First Beyonce blatantly ripped off Leyomi Mizrahi's signature ponytail pull, and now Dollicia Bryan -- who isn't famous for doing anything -- is copying the pose. Who's next?

I received this email from a loyal reader who writes:

Hey Sandra,
I just got this email of Bow Wow's ex jump-off Dollicia Bryan winning some video vixen of the year or something. But I laughed at the pic attached because I know there had to be some gay boy on set directing her to do that pose saying "Bitch lay your head back and pull that ponytail and have your face sitting for the gawds honay" LMFAO. I'm a hag so I know what they say, but you and I know that is some drag ball type of stuff gay boys pulling that pony tail. Well I can't hate the pics is fierce. Just found that funny and thought I'd pass it on to you.

  • bloggergirlz

    that's a fierce pose on that bike...

    are people really ripping each other off though...i mean one on my ex guys used to pull my ponytail...does that count?

  • prynsexxx

    Sandra said:

    First Beyonce blatantly ripped off Leyomi Mizrahi’s signature ponytail pull, and now Dollicia Bryan...Who next?


    That Leyomi thing copied took the ponytail straight off the horses ass. That ain't copyin'. That's downright stealin'. NOW WHAT!

  • shunda

    I am going to the hair store so I can get my ponytail pulled lol

  • Kymystry

    HOLLERINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN @ KWeezy .... do that count ...

  • kwallace577

    the stans and nem gonna get us.

  • teecee

    so she created the pony tail that bey stole or that bey made the pony tail famous, cause i know they was wearing pony tails long before bey was on the seen. you know the photographer tells you what pose you are going to do. people act like you show up and do what you want, you cant and wont on a professional photo shoot.

  • kwallace577

    another readers thing with no comments allowed.

    i don't ever pick on the folks in the pics just the celebs in hopes one day sandra will trust us again. look homeless dan a mub...

  • DivineBrown

    Her stomach looks mad cartoonish

    Photoshop wizards worked their magic!!!!

  • kwallace577

    Dollicia Bryan....was she the one who tried to diss bowzers...but was later seen in the background of his tour bus in her jammies? like "i ain't sleeping with that corny azz nukka"....... then video' she had just woke up from sleeping with that corny azz nukka?

    THAT d.bryan?

    just checking.

  • Kymystry

    L.L. look MAAAAA-VOL-OUS !! .. yummy

  • shunda

    yep that would be her

  • DivaMama

    I actually like the picture...

  • Ielon

    DBrown-Her stomach looks mad cartoonish**You know I had to scroll up and look again..that's too funny

  • DivineBrown

    comments off...well lets just post them down here! It just makes me wanna start "roastin" them. Breeds negativity when the comments are off.

    LL looked divine...

  • DivineBrown

    DivaMama...I bout to snap back into my heckler personality! lol

    j/k...that's extreme

  • Candi Apple

    That pose is hot... She looks good and did a good copy. One thing I hate is when someone bites but can't pull it off.

    I watched ANTM one year and they were being photoed with an elephant one girl posed on the leg spectacular picture and pose. The girl who went after her tried to copy the same pose and fail miserably. Miss Thang told her if your gonna copy do better... NEXT

  • iscream

    I just want to know who these "loyal readers" are submitting these pics. I never see anybody name that actually post here. Is Sandra paid by hits or views? I never understood how money is made from blogging. Is it big money?

    & why even post this pic if this chick is a nobody? Stop getting your info from emails and do a little leg work. Giving us 2 day old news.

  • Kymystry

    I got a pic with me and G. Garvin ... I won't post it here .. I'll just save it for my emergency fantasy ... lol



  • DivaMama

    DB... I wish that you would tell me which site and what the name was...e-mail it to me... :)

  • iscream

    I have a pic of when I met MJB but that pic is a few years old. I had just had my son & since I breast fed my tits are HUGE. I remember thinking. Mary must be like this bish has some tigobitties.

  • ReadTheBlog

    That picture is fly, though - drag or not. Beyonce should take notes :-)

  • DivineBrown

    divamama...IT'S PUUUUUREEE COMEDY!!! But, I'm just gonna let it go!

    We don't want no bad ju ju

  • LB

    I dunno about Beywoulf but Dollicia is a bad as hell! :)