Thanks to Prince Williams over at for these shots from Amar'e Stoudemire's UNION Party at Dreamz ATL nightclub on Saturday night.
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These pretty ladies are loyal readers. Two of them, MissJenee in the center, and Evita Camela on the right, are members. MissJenee won the tickets and backstage passes to T.I.'s Christmas concert in December, but she didn't get to meet T.I. It's all good though. T.I. made up for it by posing with our winner of the dinner for two at Amar'e's private party at Justin's. I'm still waiting for that pic, Luvly1957!

Evita Camela had the ballers drooling at Amar'e's party. I wonder if they remember her from that Morning Glory post last year?
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Loyal reader Sarah Chapman, left, was in the house looking radiant as ever. I know why, but I'm not allowed to say.
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The post wouldn't be complete without some of that local Flava From Decatur.
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Nashe Scott, who manages Ludacris' Straits restaurant, responded to Kim Morgan's complaints in yesterday's 'Put 'Em On Blast' post. (Read the complaint here) Nashe now has Kim's contact info so maybe they can work something out.

Thanks to Nashe for reaching out!

The person who planned the party wanted to create an affordable menu option for all guests. So she chose our standard "family style" menu which involves sharing each dish. The group was served the first and second courses with no incident. However, once the first main course dishes arrived and were eaten the guest began to complain because they wanted more. At that point a member of the party began to curse, yell and disrepect the servers. Our manager spoke with the person who planned the party and the father of the guest of honor. Following is an except from our January 23rd incident report:

We discounted the food and the guest of honor's father requested to pay the bill. They acknowledged that there must have been a misunderstanding about the menu. We both agreed that when people communicate, anything can be worked out. It's when people become out of control that nothing gets resolved. The sister of the guest of honor even stated that she planned to come back. Food and service have been the top priorities since the day we opened the doors. We have hosted events for most of Atlanta's A-list. The Real Atlanta Housewives, Monica, Eric Benet, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of TLC, Russell Simmons, Bob Johnson, and the list goes on...if your wondering the reason why, it's because at Straits we strive for each guest to have an amazing dining experience.

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The home of a Barack Obama supporter was burned to the ground while she was out of town attending the inauguration last week.

Pamela Graf's Forsyth County home was torched Jan. 18, probably by anti-Marxists who object to a Marxist president in the White House. Police suspect arson due to the racist graffiti spray painted on the woman's home.

Federal ATF officers are investigating. It is doubtful that the arsonists will be caught however -- this being the south and all.

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As predicted, Young Jeezy has accepted Bill O'reilly's invitation to appear on his show to discuss his "My President" remix with Jay Z.

This is going to be good! This is just what Jeezy needs to elevate his status on the national scene. Good work Tracy!

Notice that O'Reilly didn't invite Jay Z to participate on his show? Everyone knows Jay Z is not very intelligent.

Look who he married.

Young Jeezy has accepted Bil O’Reilly’s invitation to appear on his show and explain his position. O’Reilly started his latest attack on rap by showing clips of Jeezy and Jigga perform “My President,” calling it “a rant that offended people” O’Reilly bashed the rappers saying “I guess they didn’t get the memo about bringing the country together. I don’t think Barack Obama would approve of [the performance]. I think it was low class.” “Damn right! I ain’t never ran, nah mean?” Jeezy told XXL “At the end of the day, you’re dealing with cats who think that we as young black men don’t know what it is we do. We entrepreneurs, we came from nothing.” Young Jeezy and Jay-Z are just the latest rappers that O’Reilly has attacked. In the past he bitched and cried enough to make Pepsi drop Ludacris as a spokesman. (LINK)

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Police have released surveillance video images of a white pick up truck seen leaving the scene of a fatal shooting early Saturday morning.

19-year-old Adair Freeman was shot to death outside his father's recording studio on Jan. 24 at 1:50 a.m. as he returned to the studio from a Shell gas station at 14th and Spring streets.

Surveillance video shows a white late model Chevrolet pickup truck with a black bed liner pull past the pumps at the Shell station and park in the shadows near a chain link fence separating the property from the adjoining Hot Beats studio where Freeman worked with his father, Russell Freeman. (Watch video)

Police believe two men inside the pickup truck targeted Freeman while he was inside the convenience store and waited for him to walk by.

What got their attention was the fake diamond chain dangling around Freeman's neck. Surveillance video from inside the convenience store shows Freeman totally iced out with fake bling on his neck, wrists and fingers.

This type of jewelry called "Hip Hop ice" was popularized by rappers in music videos and is favored by so-called "ballers" in the Hip-Hop community who use the flashy baubles to entice thirsty females.

The trouble is the jewelry also entices thieves who are too dumb to know the difference between authentic diamond jewelry and the fake stuff these kids wear.

Police say the truck's driver exited the vehicle and robbed Freeman of his chain, shooting him twice in the chest. The driver then got back into the truck on the passenger side. Someone else drove the truck away from the crime scene.

The iced out chain the thieves stole was probably worth $50 tops. The teenager died with $90 still in his jeans pocket.

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Dr. Ron Paul discusses Barack Obama's forgettable Inaugural speech in this video sent to us by

America is drowning in debt, yet in Obama's first 3 days as president, he signed an executive order lifting Bush's ban on millions in federal funds to pay for abortions abroad.

In an attempt to pacify conservatives, Obama also signed an EO freezing the salaries of his aides who make over $100,000 a year. A pointless action since very few workers get raises in their first few months on the job anyway.

Obama campaigned on a promise to end the Iraq war, yet last week he ordered drones to fire missiles on villages in Pakistan killing 15 innocent people, including 3 children. (LINK)

Obama and Biden promised change from Bush and Cheney, but all we're getting is more of the same.

Today is the day you can download Vistoso Bosses' hit "Delirious" on iTunes! Click here to download the single onto your iPod.

The blogs are raving about VB!:

You can pretty much gather that if an artist's press materials cite "'80s freestyle, Miami bass, R&B and British indie pop” in as their influences, I'm going to give whatever they have to offer a listen, since, well, those are pretty much my influences, too (although maybe swap in Greg Dulli for Miami bass—they're kind of the same, right?). Such is the case with the Vistoso Bosses, an Atlanta teen duo (Taylor Parker is 17; Kelci Ferguson, 16) that's being shepherded by the same guy who brought Soulja Boy into the Internet's consciousness. (Maybe this is penance?) The Bosses' debut single is the absolutely irresistible "Delirious," which reminds me of a schoolgirl-crush rewrite of Kandi's featherweight kiss-off "Don't Think I'm Not," complete with nervously plucked guitar and all. (LINK)

Rapper Rodney Hill Jr., aka Rocko, pleaded "no contest" today to assaulting an aggressive female who tried to force her way into his VIP booth at a local nightclub in 2007. (LINK)

The woman had accused Rocko of slugging her in the face and pulling her hair, but Rocko has always denied ever hitting the woman. She sustained a black eye in the assault.

"No contest" means the defendant neither admits nor denies the charges. It has the same immediate effect as a guilty plea.

Rocko will spend 48 hours behind bars and upon his release, must begin serving 12 months probation and complete community service.

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