I hope you had a nice Christmas holiday with your families and friends. If you took pictures with your new camera phones, please send them in so I can post 'em.

I'll start off with my pictures from last night's little get together with the fam at my place. But I'm not posting mine if you don't send in yours.

So let's get it! :)

[EDITED] I forgot to add my email. Send your Christmas pics to sandra @ sandraose.com (remove the spaces).

  • keely107

    Dayum, somebody paleez send in some pics!!!! Auntie gonna show us how they get down!

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    How about you send me yours Keely?

  • keely107

    Sorry Auntie, Im 5 years behind, my camera will have to be dropped off and developed! If I can stop spending on them kids, maybe I can catch up. LOL.

  • Mississippi16

    Keely... you'll never catch up then. Them dayum kids gonna take your money. Trust me I know.

  • KAT

    i'll send you mine next week!

  • keely107

    LOL@ Miss, u r right!