thanksgiving to you too! It feels good to hear positive feeback, instead of whining!

  26. 26
    kwallace577 says:

    @24 she had about five. back rolls too… a hot pink long sleeved iceberg sweater. jlo better be thankful bey is working her dress. ain’t NOTHING like a fat overweight middle aged grandma wearing your shyt. nothing.

    @melinla i missed your thanksgiving wish! aw shucks…thanks so much!

    (((((cyber hug))))

  27. 27
    kwallace577 says:

    um…back to this hair. how do you sleep with a skittles bag (2 of em) glued to your tracks? won’t they rip? get wrinkled? and what kind of glue do you use? elmer’s or bonding glue?

    hairstylists amongst us?

  28. 28
    bloggergirlz says:

    @kawallace…i’m not gonna lie…i thought about fantansia as well lmao…that’s doesn’t look like an actual bag to me…i thought it was airbrushed…i dunno though…

  29. 29
    DivineBrown says:

    I’m not saying you have to look like Conde Rice but this is just too much. TOO TOO MUCH!

    Don’t let your impressionable kids witness this travesty!

  30. 30
    Hermosa says:

    @ Kwal

    I was watching a spanish news program a while back and they were reporting on Michael. The newsreporter was calling him Miguel. That sh!t cracked me the f@ck up and from that moment on, I call him Miguel.

    But for your sake, we can call him Miguelita, lol!

  31. 31
    lexdiamonz says:

    okay this is ghetto as hell i was in GA one time and this dude had a car decorated with freaking Oreo logo’s and all i thought was this nicca better be getting a check from Nabisco cuz he look right stupid…. ummm ummm umm harriet tubman helped us get through the underground railroad for this f*&&ery!!!

  32. 32
    pinky2083 says:

    absolutely ridiculous.

  33. 33
    Anna says:

    prynsexxx Says:

    That cut is HAWT!!!!

    If only it were jet blk.
    I am so hoping you are joking. The back(green) looks like artificial grass. The pink looks like cray paper from a kids party and the hair looks like my furniture duster.

  34. 34
    Doc Jam says:

    she looks like a lot of fun:-)…what’s her myspace page?

  35. 35
    DivineBrown says:

    How come no one mentioned the blonde kinky weave in the back?


  36. 36
    Candi Apple says:

    @Doc Jam

    You can reach her at Skittles@myspace.fool her personal rainbow assistant will help you set a date. Her body gaurd Lucky Charms will accompany you on a night full of fruit flavors

  37. 37
    iyonah says:

    @ hermosa according to the BEY HATERS it is .. but whatever.


    @melinla – thanks, I am thankful for you too. I appreciate all the fam here on SR ..even Sandra w/ the crazy POST!

  38. 38
    kwallace577 says:

    dayumit divine! get outta my HEAD. again i did not mention her b/c i knew somebody up here was gonna say it. yall always say things i think but just skip over.

    i was TRYING to ignore the hail outta goldie locks back there. her nose flare was bothering me.

  39. 39
    iyonah says:

    Now on topic — I just can’t take MOHAWKS on anyone .. I don’t like them personally.

  40. 40
    ELove says:

    How MUCH TIME was spent doing this….
    Or should that be Wasted-Time for this Hair-Do ???
    And LEAVE Fantasia Alone ( I LUV Chocolate Sistas) ;-)

    And Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to EVERYONE… PEACE ;-)

  41. 41
    DivineBrown says:

    LMAO…yes, her whole “Clique” is a mess.

    All up in the damn camera…MOVE!

    Weezy…I sent you a message, LMAO!

  42. 42
    DivineBrown says:

    ^^^WHAT’S SHAKIN’ E??


  43. 43
    kwallace577 says:

    i heart tasia. lord KNOWS i do. i was cheering for her more than i did “gay-clay” and he was one of my classmates.

    but dang it elove(her)…tasia be dead WRONG sometimes. just all out WRONG. kool aid colored hair. performing barefoot without a good pedicure. ill fitting bras. coming out the house looking like she bypassed all her mirrors….these are all crimes tasia has committed. and i let it slide for TOO long. simply b.c she is from up the skreet and reps the n-c.


  44. 44
    DivineBrown says:

    I stopped High Point NC driving from DC a few years back.

    You live in that neck of the woods, kwall?

    You getting up with Kym over the holiday?

  45. 45
    iscream says:

    This looks like an ATL Exclusive…!

    I kid ATL’ers but yeah yall know some of yall (monica & tiny) love them some Kool Aid. This chick sent the stock of Kool Aid ski high.

    Was this hair style done by the guy (bad with names) who designed those boots?

  46. 46
    kwallace577 says:

    high point is about an hour and 15 minutes (give or take) away.

    i HOPE to meet up with my cyber sister kym who is gonna be like 10-15 minutes away. we said we gonna play it by ear. i am going to get relieved of my secretarial duties at 1 p.m. so i can go home and finish cooking my part of dinner tomorrow.

  47. 47
    terika83 says:

    Is she SERIOUS??? Only in the south….

  48. 48
    coaretained says:

    I am so done.. this is not the first time I’ve seen this pic…

  49. 49
    shunda says:

    Can we get another post besides Ms. Taste the rainbow? Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  50. 50
    Seattle Slim says:

    This is why I am natural and aint looking back. *smdh*

  51. 51
    iyonah says:

    Same to you E- Love.

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you all my SR fam!

  52. 52
    prynsexxx says:

    Hey melinla:

    Glad I could be of assistance to ya’. *\o/*

    @Anna #33

    Yeah, I was serious. Her HAIRCUT (quick weave or not) is HAWT……..if it was BLK. No other color would look right, apparently! LOL

  53. 53
    PAHairston says:

    I hope she’s getting a fat check from Skittles. I’m just saying…..


  54. 54
    iyonah says:

    @ prynn – you finally did the cheerleader again – I have been only asking for like 15 post now ..
    thank you very much


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