An irate loyal reader sent this email to me yesterday:

This is "Cutty" Chad Coleman from the HBO Show "The Wire" hanging out in Atlanta with some bust down. While his wife is in New York sick. This nigga gets on my last nerves... He is a total GHETTO a** Nigga who's money done ran out. Hanging all up in the club, being in other people's VIP trying to get a drink then doesn't even offer to help pay the bill... FAKE dude needs to be put on blast. And that chick he with jumps from one mans arm to a next so whatever about her. While his wife is Sick in New York I'm glad he can party hard in Atlanta... Don't worry ladies he will be free loading in a city near you.

Signing Out!
Fake Nigga Spottah

Now Chad, aka Cutty, claims to be such a good Christian, well good Christian men don't take pictures hugged up in nightclubs with busty women who are not their wives.

It wasn't that long ago that Cutty spoke about changing his ways and honoring his marriage vows in accordance with God's will. (LINK)

Now all of this is a moot point if the woman in the photos is Cutty's wife. But I don't think she is. I could be wrong though -- Lawd knows I often am.

This video of Notorious B.I.G.'s children Tyanna and CJ is so cute! You can tell they have a great relationship with each other.

Faith Evans also seems to have a good relationship with Tyanna. At one point she comes into the room and asks Tyanna, "aren't you on punishment?" You can tell she's a good mother. I take back everything bad I said about Faith.

One thing I noticed was how white the children sound. I know I'll get ripped for that but so be it. You can pretend not to notice the speech difference in black kids that were raised in the suburbs versus the hood. But I'm not going to ignore it. Of course that's not a bad thing -- until these kids grow up and out of their environment where they have to interact with regular black folk.

The other part of this video I found interesting was Biggie's children don't know all the lyrics to his songs. You would think the children of the g.o.a.t. would know the words to every song in Biggie's catalog.

Thanks to loyal reader Tammie for sending this cover for Ciara's new single "Never Ever" featuring Young Jeezy.

I guess CiCi said to hell with those rumors.

It's hard to believe a woman would go to such great lengths for attention.

Bless her heart.

Thanks to Prince Williams over at for these shots from Amar'e Stoudemire's UNION Party at Dreamz ATL nightclub on Saturday night.
Photo by ATL PICS

These pretty ladies are loyal readers. Two of them, MissJenee in the center, and Evita Camela on the right, are members. MissJenee won the tickets and backstage passes to T.I.'s Christmas concert in December, but she didn't get to meet T.I. It's all good though. T.I. made up for it by posing with our winner of the dinner for two at Amar'e's private party at Justin's. I'm still waiting for that pic, Luvly1957!

Evita Camela had the ballers drooling at Amar'e's party. I wonder if they remember her from that Morning Glory post last year?
Photo by ATL PICS

Loyal reader Sarah Chapman, left, was in the house looking radiant as ever. I know why, but I'm not allowed to say.
Photo by ATL PICS

The post wouldn't be complete without some of that local Flava From Decatur.
Photo by ATL PICS

Nashe Scott, who manages Ludacris' Straits restaurant, responded to Kim Morgan's complaints in yesterday's 'Put 'Em On Blast' post. (Read the complaint here) Nashe now has Kim's contact info so maybe they can work something out.

Thanks to Nashe for reaching out!

The person who planned the party wanted to create an affordable menu option for all guests. So she chose our standard "family style" menu which involves sharing each dish. The group was served the first and second courses with no incident. However, once the first main course dishes arrived and were eaten the guest began to complain because they wanted more. At that point a member of the party began to curse, yell and disrepect the servers. Our manager spoke with the person who planned the party and the father of the guest of honor. Following is an except from our January 23rd incident report:

We discounted the food and the guest of honor's father requested to pay the bill. They acknowledged that there must have been a misunderstanding about the menu. We both agreed that when people communicate, anything can be worked out. It's when people become out of control that nothing gets resolved. The sister of the guest of honor even stated that she planned to come back. Food and service have been the top priorities since the day we opened the doors. We have hosted events for most of Atlanta's A-list. The Real Atlanta Housewives, Monica, Eric Benet, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of TLC, Russell Simmons, Bob Johnson, and the list goes on...if your wondering the reason why, it's because at Straits we strive for each guest to have an amazing dining experience.

Comments Off on Anti-Marxists Torch Home of Obama Supporter

The home of a Barack Obama supporter was burned to the ground while she was out of town attending the inauguration last week.

Pamela Graf's Forsyth County home was torched Jan. 18, probably by anti-Marxists who object to a Marxist president in the White House. Police suspect arson due to the racist graffiti spray painted on the woman's home.

Federal ATF officers are investigating. It is doubtful that the arsonists will be caught however -- this being the south and all.

Photo: Getty Image

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As predicted, Young Jeezy has accepted Bill O'reilly's invitation to appear on his show to discuss his "My President" remix with Jay Z.

This is going to be good! This is just what Jeezy needs to elevate his status on the national scene. Good work Tracy!

Notice that O'Reilly didn't invite Jay Z to participate on his show? Everyone knows Jay Z is not very intelligent.

Look who he married.

Young Jeezy has accepted Bil O’Reilly’s invitation to appear on his show and explain his position. O’Reilly started his latest attack on rap by showing clips of Jeezy and Jigga perform “My President,” calling it “a rant that offended people” O’Reilly bashed the rappers saying “I guess they didn’t get the memo about bringing the country together. I don’t think Barack Obama would approve of [the performance]. I think it was low class.” “Damn right! I ain’t never ran, nah mean?” Jeezy told XXL “At the end of the day, you’re dealing with cats who think that we as young black men don’t know what it is we do. We entrepreneurs, we came from nothing.” Young Jeezy and Jay-Z are just the latest rappers that O’Reilly has attacked. In the past he bitched and cried enough to make Pepsi drop Ludacris as a spokesman. (LINK)

Photo: Wireimage/Getty