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While Muslims were setting fire to Barack Hussein Obama's image in the streets of Tehran yesterday, Obama vowed to make a new start with the Muslim world in his inauguration address.

"To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect," he said.

Yesterday, a wave of hysteria swept this Nation like nothing we've seen in recent history. Hundreds of thousands danced in the streets and exulted in the Messiah's rise to power. And as always happens when a narcissistic ruler rises to power, his people totally ignored his words, his actions and the plethora of warning signs.

But the Daily Mail's Melanie Phillips raised a cautious eyebrow to the Obama hysteria in America:

The very reason that so many in the west are so entranced by Obama is thus the very reason why our enemies are today rubbing their hands in satisfaction.

Obama stands for 'soft power' - the replacement of military action in defense of his nation by talking, negotiation and compromise. But with people who have non-negotiable and unconscionable agendas - such as Iran’s genocidal intention to wipe Israel off the map and destroy the west - such an approach merely plays into their hands while catastrophically undermining more moderate regimes and allies. (LINK)

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Amid all the hate mail I received in my inbox yesterday, one loyal reader, Millie Smith, emailed to inform me that the young lady whispering into Barack Obama's ear in my earlier post on presidential jump-offs, is apparently an Obama employee and close friend.

Her name is Desiree Rogers and she was appointed the position of party planner for the Obama administration. Her exact job title is: White House Social Secretary/ Special Assistant to the President.

I hollered when I read the last sentence in Millie's email. She wrote: "Sorry she's not the President's jump off...."

And just how would Millie know that?

I'm sure one of Clinton's friends said the same thing about Monica Lewinsky after the whispers started -- and we know how that story ended.

I mean, let's get real here:

Look at Desiree...

Now look at Michelle Obama...

Now look at Desiree again...

I mean, it's a no-brainer. Well, maybe "brainer" wasn't the proper choice of wording....

As I've said many times in the past, as long as a man is living and breathing -- and I might add, able to stand upright -- he's fair game for a shrewd, social climbing jump-off.

The race is on to see who will capture the title of "First Jump-off." My money is on Desiree since she's already got the inside track.

Even blogger Sister Toldja agrees with me, and she and I rarely see eye to eye on anything concerning men.

This is going to be a fun 4 years!

Beyonce sang "At Last" for Barack Obama as he and Michelle danced his first dance as POTUS. I have to hand it to Beyonce, even though she lip synced the entire song, she did a great job. She realized she wasn't the center of attention and didn't try to show up the first couple.

Thanks to loyal reader Evelyn for the video link since I missed it.

This is from a loyal reader who happens to be a blood relative of Tameka "Tiny" Cottle. It's regarding that pregnancy rumor of unknown origins. By the way, this relative is now the newest member of our Exclusive community!

...On another note, Tiny is NOT pregnant, despite the rumor that she's four months. I wish I knew who was spreading that junk. Anyway, ________ said to say she said it, in case you need to know. I know YOU like to report the truth! Thanks....

"Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around... when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen. Say Amen'..."

-- Rev. Joseph Lowery giving the Benediction.

"I do solemnly swear that I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully ..."

-- Chief Justice John Roberts during the oath

Now that Barack Hussein Obama has been sworn in as America's first half black president (that we know of) -- his biggest problem will not be the Taliban or even Bin Laden -- it will be the groupies.

The moment Obama was sworn in as HNIC, he became the number 1 mission of jump-offs and groupies everywhere.

Scoff if you will, but remember it was a jump-off who brought down the Clinton administration. Just like Adam and Clinton before him, no man is infallible -- especially when tempted. Democrats in office seem to be more prone to that sort of thing than Republicans.

It will be very difficult for a narcissistic, egocentric man like Barack H. Obama to resist the tempting wiles of a determined jump-off on a mission. And trust that they will try him.

As I wrote before, the D.C. jump offs are an entirely different breed from your run of the mill jump offs in Chicago.

For those who say Obama would never cheat on Michelle -- pardon me while I laugh!

Michelle is still very much attractive, but she's certainly no match for her more experienced and much younger adversaries in DC.

The question is not will Obama cheat on Michelle, the question is will she leave him when she finds out he cheated or will she stick by her man like ol' Hillary did?

I found this on Sean Hannity's forum. It's from an employer who's instructing other employers how to lay off Obama bots legally:

I want to take this time to advise you on how you should approach work layoffs in your place of work when you are the person who must choose the layoff targets. I own a small business of 36 employees. Before the 2008 Presidential election I had 47 employees but due to economic downturns I had to let 11 people go. As of tomorrow Friday 1/16/09 I am letting 3 more people go. There are normal criteria that many businesses will use to determine targets of layoffs. Generally speaking it is very bad to have….

HR problems in your employment history
Unexcused absences
Low performance ratings

After using these criteria to narrow your layoff candidate list down I would urge you to consider laying off the avid Obama supporters. Not everyone wears their politics on their sleeve at work but some do. Let them discuss the “Hope and Change” that Obama offers them at the unemployment line. Their votes helped bring about the economic mess and socialist programs that all of the taxpayers will have to burden. Let them pay the price of their job. The 3 employees of mine that will get their pink slips tomorrow afternoon are avid Obama supporters. They can watch his inauguration speech uninhibited by employment requirements. I encourage you to adopt the same policy for this countries sake.

Remember this photo from the airbrushed Life & Style magazine cover? If you need a reminder, click here.

I was surprised at the number of emails I received from readers defending this travesty. One reader even stated Michelle and Obama had the same complexion, which is absurd.

The photo on the right was published in Essence magazine. That photo most accurately depicts the true complexions of the Obamas.

In the photo on the left, no one escaped the graphic artist's airbrush. But Michelle got the worst of it.

The magazine even changed Michelle's hairstyle to suit their reader's taste and to make Michelle appear more Jackie O-ish.

If you click on the image and look closely, you can see the trees and the pole through Michelle's bob in the picture on the left.

Below is a letter to the Boston Globe from an Obama supporter. The red flags are glaring. As Obama leads this country into ruin, don't say you weren't warned:

TIMOTHY GEITHNER, President-elect Obama’s nominee for Treasury secretary, did not pay Social Security and Medicare taxes for four years, despite having been instructed in a handbook by his employer, the International Monetary Fund, on how to pay his self-employment taxes. And the Obama transition team knew of this when it nominated Geithner in November (”Treasury pick failed to pay taxes,” Jan. 14).

We have a financial system meltdown, and Obama decides to put someone who failed to pay his taxes in charge of the cleanup - and in charge of oversight of the IRS!

Most self-employed people, such as I, pay hefty Social Security taxes quarterly. To appoint Geithner would send a message that it’s OK not to pay these taxes - that is, unless you get caught.

There are many qualified men and women of integrity in our country who can serve as Treasury secretary. I voted for Obama, and wish him success, but I cannot agree with his decision to nominate Geithner. (link)

I'll be glad when this Inauguration thing is over with. It's very difficult to get good gossip when everyone's out of town. Anyway, Raven-Symone was spotted strolling down Pennsylvania Avenue in a full length Minx coat. Last week, Raven made a statement to People magazine about enduring criticism about her weight. "People come up to me and have certain words for me, but you know what I do? I say, ‘I’m healthy, I exercise, I believe in myself, and I think I’m beautiful'." Raven told People her mom is her confidence booster: "She’ll [my mom] call me and say, ‘You’re very pretty.’ I’m like, ‘Thanks, Mommy!’ and that’s my confidence for the day."

Personally I think Raven-Symone is absolutely gorgeous, but that's just me I guess.
Photos: Splash News Online

New Warner Bros Recordings and S-Line Entertainment's artist Ms. Brown filmed a music video for her single "Wonderland" in a parking deck on Luckie Street over the weekend. That's DJ Don Cannon on the drums behind her. This singer has gone through so many name changes and style changes, it's really hard to keep up. I see that WBR has settled on a look for their new artist that everyone should be familiar with. Her individual style has been replaced and now she looks like every other chick on her grind in the music industry. One word: Santogold. Good luck with that Ms. B!
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After two decades of pimping misogyny and disrespect to its readers, including our women and children, The Source magazine has finally found its moral fortitude.

According to an article in today's NY Times, Source publisher Londell McMillan states:

"It's time the Hip-Hop industry stop advertising junk and be more responsible about what we sell to our readers. The Source has been much more selective about what we put in our magazine and created higher standards since we've changed ownership. We owe it to our readers and the parents who don't want their children reading about the latest porn sites and seeing booty ads in the back of the magazine."

While Mr. McMillan's gesture is a noble one, not for one minute do we believe his decision was not driven by the state of the economy and the fact that black women have had enough.

White kids, once the #1 consumers of rap, have long since moved on to other musical genres once they learned that most of rap's braggadocio is fake or manufactured.

Magazines and newspapers simply can't compete with the Internet's real time information pipeline. It's just a matter of time before The Source is history.

Thanks to loyal reader Monica for the link!

FOX Searchlight Pictures biopic "Notorious" made a respectable showing at the box office this weekend.

The film opened strong at #4 with ticket sales of $21,500,000 on 1,638 screens.

But the movie's big opening weekend was marred by violence when four men were stabbed at an unauthorized after party in NYC that was advertised as far south as Miami and Atlanta.

Police say one man is in critical condition at a NYC hospital after being stabbed numerous times. Three others were treated for their wounds and released.

The party had been promoted as the "official" after-party for "Notorious." But distributor, Fox Searchlight, had no prior knowledge of the event.

In another incident, a man was shot inside a crowded theater in Greensboro, NC on Friday (1/16).

Police say the victim was shot twice in the abdomen at the Grand 18 cinema in Greensboro just after 9 p.m. Friday. The shooter is still at large.

Rapper Jamal "Grave" Woolard was reportedly in attendance at the same theater when the shots rang out. He was not injured.

Upon hearing news of the violence, a few theaters canceled showings of "Notorious" which may have affected the box office rankings.

(l to r:) Celebrity party planner Jamahl King (STEPS Events), Lorraine Smith (Ne-Yo's mom), Ne-Yo and publisher Jamie Foster Brown (Sister2Sister magazine), attended the Perennial Sports & Entertainment party at the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. over the weekend. Perennial Sports & Entertainment presented Carmelo Anthony and Ne-Yo with separate $10,000 checks to support their foundations.
Photo by

NBA star Carmelo Anthony and TV personality LaLa Vazquez attended a dinner and party at the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. over the weekend. Perennial Sports & Entertainment presented Carmelo Anthony and Ne-Yo with separate $10,000 checks to support their foundations.
Photo by

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo and his girlfriend Tenille attended a dinner and party at the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. over the weekend. Perennial Sports & Entertainment presented Carmelo Anthony and Ne-Yo with separate $10,000 checks to support their foundations.
Photo by

"Apprentice" contestant Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth and her guest attended a dinner and party at the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. over the weekend. Perennial Sports & Entertainment presented Carmelo Anthony and Ne-Yo with separate $10,000 checks to support their foundations.
Photo by

The next night, Ne-Yo challenged Washington DC's best bowlers during his Bowl 4 A Change bowling tourney with proceeds to benefit the community and students of Howard to provide them a chance to join in the Inaugural celebration.
Photo by

Actor Lance Gross, guest, Ne-Yo's event planner Jamahl King (STEPS Events) and guest, attended Ne-Yo's Bowl 4 A Change celebrity tourney in Washington D.C. over the weekend.
Photo by

Rap legend femcee MC Lyte attended Ne-Yo's Bowl 4 A Change celebrity tourney in Washington D.C. over the weekend.
Photo by

Rapper Young Jeezy bypassed the chaos and gridlock in Washington D.C. for the more peaceful surroundings at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Saturday (1/17).

Thick & lovely comedienne Monique attended the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Janet Jackson, who I don't believe is pregnant, not for one second -- was spotted dashing through London's Heathrow airport this weekend. It looks like Janet never gets tired of wearing baggy clothing to manipulate the media and start rumors. If you're wondering if JJ and her beau, the newly unemployed Jermaine Dupri, are still a couple: the answer is yes they are. He's not going anywhere any time soon.
Photos: Faded Youth

Old geezer Jay Z attended the "soft" opening of the Carol's Daughter Store on Saturday (1/17) in Arlington, Virginia. I have no clue what a soft opening means.

Old school couple Sole and Ginuwine made a rare appearance in Washington D.C. this weekend. I almost didn't recognize them. They've been married so long they almost look like brother and sister.
Photo: The Life Files

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UPDATED: (scroll down)

Less than half of the expected overflow crowds turned out for the "We Are One" concert celebration featuring Beyonce and others at the National Mall in Washington D.C. this weekend.

As you can tell by the picture, there was barely anyone in attendance to even notice that Beyonce was singing off key even more than usual.

Remember the Million Man March on Washington? Well, the sparse crowd on the National Mall was more like the ten thousand man march.

It looks like the scaremongers succeeded in keeping the droves away from D.C. and the National Mall this weekend. It's all for the best. With that many black people in one place there was bound to be an incident or two.

I hear there are more uniformed police and Secret Service in town than Obama supporters. And guess who's footing the bill for all that extra security?

If you're in Washington D.C., check in and let us know if you're having fun yet.

Million Man March by comparison


Loyal reader Tasha explains the discrepancy between what we see in the pics and what we're being told.

Hi Sandra,

I just saw your post inquiring into the whereabouts of all the people at the "We are One" concert. I am currently in DC and went to attend the concert yesterday, and I can attest that it is not scarce because people are not here. The Military Police and DC Police stopped letting people into the Lincoln Memorial around 2:30pm, stating that it was full to capacity (Bull....). There were hundreds of thousands more people on the outskirts (not shown in the pictures) trying to get in and we were directed to the Washington Monument to watch the concert on the Jumbo Screens. People were very frustrated and upset because it was never mentioned that tickets would be needed for this "free" concert that was open to the public. However, most stayed in good spirits and were just happy to be in the mix. So don't be fooled thinking that "we" aren't here, cause we are and it's beautiful!


After gaining worldwide fame as the effeminate half of funk rap group Outkast, Rapper Andre 3000 transitioned smoothly from the streets of East Point, Georgia to a 5th Avenue boardroom.

Along the way, Dre alienated his core rap fan base by reinventing himself as a contemporary Bohemian alter ego with an off the wall fashion sense.

After taking a hiatus from recording, Dre sat down with investors and came up with a new clothing line to showcase his quirky side.

In true egocentric form, he called the new line Benjamin Bixby after a character he didn't bother building up pre-branding for.

"Benjamin Bixby is a character who’s kind of like your uncle," he said when his line first launched in upper crust stores such as Harrod's and Barney's.

Unfortunately for Dre, his target market didn't shop at Harrods or Barneys, and they weren't much interested in dressing like their uncles either.

According to, Harrods and Barneys have been forced to slash prices over 50% to move the stagnant Benjamin Bixby merchandise off the shelves:

The problem is no one is buying the clothing line because of the high price point and no brand equity. As a result, the Benjamin Bixby clothing line has had to dramaticly drop prices in order to move inventory and prevent retailers from shipping it all back to Mr. Benjamin.

As of last week, you can now find Benjamin Bixby clothing at Barneys for over 50% off the original price. That $275 sweater vest is now $109. The $1,495 leather jacket is now $639. (LINK)

The legendary songstress Whitney Houston made a surprise appearance at the 2009 BET Honors in Washington D.C. on Saturday (1/17). I've given up on hearing a new album from the Diva. But she looks great!
Photos: Getty Image

Sean Combs, Queen Latifah and Mary J Blige posed together backstage at the 2009 BET Honors at the Warner Theatre in Washington DC on Saturday (1/17).
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

R&B Diva Monica knocked 'em dead at the BET Honors in Washington D.C. on Saturday night. She's such a lady!
Photos: Wireimage/Getty

I hear that security is at an all-time high in Washington D.C. this week. Not to monitor the crowds attending the Inauguration, but to keep barracuda Gabrielle Union away from Barack Obama by order of Michelle Obama. I don't know how true that is. Not that Gabby has ever let security stop her from stealing another woman's man in the past. The Secret Service has their work cut out for them.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

NBA legend and entrepreneur Earvin "Magic" Johnson and his wife Cookie Johnson attended the 2nd Annual BET Honors at the Warner Theatre over the weekend.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Soft stud and legendary rap femcee MC Lyte attended the BET Honors in Washington D.C. on Saturday night. I LOVE MC Lyte's floor length coat.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Former talk show host Star Jones looked graceful on the red carpet at the BET Honors in D.C. this weekend. I'm glad to see her problems with that man are behind her. Does she have a job yet?
Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Handsome actor Lance Gross attended the BET Honors in DC over the weekend without his fiancee Eva Pigford.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Singer Ne-Yo and his longtime girlfriend Tennille Jminez made a pretty couple at the BET Honors in Washington D.C. this weekend. She's hanging in there with him. Bless her heart.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Whitney Houston's BFF and Brandy's little brother, Ray J gets his own reality TV show on VH1 as the dumbing down of television programming continues.

14 ladies will vie for Ray J's attention on the totally scripted "For the Love of Ray J." I'm confident that few viewers will tune in to watch the antics as these ladies yank each other's weave out and call each other b*tches and h*es.

Maybe Whitney will make a cameo at the end to save this drivel from being flushed down the ratings toilet.

Check out the contestants after the break!

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I know I promised I would be less negative in the '09, but I have to say this.

According to online reports, Beyoncé will sing for the Obama's first dance atop the presidential seal at the Inauguration -- similar to the pic above of Obama's predecessor and his wife.

Obviously the head of the inauguration committee is a Beyonce Stan.

What is Beyoncé going to sing? Put a Ring On It? Crazy in Love? To the left to the left? Will her husband Jay Z rap too?

Talk about no class. The Obama's have set the tone for the first ghetto inauguration in history.

By the way, this inauguration will also be the most expensive in history with a price tag of $150 million for a swearing-in ceremony that only lasts 20 seconds.

Click here if you can't view the video

This cell phone by Motorola with its 62-carat sapphire crystal screen retails for a ridiculous $2,095!

The so-called "high end" Motorola Aura cell phone is actually just a retooled version of my Motorola V70 that I still keep for emergencies like when my Sidekick flames out.

There's a reason why I keep my V70 stored in a drawer in my kitchen: it functions more as an eye catching conversation piece than an actual phone to talk on.

If you're looking for something to make you feel better about yourself, a Twinkie is much cheaper, and the sugar high you get from eating one lasts a lot longer.

Don't waste your money.

Aubrey O'Day, formerly of Danity Kane, took time out of her busy schedule to blast bloggers for being too negative.

She tells

"I think that we have become obsessed with Internet blogging. And I think that there is so much negativity out there, and it’s doing no one any good. It’s not doing the people that sit there and think of the nasty thoughts and spend the 10 to 20 hours of their day typing them up (any good).

"It’s not doing the people that read them any good (either), because it’s just consistently putting negativity in the air. It’s not really doing anyone any good, and, you know, we are all so addicted to it. And maybe sit back and ask yourself why." (LINK)

I totally agree. Negative bloggers are popular because there is so much negativity in the world and people are drawn to bloggers hating on others as a means of temporary escape from reality.

But constant negativity is not healthy for us. It's the reason why I try to infuse a little humor into my posts and hope that people don't take what I write so seriously.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

From Press Release:




America’s Top Selling Rapper Transforms The Lives Of At-Risk Teens In A Series Of Interventions While Grappling With His Own Demons

As he begins counting down the days to his impending March 2009 sentencing for weapons charges, Grammy-winning superstar T.I. finds himself at a remarkable crossroads. At the very apex of his career, he’s facing up to 30 years of jail time for an arrest stemming from his earlier life. However, as part of a deal worked out between his lawyers and the federal government, if he completes an amazing 1000 hours of community service during the year ending this March, that sentence may be reduced. At 27, finding himself at the very high- and low-point of his adult life, he’s seeking redemption in helping others avoid the mistakes he made.

In the new docu-series “T.I.’s Road To Redemption: 45 Days To Go” cameras follow T.I.’s efforts to save himself by saving others. “T.I.’s Road To Redemption: 45 Days To Go” is a moving title. Each week, the title will change to reflect the amount of time left to his sentencing. The final episode will air shortly after T.I.’s fate is revealed. In order to communicate his message, he has to give each teenager a tough love lesson in life and show them the consequences of what could happen if they continue down the wrong path. “T.I.’s Road To Redemption: 45 Days To Go” will premiere on Tuesday, February 10 at 9:00PM (ET/PT). Subsequent episodes will air in the show’s regular time slot at 9:30pm (ET/PT).

Source: Mylan Beauford | Fanscape Inc.

A US airway airbus went down in the Hudson river with 127 passengers on board. The pilot landed the plane in the water without submerging it.

All of the passengers were able to escape safely to life rafts. Passengers on board reported hearing a loud bang and smoke filled the fuselage.

Witnesses saw the plane go into the water shortly after it took off from LaGuardia. Much of the plane is still above the water but it is starting to go under.

I was just over on the ONTD blog and I saw these comments posted under this video. Pure comedy! Lol:

dj simma
2009-01-15 05:16 am UTC

my friend worked on the set of a beyonce video shoot and he said that her entire family including herself and solange were the biggest bunch of assholes he has ever encountered in the entertainment biz.

2009-01-15 05:07 am

Is there really a need for a "behind the scenes" look of a hair color commercial, especially when Beyoncé wears wigs 90% of the time? (LINK)

Normally I wouldn't honor Kimora Lee with her own post -- simply because she sent her 5th Avenue legal goons after me last year.

Which wasn't very nice.

But I had to post these pictures of Kimora and Djimon Hounsou lunching in LA with her leather Hermès. I'm no expert, but that looks like a 35 cm Hermès which retails for around $14,999.

Ah that bag is so butta!


One of my favorite forums is officially dead.

The once vibrant and lively Sister2Sister celebrity fan forums used to be one of my first stops in the morning in search of the low down on celebs and other entertainment news.

But the webmaster, or whoever is in control over there, allowed the forums to be overrun by spammers.

A few of the longtime members like Lee Lee and ADAWIL made a valiant effort to save a once great forum, but sadly their efforts failed.

Pouring out a little liquor for the S2S forums. :cya:

The first time I saw this cover it took me a minute to recognize Michelle Obama. I thought Michelle's man and kids were hugged up on a Hispanic woman.

I totally agree with loyal reader D. Joseph who said this cover photo of Michelle Obama looks like a cartoon.

Mrs. Obama was airbrushed to the max in order to appeal to Life & Style magazine's target readers. Michelle Obama is nowhere near Barack's complexion.

Clearly the white establishment media isn't comfortable with Michelle's strong Nubian Afrocentric features in the White House. They can only fully accept her if she looks mixed like Barack and their daughters.

D. Joseph wrote:

I came across this site via your blogroll. Anyway, I'm scrolling and I see this (LINK).

I disagreed with you on the Necole thing but this shit right here.. this is straight up blatant lightening.

I looked at it and thought "why the hell do they have a cartoon depiction of Michelle when everyone is real?" They must've airbrushed or lightened it so much that Michelle now looks like a damn cartoon.