PICS: Frank Ski Wine Tasting & Auction (12/14)

Frank Ski and his wife Tanya Ski (left), who heads the Frank Ski Kids Foundation, held their annual Wine Tasting & Auction at their lovely estate yesterday. I’m told the house was slam packed with celebs and VIPs who opened their wallets and purses to donate to the Foundation. In years past, the auction has taken in over $100,000 in one night! The Frank Ski Kids Foundation was formed to meet the financial and educational needs of under-served children in Atlanta and beyond. Many thanks to Tanya and JeNika Thomas for the invite, even though I couldn’t make it.

Tanya Ski

Frank Ski with Warner Musc Group’s Kevin Liles, who attends every year

DJ Spinderella (Salt N’ Pepa)

Singer Ce Ce Penniston

Fashion designer Mychal Knight and Eric Snow

DeShawn Snow and her husband NBA player Eric Snow

Warner Music Group EVP Kevin Liles and his date Erika Jones

Julius Erving and his daughter Dorys Erving attended the Wine Tasting

Julius Erving and producer Jazze Pha

What auto crisis? A local Lincoln dealer donates new cars to the foundation every year

Photos: Mose Robinson/Wireimage/Getty


188 Responses to “PICS: Frank Ski Wine Tasting & Auction (12/14)”

  1. 1
    Amulet says:

    Loves Ce Ce Penniston!

  2. 2
    keely107 says:

    Tell me she wasnt sitting on her daddy lap like that!

  3. 3

    WHOA !!!!!!!!!!
    That is Dr. J’s “Daughter” that is sitting on his lap…umm…ok.

  4. 4

    keely107 Says:

    Tell me she wasnt sitting on her daddy lap like that!
    ****i was thinkin the same thing..are u sure that is his child and not his wife?
    ***deshawn snow should have been there to take notes so she know how a real fundraiser is suppose to go

    someone need to put an ABP out for Jazzepha’s neck ..cause it is MISSING

  5. 5
    Amulet says:

    If that’s his daughter, she is really pretty.

  6. 6
    kwallace577 says:

    no no no!

    Julius Erving and his daughter Dorys Erving attended the Wine Tasting

    no ma’am!!!

    that is his WIFE. sandra is starting ish.

  7. 7
    kwallace577 says:

    go and google dorys erving. as a lifelong dr. j fan i know for a fact that dorys is a WIFE. not a daughter.

  8. 8
    keely107 says:


    U right, Im the fool……..she is noce looking, I thought I was gonna have to call somebody for her to talk to cause that aint no “daddy” relationship!

  9. 9
    iyonah says:

    someone need to put an ABP out for Jazzepha’s neck ..cause it is MISSING


    I want to lol but I can’t – someone please help Jazzepha.

  10. 10
    Sharonda says:

    Daughter?Uhhh I would thought otherwise

    Anyways I love Cece Peniston and I was listening to her the other day.

  11. 11
    shunda says:

    @keely I was thinking the same thing.
    [This comment was edited because it violated our terms of service]

    FYI Eric Snow is retired do to injury from the NBA. My Cavs don’t miss him one bit :)

  12. 12
    kwallace577 says:

    and i’mma let divine handle jazzephatazz. a mouth breather. who only wears slip ons. nobody gets on jazze quite like divine….5..4..3..2..1..

  13. 13

    I didn’t even notice Ce Ce Peniston. I love her too ! Hey they have a casting call out for women in the Charlotte NC area for a reality show. Description says…

    * We’re casting a new docu-soap following a group of 5-7 young African-American women in Charlotte, NC. These women should work together or perhaps be in the same social circle, or belong to the same sorority…something must bond them together. They must be attractive, full of life, and fabulous. But most importantly, they should be willing to allow cameras into their lives to document the drama*

    Wow…since Housewives was such a success we are now “in” huh ?

  14. 14
    ReadTheBlog says:


  15. 15
    CaliGirlinGA says:

    “Real Housewives of Charlotte”…really? Wow.

  16. 16
    Amulet says:

    Jazze Pha get a fitness coach, please.

  17. 17
    mizzdallas says:

    I love me ce-ce penniston, @iyonah I was thinking the samething wtf is his neck

  18. 18
    CaramelDrop says:

    in addition to:

    shunda Says:

    [This comment was edited because it violated our terms of service]

  19. 19
    uptopgrl says:

    I always loved me some Dr. J my crush began when I ran into him at the 30th street station (Philly) literally ran into him.
    I didn’t know he remarried.

  20. 20
    Kymystry says:

    JazzePHAT looks like a gat dayum christmas Ornimate.

    what the fat as hell .. HAIL !! ..

    That Negro is ONE cheese puff away from a coronary .. ole ain’t see his Dyck since he last had a hit.
    I bet if he lost weight .. that SHAWDOW of a beard would actually be a FULL LUSH DARK BEARD .. Ole Milton Burle Snowman lookin Azz !!

    YUCK !!

  21. 21
    CaramelDrop says:

    [This comment was edited because it violated our terms of service]

  22. 22
    Mzsuave says:

    Jazze needs to slow down…he trynna check-out early. Pray for ‘em.

  23. 23
    kwallace577 says:

    well what about jazze? what is his friend? slip on shoes?
    CaramelDrop Says:

    in addition to:

    [This comment was edited because it violated our terms of service]

  24. 24
    Anna says:

    Why was there a need for a glass jar on the floor in front of a cabinet that clearly opens outward? (second pic)

  25. 25
    ReadTheBlog says:

    Dr J and his daughter look like they have an unusual and highly inappropriate relationship. Frank and Tanya need help on may levels. Kevin Lyles is handsome, and so is his dates Birkin…are they still trendy or are people just now getting them when they initially ordered them a few years back?

  26. 26
    CaramelDrop says:

    kwallace577 Says:

    well what about jazze? what is his friend? slip on shoes?

    Phen -Phen (lol)

  27. 27
    Amulet says:

    Spinderella, mama, you should have had your hair done.
    But it’s all good though.

    Thanks celebrities for raising money for the unfortunate.

  28. 28
    kwallace577 says:

    thanks jazze.

    NOW i am gonna have the “weeble’s wobble but they don’t fall down” song in my head ALL DAY behind this here pic.

  29. 29
    iyonah says:

    [This comment was edited because it violated our terms of service]
    LOL …

  30. 30
    mizzdallas says:

    CarmelDrop – I’m glad Im not the only thinking that, Mrs Ski have the wrong choice dress on, she should have been top notch bytch up in there. Plus, macy’ having a sale on there bras I just bought 3 my self

  31. 31
    mizzdallas says:

    Hey! Kym Your giants lost ha!ha! ha!ha! that ish was nerve wrecking… Tony romo did not play that good but the fact he stayed in the game after getting hit in the back shows he was sooo dedicated or he was afraid TO was gonna kick his azz

  32. 32
    Kymystry says:

    Yeah .. My GMen (who clinched a playoff spot lastweek) Lost …


  33. 33
    DivineBrown says:

    ARE YOU…. P H U C K I N G K I D D I N G ME


    HE LOOKS LIKE A DAMN LIFE SIZE BELL PEPPER! He is channeling his inner Prince and the Revolution with that damn bib on. GEEZE…I don’t know why I get so mad when I see him. Damn it…he looks like HE IS IN ACUTE RENAL FAILURE he needs Dialysis right the HELL now!

    I BETCHU HE BREATHES HARD WHEN HE’S ON THE PHONE! Got people asking him did he just run to the car or sumthin…

  34. 34
    DivineBrown says:


  35. 35
    goat76 says:

    Damn Dorys Erving …………Damn….

  36. 36
    iyonah says:

    oh my goodness, I have to walk away from my computer because of this one.

  37. 37
    CaramelDrop says:

    DIVINEBROWN: I BETCHU HE BREATHES HARD WHEN HE’S ON THE PHONE! Got people asking him did he just run to the car or sumthin…

    ((((((breathing hard))))))) YOU GONE EAT JO CONBREAD!!!!


  38. 38
    kwallace577 says:

    i knew divine would get mr. pha(tazz)

    i just knew it. NOT a hard phone breather divine.

  39. 39
    kwallace577 says:

    gonna start to call him mr. pepper b/c of divine. from here on out i herby declare that mr. pha(tazz) is… pepper 2009.

  40. 40
    DivineBrown says:

    I mean really…have you ever seen anything like it? His chin is practically resting on his sternum. Him and Dr. J look like Rocky and Bullwinkle in that picture

    Man…he needs to do something. We do not need anymore tragedies. I really miss Big Pun!

  41. 41
    CaramelDrop says:

    Ms. Ski that wrap aint worth a damn either…Lil Asian chick at the Big T coulda cut you out a wig something fierce… that ish looks like mine this morning AND GOT MY “Mornin Wood” this morn (lol)

    I wonder why Dr. Ian hasnt contacted mr. pha(tazz) for the million pound challange… hell he should account for damn near half of that!

  42. 42
    CaramelDrop says:

    i forgot…..



  43. 43
    DivineBrown says:

    Who didn’t know that was Dr. J’s wife…the way she is ever so disreetly holding that ring out there.

    *eye roll*

  44. 44
    kwallace577 says:

    it is official. divine brown please report to the corner ASAP. iscream is prolly STILL over there writing about how she not gonna compare celebs to puzzy’s no more from late last week. i was helping her, but my hand got tired.

    gonna need for you to write….

    i will NOT call a basketball legend to a moose or a squirrel (don’t know which one he would be…).

  45. 45
    CaramelDrop says:



  46. 46
    kwallace577 says:

    oh and since everyone calling out their team…

    here is my big cat call…..go panthers. big cats. won me some $$ on that right there yasstaday. yes siiiiir…

  47. 47
    kwallace577 says:

    dorys putting that ring out there so she can let wife number one and the yt baby momma know he still got some dough leftover.

  48. 48
    ELove says:

    Dr. J IS a MF-Playa For Real… Old Skool at that !!! ;-)

    WHEN I see Jazze I think of TWO things:
    1) He’s going to EXPLODE right before OUR Eyes
    2) He’s going to FLOAT-to-the-SKY like a Hot-Air Balloon ;-)

  49. 49

    i can hear my baby girl singing now!….standing next to MRS. ERVING ….

  50. 50
    DivineBrown says:

    I mean c’mon! It’s the same as these chicks holding their LV’s all akward in the front of them for paparazzi stalkers to take pics of. When you have the money…you don’t have to front. You don’t see Jada holding her Hermes all stupid.



  51. 51


    just kidding!!!

  52. 52
    shunda says:

    vicky secrets is having a buy one get one 50% off sale.
    LMAO at carmeldrop
    Now just add an oh boy and that would be the perfect phrase

  53. 53
    Amulet says:

    It almost looks like she is holding on to his knee for a good grip on his lap too.

  54. 54
    shunda says:

    I saw pictures of Sheree on another site. She was there looking like one of the usual suspects

  55. 55
    ReadTheBlog says:

    Shanias mom, I was thinking the same thing….she is the ‘who’ in the ‘who’s who’ right? LOL… she probably at the house working on her next fashion show with no fashions…DREADFUL.

  56. 56
    DivineBrown says:

    Ummm, yes. She does look like she’s falling, with her back resting securely on the arm rest of that chair, and nestled so tightly in his lap.

  57. 57
    melinla says:

    You guys are on one this morning. As soon I as saw Mr. Pepper (why wait ’til 2009 lol) I knew it was gonna go down. LOL

  58. 58
    Bird says:

    First of all, that better not be Dr. J’s grown a$$ daughter sitting on his lap like that with that short a$$ skirt on. I actually thought it was his wife and that she was trying too hard for a middle aged woman. Sorry to see my girl CiCi on swole like that. She’s such a pretty lady. I got her on my iPod right now.

  59. 59


  60. 60
    Amulet says:

    We need another Ce Ce to come out.

  61. 61
    DivineBrown says:


    Hand raised up in entire time! If he tried to catch her with her one good hand, she’d rather fall to the ground than risk damage to “her precious”.

  62. 62
    Kymystry says:

    shunda … WHYYYY .. did I JUST get a replacement phone for my black-azz-berry phone !!!! … not even 2 weeks old !!

  63. 63
    prynsexxx says:

    Carmeldrop did:


    *in my Varsity cheerleader coach voice*

    “Uhm what the fukk was that!!!???”

    “20 laps ASAP………and take Jazze’s phat ass witchu!”


  64. 64
    DivineBrown says:



    Not even Velveeta…the KRAFT KIND WITH THE POWDERED CHEESE THAT NEEDS TO BE MIXED. And a glass of milk after!

  65. 65
    Amulet says:

    Mychal Knight, why the pink bracelet?

  66. 66
    Kymystry says:

    Dr J.. and Jazze-Phat look like the Numb “10” …

    Doc is thinking does he REALLY know how fat he is …
    and WHY is there a tacky azz stuffed fish on the mantle I hope JazzePhat knows it’s Stuffed and not with crabmeat.

  67. 67
    prynsexxx says:

    Dbrown said:


    It’s not even Kraft. The box is black and white and says “cheese and elbows”. LOL

  68. 68

    Amulet Says:

    Mychal Knight, why the pink bracelet?


  69. 69
    prynsexxx says:

    Dr. J looks like an older younger Laurence Fishbourne.

  70. 70
    DivineBrown says:


  71. 71
    CaliGirlinGA says:

    LOL – amulet…that’s one of those club bracelets. You know, so everyone know you paid to get in.

  72. 72
    keely107 says:

    Auntie paleez switch the picture……….these crazy folk going to 100 on Jazze today!

  73. 73
    DivineBrown says:

    omg…stop it!

    MAC-N-CHEESE…the kind from Aldi’s. or Green Bean Casserole…no pepper ’cause that would be too spicy.

  74. 74
    Charles says:


    Green bean casserole sounds good!

  75. 75
    Kymystry says:

    Auntie said she sent Alphonso who had a mishap with his camera. ..(where’s Freddy O) ..

    and the “mishap” wasn’t with the camera .. he didn’t have enough memory to FULLY capture JazzePhat in the pic .. and left his WIDE LARD AZZ Lense home

  76. 76
    shunda says:

    because that press screen sucks. What happened to yours?

  77. 77
    dblaq says:

    Ok it is official “Wine” is the new urban trend. If you don’t drink wine you are no longer in the in crowd!

  78. 78
    Amulet says:

    Everybody with a pink bracelet gets free wine.

  79. 79
    keely107 says:

    Kym: (gritting my teeth) tha cona!

  80. 80
    Anna says:

    79dblaq Says:

    Ok it is official “Wine” is the new urban trend. If you don’t drink wine you are no longer in the in crowd!
    They just call it “Wine” tasting for charitable and tax purposes. You know some of them folks was not going to show up if the did not have some dark liquior somewhere. LOL.

  81. 81
    DivineBrown says:


    I’m so excited!!

  82. 82
    Kymystry says:

    @ Shunda … everytime i would TRY to text someone .. the camera would just pop the hail on and I couldn’t get it to go away .. I would have to remove the battery to get it to go away … I tell you .. i was 65% into liking the phone .. and now i have to get used to another one .. and i can-NOT even log into my yahoo acct.. everytime I press “next” on the screen .. the screen zooms bigger and bigger … ARGHHHHHH

  83. 83
    Kymystry says:

    @ dblaq … ain’t NONE of them folk ‘in’ that crowd playin NONE Of my bills or supporting my every growing son .. so .. i’ll stay at the crib .. and sip some koolaide in my WINE GLASS !

  84. 84
    DivineBrown says:

    Don’t get it twisted…wine tastings are the bomb.

    For the novice, it’s a good way to test out your palette.

    For the more experienced and adventurous…it makes for a pretty fun day. They had those in Germany and here in Florida. Don’t sleep. They are fun!

  85. 85
    Kymystry says:

    @ keely .. why u grittin yo teef in da kona ?

  86. 86
    ELove says:

    WAIT A F-ing MINUTE @Kymmy !!!!!
    You HAVE a yahoo account (Really Now) ;-)

  87. 87
    Kymystry says:

    I hear ya DVine … but ya sustah girl here don’t drank .. or sip .. or taste …lol

  88. 88
    Kymystry says:

    YEP … YEP @ ELove(me)

  89. 89
    DivineBrown says:

    They have food and art at some of them Kym.
    Unless, something major happens…I will always indulge in adult beverages and spirits!!!!!!!!!! That’s my pledge!

  90. 90
    kwallace577 says:

    i BEEN on the wine tip! for years now. i can drank it all night and still get my behind up to go to work in the morning. going to total wine tonight on my way to the crib cause i am out.

    my sis who been talking ish about “you are turning into a becky with that wine…you are k i l l i n g me with your wine…”

    dontchu know that heffa came over and polished off my wine during football yesterday??? “this ain’t half bad” she said…on like glass 3-4. LMAO.

  91. 91
    goat76 says:

    I wish I could take my crackhead/alki uncle to a wine tasting…………That sh1t would be a classic……..Weed>>>>>>Wine………

  92. 92
    dblaq says:

    @Kymystry – Why would you want them “playing” with your bills???

    @Anna – No it has become the new trend, I swear I hear so many people talking about wine now and knowing damn as well they never drank wine ever beside Boonesfarm. That **** has just started. What happened to Belvedere? Cristal? Moet? Patron? I guess that is so last year.

    Excuse me while I start the new trend for the Summer of 2009 which will be Water Polo please feel free to join me.

  93. 93
    Mzsuave says:

    holl’n @ goat

  94. 94
    iyonah says:

    ——–> joining dblaq

  95. 95
    DivineBrown says:

    Goat…Depending on how uppity the wanna act at some of the wine tastings, if you are visibly intoxicated, YOU ARE GONE! I’ve been on the cusp and had to pull it together so I could keep going! That’s where I discovered my Beloved Muscato.

    My ex’s father (an older gentleman on a budget) drinks Box wine. I used to go over there with him and we would get so twisted. LMAO!!!!! I’d be going to work the next fatigued and disoriented. I always get a few boxes when we have to shelter for the hurricane’s because you can get so much and it doesn’t take up that much space. But, I don’t like it otherwise

  96. 96
    Kymystry says:

    WHOOOO HOOOO .. i’m in my Yahoo instant mssg ….

  97. 97
    kwallace577 says:

    i turned alot of heads when i started on my wine @dblaq. cause i used to be hardcore with my dranking. yes sir. all my homies, my husband, hail even my MOMMA all had to pick up their faces when i started asking to see “the wine list” went with my momma my female cousins and my aunts to a lil place in va beach and everybody was like “what the hail YOUR alcoholic azz want to see a WINE list for? you know you REALLY want a shot of tequila….”

    i had to let the likka GO. only drink the hard stuff now if i got to. like to stop from killing a child. cause naw a glass of wine not gonna cut it.

  98. 98
    ELove says:

    @goat… GGB >>>>>>> Than ANY KIND of drinking-alcohol ;-)

    I’m with @dblaq…
    BUT can we make it Female Stripper-Water Polo ;-)

  99. 99
    Kymystry says:

    lol @ dblaq .. that was a TYPO … lol .. and there’s NO edit feature on the Rose … it SHOULD have read .. PAYIN my bills !!

  100. 100
    DivineBrown says:

    Wine gives you a nice, solid buzz. It makes me feel just right…It’s perfect when you are trying to create ambiance. (LOL…wink wink)

  101. 101
    ELove says:

    O.K. You ALREADY know my yahoo-id (Start Talking)

  102. 102
    Mzsuave says:

    <<<Also joining Dblaq (just sent you a friend request too)

  103. 103
    Kymystry says:


    in my Parliment Funkadelic voice (neva learned to swim .. can’t get the rythym of the stroke)

    So I’ll NOT be water polo’n … lol

  104. 104
    goat76 says:

    @Suave………..what up lil mama………

    @Divine…….They wouldn’t be able to tell if he was drunk………dis nigga drank corn liquor(ethanol) for a living…….so by the time that wine starts to phase him, the party would be ova anyway, because all the wine would be gone………..

  105. 105
    shunda says:

    What heck water polo. I’m in lol.
    @divine Moscato is the best. I don’t drink often but when I do you best believe it is a glass of moscato.

  106. 106
    shunda says:

    don’t let the crackberry get you down. I am sure they will have more software updates soon lol

  107. 107
    DivaMama says:

    wait, wait… i’m in yahoo too!!!

  108. 108
    kwallace577 says:

    looky here cuzin goat. ain’t nothing wrong with corn likka. notta thang. now i am on wine these days…but i would neva EVA turn my back on the days i was on that corn likka down there in marengo county alabama.

    those days shaped who i have become. also gave me a lesson on the words…”alcohol tolerance”

  109. 109
    Mzsuave says:

    heyyyyyy kymmy-kym-kym

    @Goat…same ol’ shyt, different toilet

  110. 110
    dblaq says:


    Ok first we need to get some of these caps

    Maybe we can get Sean Jean or Phat Farm to sponsor.

    Also ladies we are going to switch it up, no bathing suits. Only Bikinis – I will design them

    Then eventually we have to create teams!

  111. 111
    keely107 says:


    U crazy. Gritting my teef directing u to the cona for that last Jazze Pha comment!

    Sidenote: Yes, yes, yes loves me some Moscatto on Friday nights!

  112. 112
    DivaMama says:

    Mzsuave, girl, where you’ve been?

    Hey all!!!

  113. 113
    shunda says:

    Gallo Family is the best brand of Moscato. I like sweet wine and Moscato is at the top of the list anyone know any others? I want my wine to taste like koolaide lol

  114. 114
    keely107 says:


    See now that u r a fan too (I might have spelled it wrong, cant remember the bottle) I prefer Gallo and u?

  115. 115
    keely107 says:



  116. 116
    kwallace577 says:

    Madonna’s spokeswoman says the singer has settled with ex-husband Guy Ritchie for at least 50 million pounds ($75 million).”I’d assume it’s one of the largest payouts ever in a divorce settlement,” Rosenberg said.

    now…i am not down with the swirl. but i will accompany any of my cyber sisters to london to get at guy ritchie if you wanna go. as moral support! LOL.

  117. 117
    dblaq says:

    OH one more thing. There will be NO peeing in the pool. I know how some of yall do

  118. 118
    goat76 says:

    @Elove……I knew you could relate…..

    @K-weezy…….do your thang, cause I’ma do me…..E & J told me a long time ago to “sitchoassdown nigga” and I’ve been abiding ever since………I tasted some wine and dat sh1t tasted like tree bark…….I’ll leave it to Beaver….

    @Suave…….ain’t that the truth…..keep it sexy….

  119. 119
    Mzsuave says:

    @ Keely…I lubs me some Andre’ (that’s that “recession” drank lol)

    Hey Diva….been working, girl. I’ve been checking in on the BBerry.

  120. 120
    kwallace577 says:

    @shunda there are some real good sweet rieslings out in the world. white zin’s too. that is what my sister sucked down yesterday….my $16.99 a bottle riesling. heffa.

  121. 121
    DivineBrown says:

    Corn likka? Aint no way in hail…that has a reputation like korean “soju”

    I felt like death drinking that stuff!

    Muscato is the illest!! Love it!!

    I get on my loving, affectionate swag with the Muscato!! LMAO! It’s like X

  122. 122
    goat76 says:

    @DBlaq………………..How are you gonna get these sisters in a pool….when they want even let us sweat it out…….

  123. 123
    keely107 says:


    Hey been on the ANdre’ J Rog’et too. Both are recession proof!

  124. 124
    CaramelDrop says:

    @ kwall:

    now…i am not down with the swirl. but i will accompany any of my cyber sisters to london to get at guy ritchie if you wanna go. as moral support
    let me stop by Vicki’s and I’m ret to go!

  125. 125
    PAHairston says:

    Hello All! What nice pics. Wish I could be invited to such fab parties, especially with Dr. J. He still looks good and his “daughter” is very pretty. Whatever floats his boat! Childdddddddddd, if I had it to do over. Peace. (My husband always tells me that black folks gots plenty of hind sight.)

  126. 126
    kwallace577 says:

    yes. i am not ashamed of corn likka. waaaay back in the day that is what started kweezy on her dranking odyssey. corn likka. the first thing i ever drank. can’t believe i still have an esophagus after that and lived to drink another day.

    corn likka is dangerous.

  127. 127
    CaramelDrop says:

    @ Kwall:

    I love me some Riesling its sweet and carbonated….I keep me some Beringer White Zifandel bottles in the fridge, baby girl brings me my “mommie juice” each and everytime she wants something!

  128. 128
    shunda says:

    Thanks Keely
    The last riesling I had was dry. I like white zin. for $16.99 she would have been replacing that bottle lol. My neighbor and I always share a bottle or it will def go to waste

  129. 129
    goat76 says:

    My first drank was………Ole English 800 aka 8-ball…….

  130. 130
    Amulet says:

    Drinking only gets me in trouble.
    Can’t do it.

  131. 131
    Kymystry says:

    My Daddy DRANKS the Kone Likka .. carry’s it around in a spring wata bottle …

    My Momma drinks Jack Daniels BLACK …

    G-MOM Raised me and she didn’t drink and told me the day I see her drinking and drunk is the day I can can drink and get drunk.

    thats why I don’t DRANK .. they do enough for me

  132. 132
    Mzsuave says:

    “Mommie juice” Hahaha

  133. 133
    CaramelDrop says:

    @ Shunda:

    I thought Riesling was dry too the first time I tried it.. but you have to get the one made by this German company (its German wine) I will get the name of it the next time I have my “liquor sto run” (tomorrow night) and send you the name…it was good but me in the mind of SevenUp

  134. 134
    iyonah says:

    Hmmmmm … that was the 1st one Goat? How did you get pass the SMELL?

  135. 135
    kwallace577 says:

    @shunda like i said any other time she talks skrait NOISE about my wine. but she was out of remy so she came to my house. i pure had to tell her to fall back or go home when bottle number two started to go as fast as the first one….one bottle lasts me 4-5 DAYS and here she is dranking it…well…like it was koolaid! “my bad” is all i got when i told her how much it cost. i am still heated about that mess today.

  136. 136
    goat76 says:

    @iyonah………I was 16 and it was the only thing we could get our hands on at the time…..

  137. 137
    dblaq says:

    goat76 that will be easy. We will just fill up the pool with “wine” and they will fall in automatically! I don’t blame them about the sweating, I don’t like to sweat either

  138. 138
    shunda says:

    thanks carameldrop
    @kwall I still have a half a bottle of moscato from right around haloween. I think it is old now lol. But they only had the huge gallo one and I was having a moment. I usually get the small bottle

  139. 139
    dblaq says:

    Oh yeah and to all of you on here frontin’ about the wine ****. YOu know yall ain’t never drank nothing else beside Strawberry Hill, Wild Irish Rose, Cold Duck and Nigh Train. Stop looking **** up on the net and tryin to raise your stats!!

  140. 140
    goat76 says:

    @dblaq………..I like the sweat when I’m f uc kin(ATPE)…..

  141. 141
    Amulet says:

    Every New Years, my family drink wine and fall asleep. But not wine on the regular basis.

    If I had a boyfriend, I would drink wine every other day ;o)

  142. 142
    kwallace577 says:

    sandra wants to know what we think of her Obama coverage in a new post.

  143. 143
    CaramelDrop says:


    let me butt in you and dblaq convo for a minute…..aint nothing like the effort in the stroke when a man is sweating but….when a drop starts drippin and drippin and dripping then running! YOU HAVE GOT TO GET YO ASS THE HELL OF ME!

  144. 144
    goat76 says:

    @Amulet…………Does wine get you in the mood or something or is that just to be able to deal wit his azz….

  145. 145
    dblaq says:

    goat76 whats a ATPE. And my bad I first read it as APES.

  146. 146
    CaramelDrop says:

    I just noticed that, that’s Tanya Ski in the scrolling banner at the very top of the page…she looked better then

  147. 147
    dblaq says:

    @CarmalDrop: You must have got hit in the eye with some sweat drips and it burned the hell out your eyeballs????

  148. 148
    ELove says:

    @goat… I’m wit you
    HOW can you know if you’re doing ANYTHING worth a damn if You’re NOT SWEATING doping the deed…
    U Know… Giving them THE **** ;-)

  149. 149
    Amulet says:

    In the mood, it calms me down since I’m already playful ;o)

  150. 150
    ELove says:

    That’s… Doing The DEED (Damn Typos) ;-)

  151. 151
    iyonah says:

    I hear that Carmel … I have never been drenched – I know for a fact I would have no problem, excusing myself, to gather the appropriate items to cool him DOWN.


  152. 152
    shunda says:

    stop calling out corner wine. That is what my daddy used to drink and he is old as hell lol.

  153. 153
    goat76 says:

    @CaramelDrop……..Right in the middle of a beuatiful thang……if so, I guess you can get on top…..

  154. 154
    Amulet says:

    It ain’t right if you’re not sweating. lol

  155. 155
    dblaq says:

    Elove and Goat. Yall trippin! Women give birth to 5 -10lbs babies. Ain’t **** you can do to that thang. Its like yall trying to race on a treadmill. Just get yours, save your energy and keep it moving.

  156. 156
    kwallace577 says:

    i hate sweat. YUCK. ewwww. i have stopped someone in the middle of the deed or as elove said…stopped someone as he was “giving me the dyck” and made that negro go to the cvs and purchase a $9.99 box fan. i ain’t playing. no sir. do not drip on me.

    eeek. or as diva would say “bleh”

  157. 157
    Kymystry says:

    wow … treadmill reference … imma use that one

  158. 158
    kwallace577 says:

    i hate sweat. YUCK. ewwww. i have stopped someone in the middle of the deed or as elove said…stopped someone as he was “giving me the di&^” and made that nukka go to the cvs and purchase a $9.99 box fan. i ain’t playing. no sir. do not drip on me.

    eeek. or as diva would say “bleh”

  159. 159
    kwallace577 says:

    i am awaiting moderation.

  160. 160
    goat76 says:

    @Dblaq…………..ATPE(Aim to Please Engineer)……..That’s my new job title in 09….

    @Elove…..I know thats right….a lot of them say they don’t like it, until they getting drilt…..they don’t even know they sweating…..they thinking “we making it rain” on they asses……..

  161. 161
    kwallace577 says:

    basically i said do not sweat on me. i have made someone go to the cvs before to go purchase a box fan. a whole lotta sweat is just narsty.

  162. 162
    goat76 says:

    @dblaq………Got Damn man…….Who’s side are you on…..LOL…..

  163. 163
    Amulet says:

    Sometimes people need a sexual workout….sometimes.

  164. 164
    CaramelDrop says:




    and YES! I’ve been drenched! Once upon a time gave my fat friend some drunk, pitty loving and I was swattin sweat like it was flies! i GOT AN ATTITUDE AND SOBERED UP REAL QUICK. I WAS MADE AT HIS ASS FOR A WEEK…HE COULD WARNED ME TALKING ABOUT SOME GLAND IN HIS BACK IS OVER ACTIVE!

  165. 165
    ELove says:

    I feel u @dblaq But myself…
    I’m a Deep-Sea-Diver w/ excellent precision (A surgeon)
    So not only will they FEEL ME but will LOVE Me as well ;-)
    Like my Boi @goat said, I’m a Trained-Professional LMAO ;-)

  166. 166
    CaramelDrop says:


  167. 167
    goat76 says:

    @Amulet………..are you in Bama……

  168. 168
    Amulet says:

    goat, I’m in Philly.

  169. 169
    goat76 says:

    Sorry Amulet……I thought you were in Bama…..Can’t help you out there…..

  170. 170
    iyonah says:


    I know that’s right — to much dirty talk makes me do that – get SERIOUS and turned completey OFF in like less than 20 seconds if you talk to damn much … can’t stand that ISH. Just MOAN I don’t want all that DAMN talking.

  171. 171
    iyonah says:

    @ goat – I see … my 1st was a Long Island Iced Tea and then some Sangria @ a restaurant. I was so DONE.

  172. 172
    dblaq says:

    Aww **** CaramelDrop did it to Jazze Pha new rumor!!!

  173. 173
    Amulet says:

    @goat, I’m waiting for 50 Cent anyways. LOL


  174. 174
    Amulet says:

    I think :o)

  175. 175
    kwallace577 says:

    a phuccin over active BACK gland. i am too through.

  176. 176
    CaramelDrop says:

    @ DBLAQ:
    Aww **** CaramelDrop did it to Jazze Pha new rumor!!!

    NOT STILL PAYIN A CAR NOTE I AINT! I AINT DUMB LIKE SUPAHEAD! let me “LAY UP” with a celeb! Them “not knowing the value of the snatch” days ARE OVA!!!!!!! GOT A LITTLE MORE SENSE NOW LMAO!

  177. 177
    Kymystry says:


  178. 178
    CaramelDrop says:


  179. 179
    Amulet says:

    Hamburger Helper and Fruit. LOL
    They ran away!

  180. 180
    Mississippi16 says:

    D’blaq and GOAT… Ya’ll crazy.

    I’ve been drinking wine since I was 23. That’s always been my drink of choice. (Vodka and Cran is 2nd)

    Anyhoo, for those that like wines that are more sweet….
    Cafe Zinfeldel (It’s dark like a red wine but very sweet)(best is Made by Gallo)

    Reisling (The best are Chateau St Michelle and Rogue)

    Muscato (i don’t drink a whole lot of it so i can’t recommend a brand)

    The ever popular White Zinfindel (Best is by Chateau St Michelle) and it’s good for those who don’t particularly love the wine taste.

  181. 181
    Ilovepink1981 says:

    The german reisling you are talking about might by Schmitt Sohn

  182. 182
    Mississippi16 says:

    All Reisling is German.

  183. 183
    dblaq says:

    I am not a wine drinker at all but when I was in Europe I can tell you that in Italy, all they drink is Lambrusco and in France they love Muscadet and the Rose. So I don’t know what is what but that is my 2 cents

  184. 184
    free says:

    dr. j needs to stop.

  185. 185
    Daisy says:

    I do not drink wine, but you all please enjoy.

  186. 186
    Nadine says:

    Why didn’t that girl just seal the deal and straddle Daddy Dr. J.? YUCK! Maybe it’s me, but after about 11 or 12 years old little girls shouldn’t sit on their Dad’s or any other man’s lap for that matter.

  187. 187
    pinkscorpion says:

    Hmm… Erika movin up. Interesting…. Power move girl.. I can’t even hate.

    I’m hoping that’s the Doc’s wife and not his daughter. Woosah.

  188. 188
    brwnsugga4you says:

    48ELove Says:

    Dr. J IS a MF-Playa For Real… Old Skool at that !!!

    WHEN I see Jazze I think of TWO things:
    1) He’s going to EXPLODE right before OUR Eyes
    2) He’s going to FLOAT-to-the-SKY like a Hot-Air Balloon
    ELOVE….been looking for you..hit me up!…holla!

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