Monica and Trina at the Dirty Awards last night

From left: Shavon (College Hill ATL), Rapper Diamond with her makeup artist Jai Jai (Dream Face) in the rear

Rapper Trina looking very regal at the Dirty Awards

The Royal couple, Rocko and Monica

Young Dro and Li'l Scrappy are Fresh and Clean

Mr. Shad Moss

A smartly dressed Yung Jock and always elegant Monica

They should have known not to invite Shawty Lo

Rap legend Doug E. Fresh made his entrance

Trey Songz

Photos by Freddy O

  • LB

    Gosh. talk about low budget

    I love Trey Songz tho :)

  • prynsexxx

    Monica's hair, fur and bag are the bizness!

    Is Diamond rocking a pair of "Tyre LaJuan" specials? What store is carrying THOSE boots?

    I see you are back to posting "Decatur Sour Tarts" again.

    Everybody else.................kick rocks.

  • uptopgrl

    HOODNESS at its finest..... Why people Why

  • Avanti

    I'm mad that those "Decatur Flavor" chicks even did this to me. I'm scarred for life!

    Ew. Why did they even let them in?

    No pics of Tip, Sandra?

  • uptopgrl

    One legend in this whole fuckery Doug E. Fresh and I have no words for Decaturs flavor but H.A.M.

  • shunda

    I must confess I used to be in love with Doug E Fresh. I am confused at the significance of these awards. Are they just to honor artist from the south or do they get awards for record sales, top artist or what?

  • uptopgrl

    Ok I am back again sorry this is just a mess, what happend to wearing suits and dresses why are they coming in looking like they just left Magic City and the block.

  • iyonah

    I need to see a better pic of D Woods and Trina.

    Decatur flavour :(

    Mo looks HAWT - hood couture sheek @ its finest! And I mean that as a COMPLIMENT!

    Damn ... if I ever ... man listen, Trey Songz could get it.

    @uptopgrl"what happend to wearing suits and dresses why are they coming in looking like they just left Magic City and the block." - Well it is the Dirty awards.

  • DivineBrown

    Ladies...tight does not equate to fly.

    That chick in the black and pink with the garter looks like she could be Tiny's sister from her daddy's side.

    Is that how it's goin down out there? I mean celebrities are supposed to be the cream of the crop?

    I surely hope that is a fan or a contest winner posing with Slim.

    D.WOODS SHOULD'VE BEEN KICKED OUT OF DANITY KANE FOR THIS OUTFIT ALONE! It makes me so mad, I wanna fight her for just wearing it. This is exactly why Trannies are killing us!

    Trina is getting thick again...and bringing the "Joan Crawford/Mommy Dearest" brow back.

    Clearly Shawty Lo is suffering from Napoleon complex.


    Everyone looks RE-DAMN-DICULOUS!!!!!

  • Kymystry

    ok .. WHYYYYyyyyYYYYYy does Rocko and ScrappyDoo-Doo look like they rolled around in Coffee grinds ..

    Shawty-NO looks like someone took a can of sray paint and painted his "hair" line and beard on. dang he look he and Shad should be doin a Reality show .. Short rappers Big World.

    The rest of that Sambo-Coon-Phuckery ... no comment !

  • dallas214

    Monica looks soo FLYYY

  • Made4Success

    @ Everyone looks RE-DAMN-DICULOUS!!!!!

    I second that, I mean, EVERYONE looks re-damn-diculous! Hood rats, hood rich and hood minded..low class, thumbs down!!!


    why is monica holding her hand funny? thats not a brown diamond is it?


    they are such an odd couple to me and he ruins any picture that they take together.

  • lovezoe

    Trey Songz... That is a fine man. Makes no sense. Whew. He reppin that 2UP 2DOWN every day!


    and they say memphis is country, atl looks just about ass country and what would expect? a show with the word "dirty" in it?

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Hey SR of the mornin to ya :-)!!!

    Okay I'll start off with the good...Keri Hilson looks lovely and flyy per usual.

    Trey Songz is just...delicious. He looks great...the best dressed man of the evening FOR SURE! LOL

    Monica's hair is cute...loves it on her. She can do that...while others simply cannot.

    Rasheeda is gorgeous...the 'fit not so much but she is so pretty who cares about the damned outfit lol! That camo Louie is atrocious...just because it is Louis Vuitton doesn't make it right.

    I like Diamond...I don't like her outfit BUT whatever she is young so she can getaway with it.

    Trina your hair and make-up look great...but why does the dress have to be spandex??? I mean are you going to rock elegant hair and makeup with a spandex dress? Really now...

    No comment on the Decatur flavor...its just too easy.

  • kwallace577

    The Royal couple, Rocko and Monica
    ---------------------------------- m'am.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Trina looked nice for a change - I noticed something different about her face...SHE GOT HER NOSE DONE, and a chin implant!

  • Bubbles

    Monica and Rocko - a royal couple now?!

    What number were they on the Forbes Richest Celebrity couples list ?

  • kwallace577

    i thought you said scrappy was at the mall coping new gear?? that regular shyt he got on look like something he already had on hand.

    and i see jai jai is back. where is her baby daddy oowee?

    are the decatur flavors a gang? i kid i kid. but here in raleigh it seems like any group that is organized, has a name, and has "like minded aspirations" gets classified as a OTHER looks like an organization calling themselves "decatur flavors" are all in the same hoochie state of mind.

    they raped my eyes.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Monica must be really doing bad, dating that little short lepruchaun. And Shawty Lo looks like he is musty all the time. I wonder how many of those people in the pictures are registered to vote, have warrants, are behind on their rent, and are HIV+...

    It's sad that after all our ancestors went through to try to make thing sbetter for us, that this is how we re-pay them - by sticking red tracks of weave in our hair, imitating roosters, and wearing our pants so low, you can see our ashy butt cracks.

    Lastly, if it is one thing I absolutely cannot stand is a grown man in jeans and tennis shoes, and braids. Grow up, and put on some hard soled shoes or a jacket with your jeans, and get a hair cut mu-fugga - DAMN!

  • Charles


    oR DID it get pushed back to the triassic period?

  • shunda

    @read the blog
    I agree with you about them damn braids. I can't stand them. Once you are old enough for a haircut the braids need to go.

    This looks like some forever21, wetseal, rave meets swapmeet mess. There clothes are awful

  • only1fe

    mmm k is it only me or doesnt that 1st pic of "decatur flava" look like D.woods in the blue shorts with her head cocked to the side?? sho does to me!I'm juss sayin..

  • shhhh

    Lmao at Rocko having a Gary Coleman body with a Steve Harvey head + plus severe acne. Wow!

    Gosh this looks as bad as Superhead's birthday party.

    What happen Atlanta! I thought they were suppose to be the "Black Hollywood." Looks more like a cementary.

  • iscream

    I hope the whole day is not about these hood azz awards. Not everybody here is from ATL. & as much as I love Monica's voice she does not I repeat NOT get a pass for that kool aid hair. Tiny got called everything under the bus for having multi color hair but Monica gets a pass. Please! She is a mother and this look is very teenager.

    Maybe the colorful hair is an ATL thing. Like gold teeth (which was popping in NY 10 to 15 years ago)

  • lisa


  • kwallace577

    And Shawty Lo looks like he is musty all the time. I wonder how many of those people in the pictures are registered to vote, have warrants, are behind on their rent, and are HIV+…
    how ironic it is that you bring that up.... mr. lo is long to be rumored to have "the monster." but like mizz benita jankins said on "in living color" you ain't heard that from me. i do not reside in ATL but have many friends and fam that do and that are familiar with this rumor. and IF i am penned as spreading "da gossip" google it.

    i could care less about mr. lo's status.....or his seborrheic dermatitis which is known to afflict many an HIV patient.

    do i feel a medical minute coming on sandra?

  • pointhimout

    i finally get it now. this is atlanta's own players ball. that's what this bullsshyt is. monica, sweetie. stop it. i'm all for supporting your spouse. she shouldve kissed him on the cheek and sent him on his way.

    im not surprised rasheeda was there, it's fitting. this is so bargain basement, i'm surprised to see some of the people there. i guess because it's atlanta, they came on out to show support....

    sad to say but these celebrities are like spoiled babies throwing tantrums, only they're grown ass hell with a lil money.

  • Kymystry

    KWeezy said : seborrheic dermatitis

    Kymystry says: MANGE
    from Old French manjue, from mangier, meaning to eat)[1] is a parasitic infestation of the skin of animals. Common symptoms include hair loss, itching and inflammation, all of which are caused by microscopic mites. Mange is most commonly found in dogs and RAPPERS CALLED SHAWTY-LO.

  • pointhimout

    i dont know sandra for some of these comments because some of these folk are her people...usually posts with monica have no comments, so i'm actually surprised.

    OUCH #26. that was way harsh (and funny).

  • pointhimout

    maybe brandy and monica could do a cd together. V103 played a brandy song and for the first time in history, i changed the station. the lyrics were elementary and it was so annoying.

    i think so many of these artists are trying to record "what's hot" rather than staying true to themselves and making good music.

    I think brandy/monica should do an EP at least..this would've been the good year to do it cuz it marks the 10 year anniversary of their fiyah joint 'the boy is mine.' the EP could be called.......yeah right....aint giving up all my ideas BISHES.....sorry Kim. you're gonne have to rely on dallas austin.

  • pointhimout

    ***********for the first time in history, i changed the station on a brandy song...i seldom listen to 103, so it was nothing to change from THAT station. carry on.

  • WeezysBaby

    Sandy did Ms. Shyneka man steal that polo he is rocking?? I know you seen them in the ajc as well as on channel 2 for stealing some polo tops @ Arbor Place Mall too funny

  • Hotstuff

    Princess looks nice!!! Glad to see she's stepping her game up in the right direction

  • terika83

    TREYYYYYYY!!!!!!....awww he's so fine. Helen is a lucky woman.

    *whispers*....Hey and your girl?....we are very would like me if you knew me...wanna see a pic?

    LOL j/k

  • purepisces

    @ Divine

    Girl, you know that's Slim WIFE!!!! I never see him pose with any other female but her.

  • ChokLitFactory

    I am surprised Keri Hilson showed up to this...
    Rasheeda looks gorgeous! She is so pretty!
    Diamond's makeup artist did her thing, she looks good...but no mention of Shavonne from CH, Sandra?
    I will agree Monica's hair look good.
    And lastly, Trey Songz, you are sexy, Baby...u know it!