One of Beyonce's 100-proof lacefront wigs set off alarms at LAX.

Beyonce had trouble passing through LAX security this weekend. First she's made to remove her shoes, but as this video unravels, it turns out to be her head that's the culprit, and the security agent scans her noggin. Probably a load of forgotten wig pins. (LINK)


    might have been that fake ring that set it off

  • mizzdallas


    LOL! I cant stand you I was about to post the same comment...



  • KAT


  • KAT

    and lol @ mad magazine! sandra, what's the purpose of posting obama posts if you don't want comments? don't bother to post the isht then....i think we are all obama bashed out now anyway....traffic seems to be slow around this piece....

  • shunda

    How might one pin a lacefront? I thought they were glued. Auntie just gotta love those google ads. Now there is one for lacefronts on sale for $199 lol

  • ReadTheBlog

    Ok, so did she have to take it off? Because unless she politely took that havested dog hair off (RIP Munchie), for additional inspection, why is it blogworthy?

    Then again...

    Beyonce is becoming a security concern, is she not? First she punks the secret service into letting her limo through to pick her up, then she's skating through LAX setting off alarms. What is her agenda, really?

  • ReadTheBlog

    #6 - no woman wears a wig without throwing a couple of pins in for extra measure...

  • intown51

    The Obama cover is hilarious actually.

  • dcwife1622

    Obama! Obama! Obama! For the first time in life I love the POTUS!

    Sandra you are going to end up on the FBI's stalker crazy list if you keep these antics up! LOL.

    Anyone that inherited this country in the shape it's in would have a hard time!

  • Naima

    Sandra why do you hate Obama so much, he wants marriage rights for your people.

  • Krysi J

    That damn Sandra...SMH...LOL!

  • speakinmymind

    Sandra hates everybody...starting with herself. so what do you expect?!?

  • shunda

    Thanks readtheblog
    I have never worn a wig. They look like an itchy hat.

  • whyohwhy

    @shunda Says: They are itchy hats..

  • keely107


    If one has to place pins in a lacefront, she needs to try it again. Cant buy everything on sale........especially hair.

  • lovejoy1

    LOL @ MS SR!!!

  • Fenix6376

    That Mad Magazine spoof is hilarious. I might have to go cop that one. I used to love that magazine.. Lord knows that how I would have felt after the parties and pomp and circumstance were complete.

  • Diva2127

    what's up with the TSA ladies face. i'm going to need for her to fix that, and those must be some serious bobby pins.

  • mjoylaw

    @ Naima LOL "your people" Do you mean gay and lesbian people? LMAO

    On another note.."yawn" who cares about Bey's lacefront, unless it's crooked or mad glue is showing, or its outrageous in some other way, since we all know she constantly wears wigs..

    Hell I started wearing one myself last year, not that I needed to cause my own hair is longer than the wig...but damn they spoil you, you get hella lazy with not having to go to the salon and sit up for hours to get a do that ain't gonna we clown each other for wearing them, but wigs are great for saving time and duckets in our busy lives with all the roles we have as women, Bey included..

    So I don't blame Bey for wearing wigs, if she tried to have her own hair styled erryday to meet her crazy schedule chick could never keep up and would be bald..ladies if a wig will help you balance your life..FREE YOSELF

  • katgirl33

    LOL Sandra! I got have couple of wigs myself......I bought one and got hooked......LOL LOL LOL LOL