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The Kool aid drinkers will make excuses for Barack Obama all day. The reality is, Obama is no different from any other politician. He has an agenda just like George Bush did. That’s why he signed an executive order so quickly to lift the ban on federal funds to pay for abortions overseas.

Meanwhile, where’s the executive order to help people who are losing their homes? Make sense to you?

Loyal reader Tara summed it up best when she wrote, “why was this like the second or third major thing he’s done since taking office? Was it THAT important to do immediately? Was the bill going to expire or something and he had to extend it right away??”

Here is the rest of Tara’s email:

Hey Sandra, I hope your day is grand. I wish I could be posting this directly to your website buuuuuut, I’m not on your approved list.. It’s okay. I could not agree with you more on this sending money to other countries for the purpose of educating/performing abortions. I am a Christian and do believe every life is worth a chance in this world, BUT I also believe we as humans were given the freedom of choice by God so you won’t find me picketing with the radical pro-lifers (and prior to getting saved I went down that road myself).

Now, having said that, I most definitely think it is a travesty that we as Americans have no say so in our tax dollars being used for this purpose especially with the economy in the state that it’s in. And why was this like the second or third major thing he’s done since taking office? Was it THAT important to do immediately? Was the bill going to expire or something and he had to extend it right away??Sending money we clearly don’t have to other countries for this purpose? Why am I paying for any ELECTIVE procedure in another country let alone this country when two people decide to lay down and not like the outcome. NO ONE should have to pay for someone else’s decision to end a pregnancy.

When people live outside their means and the bill collectors are calling who has to take responsibility for that?? I don’t see the government stepping in to give a check regarding financial responsibility?? I’m not bashing or judging. Please keep in the context of this sending/giving hard earned tax dollars for this purpose. Thanks for reading my emails and don’t take to heart the comments left on YOUR blog. Again YOUR blog. You can post what you want, when you want, on whom ever you want and how often you want! Sandra Rose is yours and I can as well as anyone else stop coming if we don’t like the content! Right???

To those of you who keep emailing me asking about registration: I won’t be opening registration back up any time soon. So thanks for visiting!

You may not be familiar with the name Vistoso Bosses, but you will be soon. It’s about to be crazy!

Their hit “Delirious” is blowing up Myspace and YouTube.

Vistoso Bosses are 16-year-old childhood friends Taylah P. and Kelci, two chocolate brown cuties out of Atlanta with a unique style and sound all their own.

Blood lines run deep for the girls. Their auntie is Atlanta socialite Eboni Elektra, a good friend of who counts Kim Porter among her circle of high profile connects.

These Ultimate Young Ladies are signed to Mr. ColliPark’s label ColliPark Music.

Visit Vistoso Bosses Myspace page

Check out more cute webisodes on their YouTube channel

Source: Nathalie Levey | ThinkTank Marketing

Lil Kim’s attorney is going after an impersonator on Facebook who claims to be Lil Kim.

Apparently the impersonator posted something on Facebook. I haven’t seen whatever it is since I don’t go on there. But here’s the statement from her attorney:

“The statement posted up on Facebook was done by someone falsely portraying themselves to be Lil Kim and is completely untrue. They have been contacted to remove immediately or legal action will be taken,” says attorney for Lil Kim, Bernard H. Jackson III.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Garage area of a South Loop townhouse where Nova Henry, 24, and her daughter were found murdered

Two weeks ago, NBA star Eddy Curry was in the news for allegedly sexually harassing his limo driver. This weekend there was even more bad news for Curry.

Chicago police found his ex-girlfriend, Nova Henry, 24, and their 9-month-old daughter, Ava, shot to death in the garage of her South Loop town home.

Police say Curry’s 3-year-old son watched as his mother and sister were murdered. The boy was covered in blood from apparently trying to wake his mother up.

Police had a man in custody Sunday who they interviewed in connection with the murders. The man had a previous romantic relationship with Henry.

Curry is not a suspect in the case. Family members of the murdered woman suspect her ex-boyfriend who they accused of stalking her.

Curry, 26, a center with the New York Knicks, was in Philadelphia with his team Saturday night. (LINK)

Late Friday afternoon POTUS Barack Obama signed an executive order sending hundreds of millions in federal dollars overseas to pay for foreign abortions (LINK).

In case you don’t know, an executive order signed by a president does not require the approval of Congress which is troubling to some.

Another troubling aspect of this is the way Obama signed the decree. According to a White House spokesman, Obama signed the executive order late Friday afternoon without any media present, and while no one was paying attention.

I am pro-abortion and I’m all for a woman’s right to choose. However, in this time of economic turmoil with Americans losing their homes and jobs, is it prudent for Obama to send millions overseas to pay for foreign abortions?

Maybe someone can answer this question for me: how does spending millions on foreign abortions help to stimulate this economy?

Amar’e Stoudemire, T.I., Lisa Leslie (WNBA)

Ovie Mughelli, Amar’e Stoudemire, producer Drumma Boy

Phoenix Suns center Amar’e Stoudemire celebrated the merge of his record label Hypocalypto Entertainment with a private dinner party at Justin’s on Saturday. Special invited guests included: T.I., Killer Mike, Big Kuntry, Lisa Leslie (WNBA), Ovie (Falcons), D. Woods, Drumma Boy, Deon Grant, and more.

Amar’e introduced his new artist, Juice to industry veterans. After the dinner party, Amar’e hosted The UNION Party at Dreamz ATL where he was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women.

Hypocalypto Ent. merged with Grand Hustle under a deal that will see the sports star and the rap star coming together and building a force to be reckoned with in the music industry and sports.

Both men plan to start a record label and a sports entertainment company together and they are in talks to open different properties together.

Stoudemire and T.I. came from similar backgrounds from the bottom up. Growing up in Florida was rough for Amar’e whose mother was arrested multiple times before he was a teenager. His father died when he was young. Yet Amar’e has never been arrested and he was able to land solidly on his two feet.

He bounced around to different high schools before being drafted straight into the NBA by the Suns where he won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award in 2003. Amar’e, who is single, gives back to his community through his Each One Teach One Foundation in Phoenix.

Amar’e also signed a consulting deal with MusicBusinessPolitics (MBP) which is based in Atlanta.

The female owned company will oversee all the All-Star Weekend events in Phoenix, Arizona for Amar’e and Grand Hustle, which means there will be opportunities for lucky readers to gain All-Access to the All-Star parties!

Thanks to Laura Giles of MusicBusinessPolitics and Nicole Garner of Garner Circle PR!

Photos by Nzinga Wallace

CORRECTION: I posted the incorrect photo of Russell Freeman. My apologies to the Freeman family and to Rocky of

Atlanta police are investigating the senseless murder of Adair Freeman (inset), who was gunned down outside his father’s recording studio early Saturday morning.

Police say someone shot the 19-year-old twice in the chest around 1:50 a.m. Saturday outside Hot Beats Recording studio as he made a run to the Shell station next door for a bag of ice.

The studio, located north of 14th St. at 1200 Spring St. NW, is owned by Russell Freeman, a well-known and respected businessman in the community (pictured above with recording artist T.I.).

Celebs such as Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Nelly, Bow Wow, Matchbox 20 and India Irie have all recorded tracks at Hot Beats.

Witnesses reported hearing four gunshots but no one saw the shooting. Freeman’s friends described him as quiet, friendly and easy to smile. According to, several of Freeman’s friends got into a shouting match with cops at the scene of the shooting when they tried to cross the crime scene yellow tape to see what happened.

Police suspect Freeman may have been the victim of a random robbery attempt. They are asking nearby businesses for surveillance tapes in hopes of identifying the gunman.

Sign the Memorial guestbook for Adair Freeman (View).

The group Atlantans Together Against Crime and Cutbacks (ATACC), will hold a rally in Little 5 Points today (1/26) at 5 p.m. to build awareness to the growing threat of violent crime in our city.

Details of the rally on FB (LINK) or on the ATACC website

Photo: Myspace

This section gives a voice to those in the industry who feel they have been wronged by certain industry execs, celebrities or companies.

Please note that you must have evidence in the form of canceled checks or pictures or your Blast will be rejected. This section is not for the public to air grievances with other private citizens.

As always, we give the parties at fault the opportunity to rebut the complaint by emailing us at sandra @ (remove the spaces).

Hi Sandra. My name is Kim Morgan and I am a loyal reader of your site. On 1/23 I attempted to celebrate my 30th birthday with a party of 25 at Straits. It was awful! We were ignored and disrespected by the staff. The 4 course meal was stopped when we started to complain about the service. Would you have any information on who I would be able to talk to regrading my experience. I was never able to talk to a manager even after we repeatedly requested to speak to one. I went there to be supportive and because I am a fan of Ludacris. But honestly this was the worst experience I’ve ever had in a resturant.

Thank you

Guess which music mogul took a picture of himself whizzing into a toilet and posted it on his blog?

Who would do that, right? Well, he admitted he was drunk and the pic isn’t very revealing.

HINT: he’s an old school Hop Hop dancer-turned-producer. See who it is after the break!

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The Kool aid hangovers haven’t even worn off yet and already black folks are grumbling. Black designers are not happy with Michelle Obama’s choice of a Cuban-American designer for her Inaugural outfits.

Michelle’s choice of gowns were perplexing and met with ridicule from the media and public alike. It’s as if Michelle doesn’t have any close friends willing to be honest with her and tell her she looked a mess on the biggest night of her life.

Anyway, here’s what Amnau Eele, co-founder of the Black Artists Association had to say in an interview with WWD:

“It’s fine and good if you want to be all ‘Kumbaya’ and ‘We Are the World’ by representing all different countries. But if you are going to have Isabel Toledo do the inauguration dress, and Jason Wu do the evening gown, why not have Kevan Hall, B Michael [Knight], Stephen Burrows or any of the other black designers do something too?

“It’s one thing to look at the world without color but she had seven slots to wear designer clothes. Why wasn’t she wearing the clothes of a black designer? That was our moment.” (LINK)

I agree. You can’t please everybody. But you know “we” would have had Michelle looking right on her big night.

After peeping that homo-rific shot of NBA stars Dwyane Wade and Shawn Marion together, Alonzo Mourning didn’t want a repeat. I’m just kidding. Alonzo invited his teammates to his King Pin Classic at Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami yesterday.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Actress Phylicia Rashad appeared at a press conference announcing her gig as the newest Jenny Craig spokesperson at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel yesterday (1/22). I wish I could say she’s a nice person, but I had the unfortunate experience of meeting her at a Morehouse graduation ceremony and she had a stank attitude all day long. She refused to take pictures unless she was begged to. Why would you come to a college graduation with an attitude? Her sister Debbie Allen was there and graciously took photos. So did Spike Lee, who once sent my mother a check for $500 for her church. All my mom did was write him a letter and ask him for a donation.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Former model Veronica Webb attended the opening of Mike Figgis’ “SoHo Composites #2” exhibition at MILK Gallery in NYC last night.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

This pic is a little old but I wanted to post it because I haven’t seen a picture of Mick Jagger’s biracial daughter Karis Hunt Jagger since she was little. Karis is the oldest of Jagger’s 7 children.

Photo source: Spock

Sean Combs suffered a crushing blow to his fragile ego when Barack Obama’s camp rejected his designs for Obama’s inaugural tuxedo.

Combs had hoped Obama would choose one of his formal yet ultra-chic designs, but O went with a bullet-proof tux made by Chicago-based Hart Schaffner Marx who designs all his suits.

Diddy may not recover from this rejection for a long time.

But word is Sean Jean’s Inauguration-themed t-shirts are selling briskly. So maybe that will cheer him up.