Pharrell Williams unveiled his new BBC/ Ice Cream Season 8 Collection with a photo shoot on his blog.

Obviously Pharrell's clothes aren't geared toward you or anybody you know. Especially since his pieces comes with a ridiculous price tag attached. Are we still in a recession?

The BBC/ Ice Cream collection is designed to compete with Abercrombie & Fitch and other retailers that appeal to the non-hip hop, skateboard crowd.

Click here to see more from the collection.

  • Kymystry

    I agree with you Sandra .... thats some ugly over proced bull Shiggitty !!!

  • CaramelDrop

    A flaming faggot

  • CaramelDrop

    Good Morning Kym and Fam


    I'm sure if someone will pay for Beyonce's House of Derion' fashions then someone will foolishly pay for this mess.

  • shunda

    Morning Caramel I left you a message in the Tiny post about the fasting.
    I agree Kym some people do not know what to do with money.

  • maema

    My husband loves robots and is a former skateboard junkie. I could see him in that sweater in a different color.

  • Kymystry

    Mornin ... Carmel !! Shunda .. sorry I called u Keely on the other post.. u know it's all Love !!! Morn MrsJones !!

  • shunda

    No problem Kymy. Things like that don't bother me.

  • maema

    There is a cute gingham shirt for the ladies in the collection and i like the jeans. It's like a big diving bell on the back pocket. kinda funky.

    This collection is definitely not for the mainstream.

  • BayArea

    No need to click the link....Not feeling the get up!

  • eastpointvet

    i actually like that sweater wouldnt do it with the bowtie but i think the sweater nice

  • coaretained

    caramel.... you are the

  • shunda

    That blue sparkle number is very fruity booty looking


    Good Morning Kym and everyone!!
    Did Yvonne and the other winner post what happened at the TI concert in macon?

  • lialin

    if the cat wasnt out the bag before with them rainbow bright sneakers it definitely shold be now cause he is fully bloomed!

    hey caramel!

  • ckarinwhite

    MrsJonesK- Yvonne79 said she had a great time, she talked about it on one of the post from yesterday.

  • DivineBrown

    this is horrible! It looks like modern-day Pee Wee Herman


    @ cakarinwhite...
    Oh okay. I'll go take a look and see what she had to say. I didn't get to enjoy my prize. Tracye at Grandhustle is extremely busy and wasn't able to meet me to give me a ticket to the concert. She's a very busy woman and things just didn't quite work out as far as my consolation prize. Maybe better luck the next time.

  • tbrown

    *DEAD* at those PRISON STRIPED PANTS. :lol: He's obviously targeting white ANGLAND :lol: and maybe France...hmmmm

  • Krysi J

    Man.............WTH?...........pharrell and Bently need to hook up, they'd actually make a cute couple.

    "Unless he don't care at all, we know they're just carrying on...BOTH of em' FRONTIN." (ebonics) "both of em' know dey GAaAAaaay"

  • CaramelDrop

    Lialin!!!!Hey Baby Girl!!!

    Shunda!!! Your ass is on a role today

    DivineBrown!!! You hit it on the head a BLACK ASS PEEWEE HERMAN LMAO!

    _________________/\_______________________dEAD @

    rainbow bright sneakers! ROTFLMAO I havent even SAID the word RAINBOW BRIGHT SINCE the 80's

  • ELove

    Morning PEEPS... To answer YOUR question @sandra
    Flame-Boyz ...
    Nerds that want to be a little different ...
    Non-Fashion & No STYLE type individuals ...
    "I THINK I'm Hip" type of individuals (WACK-AZZ MF's) ;-)

    But Most Importantly ... ... NOT ME !!!!! LMAO ;-)

  • shunda

    hell I am bored lol. No one at my company works the last 2 weeks of the year. I find my amusement here

  • maema

    @Elove --

    Let me guess -- you think baggie jeans and timbs equal fashion! Oh, and you throw on a button-down when you want to look extra special! Ha!

  • purepisces

    I like their clothes...not necessarily in the outfits they put together, but the pieces separately...and of course I love Pharrell, gay or not! =) Anyway, Skateboard P ain't really stuntin the American market...he's goin for those euros and yen. Shyt, I would be too...they still have bank, even if we don't! =)

  • ELove

    DON'T wear jeans (Gave those up in college)
    Don't wear timbs (I'm a Rockport man IF I wear stylist boots)
    Cuffs in my pants ARE mandatory (Fabric-type doesn't matter)

    The VAST MAJORITY of my clothes ARE Made-to-Fit...
    As in Tailor-Made for a Big/Tall Guy w/ Fashion-N-Style !!!

    Some European-designers have blazers I can buy off the rack
    (Very Broad-shoulders and Long arms)
    I GET my stacey adams hand-made to order (13 EEE)
    Stacey's do run very narrow... And Allen Edmonds are My S-H-I-T for business casual to Dress shoe wear ;-)

    DID I answer your question as far as MY Fashion sense ;-)

  • teecee

    these clothes are for middle class white boys but what do you expect from a guy who has been photographed wearing furry boots and carrying a man bag. .... i dont think you can walk in the hood wearing this crap and not get your ass beat and robbed. lol


    LOL a lot of people will rock it, and not all together. Get out side of the box, most people hating on individuality are the ones that match their earrings with they necklace with their shirt with their shoes with their bag, meaning red earrings shoes necklace and bag just because you got a red shirt on like really???