The Barack Obama administration isn’t even in office yet and already they find themselves embroiled in a scandal of Watergate proportions! Saturday Night Live couldn’t have written a better skit.

As I reported last week, Obama blatantly lied to the media and the American public during a hastily-called press conference on Dec. 9 following the arrest of Illinois gov. Rod Blagojevich on corruption charges.

Instead of simply telling the truth and admitting that he and/or his team were in talks with the governor about his Senate seat, Obama predictably chose to lie, saying, “I had no contact with the governor or his office, and so we… I was not aware of what was happening” [LINK]

In reality, not only was Obama fully aware of what was happening regarding his Senate seat, but as it turns out, HE was running the show!

Reports are that Obama’s Chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, provided Blagojevich with a list of candidates approved by Obama himself! [LINK]

And guess whose name was not on Obama’s approved list? Jesse Jackson Jr, who was forced to cut a deal for himself through an emissary!

According to a 76-page federal complaint, Blago’s wife was to be appointed to a cushy position on the board of a private foundation in exchange for choosing a Senator that Obama approved of — the drawback was she would have to wait two years to be seated. Of course that did not sit well with Blago who ranted and raved about being forced to wait. [LINK]

Blago is heard on the federal wiretaps ranting that he has to “suck it up” for two years and do nothing and give this “motherfucker [the President-elect] his senator [now]. Fuck him. For nothing? Fuck him.”

Many Obama supporters thought that meant Obama was offering Blago nothing in exchange for choosing the Senator that Obama wanted.

In reality, Obama wanted Blago to wait for “two years” before delivering on any promises so that no one could make the connection back to him (Obama). In other words, Obama was covering his ass, but Blago was not willing to wait that long.

Also on the wiretap, an advisor tells Blago to “be leery of promises for something two years from now”.

In retaliation for not giving him a quid pro quo now and making him wait two years, Blago is heard on the wiretap threatening to give Obama’s Senate seat to candidate #5 (Jackson) — whose name is not on Obama’s approved list.

All of this means that when Obama declared that he was not aware of any “deals” surrounding his seat, he was clearly lying since it was his list that Blago was working from!

Is it any wonder why Blago is strutting around Chicago looking so confident and perky?

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was careful to say that prosecutors were making “no allegations” that Obama knew of any dealings for his Senate seat. But the wiretaps prove otherwise. And there are still over 200 hours of wiretaps evidence that haven’t been released.

Fitzgerald safeguarded his job by wrapping the case up now instead of after January 20 when Obama would have fired him and this case would have been swept under the rug.

Now rumor has it that Obama must fire Rahm Emanuel to preserve the integrity of the transition team, lol.

Here’s a lesson for you kids: lying will get you nowhere. All Obama had to do was tell the truth from the get-go and all of this mess could have been avoided.

Even his hometown newspaper, The Chicago Tribune, has turned on him:

The national media outlets were desperate to portray him as someone about to transcend our politics. But in Chicago he was just a smooth guy on the way up, looking the other way….. [LINK]

[EDITED: Dec. 13, 2008 3:56 PM]

Before I begin, let me reiterate that I do not have any qualms with Muslims in general. What I do have a problem with is Barack Hussein Obama persistently lying about not being one.

Obama has surfed into the White House on a wave of lies. But I guess the color of his skin is more crucial to his supporters than honesty and integrity.

But back to the very un-Christmas card: in all my days I’ve never seen a black & white Christmas card. The words stark, bland, dull and boring are some of the adjectives that came to mind when I saw it.

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, some Muslims do have a particularly detestable regard towards anything Christmas-y. According to a Muslim lawyer, Christmas is the “celebration of evil”.

‘In the world today many Muslims, especially those residing in Western countries, are exposed to the evil celebration [of] Christmas,’ he raged in a sermon broadcast on the internet.

Decorating the house, purchasing Christmas trees or having Christmas turkey meals are completely prohibited by Allah. [LINK]

The cleric then goes on to explain why Christmas is so offensive to him:

How can a Muslim possibly approve or participate in such a practice that bases itself on the notion [that] Allah has an offspring?

Every Muslim has a responsibility to protect his family from the misguidance of Christmas, because its observance will lead to hellfire.

‘Protect your Paradise from being taken away – protect yourself and your family from Christmas.’ [LINK]

This might explain why Obama and his family do not exchange gifts for Christmas, and why they are repairing to the sunny island of Oahu where they will remain ensconced in an expensive beach side rental mansion for the duration of the holidays — far away from any semblance or hint of Christmas.

Having said all that, I must say that I was astonished to read some of the comments yesterday from SR family members who had no clue that Obama plans to deliver a major presidential speech from an “Islamic capital” [LINK]. One reader even emailed me to berate me for not providing a valid source.

Silly me for thinking she could have looked that information up for herself instead of emailing me.

Reports of Obama’s plans to “reboot America’s image” by delivering a “major speech” in an Islamic capital [LINK] has been all over the news for weeks.

In an interview published Wednesday in the Chicago Tribune, Obama said such a speech would take advantage of “a unique opportunity to reboot America’s image around the world and also in the Muslim world in particular.”

Mr. Obama began defining how he intends to do that this week by discussing his plans to deliver a major speech in an Islamic capital, perhaps within the first 100 days of his presidency. [LINK]

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that an American president delivering a speech in a Muslim capital in this post-9/11 era should not be a top priority — unless that president is a practicing Muslim, then that explains everything.

It seems everyone is complaining about Russell Simmons’ pre-paid Visa RushCard.

The NY Times wrote a scathing review of the consumer card, and a loyal reader wrote in to complain about the raw deal she received with her new RushCard.

Maybe Simmons should stop frolicking in the surf with women young enough to be his granddaughters, and pay attention to what’s going on?

Loyal reader Tasha S. wrote:

Hey Sandra,

I am a loyal reader of yours and I just wanted to let you know about a fraudulous situation I recently experienced with the RushCard, Russell Simmons’ pre-paid debit card. I decided to get one of his cards out of support for him because I think its quite obvious the card isn’t receiving the attention they hoped for. So I received my card in the mail and immediately transferred money into the account from my bank. I was going to use the card as a “gas card” only, so I deposited $150 on the card. When I received my email alert from the bank informing me of my recent activity, I noticed that they withdrew $160 from my account, not the $150 that I clearly inputed. So I called customer service and the issue was quickly resolved.

Later, I went to the gas station to use the card for the first time. I spent $26 at the pump, which was on a Wednesday. The next morning I checked my balance on their website and the amount was accurate, also including a $1.93 fee. (I didn’t know that everytime you make a payment they charge you $1.93!) Before I went to bed that night, something told me to check that balance again, and so I did. To my surprise, they had the nerve to charge me again for the same transaction! Again, I only spent that $26 at the pump ONCE, but there were two charges with the same amount from Shell gas station, just on two different days. So I called customer service to address the situation and both representatives I spoke with were beyond rude.

Click here to read more

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Loyal reader Coryonda wote:

Hey Sandra,
Here is a picture of me with comedian, Shang. He was here in Birmingham AL this past summer. Thanks, and I love the site!

Coryonda Ellis

Loyal reader Luxe wrote:

Hi Sandra,

I am an avid fan of yours! I host a nightlife photography blog here and I have been mistaken for you several times when I am in the clubs. But I am writing to ask you for permission for something since you started doing it before I could. Your idea of people with their favorite celeb was an idea I thought of a while back but it would be a picture that I have taken and it would be posted on the site. I didn’t want to start doing it without asking you was it cool, cause I didn’t want you to put my ass on blast! Anyway, check out the site and let me know what you think. And if its ok to host my celebrity pictures…I am actually attaching my celeb pic with Joc, Slim of 112, Plush and several others when I shot Uptown one night while they were there.

Peace, Love, & Luxury,
Have You Been Luxe’d?

Loyal reader Nicole wrote:

I’m a Promoter and have been for about 7 years.. I’ve worked with a lot of Artists and Celebs.. So I’m Usually Not star struck.. But This One dude. I had a crush on when I was In high school.. lol

GIRLLLLLLLL, SLIM from 112. lol. I was so In love 112.. But it was something about SLIM.. And I had a privilege of meeting him and telling him how much I was a HUGE FAN when I was teenager.. lol. I’m so happy to see that he has a solo project ( Which is HOTT) & is showing the world that you can Beat the BAD BOY HIX . He has always been one of my favorites.. Here’s a picture of Me, My son and SLIM @ The DUB CAR SHOW here in Atlanta.

I just wanted to share this with you and Your readers. Keep up the good work.. Be Blessed.

Nicole D..


If you have a photo of yourself with your favorite celeb that you would like to share with our readers, send it to sandra @ (without the spaces). There is a one (1) photo limit on submissions.

Apparently, this is the Christmas card the Obama’s are sending to friends and associates. Notice he’s not on it?

The Obama’s will be celebrating the holidays in an expensive rented beach side mansion at an Oahu Resort.

Did you hear that Barack Obama plans to make his first major presidential speech from an “Islamic country”.

We know there’s no such thing as an “Islamic country” since Islam is a religion. But I guess that’s better than HIM saying he’s giving his speech in a Muslim country, which would again give rise to rumors that the Obama’s are practicing Muslims.

I wonder why he can’t give his speech right here in America where he was elected?

But it gets better. After alleging racism when the media used his middle name, Hussein, during the presidential election, Obama now has no problem with anyone using it. He plans to use all three names when he’s sworn in come January 20.

According to Rihanna Daily, London’s popular X Factor Show has been thrown into “complete chaos” since Rihanna allegedly canceled her appearance.

The show’s bosses are furious that Rihanna has given them so little time to reorganise everything, and they feel rehearsing for her US tour is quite a weak excuse. Rihanna’s people only told them yesterday morning, giving them just two days to reorganise.

But Rihanna’s people are telling quite a different story. According to her rep:

She was never confirmed for the X Factor. She was only scheduled to fly in for the Jingle Bell Ball and the Royal Variety Performance and was always going to be flying back to the US yesterday.

I believe Rihanna’s rep. The haters are coming for Rihanna’s crown only because she dethroned Beyonce and she is the reigning Superstar Diva.

And now the X Factor bosses are claiming that Rihanna was difficult and demanding. Whut??? When have you ever heard of Diva-like behavior from RiRi?

X Factor bosses had already been taken aback by a list of demands from Rihanna that even surpassed those of Britney Spears two weeks ago. Her huge entourage had demanded that metal detectors were set up at entrances to the studios, and no one was to speak to the singer unless spoken to first. Like Mariah Carey and Britney before her, Rihanna was to have sole use of Cowell’s green room as her dressing room. Her rider also included the bizarre request of hard-boiled eggs to be available for her throughout the day at any time.

Is there something wrong with ordering hard boiled eggs? They say that with success comes the spoils — and the haters are never too far behind!!


Virginia Beach prosecutors were forced to drop extortion charges against a longtime friend of Detroit Pistons guard Allen Iverson.

Investigators would not go into details about the nature of the extortion, but they say Andre “Arnie” Steele, 38, called Iverson’s lawyer in Virginia Beach and threatened to expose information about Iverson to the media.

Police said, “He contacted the attorney and demanded either money and/or property and said if his demand was not met he was going to do something the victim would not like.”

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Phillip C. Hollowell tried to delay Monday’s hearing until the completion of the NBA season — saying he and Iverson had not had a chance to discuss the case.

But the judge in the case declined a request to delay the hearing until the end of the NBA season.

Iverson spoke fondly of Steele in interviews early in his career, saying Steele was like a father figure to him.


You’ve probably seen these pics already, but here’s Jonathan Plummer with his new man.

I guess after dealing with Terri McMillan, anybody is better? I do seem to recall Jonathan saying he wasn’t gay … or maybe that was the other down low liar, what was his name?

Anyway, Jennifer Hudson better watch her man’s friends carefully. He is very much suspect.