Last night I got a call from a trusted and very credible insider who gave me the scoop on the story behind Ciara's remix to Beyonce's "Diva".

Although I can't give you the particulars of what my source said, I can tell you that Ciara recorded the "Diva" remix on Friday night and released it online on Saturday ahead of (and to build anticipation for) her new single due out on Jan. 5.

My source said Ciara's remix was in response to a subliminal diss by Beyonce in Bey's song "Diva".

My source told me that Ciara actually started the beef months ago by continuously talking trash behind Beyonce's back to others within that tight inner circle that you and I aren't privy to.

Word got back to Bey who handled it in her own non-aggressive way by simply ignoring Ciara.

If you read my Ciara Diaries, then you recall I told you that, according to insiders, Ciara had gone Hollywood on them and was "out of control." CiCi even went as far as to say she was a much bigger star than Beyonce -- and even Rihanna.

On September 30, Ciara released a track titled "Go Girl" that was supposed to be the first single off her now shelved album Fantasy Ride.

On the track Ciara sings,

    Call me 'Cici', let's go, and I know that you see me,
    Can't be just like me, (and you) can't make that happen,
    'Cause I am the original and YOU ain't got that swagga

Welp, Bey responded with a diss of her own, putting CiCi firmly back in her lane:

    How you gon' be talkin shit?
    You act like I just got up in it,
    Been the number one diva in this game for a minute

On her remix to "Diva", Ciara brashly responds:

    Lot of people talking ish, I don't really give an ish,
    I ain't going nowhere,
    This diva here for a minute

What do you think? Are words between two non-talented, non-singing women even worthy of being called beef at all?

  • dj_dceezy

    hilarious. who would even notice this

  • jazi65

    It's a lame attempt at having a 2 lil girls fightin over a lollipop...CiCi would kick bey's (_'_) though LOL..

  • yvonne79

    Ciara's a diva? Wow, I didn't know that. Interesting....

  • mizzdallas

    This is me just being messy I would like to see Ci-Ci kick the ish out of Bey, Im just saying WWE & Kick Boxing style

  • Rell

    Come on Sandra! Ciara and Beyonce has no beef and most of your pathetic cry for attention in the Ciara Diaries show just how fake you are. All this beef is that you liked Beyonce (until she shut your attempts to get close with her down), and then when Ciara dropped this Philana chick you started hating Ciara! Ciara said herself that she loves Beyonce and supports her and everytime they run into each other its all love! She also said princess alien Rhianna is a sweet girl!! You are trying to stir mess up and its pointless! Leave bey and Ci alone, because clearly you hate them, and we get it! Damn just get over it!!

  • Bubbles

    The only thing that is more pathetic than this non-existant beef (that exists only on the internet) is that bloggers actually expect us to care.

    Aren't there any star studded events in Atlanta that Auntie Sandra should be out getting the scoop on?

  • DivineBrown

    Ummm this is beyond ridiculous!

    And made up!!!

    Beyonce has nothing to prove. And we all know Hov is the king of remixes, don't make Hov and Bey go in on this chick!!!

    Lol...that sounds so stupid.

  • Sharonda

    What?I don't knwo about this, but if it is true they both need to sit down.Egotistical broads :roll:

  • lialin

    i dont know about any beef and quite frankly could care less... however i must say i HATED that diva track when bey let it loose... the video was cool but the song... talk about dogs howling she was the worst! and i just heard Ciara's version of it and i think bey should've just given her that song because it flowed better with her mono-tone voice... its definitely better than Go Girl... i actually like the song diva... well Ciara's version anyway

  • eastpointvet

    cici body looking great in that photo i tell ya

  • Krysi J

    NOOoooo, 2 R&B singers serving it up on wax!! This is about to be Goo...

    some of the stupid-ish shyt you've ever paid attention to, NEXT!

    Both of 'em LAME for "DIVA" the track and "DIVA" the remix

  • Peachizz

    This is all sensationalized!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iscream

    I think this just might be true. CiCi album just got pushed back and she is dating (i guess) 50 who is the king of controversy. He knows to sell an album you need to come for the one at the top's neck so I can see CiCi trying and then Jay writing the Diva song for his wife bc he is after all the person Nas ate up in... ETHA. Can't have that happen twice to one family.

  • Lisa

    Ciara needs to focus on Ciara and stay clear of rapping over another artist new single. That shyt is for rappers not R&B chicks. Had to be someone that told her this was a good idea. Had to be someone that said girl this will bring hype to your new CD. This is just tacky.

    I think both ladies are talented. There is plenty room for them all. However if your light-skinnededed with pretty eyes your chances for cross over appeal makes you more marketable (Beyonce, Rihanna). Ok that was a tacky joke. but the bottom line is stand out, be different. We get that most artist were inspired by Michael and Janet, but try some originality please!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Sandra, I'm like you - both are equally wack. If this is true... OOPS, excuse me, I just almost tried to make sense of this foolishness. BBL :-)

  • pinky2083

    I like Ciara but she has nothing on Bey.. I can't even believe she would go there. TEAM BEY!

  • Black Bauer

    >eastpointvet, YOU AINT LYING!!! Her body is outta control in that pic.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Stop the presses dammit, didn't Sean Garrett write the song?

  • Daisy

    @Coo B is always trying to take credit for writing a song she didnt write. I heard CiCis version on another site and her version is better to me because she sounds natural and believable. I find it funny when B tries to be hood and hardcore. I am an AKEYS stan although most think I stan for RiRi.

  • Charles

    It doesnt matter


    Ciara is about as relevant as nivea

    I already spoke on this on my youtube, sandra posted the link!

  • Krysi J

    Songs like DIVA from Beyonce is < than any track CIARA ever put her WORST vocals on, because its obvious Bey think she can be HOOD and doesn't have a ghetto BONE in her body! Both of em' need to cut it out. The original song is IRRELEVANT, and so is the dumb aZZ remix.

  • terika83

    Is it exactly verified who Beyonce' is talking about in Diva? My friend ran into Sean Garrett last week and he said he actually wrote it so unless she gave input it may not mean anything. Personally I don't blame Ciara for talking trash since I read she felt some type of way about Bey's "If I were a boy" but she is DEF ahead of herself saying she is bigger and better than Bey and Rihanna...I guess she is using the 50 cent trash on people that are bigger than you to stay relevant.

  • terika83

    *side note…did Ciara change her username to Colleen? lol

  • tbrown

    Both of these songs are WACK. Their grasp of the English language (and bastardizing said language) is just....JUST STOP BOTH OF YOU! :lol:

  • Krysi J

    50 cent formula…talk trash on people that are bigger than you to stay relevant.

    Ummm actually most of those artist weren't selling as many records as 50, and he didn't like them because of their affiliation with Ja Rule (meaning colaborations), as for Ja Rule and Irv Gotti...honestly it was just a matter of time before somebody "jacked dem fools."

  • alexander

    i think they are both hot!

  • KAT
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  • Amulet

    I did think Ciara's song was kind of cocky though.