community member Dblaq wrote this comment in response to my post on the violence that marred the 2008 Dirty Awards last night.

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November 24th, 2008 at 11:16 pm

dblaq Says:

I worked with the Dirty Awards when Marsha [Meadows] was in charge. She created it. What really pissed me off as with all the other Ghetto ass Hip Hop awards shows is the lack of respect.

I remember where we all artists, nominees, etc. had to sign agreements that there won’t be any weapons, weed, cussing, etc. Marsha asked everybody to be on good behavior because they were giving the tickets away to the general public and there were kids in the audience and they suppose to tape the show for DVD and TV show.

However, the first asshole, Big Boi, went on stage and said, "I am going to Strokers to look at some Pu$$y," as he got his award and he said it more than twice. Then everybody just started cussing, Gorilla Zoe ramble some ish as the new BNDH member “F**K with me or F**k you”. In the front, all the artists started smoking weed. I went to the bathroom people were getting arrested in the bathroom.

I say this, I am by no way squeaky clean, but I have respect for people especially when they are trying to do something positive for us. Marsha spent a lot of energy in creating these awards every year for the same assholes that disrespected the show and her by not following the stipulations. She put them in place not to be a square but to respect the children and parents. They have sponsors that endorse the awards so that they can happen. We brought Hip Hop so far, where it created a billion dollar empire and it was used everywhere, NOW they managed to discredit and destroy 20 years of work by primitive and ignorant behavior. If you are claiming your hood, you a killer, sell drugs, stay your ass in the hood and kill ya self. Don’t f*ck it up for those that eat from this business because we live, breathe and sleep this business and trying to excel and build a reputable name so that it can be passed down.

I own a web development company as well and I CAN’T even show our portfolio of a lot of HIp HOp projects because they will reject us as a candidate because of our involvement. Now we can’t get the same sponsors, advertisers and supporter that we have gotten in the past because of our Hip Hop involvement. We have to create 2 totally separate brand and images for corporate and for entertainment which we never had to do. So yeah this whole thing is bullshyt.



  • sharnell


  • Avanti


    If you can, answer this:

    When you speak with people in the industry about the foolishness, what the hell is their justification for the ignorance? Whats the point of jeopardizing their livelihoods, safety, opportunities, and longevity?

  • lnp03

    Danny is so right! The music industry has changed so much. Hopefully, we can get the passion and hustle.

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  • iyonah

    passion, hustle, motivation - its like no one is doign it for the love of the art anymore its all about the $ ...

    Well said Dblaq .. well said.

  • Kymystry

    Kudos' DBlaq ... it's time to end all this petty bullschit.. I mean what is it about anyway .. what does it perpetuate .. take a look at the Hip Hop Pioneers .. when they "battled" .. it was for Rap Suprememcy .. NO ONE DIED !
    Now hip Hop is dying ... in record numbers.

  • kwallace577

    dblaq came up on here and spoke his mind for real. well said.

    yes @kym as i have been preaching up here for ions....hop hop is already dead imo. it stands for the wrong mess now. which is sad. i feel sad for my 13 yo daughter and my 19 yo niece who will never know a time when music was just

    disappointed in big boi btw. he just lost major points with me and i have been a fan since day 1 : (

  • kwallace577

    sorry my bad for my typo. yt was looking...**hip hop...**

    anyway this is a sad day for us as a people after such a significant event happened not even a month ago (election) and we go out and act a fool like this last night..... we gots to do better.

  • carmelita79

    That was the BEST post I ever read. He summed it up perfectly

  • licia

    well said dblaq. we need more like you in the world.

  • MZN

    Well, what do you expect with a name like DIRTY AWARDS?

  • MZN

    When Sandra first posted it, I knew it would ghetto. You can't expect much from these n*ggas... Because that is just what they are... n*ggas. No respect for themselves or each other. They belong in cages.

  • MZN

    You can tell Marsha worked hard putting this together. It seems like the place they had it in was real nice. I feel bad for her. I know that was probably one of the biggest let downs. Well, never mix n*ggas with business...

  • pointhimout

    i guess. i like big boi. that was crazy of him to do/say though, i'll admit. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. he wouldve NEVER gone to the grammys and said that. no way. LA Reid and every other exec wouldve been up his ass for that foolishness. you'd think i'd our own events is where we'd be the most respectable and have pride, but nooooooooooo....that's the perfect time to act like the monkeys we claim we're not.

    i dont know man. it's like you people dont know how to act and you definitely lack self respect. when this lady started this award show, the people turned it into the ghetto splaboovian fest it is today. it's evident this is what these type of people do. me personally...i wouldn't have attended the very first one, but that's just me.

    i was watching soulja boy sweet 18 on MTV; i could not believe how much that lil young dude was cussing..ON TV. i was just looking at the screen speechless. my grown ass woulda been cognizant of my mom seeing it, my one living grandmother and other family. for him to cuss so freely like that and think it's words.

    not my kind of people.

  • pointhimout

    so MZN, would you say the saying 'there are black people and there are niggers' is true?

  • melinla

    Well said. Too bad the people that need to hear it won't take the time to read it.

    What we need to do is hit these FOOLS in their pockets. If we don't buy their cd's or support their causes they will fad away.

  • The Black Katie Couric

    well said!!! Hopefully it won't fall on deaf ears

  • kalvonel

    Well said! Hip hop died as soon as we the consumers started supporting all that "look at me and what I have" rap. don't get me wrong - I luv hip hop, but if your whole CD is just about how "bad/gangsta" you think you are or about all the money/cars/women you unfortunatly think matters. then trust I left that trash on the shelves. No one can rightfully denounce a person or even the behavior of a person if they continue to support that person or their actions. and if you bought their CD: you are in support of all that artist does.

  • model_chick78

    I agree with everyone else. Well put and it is about time SOMEONE stood up and said something about this foolishness ! We are SO quick to clown the "man" when we are our own worst enemy !

  • terika83

    He's or hip hop awards are ALWAYS discredited....stated as being "ghetto"....not appreciated or respected, but everyone can show up to the "white" awards and be on their best behavior...This is not some backyard cookout. This is a representation of Hip hop and some of the people in it, in which a lot are black. How do people expect people to respect them and what they do if they don't respect themselves and their OWN accomplishments? Smh....tell it dblaq.

  • Bird

    Truer words were never spoken, but this was inevitable in Hip Hop. Rappers lyrics are full of murder and mayhem so that is what they attract. Ain't nobody with class trying to go to some third rate southern hip hop award show because they know what is going to happen. I love me some Lil Wayne and would kill to go to one of his shows, but I am afraid of what might happen. Not only would I possibly have to dodge bullets, but I have to worry about whether or not his drug addict ass is going to show up. Hip Hop is a joke.