Some of you ladies have been very hard on my Morning Wood men here lately. It seems I can't post a decent Morning wood without getting complaints from ungrateful readers.

Well, one of my loyal readers says Breyz will shut all that down. She said if you ladies don't find Breyz sexy, maybe you need to leave the DL brothas alone so you'll recognize a real man when you see one!

Breyz is pronounced 'breeze' and he is the perfect package: he's tall, sexy, handsome, an entrepreneur and a fitness trainer. Oh, and he dabbles in modeling and he's a decent rapper too!

Did I say he lives in Atlanta?

Check out his Myspace page (LINK).

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I've been saying all year that Rihanna was way ahead of her competition in terms of personal style and trend setting.

It looks like BET was paying attention!


Rihanna is the ultimate style icon. The girl knows fashion, but she never looks like she's trying too hard. That's why we're honoring her as 2008's Fashion Icon of the Year.

"Growing up, I wore my brother’s clothes, dresses with sneakers, or no shoes at all ... I own over 100 pairs of shoes now." (LINK)

Congrats to Rihanna!

BeYAWNce just won't quit! With 22 days left before the nation witnesses the swearing in of the 44th president, Bey is pulling out all stops to get herself invited to the inauguration.

In what has to be her most blatant attempt yet to get Barack Hussein Obama's attention, she has released a track titled "God Bless the U.S.A." or "Proud to be An American."

As usual, she screams all over the track, annihilating it with her screeching oversinging.

When will she finally realize they don't want her there?


Unlike a Beyonce or Destiny's Child video, I was able to watch this video in its entirety from beginning to end.

It was a pleasure to watch three beautiful brown girls so in tune with their own natural beauty. Especially in this day and age when 100% pure black women are noticeably absent from music videos, television and films.

Images like these aren't what the Jewish run music industry and media wants us to see.

Thanks to loyal reader bellaprincess2007 for sending this in!

Atlanta's own Monica threw a private birthday bash for her fiance Rocko last night at Straits and all of Atlanta's elite came through to wish Rocko a happy birthday. The event was held at the restaurant owned by Mo's cousin Ludacris who turned his restaurant over to Mo for the night.

Family and close friends dined on Asian delicacies in the private upstairs VIP area while guests networked in the lounge downstairs. Even though the party was private, word got out and it was standing room only for the rest of the night. Everyone had a ball!

You might read rumors on other blogs about T.I. snatching up Tiny and dragging her out into the parking lot where a shouting match ensued. But don't believe any of it. Fighting in public is so not like them.

Photos by Alfonzo Mendoza

Straits co-owner, Ludacris, Rocko, Shawty Lo and Monica

T.I. and Monica

Mo and her cousin Luda

Kandi Burruss, Tiny and Mo

The upstairs VIP section was reserved for Rocko's family and close friends

Last night I got a call from a trusted and very credible insider who gave me the scoop on the story behind Ciara's remix to Beyonce's "Diva".

Although I can't give you the particulars of what my source said, I can tell you that Ciara recorded the "Diva" remix on Friday night and released it online on Saturday ahead of (and to build anticipation for) her new single due out on Jan. 5.

My source said Ciara's remix was in response to a subliminal diss by Beyonce in Bey's song "Diva".

My source told me that Ciara actually started the beef months ago by continuously talking trash behind Beyonce's back to others within that tight inner circle that you and I aren't privy to.

Word got back to Bey who handled it in her own non-aggressive way by simply ignoring Ciara.

If you read my Ciara Diaries, then you recall I told you that, according to insiders, Ciara had gone Hollywood on them and was "out of control." CiCi even went as far as to say she was a much bigger star than Beyonce -- and even Rihanna.

On September 30, Ciara released a track titled "Go Girl" that was supposed to be the first single off her now shelved album Fantasy Ride.

On the track Ciara sings,

    Call me 'Cici', let's go, and I know that you see me,
    Can't be just like me, (and you) can't make that happen,
    'Cause I am the original and YOU ain't got that swagga

Welp, Bey responded with a diss of her own, putting CiCi firmly back in her lane:

    How you gon' be talkin shit?
    You act like I just got up in it,
    Been the number one diva in this game for a minute

On her remix to "Diva", Ciara brashly responds:

    Lot of people talking ish, I don't really give an ish,
    I ain't going nowhere,
    This diva here for a minute

What do you think? Are words between two non-talented, non-singing women even worthy of being called beef at all?

Sharell Butler, left, is charged with the deaths of John Hopkins Drago (center) and Christopher Umpierrie

15-year-old Sharell Butler, described as a "baby faced" killer by the NY Daily News, is behind bars charged with the murders of two men.

The lanky, slightly built Butler was arrested Saturday and charged with the stabbing death of 22-year-old John Hopkins Drago, whose mutilated body was found stuffed in a garbage bag next to a dumpster in an alley behind a Bronx building on Dec. 21.

He was stabbed 40-50 times in the head, upper torso and arms according to the medical examiner's office.

The Russian-born Drago had a history of arrests for minor drug offenses and he was estranged from his adopted family which is why he was not reported missing.

An anonymous police source said Drago may have been silenced before he could snitch to police about another murder Butler may have helped carry out.

Police say Butler and Robert Pastore, 19, also in custody, planned a home invasion to rob Christopher Umpierrie, 24, of cash and weed.

But the home invasion went awry and Umpierrie was shot to death. Police say Butler was carrying a loaded handgun on her when she was arrested Saturday.

In addition to a murder charge, Pastore is charged with statutory rape for having sexual relations with Butler who is not old enough to legally consent.

Butler, who is known on the streets as "Lady Red", was led into a Bronx courtroom Saturday wearing a bandage on her right hand and a blank expression on her face.

Butler pleaded not guilty to all charges. Her family members sat somberly in their seats as the judge ordered Butler held without bail.

Butler's lawyer said, "She's just a 15-year-old girl and she's scared. She just wants to be with her mother right now."

After the hearing, her mother lashed out at the news media outside the courtroom. Photographers braced themselves against her displaced anger and frustration which was probably all too familiar to her daughter.

Butler is charged with murder, manslaughter and assault in connection with the death of Drago, and second-degree murder in the shooting death of Umpierrie.

"She's one piece of a work," said a police source of the troubled teenager.

Source 1 and 2

Here's Ciara's pitiful attempt at a freestyle over Beyonce's lame "Diva" track. The link is courtesy of loyal member Charles.

Normally when an artist freestyles over a beat, the beat is at least hot. In this case, the beat and the freestyle are beyond wack.

I've never seen a former superstar fall off this badly.

Here's what Charles had to say:

IT IS HORRIBLEEEEEE! OH my goodness but you know it is her ploy to try to make publicity for her failing career and her failing flop single thats supposed to come out soon, the girl is DONE SANDRA. Also i found 2 reaction vids to it tell me what you think

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Loyal reader Danay wrote:

Hi Sandra,

I hope I'm not too late for the X-mas pics.. I love your site!! This is me in front of my Christmas Tree about to go out!

Danay Wadlington

Loyal reader Raven wrote:

Hey Sandra! Even though Matt is 2 I say this is his first real Christmas because he understands it better! Here is a pic of him and his Favorite Gift. Whom he calls Mr. Rooaaaarrrrr lol. Have a blessed day:)

Loyal reader and member Kymmystry sent this Christmas photo of her 15-year-old son Barron who is 6'-5".


Loyal reader and member Kelli wrote:


this is a picture of my little one [Nia] on Christmas or should I say a picture of the aftermath.... Notice my once beautiful tree in corner with no decorations lol. Hope you had a great Christmas!!!

Loyal reader Natasha wrote:

Sandra this is my daughter I'sis waiting to open her gifts on Christmas Eve. Sandra even though some things that you post I disagree with on them, but as one of your fellow readers out it last week, your blogs are like my cup of coffee in the morning! Immediately upon arriving to work I turn you on and check up on you every couple hours! I must say though you ride beyonce like a pony on Christmas Day! Keep is informed as you always do! Please omit my email address!

Loyal reader Carla wrote:

Hey Sandra,

I had surgery on Monday and feeling kinda crappy so I'm not in this photo with my son. His name is Brandon and he's 2. Santa left a red radio flyer bike with a bell for him and he rides it in circles and rings the bell all day :-).

Happy Holidays!!

Loyal reader Theresa wrote:

Hey Sandra:
Just wanted to share a picture of my little princess (she will be 3 in January) with the blog family.

First photo is of her Christmas eve after we placed cookies and milk by the fire place for Santa. 2nd photo is of her and her dad Christmas morning inspecting the crumbs Santa left behind Unfortunately she woke up with the stomach flu so we were home bound Christmas day (No flicks of me, I never got dressed). She enjoyed all her gifts the best she could. 3rd photo is her trying out her 1st pair of skates.
Great idea and I love your site!

Loyal reader Jeffrey wrote:

My baby (only 42) in doggie years..... She's like, "why me?", Daddy's lost his mind.... hey, g0 dog go!

I first heard about this song yesterday when longtime loyal reader Andre Bernard (whose picture I posted in my Readers Photo of the Day), sent me an email fussing about it.

I wasn't interested enough to look the song up on YouTube. So props to BlogXilla for doing my legwork for me and finding the video link.

Now, as for the song -- which is actually 2 years old, I am not offended by it. I realize it's a parody of the type that funny man Kimmer was infamous for on his talk radio show on WSB back in the day.

i did chuckle at the end when the singer, playing the role of the very Reverend Al Sharpton, went off on Barack Hussein for taking away Al's excuse to continue collecting off of white guilt for the shameless legacy of slave trading.

I'm sure those of you who are offended by this song weren't offended by the endless parodies about George Bush over the past 8 years.

So quit your whining and get used to it. Barack Hussein is a public figure and public figures can be publicly ridiculed and held in contempt.

I've said this before but it bears repeating:

If you think these racist images are bad - wait - it gets much worse ...

If you don’t have thick skin you’d better toughen up. Racism is alive and well - especially here in Georgia. We can’t avoid the racist imagery that’s about to be unleashed upon us and the Constitution gives racists the rights to express their hate.