Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson was fierce on the red carpet at the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards over the weekend. She wore a dazzling white silk Herve Leroux halter gown. She can't go wrong in white! We can't wait to see what Taraji will wear as she strolls onstage to accept her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards.
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Taraji was a stunner in this black and white print dress from the Angel Sanchez Spring 2009 line at the 20th Annual Producers Guild Awards this past weekend.
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Entrepreneurs and actresses Vanessa and Angela Simmons attended their uncle Russell Simmons' press conference in NY yesterday where he announced his new day job as editor of the revamped Global Grind website. I call the girls actresses because their new "reality" show is totally scripted and pointless.
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Plus size model Toccara doesn't need to lose another pound. She looks great at her current weight. Toccara attended Russell Simmons' press conference last night in NYC.
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Rapper Yung Joc, who is still on the road touring and making that money, stopped off at the Sundance Film Festival last week where he, Cee-Lo and Big Boi performed. Next stop is Europe. I LOVE Big Boi's Louis Vuitton leggings!
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Even though he was in Utah, Joc still managed to find some Flavor From Decatur.
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As expected, former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland will relocate to Europe after dumping Mathew Knowles as her manager. (LINK)

The sexy siren is a huge star across the pond and she has been spending a lot of time there.

But according to Faded Youth, Kelly is having trouble unloading her luxury condo in Miami.

The songbird has been trying to sell her nest since 2007 with no luck. Amid rampant speculation that Kelly would join the ranks of A-List celebrities in foreclosure, her publicist denies such action according to reports and insists Kelly is selling due to a relocation to Europe.

Various sources have confirmed the sale price is approximately $500 000 less than purchase which is to be expected in this market.

Ouch! A $500,000 loss is substantial especially in this economy. But I don't think Kells will allow her home to go into foreclosure and ruin her credit.

Condo sales have fallen off everywhere. Here in Atlanta, only 66 condos have sold this year with thousands of unsold inventory just sitting.

Juanita Bynum celebrated her 50th birthday recently by wearing a tiara and a wedding dress. A white one at that.

Doesn't she look great for 50? I still think she resembles Tameka Foster-Raymond.

Before you think she's losing her mind, I believe the wedding dress is a symbol of growth and closure for the loss of her marriage.

One of the gifts given to Juanita was a gilded cavalry sword which will probably scare off any potential male suitors. I bet the next man Juanita hooks up with will be "soft" like her ex-husband was.

She's definitely the aggressor in any relationship and some confident men can't take aggressive females. Especially Christian men who want their wives to be submissive.

But then again maybe she doesn't want a man. Maybe she's celibate like my pastor at The Ray. Celibacy is definitely not for everyone. But it's much easier to handle if you're walking with the Lord.

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A couple of weeks ago I received an email about Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson and actress Sanaa Lathan.

The reader wrote something about Sanaa batting for the other team after Denzel Washington went back to his wife. Supposedly, Sanaa has not looked at another man since.

Anyway, I didn't believe the email -- even after seeing this picture of Sanaa embracing Taraji.

But after seeing these pictures from last night's Lakers game, now I do believe. I like these two women together. Notice how Taraji is looking at Sanaa in the top pic? That's love right there. They even look like they're having a lover's spat.

Isn't black love beautiful?

Now I could be wrong about them being a couple -- and if so, I humbly apologize in advance. But I don't think I'm wrong. :)

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Residents of a Los Angeles suburb are grieving the deaths of 6 people who died yesterday at the hands of a deranged man who shot them before turning the gun on himself.

Ervin Antonio Lupoe of Wilmington, killed his family and committed suicide after he and his wife lost their jobs at Kaiser Permanente.

Before he died -- and probably after killing his entire family -- Lupoe faxed a rambling letter to a local TV station claiming his wife suggested he murder her and their children before turning the gun on himself so the children wouldn't have to live in poverty as a result of his unemployment.

According to the station, KABC-TV, Mr Lupoe wrote: “Why leave the children to a stranger?” (LINK)

Dead are his wife Ana and their children - 8-year-old Brittney, 5-year-old twin girls Jaszmin and Jassely and two-year-old twin boys Benjamin and Christian.

Unfortunately, that stimulus package that Congress is voting on today doesn't include much in the way of immediate relief for families like the Lupoes who are faced with homelessness. Barack Obama's stimulus package contains millions of dollars for ACORN, the arts and so-called "green" projects that supposedly will create jobs, but no one has explained just how those jobs will be created.

In the meantime, the Lupoe family is dead. The residents in their neighborhood are grieving, city officials are wringing their hands and blaming the economy -- but at least those abortion groups overseas got their money from Obama.

According to the NY Post, 50 Cent's manager Chris Lighty is one of Bernard Madoff's victims. Madoff is the Wall Street financier who literally made off with billions in client investments. (LINK)

Prosecutors accuse Madoff's brokerage firm of running an elaborate Ponzi pyramid scam by paying investors with money he took in from other clients such as Lighty.

Banks do this every day with our money but they are tightly controlled by the federal government.

Lighty's involvement came to light when 50 Cent took to the Internet to defend himself against rumors that he lost money in Madoff's scam.

But Lighty wouldn't reveal just how much he lost. "Nothing to talk about. It's not life-threaten ing," Lighty, 36, told The Post's Kati Cornell. "Not worth the ink you would waste."

Lighty, who founded Violator management, represents such high-profile artists as LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott and Sean Combs.

He was named to Crain's "Forty under 40" list for 2008. According to Crain's website, "Mr. Lighty has built his stable of artists into individual branding empires, each worth more than $200 million, carving deals that include video games and fragrance, beverage and clothing lines."

Madoff is currently under house arrest in his $7 million luxury upper east side NY Penthouse awaiting trial. His victims may never recover the millions they invested with him.

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Yesterday I spoke with a club owner in D.C. who was interested in buying ad space on my blog. During the course of the conversation, he told me that rapper T.I. made an appearance at his club recently.

Me being the curious type, I asked if it was true that T.I. was really getting upwards of $100,000 per club appearance.

His answer surprised me: T.I. now commands -- and receives -- $150,000 per appearance! The reason being that he's going to the joint soon and he needs to make sure that his extended family is well taken of while he's on the inside.

T.I.'s club appearance fee breaks down to $75,000 per hour! And we're not even talking about him performing.

But are nightclubs raking in cash like that every night? Because I need to open up a club, but I wouldn't be able to afford T.I.'s rates. The club owner wouldn't say how much his take is per night, but he did acknowledge paying T.I.'s whopping fee.

I don't think Jay Z gets that much scrilla just to show up and chill in a club's VIP for two hours. He might ask but I doubt he would get it.

No doubt, T.I. is the hottest commodity in Hip Hop right now.

Earlier this week all the blogs were asking the question, "where are the Jolie-Pitt twins?"

It seems the twins hadn't been seen publicy in 3 months and the blogs were alarmed.

So what does Angelina and Brad do? They bring out the twins, 6-month old Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon. Which just goes to show that vain celebrities like Brad and Angie do read the blogs.

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