Poor Sheree Whitfield. Too bad no one explained to her that you can't squeeze blood from a turnip.

Whitfield is appealing that skimpy divorce settlement she received last year from her husband, former NFL player Bob Whitfield.

Whitfield's argument is that the $113,422 a year settlement hardly maintains that fake extravagant lifestyle she perpetrated on the hit reality series Housewives of Atlanta.

Sheree Whitfield had said she was seeking a 7 figure settlement from her former hubby. But unfortunately, brah man doesn't have that kind of money.

So Sheree will go back to divorce court on Monday (1/12) and hope for a miracle.

AJC's Rodney Ho has all the pertinent details on Sheree's appeal, if you care.

Meanwhile, Sheree will celebrate her birthday at Utopia tonight. Her special guest will be Derrick Handspike, the bestselling author who penned Bobby Brown's biographical tome, The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But... in book stores now.

  • dakotab

    I could live off of 9400 a month.


    What is it with FOLKS and living way about their means (and the means of others)?


    just go to work and let that be extra, gravy , you know. do some things for your self!

  • bloggergirlz

    this is sad and a waste of time...i agree sandra, her ex-husband ain't got it like that! please dont tell me she's coming out w/ a book?! lawdy, did you guys hear that frankie AND neffe got books coming out?

  • ckarinwhite

    She is no different than T.I.'s baby mama Lashawn!!!...113K is more than enough money to live on, considering she receives $2100 in child support!!...They separated after 3 years of marriage and divoced after 7...Sheree needs to get a job, she can go back to school off that money and get a degree!!!...


    im with you dakotab i can do that amount easy!!

  • bloggergirlz

    these broads be racking up between alimony and child support! when will these niccas learn...

  • Charles

    this site is so boring without negative beyonce and ciara posts , sandra i miss your humor thats what drew me to you, now you are getting way to cnn for me


    WE WANT FLOPIERA diaries pt4

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    Yep, I can make that work. If she isn't satisfied what that amount, get off your behind and make something happen.

  • ELove

    "these niccas" Never will Learn BECAUSE their true-sidekick ISN'T Education... IT'S the Guy-with-the-Nutsack!!! lol ;-)

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    WOW!!! If he is broke, why did she have "seven figures" in her mind anyway?

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    @Divine-chick is just being greedy!Plain and simple.

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    Every other word out of her mouth was "seven figures"

    I guess She by Sheree' isn't gonna kick off without a second mortage! Daggone it!!

    I was really looking forward to that line, too. I was looking forward to the entertainment that I was gonna get from clownin' that stuff!

  • Dhoward1913

    As an educated woman, I am shocked that this damn fool is using the excuse that she has a lack of education as an excuse to get more than she should from this man. You would think that she was with him for 20 years or more the way she was talking about seven figures. Several black women with far less, have an education and school loans out the yingyang to prove it. This chick needs to get a clue!!!!! Maybe if she had some business expertise, She by Shree would have been a success.

  • Mississippi16

    DBrown... do you really think Sheree has enough equity for a 2nd mortgae. She's probably refinanced so many times to try to keep up that fake lifestyle that she don't have enough equity to even buy a pencil.

    I think i read somewhere that she was going to have to move.

    Was this a lump some payoff or a yearly stipend? Either way, she need to sell all of that designer crap, sell her house, and get a JOB. She could live a very comfortable lifestyle. She just won't be able to walk around calling herself GA's elite or GA's Who's Who. I got so TIRED of hearing those words.

  • Mississippi16

    This is what the article says:

    "She receives $113,422 a year from the divorce, not enough for her live the lifestyle she’s used to and clearly not at the level of what the hit Bravo show conveys. Sheree also received a lump sum of $775,000, shares of Whitfield’s retirement pension, nearly half of the marital property and child support."

    What the HELLL is she appealing. Someone need to put her, 50 Cent Baby Mama and TI's baby mama on a boat and sail their azz to a 3rd world country to see how real women struggle.

  • melinla

    It also says:

    Her attorneys argue that based on her lack of education and inability to earn income, the court abused its discretion by not awarding alimony and then ordering her and the children out of their $2.6 million home in Sandy Springs.

    I must NOT be a gold digger because I would be too embarrased to have that printed at all...let alone a legal document!

  • iscream

    While I think this is more than enough money for her to live off of I'm surprised not more people are defending her.

    I say that bc everybody is so quick to jump down Tiny's back bc she and TI aren't married but isn't this a benefit to becoming a Mrs? Being taken care of for better or worst.

    I say get a damn job (not that fake I'm a designer with no clothing samples), a backbone and stop making yourself out to be what you aint... all that.

    But the girl can dress her arse off.

  • Mississippi16

    @ iscream... you don't call a $775,000 lump sum and $113K a year taken care of...

    I GUARANTEE you that TI's girlfriend Tiny cannot go into a court room today and get 3 quarts of a million ... lump sum.

  • http://myspace.com/tamarlese Peachizz

    WOW Charles where hae you been?
    Anywho 100K plus a year no education, where does she work again, what does she do again?

  • Mississippi16

    Sheree is pushing 40 and was only with the man for 3 years... how they gonna say that she doesn't have an ability to earn a living. What was she doing between the ages of 18 and 30 before she married him?

    Making a dayum living.

  • Mississippi16

    @16 Melinla...

    I would make a HORRIBLE gold digger. HORRIBLE. I would be simple enough to think that I could actually live on 113K a year.

  • dakotab

    Does anyone else remember how BOB commented that she was "finally doing something" at her party/fashion show that never showed fashions.

    Damn, guess he was wrong.

  • http://myspace.com/eastpointvet eastpointvet

    not to mention its a 100gs in tax free money

  • Hotstuff

    That's what her stank ass gets... She was saying all throughout the season she's looking to get 7 figures and was fronting like she got it like that... I hope the judge saw that ish and say no ma'am!!!!!!!!!

  • Mississippi16

    The trial court awarded her custody of the children and $2,142.87 a month in child support. It also awarded her a division of the marital property totaling more than $1.1 million and including a lump sum payment of $775,000. It gave her half of the marital portion of three NFL retirement plans. But the court did not award alimony.


    It's not that she's not capable to earning a living. I honestly feel like she think she's above working. She probably feel like she's above taking orders from anyone and that she should always be the one giving orders.

  • dakotab

    SHEREE is sad, when you think about it...

    JEANNA on ORANGE earns thru her real estate in one month more than SHEREE's entire yearly settlement. If she sells a 5 Million in houses at 6% commission, she's doubled that and some change.

    VICKI and her insurance company has to gross at least 3 times times that much a year the way she spends and the 3 is being light.

    The NY lady that owns the FABRIC company with her husband is making money.

    And not one of them had a story come out about foreclosure bankruptcy or anything, that I remember.

    The whole ATLANTA housewives set, is no comparision, they are not in the same ballpark. And I as much as I liked her that includes LISA.

  • alexander

    Sharee got an F from me from the start. From the way she spoke on show, I knew she was lacking some education. But she needs to take that $113k, downgrade that house and sit down somewhere.

  • Mississippi16

    To be okay with your lawyer publicly calling you stupid and downgrading your worth so you can be more greedy is so sickening.

    I don't want to judge her but this just seems ridiculous.

  • Krysi J

    I guess She by Sheree’ isn’t gonna kick off without a second mortage! Daggone it!!

    I know right, FALL '09 my AzZ LOL! I can hear NeNe right now "Back in her place, BLOOP", "Dis bytch only sold for $2".....she hit it right on the head. ATL elite that boo.

    Mississippi16 says:

    What was she doing between the ages of 18 and 30 before she married him?

    Making a dayum living.


    Fukking another athlete. She probably been doing that since graduated from High School. NeNe said it BEST didn't she....at least NeNe can admit being a stripper, settling down and staying married for 10 years as a stripper for her husband. Sheree try to act like she wanted BOB ugly azz for of his face...girl please, that ain handsome. You laid down and had babies from THAT for one reason ONLY ain nobody stupid! Did anybody else hear that her assistant, is actually her daughter from a previous marriage that she forbid to say anything maternal to her during the show?

  • keely107


    Right, just like her. These heffahs need to get a job!

  • trina@atl

    LOL! This chick is a mess, how can you put yourself down by saying you only have a high school education and can not earn a living. Heifer please I know many people that make a decent living with only a high school diploma. I hope Bravo shows her getting put out her house when they shoot the next season. Just like someone stated earlier these were the worst women of the ATL that they choose to put on this show.

  • Mississippi16

    Her lawyer is calling her stupid when he says that she's not capable of earning a living. That is crazy... Maybe not the living that she is used to but she can make a living.

  • starr

    Wait...she was only married to him for 3 years!!!

    Man, guess sandra was right saying, its the desperate golddiggers of atl......

    I can't believe she put that on a legal document foreals....wow just wow

  • shunda

    That heffa is like Tommy "She ain't got no job man" (in my best martin voice). If that is not enough give it to me because I could make it work.

  • Chyna3032

    Nene was right, Sheree is a gold digger with a capital G!!!! She is getting paid and if you read the entire article she is getting a lump some of $775,000. If she can't make that work for her than she is just plain stupid!

  • candycane

    Whaaaaaaaaat Bobby's book is out?! I MOST DEF have to get it. I've loved Bobby since Mr. Telephone Man, still do, dope fiend and all.

  • iscream

    Mississippi said
    @ iscream… you don’t call a $775,000 lump sum and $113K a year taken care of…

    I think you mis read what I wrote. HELL YEAH that's enough that's more than enough. What I said was this is a benefit to being a wife. When you become an ex you get paid off. Most people get on Tiny for not marrying TI so why get on Sheree for marrying and reeking the benefits of that marriage.

  • Daisy

    In my best K Cole voice ABSOLUTELY NOT!

  • Diva2127

    At first i thought NeNe was a trouble maker, but as the story unfolded i learned that she was just tellin it like it was. This chick stays in a fantasy world. If she really had some business about herself she would take that money and flip it, and become that "baller" she aspires to be.

  • whatnow

    She DID get her "seven figure settlement." I guess she can't count.

    $1.5 million in property - that right there is her seven figures.

    $775,000 in cash.

    $113,000 a year for the REST OF HER LIFE( which if she lives to 80 will total $4,750,000!!!)

    $24,000 a year to take care of her kids

    PLUS a portion of THREE of his retirement plans (remember OJ's retirement pays him $2 mil a year so if she gets say 3% that's $60,000 a year. say Bob gets his retirement at age 52 and he is ,IDK 40 yo? Then in 12 years she will be getting $173,000 a year. If she lives to 80 that will total $1.8 mil.

    All that would equal $8,825,000 over the course of her lifetime.

    I didn't even include the $24,000 for 8 years for her kids.

  • whatnow


    For the retirement calculation I meant in "in 8 years" and the total would be $2,040,000 not the $1.8 mill

    This means her total settlement would equal NINE MILLION DOLLARS.

  • whatnow


    I've gotta stop smoking weed: ignore the first correction, I had it right the first time.

  • srv

    I can't believe Heree!! I am an advocate for education don't get me wrong, but as woman without a college degree, I make a decent living and resent the fact that someone would use their lack of education as an excuse to not do something productive with their lives. Especially someone that pretends to be rich on Atlanta Housewives. She shot herself in the foot by getting on TV talking wreckless. Damn, maybe she did that because of her lack of education. :-)

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  • ReadTheBlog

    Ain't nobody checkin for that bitch anyways. She should just love off the money she's' going to make with 'She by Sheree' LMMFAO! :-)

  • Krysi J

    I thought the settlement for the 113k a year was alimony...and if she gets married again that STOPS. The $775,000 was a lump sum of SHARES in Bob's retirement not CASH. 1.5 million in marital properties, something she would have to SELL first and two thousand, and sum odd dollars for her 2 kids a month. Sounds to me like she walked out of the court room empty handed until she makes some moves with that property. She'll probably recieve her first child support and alimony payments in February. Leaving her with whatever she has in the bank and $3000 extra dollars....she can buy a nice condo in buckhead with the package she got and make a nice living for a normal breaded up female.....but HOUSEWIFE dough she did NOT get, no no no. Kimora was a housewife, sitting in a damn palace doing nothing until she decided to manage her own clothing line, Deshawn is more of a housewife than anybody on that show, Vanessa Kobe's wife, Shante Shack's wife, Pauletta Washington....thats what I call a housewife. Women who marry wealthy men, and don't work because they clearly don't have to. Sheree could stand a part-time, she could be a fashion consultant, or a fashion stylist for some celebrities.

  • whatnow

    She did not receive alimony, that's why she's going back to court.

    "Her attorneys painted her a high school graduate with limited skills to earn income, arguments for alimony she did not receive."

    You're right about the $775K being her part of the retirement funds. But that could easily be made up for if she rents out the $1.1 mil in property.

    The article didn't specify a cut off time for the $113k so I assumed it was for a lifetime since it isn't alimoney.