Loyal reader and member Shay1 sent in these photos of her son Chase on Christmas day. Click images to enlarge.

Loyal reader Peli wrote:

Hi Sandra-

Here is my 3 yr old daughter Gia on Christmas Morning. She was so happy with what Santa left all she could say was 'Oh my God!'. I tried to send this from my cell but the verification part failed b/c I couldn't reply with the other text. Anywho, Happy Holidays.

*If u post this pls omit my email. Thx and luv the blog.


Loyal reader and member Mzsauve wrote:

Hey Sandra,

Here's a pic of my nephew and I on Christmas and a picture of my mini-me and our pink Christmas tree.


These are my Christmas photos. The kids in the pics are my niece (in the white top), her boyfriend and their friend. No names necessary.

Thanks for sending in your Christmas pics! :)