The rapper known as "Chubbie Baby" was arrested outside a nightclub early Christmas morning on a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

Chubbie Baby was nabbed in the Velvet Room's parking lot by an off-duty police officer who spotted a bulge in his back pocket.

Chubbie's story was that he forgot he had the loaded weapon on him. He never made it inside the club.

Earlier this year, Chubbie released a track featuring Bobby Valentino titled "Superstar Status". The two men co-hosted a well-attended Investment Club party this past Wednesday night at Luckie Lounge.

The former Diplomats member recently signed a lucrative record deal with club promoter Alex Gidewon's record label.

Ironically, Chubbie, 27, who is listed on his police report as 5-foot-7 and 240 pounds, starred in the 2006 direct to DVD film Killa Season as a firearms dealer (see still from the movie above).

As of this writing, Chubbie remains in the Dekalb County jail awaiting bond. He may not make bond until after the busy holiday weekend when a judge is available.



  • KaraZ

    Who? such fcukery

  • indesign18

    I's sorry, but who in the Hell is this! LOL chubbie baby sounds like something yo old senile granny might call the kid next door. LMAO.

  • jrzy_girl

    I really hope a judge makes an example out of one of these dumb ass rappers one day. Then maybe they will learn and stop all this unnecessary violence. Just stupid!

  • ELove

    Forgetting that you have a loaded-GUN on you ???Is LIKE forgetting to WIPE-Your-AZZ after a MAJOR Bowel-Movement ;-)

    YOUR either Absent-minded OR Just Don't GIVE A F-U-C-K LMAO

  • stylerazzi


    Just showing some hometown Ohio luv to the homie Chubbs. I'm just reading this so I don't know if he has been released but Chubbs is definitely GOOD PEOPLE so if I'm the only one on the comments riding for him then so be it!!!!

  • teecee

    chubbie was so chubbie that he forgot he had a gun on him under his chubby belly ? at 5'7 240 im sure he got a lot of jiggling going on at just thought he gained weight on an ass cheek. lmao... ok im being mean...

  • Kymystry

    who ? ? ... next