A scandal is brewing and it involves your president-elect Barack Hussein Obama.

The Internet is buzzing about new photos of Barack that were hidden in a safe deposit box until after the election.

It seems the photographer didn’t want her photos of Barack to taint the election.

Now why would photos of Barack taint the election if they were purely innocent photos, you ask?

Well, a) because one of the photos shows Obama puffing on a joint, and b) because the photos show Obama wearing a wedding ring which proves that he was married as early as 1980 when the photos were taken.

Obama didn’t meet his current wife Michelle until later.

We already know from Obama’s book that he was involved an interracial relationship with a white woman. But that relationship didn’t last because Obama had aspirations to be the president and he knew then that an interracial relationship wouldn’t fly with most voters.

Not saying that voters are blatantly racist, but the climate that Barack was living in at the time certainly was conducive to that way of thinking.

Of course things are a lot different now than they were in 1980.

We do wonder why that woman has never come forward — or any female that Obama dated, for that matter.

Surely a strapping young man like Obama had no problems attracting women?

  • allhoney915

    You are so great for laughs Sandra….

  • bloggergirlz

    a scandal is brewing?! LMAO…puff, puff, pass…

  • kwallace577

    We do wonder why that woman has never come forward — or any female that Obama dated, for that matter
    i don’t wonder this. do any of you?

    i could care less who he was bedding back in the day. all i need to know is he is wit shelly from the southside now, they got two babies, she is first lady and he is the prez. who cares?

  • melinla

    I don’t care either kwall – just like I didn’t care about any of the other president’s previous girlfriends. As long as he doesn’t cheat on his wife – I’m all good :)

  • Caron02

    U crack me up Sandy (LOL)

  • iscream

    I guess that vote I cast about the Obama post was just a waste of a key stroke.

  • http://home.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user nia

    WHO CARES????????????????????

  • mizzdallas

    @Sandra Surely a strapping young man like Obama had no problems attracting women?

    Are trying to say he was gay, sandra you are a TRIP for real, I think I pass on this….

  • Krysi J

    damn Obama look like he was fine as hell back in his hey day…..I love my PRESIDENT!

  • kwallace577

    THANK YOU @melinla. sandra started speaking french and whatnot…

    “WE wonder…”

    nah sandra…YOU WONDER. which brangs (yes i said brangs) me to my NEXT point….you shole spend alot of time sitting round “wondering” about prez….for you to be english and all….

    you gonna apply for citizenship soon sandra?

  • Mississippi16

    Unless you show pictures where he’s smoking crack in his drawers on the White House steps in 23 degree weather… I’ll pass on any other Obama news from you.

  • Sharonda


  • pinky2083

    OMG who cares if he was married before?? Is there a rule that says you can only be married once to be the President? WOW Sandra..

  • lialin

    forreal sandra? are you serious?
    firstly… who cares if obama was previously married? did you forget mccain had like 17 ex wives one who he divorced right after she was diagnosed with cancer? what difference does it make?
    to answer the question of why none of his previous women came up talking ish is because… well… who does that? its an ex… a past jump off. what some old piece of cooch really gone say? she aint got his kids, she aint the first lady.. and michelle will probably whoop dat azz if some trick came up to obama wit da ra ra… you know black folk don deal with that!
    and thats a cigarette not no ganja lol

  • Mississippi16

    What’s the big deal if he was married? Plus, how long would it take to search the public records to confirm?

  • terika83

    I’m sure he didn’t have an issue attracting women! lol But if he was married before…who cares? Besides I’ve seen non-married men wear rings on that finger before…some men (as dumb as it sounds) think nothing of it and wear rings on their ring finger because they think the ring should go on the right hand. My bf isn’t one of them, but he is guilty of thinking that the ring went on the right hand.

  • kwallace577

    michelle will probably whoop dat azz if some trick came up to obama wit da ra ra…
    yep. don’t let those ivy league schools fool you is what i say about michelle. she is STILL from the southside of the chi and LOOK like she can put a cuss down AND a SMACK DOWN on you if you come at her sideways. tell me i am wrong.

  • intensemocha

    so he knew in 1980, that he would become president and based his dating preferences on that?

    and so what if he was married before? what difference would that make, he’s married to michelle now-

  • http://myspace.com/docjam1 Doc Jam

    Obama is cool..

  • http://myspace.com/iyonah iyonah

    Wow Sandra — obsession @ its finest!


    who cares if he was married before.i’m sure a lot of people on here been married several times..

  • http://myspace.com/tamarlese Peachizz

    Two Words:
    Stop It..
    Sandra plz plz plz, I don’t know if i can deal with this for 8 years…..LOL

  • Candi Apple

    Well the ex-wife or girl friend or jump off or bootie call is not longer in the picture. The best man was choosen for the job already. Bill Clinton confessed to smoking a joint but he unlike Obama stated “I didn’t inhale” how you smoke the chief and not inhale? Obama enjoyed the puff…. I am proud of my president this is futher proof at how strong and determined he is which makes for a great leader. Like kintergarden all over again with Sandra and Obama. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Sticks toung out

  • http://www.madnews.wordpress.com MissB

    Oh please….. lol


    and i’m sure he had sex to..

  • Candi Apple

    iscream Says:

    I guess that vote I cast about the Obama post was just a waste of a key stroke.

    I agree what was the point of asking if we are tired of the post if nothing would get done to stop the posting. A waste of my half second key stroke

  • carmelita79

    the relationship didnt work out because as the relationship progressed, he realized they were on different paths. did you read the book?

  • buttercup24

    No I don’t wonder or care! Mainly because this has nothing to do with him helping to run the US. OMG he may have been married! What a SCANDAL! OMG he smoked weed! Who cares? Maybe it would’ve been better if he had a bunch of babies’ before he was married and sold drugs! I guess then it would’ve made sense for us to praise him.

  • keely107

    I dunno where they sale “joints” like dat, but I aint smokin! Thats a cigarette if I have never seen one. And oh of course an “inter-racial” marriage wouldnt do, but as you constantly pro-claim he is “bi-racial” so which race would be inter-racial? ………Just a question, would have to be like Asian decent right? Oh and yes the world wouldnt accept an inter-racial couple about as much as they wouldnt accept an African-American family would they??? Chile please!

  • keely107

    BTW: If he was married previously, Im sure he didnt divorce his wife after a tragic accident left her damn near helpless…..Im just saying.

  • brwnsugga4you

    this is so not relevant at this point….moving on to 09″

    OBAMA 2009!!!

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    Why all know that I’m his ex-wife. Why do you have to air my dirty laundry like this.

  • Fenix6376

    Literally….The first thing I did when I logged on to Sandra Rose and read this heading, was laugh out loud (LOL)!! My co-workers all think I am crazy but this was just tooo tooo funny.. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/iyonah iyonah

    @ DB your silly, what’s your fav song on JL Evolver?

  • CaramelDrop


    What the heck ever! You were what?!?!!? 3-5 in 1980?!?!?!?

  • cjlessie

    Wow, really?….Are we still on this Obama kick. Let me get another glass of koolaid w/some more lemon slices. This is for the birds….

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    yonah…out of 9 songs that I like

    Good morning
    Set me Free
    Cross the Line
    No other love with Estelle <—–Favorite Song. Tight lil reggae vibe!

  • luvly1957

    I am just so happ y to read all these repsonses to your ignap ass blog Sandra. Why do you keep beating a dead horse. As you can see nobody cares for your negative comments. Why not post something relevant like how they are lining up for the inaugaration. How they are blocking off the streets and no more tickets. Come on Auntie give us some reall gossip.

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    CarmelDrop…STOP HATIN!

    He liked younger women at that time. (LMAO)

    Don’t sleep…I was so fly back then. I stayed fitted in some Strawberry Shortcake. You know brothas love some double SS.

  • srv

    Two Words SR: WITCH HUNT

    I mean, does all of this really matter at this point?

    Just wondering..
    Hope you’re doing well :o)

  • CaramelDrop

    lmao! just meddlin Divine :)

  • coaretained


    Two words

    Ko Na.

    One more

  • avidreader

    McCain was married already too!

  • dcwife1622

    Sandra are you upset because RiRi is performing at the inauguration ball? Stop spreading hate…. it Christmas time.

    I swear everytime I see that picture of you on those other sites you look like a sweet, church going old lady. I don’t see hate in those pictures :)

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    Lemme stop before rumors surface that he was a pedophile.

  • Candi Apple

    The picture with Obama smoking the weed is not the picture posted up top… There is a picture circulating the web with the Joint everyone is talking about.. The picture above is clearly a ciggie.

  • Daisy

    I always wondered if any ex/old gfriends would come forward during the campaign but as far as I know none ever did. I would love to hear some old true stories about Barry back in the day.

  • http://myspace.com/iyonah iyonah

    Oh ok …. I love the 1 w/ Estelle too and I like the one w/ Brandy. I am actually imprseed with the album. Have you checked out Anthony Hamilton yet?

  • Daisy

    Also do yall realize in 20-30 yrs when somebody decides to run for President myspace, facebook etc. is gonna come back and haunt them I cant..lol We all have a past.

  • Daisy

    @Iyonah and DB I also like the songs w/ Brandy and Estelle but overall I expected more from the cd. I heard AHam. cd is a banger!

  • Mississippi16

    Plus…. the man was what, 18-19 years old in 1980? Do we really care who he screwed when he was 19?

    Here he is, a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, wife, two kids and presidency later – and you think this is important.

    To quote #39 – Witch Hunt!

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    I listen to Anthony yesterday and I didn’t like it as much as the other CD’s. But, there are some songs on there I reaaaaaallllly liked.

    BUT…Dwele’s last CD that came out IS FIYAH!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR REAL FOR REAL! I listen to that yesterday.

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    Why hasn’t anyone commented on how EXCEPTIONALLY FINE THAT MAN WAS WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER!

  • mimi08

    These photos prove nothing…i’m not married, yet i wear a beautiful ring on my ring finger, and have since being a teenager…

    I don’t see him smoking marijuana, it looks like a cig to me, to which he’s admitted smoking cigarettes…he’s trying to stop, but i wish he never picked up that nasty habit, it’s a filthy habit, i can’t stand smokers..but anywayz, he’s admitted smoking.

    The photographer probably hid the photos because while running for election, people will use and say anything to bring a person down.. They could take this perfectly innocent picture, and paint a ugly picture.. I’m glad they were hidden; wise woman.

  • bloggergirlz

    #45: you already know…(especially on this “loving” site)!

  • coaretained


    good point!! Myspace is solving crimes n sh!t now…


    You know auntie will probably be the one to start it. Hide your baby pics!

  • coaretained

    lawwwd if I log on here tomorrow and see that headline I will fall out.

  • bloggergirlz

    @53: i was just sitting here thinking the same thing…i guess barack always had a nice swag…

  • http://necolebitchie.com Necole Bitchie

    HE was married to MEEEE! I should have been the first lady.

    that man was FOINE…sigh my secret is out

  • Daisy

    @Blog girl yes he has always had the IT factor. Some brothers are just born with it (flip that it around and you have TI) Some can acquire it (Jay Z) and some no matter how cute just wont ever have it ( C Breezy)

    @DB I have been on my christmas cds today and hands down MC and Whitneys preacher wife sdtk are my favs!!

  • h0tsauce

    Sandra pull your bait back because you are FISHIN….and coming up empty handed!!

    ***Obama was Fine when he was younger!!!

  • Daisy

    Since we are on the topic of Pres Elect. I so wish the press would STOP taking pics of him w/o his top on. I mean he is in decent shape and all that and looks nice I get it but he is the President (soon to be) so can the press show some respect and privacy for crying out loud. Maybe its just me but I don’t like it!

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown



  • Candi Apple

    Sorry Sandra if you don’t like the link. But, I had to share the pictures of Obama smoking…


    If it doesn’t come up copy and paste the link onto you browser.

  • teecee

    so he took a pic with a ring on his finger. so as those pics he is smoking a cig. i wear my deceased father engagement ring and i do wear ringers on my ring finger when i meet clients who like dealing with married people.

  • LB

    ummm Ok and? im trying to see why this matters to anyone besides u

  • Daisy

    @DB Take me with you I think im the only person over 30 who NEVER been to Vegas..lol

  • Anna

    Daisy Says:

    @DB Take me with you I think im the only person over 30 who NEVER been to Vegas..lol
    I too have never been. I am in a different age bracket than you (I am older). My gamble is how do I get there. Do I drive or do I fly, I don’t care for the odds of either so each year I just stay home. I need to figure it out soon before I am too old to have the anymore choices.

  • Daisy

    I have been to Africa and London but never to Vegas..lol So sad! I don’t gamble and im not much of a party girl anymore but I def. want to go visit b4 I am to old as well.lol

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Barack was 19 years old in 1980. Is that when these pics were taken? Of course a ring doesn’t prove he was married and if he were why would he need to hide that when he was willing to tell folks about his drug usage? I’m not sure if he is hitting a joint in one pic, but he does look high in the pics to me, but that doesn’t bother me. I still think these pics are fabulous and I can’t wait to get my hands on that issue of Time.

  • MissMac

    A scandal is brewing. Well turn off the pot Sandra. I wear a diamond ring on my left ring finger and I am not married. You can put a ring on any finger that it fits. DAMN