Monica wrote:

Hey Sandra these are the photos I just approved for Regions of Rock. I wanted you to have them first. They are sending them to everyone else later. Lil Rocko enjoyed the shoot and Romelo seemed to have fun. Much respect to my entire design team and most of all Derek Blanks for doing this shoot LAST NITE and getting it all ready by 5 this morning to make sure It was all ready for the Christmas holidays!

Thanks Mo!

Orenthal James Simpson has been issued a new inmate number and a new cell in the state prison that he will call home for the next 10 years at least.

O.J. was sentenced to two consecutive 15 year terms with the possibility of parole after 10 years for murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994.

O.J. could have served three years in prison, but he arrogantly turned down a plea deal offered to him by the state attorney’s office.

The world is a safer place now that this dangerous criminal is off the streets.

O.J. Simpson has started his 15 year prison sentence at a medium-security correctional facility in Nevada, following his conviction on armed robbery and kidnapping charges.

State corrections officials have confirmed Simpson was shipped to High Desert State Prison in Indian Springs on Monday, 45 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 61-year-old former American football star was sentenced to at least 15 years in prison on Friday after a jury convicted him of orchestrating a sports memorabilia heist at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino last year.

He was convicted on 12 charges, including armed robbery, on 3 October (08) – 13 years to the day since he was acquitted of the double murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Simpson will be eligible for parole after nine years, and could serve a maximum of 33 years. He is reportedly planning to appeal his conviction.  (Source)

I just got off the phone with rapper Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob, who confirmed rumors that she recently signed a management deal with Ciara’s ex-manager, Philana Williams.

As you know, Williams steered Ciara’s to dizzying heights before Ciara’s career came crashing to earth earlier this year after Williams dropped her.

After shedding Ciara, Williams hit the ground running, signing new British talent Estelle as well as Diamond. Williams also has young singer Tiffany Evans in her stable.

Diamond cited Williams’ past A&R work on Usher and Jay Z’s albums as factors in her decision to sign with Williams.

“I’ve been watching her moves,” said Diamond. “I’m very excited. She’s somebody I want to have longevity with throughout my career.”

Expect a new album from Diamond in June or July of next year.

[EDITED: Dec. 09, 2008 1:31 PM]

According to a 76-page federal affidavit filed against Gov. Rod Blagojevich, the Gov. was told by an Obama aide he [Obama] would give Blagojevich’s wife a job in exchange for Obama’s pick (apparently Valerie Jarrett) for his own vacated Senate seat.

If Blagojevich accepted Obama’s terms, Obama’s pick (Jarrett) would have been chosen for the empty Senate seat.

But Blagojevich is heard on tape complaining bitterly and hurling expletives at Obama allegedly because Obama wouldn’t offer cash for Obama’s pick for his own Senate seat — only a job for Blagojevich’s wife!:

The FBI affidavit said Blagojevich had been told by an adviser “the President-elect can get ROD BLAGOJEVICH’s wife on paid corporate boards in exchange for naming the President-elect’s pick to the Senate. Told by two other advisers he has to “suck it up” for two years, the FBI says it heard Blagojevich complain he has to give this “motherf***er [Obama] his Senator. F*** him. For nothing? F*** him.”

A disgusted US attorney just said he considers Illinois to be the most corrupt state in America.

US attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said the Governor is heard on federal wiretaps trying to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat like he was a “sports agent”!

Gov. Blagojevich was heard on tape saying, “we can’t just give [Obama]’s seat away.”

Fitzgerald said the scope and breadth of the political corruption was “Staggering”. Fitzgerald said Gov. Blagojevich threatened the Chicago Tribune for writing critical articles about the ongoing investigation.

The Tribune allegedly went to the US attorney to complain the paper was being extorted by the governor’s office! Gov. Blagojevich threatened to fire the paper’s editors!

There is breaking news out of Chicago that Barack Obama’s name is mentioned throughout a federal indictment charging 2nd term Gov. Rod Blagojevich with federal wire and mail fraud.

Blagojevich is accused of trying to sell Obama’s vacant Senate seat in exchange for salaries and a position for his wife.

There is word that Obama’s voice is heard on the many tapes made by the feds! The ongoing investigation dates back three years — coincidentally Obama has served in the Illinois senate for three years!

Did Obama cut a deal with the Gov. to buy his Senate seat three years ago???

Obama’s transition team has so far refused to comment. The feds are holding a press conference right now in Chicago!

It’s great to see that all my hard work exposing Beyonce as a fraud is finally paying off! Myra Panache had this to say about Hollywood producers giving a non-talent like Beyonce prime movie roles:

Beyonce being cast as Etta James in “Cadillac Records,” is a perfect example of musical success not transcending into “box office” success. The movie only grossed $3 million dollars. Beyonce also flopped in “The Fighting Temptations,” and she only scored success in “Dreamgirls,” because it was an ensemble cast.

I’m a Beyonce fan but I will be the first to admit, she can’t act and she has terrible diction. Why not cast a “real” African-American actress who has a drama background in this role?

There are so many excellent African-American actresses in Hollywood who could have done justice to the Etta James role yet Beyonce continues to be cast in plum film roles.

She doesn’t even think enough of the acting profession to take classes and learn how to act. Instead, ego and exposure seems to be driving her to land as many acting roles as she possibly can.

Singers, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross and Cher took the craft seriously and their hard work and diligence paid off with Oscar wins or Oscar nominations.

It’s inconceivable to wrap your mind around Beyonce’s upcoming portrayals of Eartha Kitt and “Wonder Woman.”

Usher was fresh off the success of “Confessions,” when he was cast in the film, “In The Mix,” it was a major flop.

Hopefully, Hollywood executives will begin to realize that these non-actors bring no credibility to the screen and they don’t generate box office dollars with their lack of talent.  (Source)

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Loyal reader DJ Excel, who remixed Ne-Yo’s track featuring Michael Jackson over the Summer, wrote:


I was reading your blog and saw that you accept pictures. I was at a Kanye West listening party in NY and so many celebs were there. I am a remixer and DJ. L.A. Reid and Babyface were very gracious enough to take this picture with me.

Here’s another one with Don C. Kanye’s road manager & Ye. (pre-paparazzi lmao!)
*DJ Excel The Mixmaster NYC*

Loyal reader Hanae wrote:

Hi, Sandra,

I love ur blogs and always enjoy checking it out. my name is Hanae. I’m a Japanese girl who live in Tokyo. I was in ATL for vacay where i have some friends there and happened to meet Floyd Mayweather at Lenox Square while i was shopping. He was pretty nice. Hope u like the pic.


Loyal reader Shaun wrote:

Hey, Sandra!! This is a pic of Trae Tha Truth & I @ Club Axis in Fort Worth not too long ago. He was very polite, this is one of about 4 he let me take; take care & keep up the good work!!!


Please note: Fan photo submissions are temporarily suspended due to a backlog of photos already sent in. When submissions resume, readers are limited to only ONE photo per submission. Thanks!

Chicago, Illinois is a hot bed of political corruption going back to the days when the mafia had all the top politicians on its payroll.

Early this morning the feds took Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his chief of staff into federal custody on unspecified charges.

But according to sources, the charges are part of an ongoing investigation into a “pay to play” scandal that may involve Barack Obama’s Senate seat.

Blagojevich was all over the news yesterday for threatening Bank of America if the bank did not extend a line of credit to a factory that laid off 200 employees who are now staging a sit-in.

In an interesting development, the feds tapped phone calls between Blagojevich and other politicians — including Obama — before the November elections. The Tribune reported that the feds believe the Senate selection process for Obama’s seat may be tainted.  (Source)