Remember Diva Davanna from this video? Some of us thought she was a boy, but her mama is defending her baby girl and going OFF on users in her YouTube channel.

Davanna is a cute little thing. But what mother allows her 8-year-old girl to compete in Gay Ballroom contests at 3 in the morning?

If Davanna wins a cash prize then that constitutes income, and in that case, child labor laws comes into play. So why isn't child protective services investigating?

If I didn't know any better I would think this was a skit from Saturday Night Live.

Watch as 5 New Zealand cops fire a barrage of gunshots at a dangerous dog -- and they all miss!

As the hapless cops fire away from close range, the lucky dog scoots to the left, then scampers to the right, and somehow manages to avoid getting hit by the volley of shots.

It's a wonder the Keystone cops didn't shoot each other!

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Loyal reader Fatimah wrote:

These are the two most down to earth celebs that I have ever met, Snoop Dogg and Yung Joc.

Loyal reader Temekia Dae wrote:

This is a photo of Myself, Musiq, and my cousin Kristina. I won a meet & greet with him @ the radio station here in Charlotte (Power 98). Musiq was very down to earth. He shook hands & talked with everyone. He even had breakfast with all the listeners who won. Also LOVE your site. Read it everyday!!!!

Thanks, Temekia Dae

Loyal reader Lijah wrote:

This is me and Monica at the release of the single at Club Luckie. Mo is the coolest most prettiest celeb I've met and she is so cool and down to earth. We talked and danced for like 20 mins. We was tearing up that Lil Wayne Milli. Kandi was cool also, very nice and nice teeth too lol.

Loyal reader Meek wrote:

Hi Sandra,

My name is Meek out of Pflugerville,TX and her are some pics of Dwele and I and Kevin Hart. I think they're stars and I hope you do too.

Have a great week

If you have a photo of yourself with your favorite celeb that you would like to share with our readers, send it to sandra @ (without the spaces).

Atlanta Peach magazine is the latest corporate victim of the spiraling economy.

According to the AJC, an executive from the magazine's parent company arrived at the Buckhead offices Tuesday and informed publisher Elizabeth Schulte Roth and her staff that the magazine was suspending publication.

The Rep then went around the office confiscating the staff's Blackberry's. By Wednesday morning the publication's website was unavailable.

Atlanta Peach launched in 2006 with a splashy party at the InterContinental Buckhead, which I attended. Celebrities included Usher, actress Pamela Anderson and rapper Ludacris, who gave a mini concert before dipping out the back door.

Thanks to loyal reader Tammie (Talking With Tami) for the tip!

As you know by now, Saxby Chambliss won the Senate runoff last night by a wide margin over his Democratic opponent Jim Martin.

The big guns traveled to Georgia to campaign for Martin, including Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. But Barack Obama declined Martin's invite to come to Atlanta despite the fact there was so much at stake for the Dems.

Chambliss credited the Star power of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for his win, while at the same time questioning why Barack Obama didn't come to Georgia to stump for Martin.

"I have no idea why he didn't come down. His people were here. His organization was here. They really did a good job in the general election of turning out people. And whatever their game plan was this time, if he had been here, I have no idea whether it would have worked better."

With Chambliss' win, the Democrats lose out on the 60-vote filibuster-proof, majority control in the Senate that they had hoped for. This means Barack Obama won't have such an easy time pushing his socialist agenda on us.

Maybe Obama didn't come down because he was too busy working out at the gym?

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Loyal reader Len wrote:

I have a bunch of pics for you Sandra, I always seem to have my camera around

-One with Trick Daddy in Publix @ Atlantic Station (apparently he was in town for a video shoot)

-Crystal from Flavor of Love @ a trunk show

Last but not least: Bobby brown @ Lenox

Its ya gurl Len & Brittany (in the last two pics)

Loyal reader Mecca wrote this:

Despite what people say about 50 cent, he is really down to earth and humble, I guess you guys would say, what????, but it's the truth. I really enjoyed talking to him. Umm you think Ciara would be upset about this picture.....ummmm.

Loyal reader Dereka wrote:

My name is Dereka. Jahiem was really cool in the club, gave me a hug and we spoke for a while.

If you have a photo of yourself with your favorite celeb that you would like to share with our readers, send it to sandra @ (without the spaces).

Actress/singer Vanessa Williams poses with her son Devin Hervey after he signed an Allstate parent-teen driving contract yesterday at the Marriott Marquis in NYC. I'm sorry but Devin looks way too young to drive. I would be very afraid if I looked across the way and saw this little boy behind the wheel of a car.  Photo: Wireimage/Getty

LL Cool J and his family (from left) Najee Smith, Samaria Smith, Nina Simone Smith and wife Simone Smith, visit Cirque Du Soleil's "Wintuk" at WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden last week in New York City.  Photo: Getty Image

Fashion designer Rachel Roy attended the premiere of "Australia" at the Ziegfeld Theater in NYC last week.  Photo: Wireimage/Getty

I'm not a fan of actress Jessica Alba at all. But she worked this Dolce & Gabbana red satin dress from their Spring 09 collection! I can see Rihanna giving this dress life!

Oprah greets former ESSENCE magazine editor Susan Taylor as O's BFF Gayle King Looks on at the magazine's tribute to Taylor last night at a private residence in NYC.

Sean Combs and the righteous Rev. Al Sharpton were all smiles at ESSENCE magazine's tribute to Susan Taylor last night in NYC.

Producer-turned-entrepreneur, Dallas Austin shows off his shoe line at The Rowdy Collection Spring Preview Party last night in NYC. I remember when Dallas Austin called me out of the blue earlier this year to talk about something I wrote. I was surprised that he personally reached out rather than have one of his people call. But don't worry, I didn't get the big head. I constantly remind myself that celebs would pay me no mind if it wasn't for this blog.

Rapper-turned-actor LL Cool J spoke during the Grammy Nominations Concert Live rehearsal in L.A. yesterday. That suit doesn't fit him well. Or maybe I'm just so used to seeing him wearing his son's clothes.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty