Can someone tell me why one of America’s most revered historically black colleges has to beg for change to get the water cut back on?

This weekend a rally was held to help Morris Brown College collect money to pay for a $380,000 water bill.

The school collected a paltry $70,000 toward the water bill. Water service was shut off by the city of Atlanta last week for non-payment and the 127-year-old college is about $30 million in debt.

One of the school’s building’s is scheduled for foreclosure on Jan. 6.

The school’s 400 students are currently out on break. But if the water isn’t cut back on when they return to classes next week, the school may be forced to shut down.

Where are the Morris Brown alumni with their checkbooks?

Where are the local celebrities who drive $400,000 cars and make it rain on them h*s every weekend?

This is shameful! You have selfish people like Sean Combs willing to pay the city of New York $1 million to paint the New Year’s Eve ball purple to promote liquor — but he can’t reach into his pockets to save a historically black college?

Obviously there is gross mismanagement of funds by the board members if the school is $30 million in debt.

I’ll have more insider information on this mess tomorrow

It’s all about the purse! Tiny was rockin’ her Louis Vuitton canvas Cruise 2009 bag at Rocko Da Don’s birthday party at Straits last night.

The very popular Cruise 2009 is coated canvas with smooth black leather trim and polished gold metal hardware. The bag features interior flat pocket for cell phone and other small items.

Louis Vuitton pays strict attention to details like the gold zip closure with signature padlock pull and vintage 1929 logo from the Louis Vuitton archives.



Photo by Tammie of Talking With Tami Blog

Loyal reader L wrote in to express her dismay at the comments under my post titled “Put ‘Em On Blast: Rolling Out TV” (LINK):

Hi Sandra,

I came across your blog today after looking up some info on an old musician. I decided to look at your current postings and saw all the beautiful Christmas photos. Then I saw that video. It was heartbreaking and hard to watch. I know people are supposed to be grateful for being given gifts when they can’t afford to buy their own. But I can also see how this could be someone’s breaking point, as you put it. Perhaps mommy really needed her children to believe that she and their community would provide that day.

There are women feeling like that all the time, and they react in all kinds of ways. They have my sympathy.

But that’s not my real point. My heart really dropped when I realized that none of the commenters understood why you posted the video or why PBrown was so upset about what Rolling Out TV had done — even though the letter accompanying the video was very explicit. No one read it. Or if they did no one cared about the point being made. Which to me means no one cared about the bigger harm done to the community and consumed the story as it was fed to them, as they are used to doing.

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Some of you ladies have been very hard on my Morning Wood men here lately. It seems I can’t post a decent Morning wood without getting complaints from ungrateful readers.

Well, one of my loyal readers says Breyz will shut all that down. She said if you ladies don’t find Breyz sexy, maybe you need to leave the DL brothas alone so you’ll recognize a real man when you see one!

Breyz is pronounced ‘breeze’ and he is the perfect package: he’s tall, sexy, handsome, an entrepreneur and a fitness trainer. Oh, and he dabbles in modeling and he’s a decent rapper too!

Did I say he lives in Atlanta?

Check out his Myspace page (LINK).

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I’ve been saying all year that Rihanna was way ahead of her competition in terms of personal style and trend setting.

It looks like BET was paying attention!


Rihanna is the ultimate style icon. The girl knows fashion, but she never looks like she’s trying too hard. That’s why we’re honoring her as 2008’s Fashion Icon of the Year.

“Growing up, I wore my brother’s clothes, dresses with sneakers, or no shoes at all … I own over 100 pairs of shoes now.” (LINK)

Congrats to Rihanna!

BeYAWNce just won’t quit! With 22 days left before the nation witnesses the swearing in of the 44th president, Bey is pulling out all stops to get herself invited to the inauguration.

In what has to be her most blatant attempt yet to get Barack Hussein Obama’s attention, she has released a track titled “God Bless the U.S.A.” or “Proud to be An American.”

As usual, she screams all over the track, annihilating it with her screeching oversinging.

When will she finally realize they don’t want her there?


Unlike a Beyonce or Destiny’s Child video, I was able to watch this video in its entirety from beginning to end.

It was a pleasure to watch three beautiful brown girls so in tune with their own natural beauty. Especially in this day and age when 100% pure black women are noticeably absent from music videos, television and films.

Images like these aren’t what the Jewish run music industry and media wants us to see.

Thanks to loyal reader bellaprincess2007 for sending this in!